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Thursday, June 05, 2014


Beginning of the month always means a fairly small week.  Some rather interesting choices this time around, I do have to say.

AQUAMAN and the others #3

That title really cracks me up.  AQUAMAN!!!!  And some other people.  Would YOU like to be known as "other"?  This continues, with the rather nebulous villains trying to get their gold back, which is now being used as the weapons and stuff for the "others" not to mention Arthur's trident, that his own ancestor stole eons ago.  So in a way, the villains have a legitimate beef.  But since they go around kidnapping and killing people and stuff, they aren't going to get much sympathy.

I'm not really sure why I am still getting this.  I like Aquaman, I always have, but this bunch just doesn't do it for me really.  I keep getting them all mixed up, and can't remember their names, much less their powers, and frankly, I just don't care. 

It was...ok.  Maybe some people will like it.

Batman '66 Meets the Green Hornet #1

Now this was fun.  It has Ty Templeton on art, and I adore Ty Templeton.  It has a villain named General Gumm, who accidentally glued up his own face trying to create the ultimate adhesive.  Shades of Baron Zemo!  It has Kato throwing darts and karate chops.  It has young Robin on a date!  It has a train glued to the tracks, full of incredibly valuable fossils!  It has Robin calling the General...who is clad all in pink...a "pasty-faced pillager!"

And it's only part one of two! 


Green Lantern #32

Hey...Not Bad!

Tiny Titans #1

Woohoo!  Art Baltazar and Franko are back, with my favorite version of the Titans!  This is SOOOOOOO
much better than the regular book! 

The Braniacs are trying to earn their merit badges, and decide to shrink down the Titans Treehouse, and put it in a jar.  This upsets the Titans, because...where are they going to hang out?  Plus, some of them were IN the treehouse when it was shrunk!  So Supergirl and Superboy go and find Robin, who is hanging out in the Batcave, feeding Ace, a lot of rabbits, some penguins and of course, the bats.  They take Ace and Krypto to do their tracking and go in search of their missing treehouse.

Along the way they accidentally grab Swamp Thing, Grundy, and Metamorpho all of which is delightful.  They do eventually find the Braniacs who are reluctant to surrender their prize.  In the meantime, Raven gets the Titans out of the jar, and is about to enlarge their treehouse, when the Braniac ship shows up, and that's that. 

No more Treehouse.

Fortunately, Alfred shows up and he has made them a new one.  A BAT treehouse!  Unfortunately, it is too full of bunnies, penguins and of course...bats to let any of the Titans in it.

I loved it. 

Loki: Agent of Asgard #5

Well now!  Loki is a bit upset that the All-Mother is acting so strangely, and decides to do something about it.  So he gets Lorelei, Thor and Verity together to pull a jail break, and bust out Sigurd, whom he turned over to Asgard last issue.  So he and Lorelei are falling off of a plane over Broxton, and getting in a lovely little homage to William Shatner at the same time.  In order to get in undetected, they distract Heimdall, by sending Thor up to space to fight the Technocracy!  Which he does, and Heimdall is indeed distracted.

They end up in a big room full of deadly traps, and are relying in Verity who is off-site, but hooked up to their smart phones, doing her very best Oracle impression, and telling them which of the dangers are real and which are illusory.

And then they find Sigurd, it turns out, quite easily. Turns out that when he and Loki were fighting last issue, they planned the whole thing, with Sigurd acting as Loki's inside man.  Oh, that clever little scamp!  At this point, Sigurd and Lorelei decide that their part in the scheme is finished and go off together, and presumably have a lovely evening. 

Loki is fine with this, since the whole plan has been to find out what was really in the most secure prison of Asgard.  Turns out to be...Loki.

Old Loki.  Old evil Loki.  The Loki that the All-Mother let out of the Jar. 

Young Loki is a bit shocked, but does his best to cover this up.  And he's really doing his very best to handle this rather stunning revelation, but he's just too young and outclassed by his older self.  Old Loki tells him how he saw the effect, and created the origin, and that he can't lie, and that...horror of horrors...he IS what young Loki will become.

And then the All-Mother comes in and it turns out that they WANT this to happen!  Because it makes a stable future for Asgard, one that isn't going to be tied to Ragnarok any more.  And that old Loki is the TRUE Agent of Asgard!

I...I did not see this coming!    And for all of his skills and schemes, neither did young Loki.  Who incidentally is royally pissed. 

And frankly, if I were the All-Mother I wouldn't really want a royally pissed young Loki running around.

Damn, I love this book.

So, not a bad haul at all!


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