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Thursday, August 25, 2016


And what a lovely little Wednesday this was! 

Blue Beetle #1

Finally!  Nothing all that incredible happens, fights break out and stuff...but man, I have SO been looking forward to this, and now it's here!  Ted!  Jaime!  Milagro!  Ma and Pa Reyes!  Ted!  El Paso! 


I've...I've just missed these guys so much.  And now they're back, and IT'S ABOUT TIME, DC!

So, Jaime is on his way to school, and gets a call from a frenetic Ted Kord that there are Doings a'transpirin' at the old Sun Dollar coffee shop, (wink wink, nudge nudge) and that he should spring into action. He doesn't really want to, because he's late for class, but naturally he does it anyway.  The bad guys are a bit more resilient than he expected, and in the meantime, Ted is leaping about in the Bug, doing SCIENCE and having a ball, although he may be more into this sort of thing than Jaime is.  Oh, and La Dama shows up too.

I will just be sitting here, hugging this comic for a while.

Green Lantern Corps #3

I know the title is Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, but that's a helluva lot to type, and seriously, if you don't know who Hal Jordan is by now, what the heck are you doing on this site?  Yeesh!  There is a tiny bit of info about the ACTUAL Corps, with John trying to fix stuff, and trying to get a hold of Guy, who is out beating people up, which is more or less what Guy lives for. 

Meanwhile, Hal is STILL fighting off the Sinestro Corps, but he's getting overwhelmed.  He yells a lot.  That's something. 

This is nice and all, but it needs less Hal and MORE Corps!

Lucifer #9

All these godly entities really have problems with dealing with personal relationships.  Egad!  Lucifer's son is fighting with Mazikeen, and naturally things are going to Hell in a Handbasket! 


As usual, the art is lovely, and there are wheels within wheels, and angels and...and some other stuff.  It's actually a little hard to come in and describe everything, so just go out and buy it. You'll like it. 

Wonder Woman #5

To be perfectly frank I prefer the even numbers of the issues, with Nicola Scott, but these stories with Diana fighting WITH Cheetah and trying to save Steve are also pretty darned good.  She is still having some trouble trying to reconcile her past, and is it actually her past, or are the Gods just messing with her head?  Greek Gods tend to be jerks sometime, so it is possible. 

Liam Sharp's artwork is also lovely, and Etta shows up and that's always a good thing.

Patsy Walker/Hellcat #9

Oh, Hedy is back to her usual tricks.  This time she's managed to con both Daimon Hellstrom and Buzz Baxter, both of whom of course are Patsy's exes, into thinking that Patsy is doing something nefarious, when naturally, it is HEDY who is the nefarious one!  Nefarious!

I can actually understand Buzz falling for this, because he's a bit of an idiot, but I would have thought Daimon to be a little smarter.  Oh well.  Also Jubilee has an adopted kid and is still a vampire, which rather surprises me. 

Good silly fun.

The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #001011

I cannot even begin to be able to explain just how much I love this book.  Doreen is trapped in a nightmare by...well, Nightmare naturally, but she doesn't let that bother her much, as she fights Doctor Octopus, Count Nefaria, AND Venom!  And she does it all with Computer Code!

I now know how to count in binary, which to be perfectly honest, was not something that I knew much about before I read this comic book.  And they say comics aren't educational!  There is also a tiny cameo by Kraven,which always makes my day.  Kraven is becoming one of my favorite characters, simply due to his portrayal in this book. 

Seriously, go out and read this book.  You won't be sorry.  You will be limp with laughter, but that's a good thing.

Archie #ll

I also love this book, which still continues to amaze me.  Betty is depressed, Riverdale is still reeling from Mister Lodge's machinations, and they decide to hold a talent contest. Archie has his band, with Veronica singing, but she can only sing well when she is actually looking at Archie. Otherwise she sounds like a cat with its tail being run over.  Betty is pissed so she forms her own band. 

Actually, Archie and Betty end up actually talking for once, and they mend a few fences, which is nice, but throws Veronica and Sayid into jealous snits.  Gosh, High School!

Not a clunker in the bunch. 

Monday, August 22, 2016


This actually has little or nothing to do with comics, but if I don't vent, then I will probably explode. Or else have a super villain origin story, I am not sure which would be more destructive.

