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Monday, June 02, 2014

Red Lanterns #31

Sorry to be so late with this.  We went camping again this past weekend for a Fife and Drum Muster in the incredibly exquisite little hamlet of Kinderhook in upstate New York, and had us a fine old time.  But I am back now, and in fine fettle.

Fine fettle indeed!

And this was...as usual...a whole lot of fun.

On the planet Primeen, the former judge, who had been betrayed and shot by her own people, ends up with one of the Red Rings that Atrocitus sent out prior to Guy's arrival.  She's quite the menace, since she is filled with a truly righteous anger, and she's "judging" people, with the ring right and left.  Naturally Atrocitus and Dex-Starr are right there, trying to get her to join them.  She's a lot more powerful than they are used to, and even without being bathed in the blood of the mystical lake from Ysmault, she seems to be a bit more in control of herself than the usual recruit.  She soon realizes that Atrocitus is a monster, but since he is completely convinced of the purity of his motives...she doesn't kill him.

Meanwhile, Guy and the rest of his motley crew, including Kara, show up.  Bleez and Kara are actually bonding a little bit.  But not too much seems to be working, and Kara decides to fly up to the Kaalvar and drop the blood from the lake upon the Judge, hoping that it will do the job.  What seemed like a good idea backfires however, since the blood from the lake belongs to...Atrocitus.


This of course really pisses off Kara, and things tend to escalate from there.  Guy is all for a strategic withdrawal, and even Bleez hauls off and gives Kara one of those smacks in the face to calm her down.  Then they decide to all work...together, and somehow...somehow, they manage to get control of all of the magical blood again.

However, in the end it did have the desired result of knocking some sense into the Judge.  The two teams have a bit of a faceoff, and make a lot of threats, but Atrocitus ends up convincing the Judge to join him, while vowing revenge and all of that.  Guy is getting tired of his threats, and decides that they are going to take the fight to him, and incidentally get Rankorr back. 

This is seriously the best Lantern book out there at the moment.


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