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Saturday, June 07, 2014

Green Lantern #32

Well, there is a certain amount of dissension in the ranks, as the Durlans, the Khunds and the Clanns are squabbling over the fact that the Green Lanterns have managed to destroy their always tenuous alliance.  Nol Anj wants to take her cut and go, the Khunds are pissed, and the Durlans are ready to backstab everyone, which is probably something that could have been predicted. 

So, when the Khunds get cranky, the Durlans start blowing up their ships. 


You just can't trust Durlans.

Nol Anj, who isn't stupid gets the heck out of there, and the Khunds are not only being blown up by their erstwhile allies, but also being attacked by Hal and the rest of the Lanterns.  There are a LOT of explosions.  The Lanterns have won for the time being, but Kilowog is a bit suspicious, and they are trying to sort things out, when Nol Anj and the Clanns decide that siding with the Lanterns is a lot safer than being with the Durlans. So, it is back into the Sciencells that they go!  Nol Anj, who is probably a whole lot smarter than Hal, decides that she's got some information to bargain with, and lets Hal in on the fact that the Durlans require a whole lot of radiation to power their transformations.  They are already headed to Sodam Yat's planet, so that they can assume their forms, but where would they get the energy? 

Well, that nice new Lantern who is basically a lava-creature, named  Gorin-Sunn?  He's rather adorable, actually.  The Durlans are off to HIS planet, to absorb all that lava-ness...which will more or less make them unstoppable.


I wasn't particularly impressed when this whole story started...but it has been picking up nicely in the more recent issues, and this was pretty good.  Although it is more about setting things up, since the Lanterns themselves don't do anything really amazing, we do get to see the machinations of the Durlans and what happens to their allies.  So...not bad.  Not bad at all.


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