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Thursday, May 29, 2014


Not a huge week...that was LAST week...but still some pretty decent books.

Aquaman #31

For some reason, Arthur and Ya'Wara are fighting Swamp Thing.  I guess it has something to do with the algae bloom in the ocean...I don't know, it's been a while since last month.  Or maybe my heart just isn't in
this all that much.  The art is pretty though.  While Arthur and Swamp Thing tussle aimlessly for a while,  Mera, who is keeping an eye on Atlantis goes to visit the boondocks of Atlantis, and discovers that yes, indeedy, the roots of the insurrection have been spawned there...and pretty much everyone hates her. 

Oh and something very bad is probably happening with the Mad Scientists on Triton Base.

It was...okay I guess. Nothing really jumped out at me.  Not a whole lot happened really.  Okay.

Batman #31

Now this book just jumped off of the page.  Eddie Nygma has been having a fine old time ruling over the ruins of Gotham City, and challenging all and sundry to come up with a riddle that will stump him.  Lucius Fox was all ready to throw himself into the fray, when who should pop up, but...Batman!  Sleeveless Batman! And he has a plan.

But first they need to find out where the Riddler is broadcasting from, and for that, they need to stall, and keep him talking.  So Batman tells him a riddle, and naturally falls into the Jackal Hole, which greatly upsets Jim Gordon.  Except that there aren't any jackals...there are Lions!  Batman gets to fight lions! 

This... is fabulous.  Meanwhile, he keeps Eddie on the line, and Lucius is doing his thing, and Gordon is trying to rescue Batman, and then when Batman beats the Lions, a whole bunch of cars falls on him, but...oh, just go and read it for yourselves!

This is great.  Really great.  And the art is amazing.

All-Star Western #31

Sadly, this is going to be the last storyline for Jonah Hex, since this is going to be cancelled soon.


Jonah is back in the old West, and happy as he can be...for Jonah Hex anyway, and he is also teamed up with Tallulah Black again, and they are up to their old tricks.  Shooting people and making out in a saloon.  But not all is well, as Hex learns that someone else has his old scar and has gone loco and evil and all, and naturally he is going to have to clean up the mess. 

The second story also has Madame .44, and after the cave in, she swims to what she thinks is safety and comes out...somewhere that sure ain't where she is from.  And someone is trying to kill her and there are western demons and stuff.  It doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but what the heck.  Fun anyway.

Red Lanterns #31

Oh Guy.  You and your ragtag bunch just get better and better.  But that mustache has assumed a life of its own.  More later.

Ms. Marvel #4

I came a little late to this book, as I am wont to do sometimes, but man, is this a lot of fun.  A whole lot of fun.  Great art, a charming heroine, and an intriguing and inviting story...what's not to like? 

Kamala  was accidentally shot in the botched fake robbery, but she finds out that when she transforms back to her own form, she is mysteriously healed. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Home Again

Oh Computer...I have missed you.

And yet...five days without internet or wi-fi or hardly even my cell-phone...was actually incredibly restful.  No television either.  Things were apparently happening in the world, but I didn't know about them.  I can only assume in my brief absence that DC came to their collective senses and decided to jettison the whole "52" new Universe and go back to the REAL continuity!



Still, I hope that everyone had a very lovely Memorial Day.  We went down the hill to Main Street and watched the parade, and stayed for the ceremony, where my son Frank has sung for the last five years.  Nobody was talking loudly on their cell-phone during the invocation, which was nice for a change.  The train went by, but you can't have everything.  It wasn't too hot, so none of the school band members fainted from the heat, which was also nice.

We had so much fun camping, that we are going again this coming weekend, to the Fife and Drum Muster in Kinderhook, N.Y.   Loads of fun, and really really fabulous barbecue.  

So...did anything really earthshaking happen in the World of Comics?

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

It's Almost Memorial Day!

Oh, a long long weekend beckons to me.  We are taking the old 'Bago, and heading out to Limerock Park, Ct., to open the season and watch the IMSA racing.  Trackside.  20 feet from the track on the backstretch above the chicane, where the Porsche's catch a little bit of air coming up the hill.  It is going to be lovely. 

