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Friday, November 22, 2013

Gren Lantern: New Guardians #25

This has not been my favorite Green Lantern book of late.  It has Kyle moping around, which is always depressing, the New New Guardians being incompetent, and Carol hanging around for some reason.  Then Kyle defeated Relic and got eaten up by the Space Wall, but then was spat out, and suddenly the New New Guardians decided that he should be kept under wraps and nobody should know that he is actually still alive...for reasons that I cannot fathom.


But with this issue,things are actually looking up a bit. 

We have Carol going to the Star Sapphires, and telling them all about what happened, and that perhaps they need to tone it down a bit.  The don't really seem to understand, which is...understandable.  Then Carol gets a tug on her heartstrings or something, and lo and behold, she is standing in front of...Kyle!  Who is still in his pretty white suit and alive and well.  Naturally she is furious.  The New New Guardians are pretty terrible at keeping secrets I guess. 

Carol does hug Kyle, which seems to startle him a bit.  I don't understand this new "love" connection between the two of them, since it seems to be completely one-sided.  Kyle isn't the sort of person to steal someone else's love interest.  That's more up Hal's alley.  Frankly, I think that Carol is just using Kyle as a way to torment Hal a little bit, and really, who can blame her?  Because Kyle seems pretty oblivious.

Then they all decide to go off and visit an unusual little planet named Exuras.  It was about on par with Earth's development over the years, and suddenly in the last few years, it has made unbelievable strides forward in its society.  Naturally everyone is suspicious about things being Too Good To Be True.  And guess what...they're right!

It turns out that there is this weird way that Exuras is able to dip into the time stream or something and cherrypick all the Good things that ever happened or will happen, and make them happen on THEIR world.  Tough luck on all the other versions out there in the alternate Universes, where their lives are apparently a living hell. 

Kyle naturally, is rather appalled by all of this.  And then of course, the Invaders from some of those other worlds show up and want their Good Times back,and who can blame them?  It is an interesting story, and frankly, it is just nice to be away from all the crossovers and different color corps and just jump into an actual STORY for a change. 

I am delighted.

But Carol, although I am glad to have her along, really needs to stop using Kyle to get back at Hal.


At 3:14 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

Have they given Carol any internal narration about why she's suddenly so interested in Kyle? There's no guarantee the writers would devise a good reason, but it might help a little if the readers could see what's prompting this.

If I remember right, didn't Hal go to dinner with Carol and ask if she'd lend him money, when she thought he was going to propose? If that was the case, I could see that being a moment of clarity for her. Hal's never going to commit, or really get his act together. She still cares for him, but she recognizes their relationship is never gonna be what she'd want.

And here's Kyle. Kind of quiet, sweet, cute, not too bright, but probably less easily distracted than Hal. Or heck, maybe Carol just wants to date a younger guy.

At 1:01 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Well, the part where Hal hit her up for a loan happened ages ago. Then he was "killed" and his love for Carol helped bring him back and a bunch of other stuff, and everything was great...until suddenly she told him to piss off.

This whole thing with Kyle has pretty much come out of the blue. The best part is that Kyle himself seems totally oblivious. They really only barely knew each other before suddenly Carol as a Star Sapphire decided that hanging out with Kyle and the New New Guardians was more fun than running her business. I think she's trying to get back at Hal a bit...and of course Hal has fallen for it.


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