We have Sirius XM on several of our vehicles. I don't really understand the point, but I am usually just listening to CD's anyway. But my Sweet Baboo loves it. Anyhow, they hit up my credit card for almost $1,000 without permission or warning for "renewal fees". Naturally I called to find out what the heck was going on, especially since one was for a vehicle we didn't even OWN!

Two hours and a whole lot of confusion, and it seems to have been straightened out, and the fees recredited, but...yeesh!  I can only assume this sort of thing may have driven all those Bat Villains into snapping and assuming a life of crime... or something

And it still beats having to deal with a Cable Company.

Friday, August 19, 2016

Tiny Reviews

Well...two whole books! 

Black Widow #6

Things have been going to hell in a handbasket of course.  Elder destroyed the files that Natasha had to steal, but is killed, and she's in pretty bad shape.  The Weeping Lion has filled his threat of blackmail, and a whole lot of...unsavory stuff is spilled into the public.  Such as the fact that Yinsen was kidnapped by Natasha herself and turned over to Wong Chu...who of course just happened to be the guy who kidnapped Tony Stark and inadvertently created Iron Man.

Tony hears this.  Of course he does.  And he's not very happy.  She's out in the cold, and hurt and things aren't too good, when Iron Man shows up and takes her back to his Iron Lair, for a bit of a tongue lashing.  And not in the GOOD way! Of course this is exactly where Natasha actually wants to be. She's not quite as banged up as she looks, gives Tony the old Widow's Bite and steals some records, and she's off in the wind.

She just happens to find the Weeping Lion!  And she beats him up!  Except it isn't him, the big goon was actually his brother. The real Weeping Lion is a creepy skinny young telepath, with delusions of grandeur, who now thinks that he can control the Black Widow.

Oh, you silly sillly little boy.

This was great. The art is exquisite as always, and I love all the machinations and double-dealing and outright cleverness. 

The Mighty Thor #10

Things are going sideways very quickly.  Obliette and the new Silver Samurai are trying to kill Dario Agger, who in a fit of petulance has enacted his protocols, because if he can't have the earth, NOBODY can!  So There!  Roz is doing her best to stop things, as is Thor, but Agger created his own little bunch of mini-hulks, and she has her work cut out for her. 

In the meantime the seeds of rebellion are being sown on Alfheim, while SHIELD in their infinite stupidity is trying to arrest Thor, for being Jane Foster.  I didn't know that was illegal actually.  In the middle of the fight for New York, they actually show up and try to arrest her! 

Good Grief!

Luckily for Thor, Jane Foster shows up to help.

Oh My.  I Wonder Who That Could Be?

Also pretty fabulous.

So...not a lot this week, but two of my favorite books, so that is a good thing.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Thursday's Reviews

Holy crap, I am actually more or less on time! Wonders never cease.  Another small week for me...but a pretty darned GOOD week.  That's a plus.  I did ask Matt, my beloved Comic Book Store owner if Civil War II was over yet, and he just...sighed. 

Green Lantern Corps #2

Yes, I know the title is Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, but that's a bit of a mouthful, and who really cares all that much about Hal anyway?  He does end up fighting more of the Sinestro Corps, Sinestro and Soranik have a discussion about...stuff...and Sinestro discovers that Hal is still a burr under his saddle, so to speak.  The Corps doesn't have a whole lot to do yet, more or less in the..."What the heck are we going to do with only a few hundred members" mode, and John and Kilowog decide that sending Guy Gardner out to mosey around a bit, is the best that they can do. 

Finally!  Sending Guy out is the BEST thing that they can do!  So...I'm pretty happy.

Wonder Woman #4

I finally figured out that every other issue is actually a different story, with Cheetah in #l and #3, and Nicola Scott as artist in #2 and #4 with more or less the story of how Diana found Steve and became Wonder Woman.  It is...actually pretty fabulous.  I don't mind the Cheetah story, but I like the Nicola Scott art so very very much and the story of Diana, so that's my favorite so far. 

The Amazons find the men on their island, and are properly horrified and confused. There is a lot of discussion of what to do with them, cooler heads prevail, and there is a lot of soul searching and finally a competition for who is the lucky girl to go to Man's World. Guess who wins.  But the art is frankly gorgeous. The women look like individuals, not clones of each other with different colored hair, which is a delight.  I love Hippolyta's nose for example.  She and Diana resemble each other, but again, aren't clones of each other.