So...no reviews for a little while.  But I am sure that you will all survive.

But what a week!  Batman '66, which I adore, and Batman and Frankenstein, which as Pat Gleason, and Tomasi and always makes me happy, and Batwoman, and Wonder Woman, and a bunch of Justice League Books, and maybe...just MAYBE, the whole goddamn Forever Evil Crossover is at long last coming to an end! 


And Daredevil which I also adore, and Thor, and...oh joy of joys...Saga is back.  So in-between watching the cars and drinking wine, I will be reading my comic books.  I can't think of a better way to spend the weekend.

So...I hope that everyone has a happy and safe and joyful Memorial Day. 

Monday, May 19, 2014

Dear DC Comics

Several years ago, I penned an imaginary "Dear John" letter to Marvel Comics, lamenting our breakup, since I had been stepping out with DC.  The "Civil War" crossover was the coup de grace as it were.  It was an unpleasant crossover, filled with unpleasant people. 

So imagine my distress, at being in exactly the same damn situation, only this time it is DC that has become distressingly depressing, and Marvel who is winking and smiling at me from across the room.  DC just wants to keep doing the same thing over and over and over and over, and it keeps getting more extreme and horrid, each time.  How many times can I watch a man get his arm torn off?  Really, it isn't even startling any more, in fact, it has almost been reduced to a Drinking Game.  DC Hero gets arm torn off, take a swig of your beer.

Ho Hum.

Marvel on the other hand, keeps flirting with me.  Bringing out books like She-Hulk, and Hawkeye, and Young Avengers, and Loki: Agent of Asgard, and the new Ms Marvel and Thor, are a heck of an enticement.  Hell, even their movies are good. 

So I am feeling a bit torn.  I love DC Characters, really I do, I just wish that I could actually read stories about them.  I will NOT be buying the new weekly series, the whole Future Doomsday, Time-Travel, Let's See How Many Heroes We Can Kill Crossover.  I don't like Brother Eye.  I have NEVER liked Brother Eye.  Seeing my favorite or even not so favorite characters be horribly murdered, or zombie-fied, or whatever the hell is going on, is trite...and boring.  It has been done to death MANY times over.  Seriously, plundering various tropes from other books and movies and even your own comics is the best that DC can do? 

Here's a thought.  Howabout, we go back to the REAL DC Universe, and start using all those wonderful characters that have fallen by the wayside, and tell stories about them.  Taking their names and using them for completely different people in the new Universe, just doesn't do it for me.  It's like your Uncle showing up with his new wife, who has the same name as his old wife, but she's meaner...and uglier.  And can't cook, and gets into the liquor cabinet. 

So come on DC...I'm ready to be wooed.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #31

Well!  Just like Green Lantern, after a bit of a shaky start, the Green Lantern books seem to have found their feet and settled down.  Well, except for Kyle's book, which is a hot mess.  But GLC is following closely along with the regular GL book, and it is working pretty well.  In the GL book, Hal finally got his head out of his ass, and realized that WILLPOWER was the way to find out who the Durlans were, and get their purloined rings back.  Those rings, incidentally, are on their way back to their original owners, who were imprisoned by the Durlans and the Khunds.

The Durlans, being Realists, have realized that for the moment at least, the jig is up, and tells the Khunds to go down and start killing the prisoners, before their rings arrive. The Khunds don't particularly like being ordered around.  I have the feeling that this alliance isn't going to be around for too much longer.  After  some grumbling, they all go trooping down to the dungeons, and start shooting. Some of our imprisoned Lanterns however, have no intentions of going quietly...rings or no rings.

And It Is On!

Aaaand the Rings come flying back, which is very nice for our doughty Lanterns.  Not so good for the
Durlans and Khunds.  Also, John, and Fatality and Arisia and company all show up too, after following the rings, and there is a fair amount of mayhem.  The Durlans are transforming and doing their thing, but John realizes that they are...hiding something.

And guess who that is?

Sodam Yat!

I wondered what had happened to him!  Last time we saw him,he was flying off with the Bad Guy from the cancelled Emerald Lanterns book, and Guy and Arisia and Kilowog were on their way to save him, but unfortunately all the NEW 52 stuff took over.  I guess they are just going to ignore most of that.  He is quite happy to see his erstwhile pals, and John has his lightbulb over the head moment, and realizes that it was a feint...the Durlans weren't only after Mogo...they are after the Daxams...and their Superman-like powers!

