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Friday, May 16, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #31

Well!  Just like Green Lantern, after a bit of a shaky start, the Green Lantern books seem to have found their feet and settled down.  Well, except for Kyle's book, which is a hot mess.  But GLC is following closely along with the regular GL book, and it is working pretty well.  In the GL book, Hal finally got his head out of his ass, and realized that WILLPOWER was the way to find out who the Durlans were, and get their purloined rings back.  Those rings, incidentally, are on their way back to their original owners, who were imprisoned by the Durlans and the Khunds.

The Durlans, being Realists, have realized that for the moment at least, the jig is up, and tells the Khunds to go down and start killing the prisoners, before their rings arrive. The Khunds don't particularly like being ordered around.  I have the feeling that this alliance isn't going to be around for too much longer.  After  some grumbling, they all go trooping down to the dungeons, and start shooting. Some of our imprisoned Lanterns however, have no intentions of going quietly...rings or no rings.

And It Is On!

Aaaand the Rings come flying back, which is very nice for our doughty Lanterns.  Not so good for the
Durlans and Khunds.  Also, John, and Fatality and Arisia and company all show up too, after following the rings, and there is a fair amount of mayhem.  The Durlans are transforming and doing their thing, but John realizes that they are...hiding something.

And guess who that is?

Sodam Yat!

I wondered what had happened to him!  Last time we saw him,he was flying off with the Bad Guy from the cancelled Emerald Lanterns book, and Guy and Arisia and Kilowog were on their way to save him, but unfortunately all the NEW 52 stuff took over.  I guess they are just going to ignore most of that.  He is quite happy to see his erstwhile pals, and John has his lightbulb over the head moment, and realizes that it was a feint...the Durlans weren't only after Mogo...they are after the Daxams...and their Superman-like powers!

Oops!  And as we know a whole lot of the Daxams are complete jackasses, so this is going to be...interesting.

This really zipped along nicely.  Very very good!

I do have one small caveat.  I noticed in all of the books this week, that they seemed a bit...short, adn that there was a big Superman thing at the back, pushing the new book by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr.  That's nice and all...but I would really prefer to have my full compliment of pages for my regular books.  Yeesh.  Only 20 pages.


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