Hal Pictures Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!: February 2017

Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!

Now with Guy Gardner's Seal of Approval!

Friday, February 24, 2017


I just got back from the bookstore with the new Neil Garman book on Norse Mythology, and I a as happy as a clam. I am also posting from my tablet instead of my regular computer which is doing its very best to die. Gah!

I have done some serious cutting back of comic books lately... just still feeling a bit lackadaisical. I must be getting jaded in my old age or something. But the new Green Lantern Corps books has lots and lots of Guy in it, who steals Space Cabbie's taxi and takes on Arkillo, so that's... actually... pretty fabulous. Champions and Nova are also pretty darned good, I really like Cosmo, the telepathic Russian space dog.

Is it me, or has Marvel been doing a bang up job of creating wonderful animal characters lately, from Pizza Dog, to Mew, and Squirrel Girl's squirrel, and now Cosmo? I always liked Lockheed too, but haven't seen him in ages. Lockjaw is okay, but I really can't stand the Inhumane, so there.

I finally saw Deadpool...or at least half of Deadpool on cable and boy howdy is it violent!  And hilarious!

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Snowed In

Well...a genuine old-fashioned Nor'easter has been sweeping through New England, and they have more or less shut down practically the whole state.  I am sitting in front of a nice fire in the fireplace with a mug of hot chocolate and new comic books on my hands... and feeling very nice indeed.  Because I am not shoveling or trying to drive!

And then we actually got Thunder Snow! Thunder in the middle of a blizzard, which naturally makes me think of Thor and Loki fighting, which would be pretty cool actually.

There are worse ways to spend a Thursday.

Saturday, February 04, 2017


As you may have noticed, I haven't been posting much lately. Still in the doldrums and still trying to fight of a ferocious cold that I have had for almost two weeks... and it is just hanging on and on and on...!


In fact, I didn't even GO to the comic book store on Wednesday because there were only two books that I wanted, and it seemed like a bit of a chore.

It's not that I don't love my books... it's just that they... and I are seemingly in a bit of a rut.

Take my beloved Green Lanterns. Too much of Hal bloviating, and too little of Guy being awesome. It is nice to have Kyle, Ganthet and Sayd back, but this past issue was just an old bird-headed lady telling her grandchildren a bedtime story about how amaaaaazing all the Green Lanterns are.  Which is actually not a bad premise if she had a specific tale at hand as opposed to..." Oh Gad, they're just so fabulous!"

Saga continues to actually BE fabulous, and consistently continues to break my heart. Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel and Hellcat are probably my favorite Fun books, and Thor is great, but needs more Loki. Champions is a hoot, and I am getting very invested in Nova, which is not a thing I ever thought I would say.

So... what books are grabbing YOU?