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Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hey, It's Father's Day!

Well, this sort of snuck up on me.  I have sent the appropriate cards, and am grilling steaks, although I'll probably make my Sweet Baboo do the actual grilling part.  Barbecues and I don't get along.  Flames always seem to come out the knobs or something. 

Father's Day always seems to be a rather traumatic faux holiday for the various Comic Book Characters, probably because they all seem to have Father issues one way or another.  Of course, since DC has managed to do away with all of the heroes who actually ARE fathers, such as Alan Scott, and Roy Harper and Wally West and so on and so forth, things have been much simplified.

Batman is probably holed up in the Cave crying.  Hal is probably there with him.  Guy is probably NOT crying. 

So anyway...Happy Father's Day!


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