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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Green Lanterny Goodness

Despite all the excitement of the last couple of days, it does feel good to be getting back to the welcome arms of the Green Lantern Corps. However, I must admit that I've been reading WFA, and my usual list of blogs,and it occurs to me, that I have acquired something of a...reputation if you will, for my love of the Green Lanterns.

I know, I know...you're all shocked. Why some fellow named "Rational Mad Mad" has called me ..."the Green Lantern objectifying sallyp." Objectifying? Me? I am stunned!

Foldedsoup, over at "The Want List" calls me his "Emerald Fanny Fetishist". I must say that I am QUITE enamoured of this title, and am seriously thinking of changing the name of my blog. That has some ZING!

But let me cut the cackle and get to the hosses, and my review of Green Lantern Corps #17.

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Boy Howdy, that's a cover!

The Guardians, being the geniuses that they are, have finally figured out that Earth, not Oa is the focus of Sinestro's attack. As you will see, this issue takes place concurrently with Green Lantern #24. The Corps shows up on Earth, and Salakk is giving everybody their orders, and incidentally, telling them to repair the damages to their uniforms, because they are the GLC dammit! He sends Isamot and Vath off to Lubbock, Texas, which for some reason, I found to be terribly amusing, and Stel and Green Man to Las Vegas, which I found equally amusing. Soranik Natu FINALLY shows up, and gets sent to Mount Rushmore along with Sodam Yat, Arisia and Bzzd and a few others, while finally, he and Kilowog end up in San Diego.

It is rather cute that Soranik isn't very impressed with Yat, who is all gung-ho and champing at the bit. Arisia agrees that he's a bit full of himself, but not to bad to have around in a fight.

In San Diego (I was BORN in San Diego!) Kilowog meets up with none other than Arkillo. Woohoo! There is also a really spectacular shot of Kilowog's magnificent backside.

At Mount Rushmore, we come in at the same moment from Green Lantern #24, when Guy was ambushed by the Sinestro Corps. The Lanterns are nice enough to lend him a hand, while Soranik weighs in on the idea of lethal force (she's against it.) She and Guy have a little bit of nice banter as usual, and Guy is also introduced to Sodam Yat. At first Guy thinks the little snot is being sarcastic, but Yat has the wit to apologize, and they get along fine after that. Guy still has to get the painting to Kyle, so he take off, and the resf of them are ordered to New York.

Meanwhile, Arkillo and Kilowog are having themselves a fine old time, and even get to tear up the San Diego Convention Center! Oh no! Where oh where will they hold the next comic convention? DAMN YOU SINESTRO! Kilowog doesn't actually kill Arkillo, but he DOES drop an aircraft carrier on top of him, and cut off his finger and ring. Have I mentioned how much I love Kilowog?

Vath and Isamot are busy putting out oil well fires in Lubbock and dispatching Sinestro Corps members. Stel seems a bit confused by the purpose of Las Vegas, but confesses to a desire to play some games of chance..."a purely intellectual interest of course." Now that they went and blew up Ranx, the Sinestros have to have SOME place to make Whoopie, and I guess that they figured Las Vegas was a proper den of iniquity.

Well, everybody ends up in New York, along with all the rest of the heroes. Soranik is quite eager to get her hands on Sinestro himself, as does Yat, and Arisia mentions that they'd better form a line. And of course Sinestro shows up along with the Anti-Monitor. Of course Yat goes off half-cocked with a couple of other Red Shirts...I mean nameless Green Lanterns, and gets fried by the Anti-Monitor for his troubles. Being Sodam Yat, he's NOT dead, once again, he's only MOSTLY dead, to Soranik's surprise.

Sinestro is quite angry that Soranik didn't stay on Korugar as he told her to, so he's ready to make Green Lantern Mincemeat out of her, when Iolande shows up, which is nice, I've been wondering where she was. Probably back on Betrassus,mourning her father I suppose.

Then, to fight the Anti-Monitor, the Guardians show up with Ion, and put Ion into Sodam Yat. Didn't see THAT coming! Yat really looks very very pleased with himself, and he'd better be confident, because he's got to fight Superbrat Prime in the next issue!

The story was good, the dialogue was fun, and there was tons of action. I'm not quite so happy about the art. I absolutely love Pat Gleason, but in an "all hands to the bilge pumps" manner, there were no fewer than FOUR artists, and FOUR inkers! I also rather miss Moose Baumann on the coloring. I'm so used to seeing Gleason's art, that I was quite flummoxed by the different styles. There were flashes here and there, where you could tell that Gleason did the panels, I'm pretty sure that he did the Arkillo/Kilowog stuff, but whomever did Guy was pretty horrible. For the last time, he doens't have the bowl haircut anymore! Sheesh!

There was still more Green Lanterny goodness this week, what with Superman Prime coming out, not to mention the Blue Beetle story which was excellent, and THIS little number...

Yes. That's Bizarro Hal, hitting himself in the head again. He's ALSO ordered to show up...or ELSE!

I can hardly wait.


At 10:44 AM, Blogger Sea_of_Green said...

Yay for Bizarro Hal! I just had to pick up that Bizarro storyline. The Bizarro Justice League was just too darned funny. :-)

And YEAH!!! GO KILOWOG!! That was the high point for me, when he dropped that aircraft carrier on Arkillo. Gosh, how I love that big poozer.

I must admit that, initially, Yat got on my nerves (I usually HATE all-powerful characters). However, my view of him has softened quite a bit since he's shown such obvious and genuine respect for Guy. :-)

At 12:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The art was distracting at times, but the issue was a lot of fun.

I agree completely with sea_of_green regarding Yat; I think it helped flesh him out some more; he might be an Uber-Lantern, but he's also still a rookie/kid. Hopefully they can develop that more.

Loved the aircraft carrier, loved the Las Vegas scenes. Hopefully Gleason will be back for GLC 18, since the Prime vs Ion fight deserves better art than this issue gave

At 2:11 PM, Blogger ticknart said...

Yat had better be feeling confident. Not only did he have Ion shoved into his body, he's started getting high off of the Earth's sun, too. That has got to make a man feel good about himself.

At 4:03 PM, Blogger FoldedSoup said...

If Bizarro Hal does indeed show up in the Sinestro Corps, it'll be one of the best ideas in a looong while and the funniest things I expect to read in months.

Even if he just shows up in time to knock himself out.

(Hello? GL writers?!? Hello...??)

At 8:02 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

I really enjoyed Kilowog in this issue. He does things with SUCH style.

Yes, the art was distracting,and I am praying seriously for Mr. Gleason to be back for the next issue.

Yat does seem to be a bit full of himself. I was so glad that Soranik and Arisia weren't buying it. And that he DID back down very very quickly when Guy got in his face.

Soup, I desperately want to have Bizarro Hal show up, that would be hilarious. And possibly contribute to the defeat of the Sinestro Corps, which would be AWESOME!

At 5:28 PM, Anonymous suedenim said...

One little bit I liked is that Kilowog's big fight took place during the San Diego CombiCon. No, not the ComiCon, the CombiCon!

Which meant there were plenty of these things lying around to be used as weapons:



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