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Friday, August 05, 2016

Small and only Slightly Late Reviews

After last week, there wasn't a whole lot out there for me this past Wednesday.  But still...not bad.

Doctor Strange #10

This has been good.  Really really good.  And now we are drawing to the finale.  The thing in the basement that has taken all of Stephen's pain, turns out to be his last best hope against the Empirikul. Except that it hates him, with the white hot hate of a thousand blazing suns.  But hey, you work with what you have.

And they win!  Except...where is all the magic?


Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #9

This is an odd, and yet endearing little book.  I like Lunella...she has a lot of snark for such a little kid.  I can understand her frustration as well.  I also like Kid Kree, who is almost a snottier version of Noh Var!  It is nice that Ms. Marvel has to step in and save the neighborhood from the dueling toddlers. 

I also love the Dinosaur.  Good good stuff.

Vote Loki #3

This is one weird, and yet hilarious book.  I still don't like the art very much, but I understand that the insanely cartoony aspect of it, is appropriate to the style of the book.  Also, Loki in a western shirt at a country fair with a Meal On A Stick, will never not be a hoot. 

This is just...insane, but a whole lot of fun. 

And that's that!

My daughter and her boyfriend went to see Suicide Squad. I understand that the ratings have been on the poor side, but they enjoyed the heck out of it, because, it is...a supremely "Comic Booky" sort of movie.  In that what makes perfect sense in a comic book doesn't always translate well to the silver screen, but if you keep in mind that it IS a comic book...makes perfect sense.  Or something.  I did have to explain that the Enchantress is NOT the same one as in the Marvel books.


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