Oops!  And as we know a whole lot of the Daxams are complete jackasses, so this is going to be...interesting.

This really zipped along nicely.  Very very good!

I do have one small caveat.  I noticed in all of the books this week, that they seemed a bit...short, adn that there was a big Superman thing at the back, pushing the new book by Geoff Johns and John Romita Jr.  That's nice and all...but I would really prefer to have my full compliment of pages for my regular books.  Yeesh.  Only 20 pages.

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tiny Reviews

Egad, but that was a small week.  But not a bad week.  Oh...who am I kidding.  All weeks are good!

So, let's get to it.

Batgirl #31

Although I do love Gail Simone, I had dropped this book.  I love Barbara Gordon, but I have to admit that I much prefer her as Oracle.  We have an...awful lot of Bat-People traipsing around Gotham City.  It's a wonder they don't have to put up stop lights or something, just to keep them all from crashing into one another while they swing between the high-rises.

But I bought this solely because Ragdoll was on the Cover.  And I love Ragdoll, from his days in Secret Six...which I STILL miss. 

And Simone does deliver.

Barbara goes and visits her boyfriend in the hospital, where he is recuperating after being shot by her dad.  I don't know about you, but that could lead to awkwardness at holiday dinners.  Then she gets a message from her roomie or whomever, that they are in deep deep doodoo, after breaking into a research lab to set off what they think is a stink bomb.  Turns out that someone...or something is there, and scaring the crap out of all of them.

Naturally, it's Ragdoll, and he is quick with the quips and slightly off-key humor, and I love it to death.  Turns out that Ragdoll is actually the HERO of the tale.  Barbara shows up and starts fighting with him, and oddly enough seems to be doing well, when he reveals that the stink bomb is actually a neuro-toxin, and they'd all be dead.  He was just worried about the monkeys they were testing.  And those people he killed...were only MOSTLY dead.


I doubt I'll continue, but it sure was nice to see Ragdoll again.

Fables #140

More of the Band, going and helping out Minstrel Guy.  They fight a dead zombie guy who can be defeated by No Man, and turns out that Briar Rose shoots him. And Puss in Boots isn't actually dead, which is a good thing. And they fight the queen, and use grenades and stuff.  And then the giants come in and mess up...stuff.

This was actually a bit of a bore.  I like the characters, and it leads to an interesting note at the end, which says that now that the Adversary has been defeated, it is possible for all of the Fables to actually...go home again, which will lead to the end of Fabletown.  It has been hinted at, that this series is nearing the end, so I guess it makes sense.

It was...okay, but not really all that exciting.

Green Lantern Corps #31

Now we are getting somewhere!

Justice League United #l

I...thought that they already had number one?  Maybe that was a zero issue?  I don't even know anymore. 

Anyway, Adam Strange finds a cool flying suit and rockets, so that's a good thing.  Lobo shows up and sliced off Hawkman's arm, which is a bad thing.  Man, I am SO SICK of dismemberments!  Can DC please come up with a new schtick?  Green Arrow is actually fun, and Animal Man is channeling some interesting pwers.  The new Native American girl, doesn't do anything, and Courtney has to rescue J'onn, and embarrasses him by hugging him at the end. 

It was a little convoluted, but the art was nice, and I'm giving it some time to find its legs.  Not great but not bad.

And that's that!


Monday, May 12, 2014

I Know the Feeling

So, it is Monday morning, after Mother's Day, and what a day it was!  It is...finally...Spring in New England!   A sunny sky, balmy temperature, cookout at my son's house, with my family around and driving around in the convertible.  Life doesn' t get much better.

Except that it is Monday now. 

 photo namorjustwantsbagels_zps70a04933.jpg

I know just how Namor feels.

I can't remember where I got this from, or what it is from, but it makes me smile.

