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Saturday, September 16, 2006

Green Lantern Corps #4

Ohhhh, I don't know if I have the intellectual range to describe the sheer lunacy of
this concept. Guy Gardner, is as you may have realized, is my favorite Green Lantern, but I have to admit that taking one of the most powerful weapons in the Universe and LOCKING IT UP IN A HOTEL SAFE is mindbogglingly stupid. Guy, this is stupid on the level of Hal Jordan getting hit in the head stupid. But darned entertaining!
Guy has finally gotten his much-desired shore leave, and is whooping it up with several delectible young ladies on a tropical beach, slurping down hightly alcoholic cocktails and in general having a good time. Such a good time, that he can't be bothered to investigate the crash of some spacecraft in the immediate vicinity. Of course it is the inimitable Bolphunga, out seeking revenge for the insults heaped upon him by the aforesaid Guy the Gardner. Well, Guy confronts him, ringless and all, and manages pretty well all things considered. And, in proper dudgeon, he voices his distaste and screams for the Manager, in what I find to be the funniest
line in the whole issue. Hey, if some crazed intergalactic bounty hunter messed up my vacation, you better believe I'd be yelling for the Manager as well.
Bolphunga destroys one of the little Tiger Girls, leading to the discovery that l) they are actually Androids, and 2) they were in on it! I think that the fact that he was about to have wild poontang with a bunch of androids is more disconcerting to Mr. Gardner than the realization that they were in on the plot. And finally, to finish it all off, the manager finally gets the safe open (after it had mysteriously been reconfigured) and lo and behold the ring is gone! Well crap in a hat.
There are some other subplots going on as well. Soranik Natu goes to Myrrt's parents to break the bad news, and it was both sad and heartwarming, and quite well-done. I found the other plot with Vath and Isamot to be rather less interesting, although it could be funny on another level. Poor Isamot...fight or have sex? The super-heroic thing to do is to fight, but the natural impulse for just about any member of the male species is of course...to have sex first! What oh what will it be?
Anyway...I have been enjoying this series from the start, and it is only getting better.


At 6:35 PM, Blogger Ragnell said...

I love the hotel safe thing, mainly because we get to see Guy fight without powers. I always like to see heroes have to improvise without powers.

At 9:39 AM, Blogger Ms. P said...

Mom, you're awesome.

You see, most soon-to-be 21 year olds would be concerned that their mother has a blog called "Green Lantern Butts Forever!". Not me. My concern is that I'll write some awesomely awesome blog entry, and forget to spell a word correctly and I will then be banished from the family.

I live a tough life. ^___^


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