Pretty wonderful actually.

All-New All-Different Avengers #l

This is actually a bonus edition and consists of the "Fan-Fiction World of Ms. Marvel" Which I didn't realize at first when I picked it up, but it is my favorite Avengers book at the moment, and the cover looks like a regular issue.

Oh My God.

You MUST get this!  I was crying tears of laughter as I read this book.  My daughter came into the room to see what was the matter with me, because I was also shrieking.  With joy. 

So, Amala comes home and fires up the old computer, and then stumbles across some fan-fiction about...herself!  She loves to write it, but never really thought that other people would use her as a ship apparently.  There are five stories, each more fantastic than the other.  I completely lost it at the Spectacular Spider-Mole, not to mention Quack-O'-Lantern.  The Squirrel Girl one is just magnificent...hell, they are ALL magnificent!

Oh Marvel.  I've been a bit surly about Civil War lately, but with this...with this book you have redeemed yourself in my eyes.  Until next week anyway.

I think I'll go and read it again.  And the again.

Friday, August 05, 2016

Small and only Slightly Late Reviews

After last week, there wasn't a whole lot out there for me this past Wednesday.  But still...not bad.

Doctor Strange #10

This has been good.  Really really good.  And now we are drawing to the finale.  The thing in the basement that has taken all of Stephen's pain, turns out to be his last best hope against the Empirikul. Except that it hates him, with the white hot hate of a thousand blazing suns.  But hey, you work with what you have.

And they win!  Except...where is all the magic?


Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur #9

This is an odd, and yet endearing little book.  I like Lunella...she has a lot of snark for such a little kid.  I can understand her frustration as well.  I also like Kid Kree, who is almost a snottier version of Noh Var!  It is nice that Ms. Marvel has to step in and save the neighborhood from the dueling toddlers. 

I also love the Dinosaur.  Good good stuff.

Vote Loki #3

This is one weird, and yet hilarious book.  I still don't like the art very much, but I understand that the insanely cartoony aspect of it, is appropriate to the style of the book.  Also, Loki in a western shirt at a country fair with a Meal On A Stick, will never not be a hoot. 

This is just...insane, but a whole lot of fun. 

And that's that!

My daughter and her boyfriend went to see Suicide Squad. I understand that the ratings have been on the poor side, but they enjoyed the heck out of it, because, it is...a supremely "Comic Booky" sort of movie.  In that what makes perfect sense in a comic book doesn't always translate well to the silver screen, but if you keep in mind that it IS a comic book...makes perfect sense.  Or something.  I did have to explain that the Enchantress is NOT the same one as in the Marvel books.

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

IncrediblyLate Reviews

Yeah, yeah, I've got two, maybe even three weeks worth of stuff to discuss.  I really need to be a little more proactive or something.

May I confess something? 

I have been feeling rather...lackadaisical about my comics lately.  There are some that still excite me, Squirrel Girl, The Mighty Thor, Ms. Marvel and even the newly reborn Green Lantern Corps...if you ignore Hal.  I like Lucifer and Archie, I love Saga, but it has an interesting schedule most of the time.  There are others that I enjoy, but something is just...missing lately. 

It's nice that DC finally got it's head out of its ass and brought back the REAL continuity...or something similar to it.  It took a while of course.  And as glad as I am that they did...and I am...some of them just aren't doing it for me.  More of the same old, same old. 

And I am getting a little peeved at Marvel although they are bringing out some excellent books, they are also cancelling Howard the Duck...again.  Dammit!  And I am so sick of giant crossovers.  Civil War stunk the first time around and it hasn't improved the second time around. 

But I am getting cranky.  It is probably the heat and humidity.


Black Widow #5

This continues to be excellent. Betrayals and action, and Samnee's amazing artwork all combine to keep me coming back.

Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat #8

Patsy and her friends all mourn the loss of She-Hulk, who actually isn't dead, but IS in a coma.
 It's lovely as usual.

Wait a minute, how did I change the font in the middle of typing?  I need a teenager!

Howard the Duck #9

Co-starring Lea Thompson!  And it is hilarious!  And the best portrayal of the Human Torch that I have read in a very long time.  And Mojo of all people. Why are they cancelling this?