Friday, May 09, 2014

Green Lantern #31

Well!  We finally seem to be getting somewhere!  I have to admit to being somewhat less than excited with the recent issues of Green Lantern by Robert Venditti...as much as it pains me to say so.  It seems as though the story has just been meandering along.  But finally...finally, things seem to actually be happening, and it also seems as though Venditti is finally realizing that the Corps doesn't just consist of Hal.

It's also nice that Hal, after floundering around for a while, seems to actually be growing into his position as leader of the Corps.  A fractured and cranky Corps.  The Khunds and the Durlans and their ilk, have managed to convince most of the Universe that the Green Lantern Corps are crazy and evil and have all come to attack Mogo.  It's a rather clever plan actually.  The Corps has also been infiltrated by Durlans posing as members, and somehow, have managed to actually be able to use Green Lantern Rings, which is supposed to be impossible. 

So, when the fleet shows up, Hal goes up and tries to reason with them, only to have these Lanterns-in-disguise start shooting, which natually leads to a huge mess. The Khunds are gloating, and the Durlans are busy being...well...Durlans.  Things are not looking too good.

And Hal finally steps up to the plate.  He figures out that there is ONE thing in the Universe that the Durlan's can't imitate...and that is a Lantern's Willpower.  Which makes sense...and I'm so glad that they are finally using this as a way to prove what impressive people Lanterns actually are.  Hal is using WILL, to flush out the Durlans, and the other Lanterns quickly follow suit,  The disguised Durlans can't match their power, and the effort kills them...so their purloined rings go flying off to find their original owners...who have all been imprisoned.

And very quickly, the tide of battle has turned.  The Durlans want to get the heck out of there, the Khunds naturally want to stay and fight, but are overruled.  So...for the moment anyway, the Green Lanterns are safe.

There were some nice small moments, which have been lacking in the previous issues.  We get a bit more from Kilowog and Graf Toren and Salaak and some of the other Lanterns, which is always a treat.  They don't have anything to eat, because it turned out that the kitchen staff were all Durlans...much to Kilowog's dismay.

So...This was Good!  Very Good!   I'm so...so happy!

Thursday, May 08, 2014

Comic Book Reviews

I usually don't have much to talk about on the first week of the month, but it wasn't too bad this week for a change!

Aquaman and the Others #2

For some reason, the name of this book just cracks me up.  It's like the first season of Gilligan's island, where they referred to Maryanne and the Professor as "the Rest".  It's...and okay book I guess, but it isn't really floating my boat.


I just really don't care about these people very much.

Fairest #26

Thank God, this incredibly long and tedious storyline finally came to an end.  I think that the concept wasn't terrible, but man...it just went on and on and on and on and on...well, you get the idea. 

We finally have a more or less happy ending, with Fairy Godmother getting her wits and her powers back. Cinderella does cool things and kicks a lot of people  Snow White also helps out, as do the cubs, the bit where they have all the rats/mice going over the balcony to their deaths like lemmings was actually mildly amusing.  And having Brandish framed for instigating this, will no doubt lead to the showdown between Snow and Rose over in Fables.

Fairest has been hot and cold for me.  There have been several very very good stories, interspersed with less than riveting ones, like the whole Rapunzel story and this one.  If they had made this a three or four parter, I think that it would have been vastly improved.

Green Lantern #31


Loki, Agent of Asgard #4

God, I do love this book. 

Sigurd shows up, in all of his vainglory and swaggery, looking for his sword again.  He apparently even kills Loki to get it...but that's just a bluff.  Naturally.  Sigurd does go off to find some evil Black Magic guru type, with whom he makes a deal, but since Sigurd isn't really very bright, it turns out to be Mephisto in disguise.  But that's ok, because it turns out that Loki isn't dead,and he manages to trick Mephisto.

However, Loki shouldn't get too cocky, since Mephisto has also figured out that this Loki isn't the same as baby Loki.  Of course so do the Young Avengers.  So, he takes Sigurd back to Asgard, and he's locked up.  The All-Mothers, seem to be acting rather...strangely lately. insisting that any Asgardian who is roaming around Midgard be brought back home...forceably if necessary.  Even Gaia and Idunn are wondering what is going on.  Probably a plot on the part of evil old Loki.

The best part is the last page, where Loki gets Verity, Lorelei and Thor together and plans a prison break.

