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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Back Home Again

My friends, if there is one piece of advice I can give you... do not go dry camping in July. We took our lovely Airstream to the IMSA races at beautiful bucolic Limerock Park, to our usual trackside location. Set up the pop-UPS, the chairs and the tiki  bar, because we are just that insane. It was only 92 degrees!  The generator worked great, everything was fine... till it got hotter, and the propane regulator thingie decided to malfunction, and it was freaking 99 degrees, and the generator started overloading.

We came home a day early. It was just too much hard work relaxing.

I haven't even read my comics yet!

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Just Not With It

I have been very bad about posting lately, but seriously, I just haven't been around all that much for past couple of weeks, and for several weeks in the future!  This is not a bad thing, except it does wreak havok with my computer habits.

I did read the new Green Lantern Corps book from DC from last Wednesday.  Alas, the Corps wasn't actually...present, but we did get a quick history of Hal's trials and tribulations and a basic reset of everything.  If you were a new reader, just jumping on, I guess, it was an adequate introduction.  I am not a new reader, but hey...at least he has given up that ASININE idea of being a "villain" in order to save the rest of the Corps. 

That...never made a lick of sense.  Ever. 

But then Hal is not particularly noted for his ratiocination.  Too many blows to the head, I would wager.  Hopefully, next month we will actually have the Corps, which is what I am interested in reading about. 

On the one hand, I am delighted with DC for bringing back so many of my favorite characters.  On the other hand, I am still furious at DC for getting rid of them in the first place.  I am still waiting for Ted Kord and Jaime and Booster, incidentally.  But at least it is a start.

Friday, July 08, 2016

Shadow of the Bat

A dark and malevolent force... circling... ever circling.

Sounds scary, right? Well last night, my son opens my bedroom door to inform me that while he was downstairs in the study watching television, a bat somehow got into the room, and was... freaking him out. As the resident bat expert, I donned my glasses and slippers and sallied forth bearing my trusty broom.

Now the trick is to close off the other rooms, and as the bat...a fairly small flying rodent, that nevertheless looks like a goddam CONDOR, while it is flitting around the ceiling... to give it a good whack with the broom, so that you can stun it.  it took  few swings, but my heart is more or less pure, and my strength is that of ten cranky sleepy ladies! I did manage to swat the little bugger, and had the kids look for him after he fell, clamp a bucket over him and slide a piece of cardboard underneath, before taking it outside and releasing his groggy little self back to the ebony skies.

And then I was so wound up that I ended up staying up till 2:30 in the morning reading... yes...Batman books. How Bruce does all that stuff without tripping over his cape, I shall never know.

Thursday, July 07, 2016

Very Tiny Reviews

Holy crapafazool, it is hot!  Hot and muggy.  Two things that I really really hate.  More than I hate Dan Didio!  That's a lot of hate!  But fortunately, my beloved comic book store was airconditioned.

The Totally Awesome Hulk #8

I am not completely sure why this issue has a Civil War II logo on it, since it has absolutely nothing to do with Civil War, but hey...yet another never-ever-ending crossover.


But Amadeus has gone to the trouble to find Bruce Banner, who is thrilled to be suffering from the flu, since that is such a normal thing for a person to do. He's a peace with himself, which is nice thing for him as well.  She-Hulk and Rick Jones also show up to lend their support.  Amadeus is nervous because he's been suffering from some blackouts when he is the Hulk, and he's terrified he is going to hurt or kill innocent people.  Bruce talks him down, and it is...a rather nice issue actually.  The Alan Davis artwork is always nice, and oh heck, it's just a good book.

Vote Loki #2

This is an utterly ridiculous premise, but I am just eating it up, because ludicrous as it is, it still probably isn't as insane as Trump.  I continue to find the art a bit on the painful side, but since the entire idea is so crazy, I suppose that cartoony art is appropriate. 

Thor is...not happy that Loki is running for President, and that reporter is also not happy.  Also she stumbles across some cultists trying to perform a ritual in honor of Loki.  Naturally when this is revealed, people all go nuts...or...er...nuttier.  Then Loki points out that his IS a God after all, and that there is freedom of Religion in America. 

Also, the cover is hilarious.

And that's it! 

I am going to sit in front of the air conditioner now and drink lemonade.