The Totally Awesome Hulk #9

May I just say that I love Amadeus and I am really REALLY hating Carol?  He's not at all happy about what happened to Bruce.  Neither am I. He is enjoying twisting SHIELD's tail, and then the Black Panther shows up.  I do hope he's not as big a douche canoe as Carol.

Ms. Marvel #9

Poor Amala.  She's completely uncomfortable with what Carol is doing, and her teenaged jackbooted thugs, and she's looking for some guidance, and getting nothing.  A whole lot of other people aren't happy with the arbitrary tossing of innocent people into jail either.   And then...Oh Bruno!  This is fabulous. Heartbreaking and fabulous.

Squirrel Girl #10

This continues to be the funniest book on the planet.  And possibly the solar system. Nay, even the galaxy.  Seriously, it is really really funny.  I can no longer see Kraven the Hunter any other way now.  
The courtship of Mole Man continues, and poor Dorreen is suddenly the topic of the media, all bickering over what she should be doing. Fortunately, Nancy is there to be awesome.  She tells Mole Man that Doreen just isn't interested, and he turns on her...naturally, and Nancy sics Tippy Toe on him, which is magnificent of course.

When Doreen finally does confront him, they find that Tricephalus, one of Mole Man's "monsters" has nurtered an unrequited adoration of him for years...and after getting stomped a bit...quite literally, Squirrel Girl is able to convince him that she is not for him, and he can revel in his sweet sweet monster love.   The world's buildings are back, and all ends happily...of course.

God, I do love this book.

The Mighty Thor #9

And speaking of love.  I enjoy the heck out of this one as well.  It's not Jane Foster as Thor that I adore so much...frankly I find that she doesn't have much of a sense of humor...but Loki, who certainly DOES!  And he misses his mommy, and explains why he apparently stabbed her in the back, as he and Odin are keeping her alive with their blood and magic. 

Thor and Roz are still chasing clues, and Dario Agger, as he fights off the Silver Samurai and Obliette while Roxxon decides to go ahead and activate their doomsday device.  Also, SHIELD has the balls to actually show up on Asgard with a warrent to go through Jane Foster's stuff.  I wasn't aware that they had inter-galactic jurisdiction.  

Great stuff.

Batgirl/Birds of Prey #l

I was actually quite looking forward to this.  I will not be buying the second issue.  


Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps #l

The first FIRST issue, just had Hal blathering.  At least he gets to fight Sinestro in this one, who has been aged by the burden of using Parallax or something, but takes over the Yellow and is young again.  And then Hal shows up and fights some smugglers or something, and encounters a Sinestro Corps member and conquers Fear and all that.  

But what is actually interesting is that what remains of the GLC comes bursting out of a hole in space...which just makes me SO HAPPY!  Look, there is  Arisia and B'dg! They're not dead!  Although they did lose a fair number of  members, none of them were ones that I had ever heard of, so who cares?  There is Guy!  And John and Kilowog and Salaak and that fish-headed guy!  Woohoo!

Something to actually look forward to.

Lucifer #8

I do enjoy this book.  It has Lee Garbett, and he's a darned good artist.  Holly Black is a darned good writer, and I actually care about this misfit band of angel and demons and the poor mortals who interact with them.  

Good good stuff as well.

Archie #10

I am still in a state of disbelief that I am actually buying and enjoying an Archie book, but man, it really is just the bee's knees.  This one has Archie doing his usual idiotic stuff, except that it affects  Betty's uncle, who is in a political race with none other than Mister Lodge...and although there is a lot of humor in it, there is also some pathos.  A really great book.

And that's that!  Not really a whole lot of books, all things considered.  I haven't picked up Justice League, because I don't care much about the two Lanterns in it, who just bicker all the time.  Hal is bad enough.  The new Wonder Woman book by Rucka is actually...pretty good, when I can find it.  I lost interest in Batman a while back, and same with Aquaman, and Superman.  I really can't stand the Inhumans, and don't even know what is going on with the X-Men, except they seem to be more or less falling apart and are fighting the Inhumans or something.  I AM eagerly awaiting the Blue Beetle though.  And the return of Booster Gold and Rip Hunter would also be appreciated.  I'm glad that Wally is back.