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Thursday, December 23, 2010


This was something of an odd week. But certainly an interesting week.

Batman Inc. #2. I can't believe that I've been sucked into buying Batman books, but this is pretty darned decent. Bats and Catwoman scamper off to Japan to try and spread the franchise. Their first choice has been murdered, but he was just the Brains of the operation...the Brawn is still kicking and raring to go. I do have to say that the new villain Death man does really seem to enjoy his work.

The art is very nice, and the story just zips along, so it's definitely a good read.

Green Lantern Corps #55. Ooh, and the plot continues to thicken!

Justice League: Generation Lost#16. Max's hold on various people is starting to slip, as Power Girl and Batman keep trying to figure things out. Max manages to reassert himself, but it seems to be getting a little harder each time...or perhaps that's wishful thinking on my part.

Fire is just about to die from her gutshot wound, while Ice scrabbles around trying to stanch the blood. Meanwhile the Creature Commandos are busy wiping up the floor with the rest of our heroes, who unfortunately BECAUSE they're heroes, can't fight back at full strength because they don't want to hurt anyone. Man, mind control just sucks. Beetle is smart enough to realize that the mummy guy can regenerate the wounded, and flies him off to help Fire...and it works! Too bad that Max busts in and teleports out with Beetle, which isn't nice of him at all.

I...I am worried about Jaime.

Justice League of America #52. The new JLA continues to be trapped within the dome which is apparently of Jade's making, stuck with not only the Omega Man, but the Crime Syndicate of America. Supergirl has turned evil, and they are running out of options quickly. The rest of the Crime bunch decides to throw their lot in with the JLA, with the exception of Ultraman, whose deceit even disgusts his own team mates. Man he's evil! The story zips along nicely, and it's even interesting, so not bad...not bad at all.

Green Lantern Larfleeze; Christmas Special

I must admit that this was my absolute favorite of the week. Poor Larfleeze wakes up on Christmas morning, all ready to count all of his presents, when he discovers to his dismay that Santa has NOT come down the chimney! A chimney that was Specially Built Just For The Occasion! Nor did he eat his cookies...a recipe for which appears. And the appear to be quite delicious! Horrified by this betrayal, Larfleeze naturally enough goes in search of Santa Claus, but keeps striking out with Mall Santas. He's starting to get frantic when some random kid tells him that Santa lives at the North Pole. And there is an adorable Maze, so that you too can participate. It's just like a paper placemat at Stuckey's!

Too bad he strikes out again. And then Hal shows up, as you knew that he would. With a bit more patience than I would have expected, Hal tries to tell Larfleeze that Santa isn't real, and that Christmas is about more than presents. Larfleeze isn't buying, and really, who can blame him? Eventually, they end up back at Larfleeze's house, where, he does seem to grasp the concept of Christmas Spirit after all.

This is great! There is also a Larfleeze ornament to make, a pinup of Hal, Guy and John that's super, and a two page mini-comic from the guys who do Tiny Titans that is simply wonderful...and hilarious.

Is this a silly book? Certainly. Is it absolutely necessary for you to have? Oh definitly.

DC Universe: Legacies #8. This series started out so nicely. I'm still getting it, in the hopes that Guy will show up sooner or later, but I've pretty much lost interest in the cop and his family. It's nice to see a quick history lesson, but that's about it. There is a second story at the back by Len Wein and Frank Quietly that portrays Orion and Darkseid, that's pretty great though.

Power Girl #19. This is the first time that I've picked up Power Girl since Judd Winick took over, and I only did because of the rest of the JLI on the cover. It is more of the same plot that was covered in the Generations Lost book, with Power Girl coming to remember Max, and her doubts and attempts to convince the rest of the heroes that she's not nuts. Dick as Batman is backing her up, because he remembers too. Until they suddenly don't remember anymore. But she ends up meeting Professor Ivo, and things start to get weird. It's not bad certainly and the art is pretty, but it's no Amanda Conner. But as an addendum to the JLI:GL book, it's not bad.

Wonder Woman #605. Why the hell am I still getting this? I don't really enjoy it, so I suppose it's habit. I keep hoping that it will all be resolved soon, but I think I'm cutting this book lose. I know that this is an alternatve Diana, but she doesn't sound right, and she doesn't act right, and I find it tedious.


Thank goodness this year, we don't have the dearth of comics between Christmas and New Year's like LAST year. That was brutal. So enjoy your comics, and try to get through the crowds to obtain them!


At 9:18 AM, Blogger Saranga said...

I loved the Larfleeze special. I will make the decoration tomorrow. The ending was rather sad tho :(

At 10:06 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was a bit poignant.

At 5:18 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're still getting JL:Generation Lost and Wonder Woman so I can find out when they get good again.

And I'm cross with Hal. Hal has met Santa on several occasions; heck, he was there when Santa got his honorary JLA membership. You shouldn't mislead poor, childish Larfleeze like that. The reasons Larfleeze got no presents are (1) he was naughty and (2) at something over three billion years old, he's not a kid. On the other hand, I do think Santa will help him get his family back.

Merry Christmas!

-- Jack of Spades

At 10:12 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Hal WAS being a bit of a jerk...but hey, that's pretty much how Hal rolls.

I'm still sticking with JL:GL for the duration, even though I have to continue to grit my teeth occasionally. I'm not so sure about Wonder Woman, although I imagine that it will all tie in with Justice League...eventually.

At 2:46 PM, Blogger LissBirds said...

Ugh...my supplier doesn't have the Larfleeze special in stock yet. I can't wait!!

At 1:02 AM, Blogger Your Obedient Serpent said...

One of my co-workers at the comic book store made cookies from the Larfleeze recipe for our Christmas party.

They were delicious, and, as should be expected from someone like Larfleeze, really, really, decadently rich.


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