I love this book!

She-Hulk #4

And speaking of really good books...this is right up there as well.  Last issue, Doom showed up and hauled poor Kristoff back to Latveria.  This makes Jennifer mad,and she wonders how far she should go when it comes to protecting her clients interests.  So she goes off to San Francisco and meets up with Daredevil for a bit of advice.

The scenes with her and Matt are just fun.  There is also the problem that she's been paid in Latverian money,whcih the treasury has confiscated.  But naturally, she does go to Latveria and beats up a bunch of Doombots,..again naturally, and finally has a heart to heart talk with Doom and Kristoff, and it all ends more or less happily...but with a twist.

Marvel is actually putting out some amazingly fun books lately.  I wish that DC would steal THOSE sort of ideas instead of all the crappy ones.

Ms Marvel 1-3

After reading all of the glowing recommendations about this book, I finally bit the bullet and went out and got the first three issues, to see what all the hoopla was about. And it is true.  This is an amazing book.  Heartfelt, and fun, and interesting, dammit!  Great art, and great writing, and strong and appealing characters...what's not to like?

So...a pretty darned good beginning to the month!

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

That Was Refreshing!

Oh Wednesday, how I do love thee still.  Not a lot of books this week, but enough.  But I still haven't even read them yet.  What I DID do, was visit my beloved Comic Book Store, and have a simply lovely time, chatting.  It wasn't very crowded, at least not yet, and we all had time to browse and comment on the sate of the books. 

Matt, my equally beloved Comic Book Store owner, asked why I didn't want the #1 issue of the new weekly series from DC, that is going to be that Future thingie, with Brother Eye and all of that.  I commented that it had been very very kind of DC to put out the prologue for that series as one of their free books for Free Comic Book Day...because I didn't have to spend any money to realize that I wasn't going to touch this new series with a 20.5 foot pole!

Now Matt lives and breathes comics.  They are his livlihood after all, and his store has been there for a very long time...certainly compared to the average longevity of Comic Book Stores.  And even he agreed with me, that this looks like dreck.  In fact, we all had a simply wonderful time talking about the descent into darkness and despair for both DC and Marvel alike, and what the hell was going on, and when oh when were they going to wake up and go back to the REAL books? 

So...it isn't just me.  And these were all guys.  In their twenty's and thirties, and forties.  So maybe nobody was eighteen, but this was still a part of their target audience.  And they are getting fed up with all the blood, and dismemberments, and eyeball gouging and so on and so forth. 

They killed off the Watcher, and gouged out his eyes.  As a promotion for this charming scene, Marvel is HANDING OUT EYEBALLS! 

That's....that's disgusting. 


Meanwhile, they are going to be putting Lex Luthor, who casually murders his employees, on the Justice League.  The JUSTICE League!  On Earth Two, Superman is a bad guy!  The Justice Society is young!  Superman needs armor and is a dick.  Dick Grayson has a gun! 

About the only thing that remains constant, is that Green Lanterns do indeed still have marvelously firm and taut buttocks.  But I'm expecting that to come to an end any day now, just to piss me off further. 

Well!  I was actually in a good mood from all the cameraderie at the Comic Book Store, until I got mounted on my hobby horse and started re-flogging it.  So I'll just calm down and go and read my books and try to recapture that good feeling.  Enjoy all of your books too!

Monday, May 05, 2014

Oh Hal

Sometimes...sometimes I get so caught up in the latest kerfuffle going on in the wonderful of comicbookdom, that I forget about the basics.  And to me, that involves a Green Lantern...and their behinds.

Oh Hal.

 photo halarchinghisbackandbutt_zps67b87390.jpg

You're just so adorable.

Thursday, May 01, 2014

Bouquets and Brickbats

As a fifth week, it is always something of a mixed bag for me at the Comical Book Store.  And a mixed bag is exactly what I got.

Adventures of Superman #12

I am going to miss this book a lot.  This was...an interesting story, I do have to say, by Peter Milligan and drawn by Agustin Padilla.  We have Superman thwarting the Toy Man for the umpteenth time, and being mocked by Lois and the general populace for being TOO much of a "Goodie Two-Shoes" apparently.  So, in his infinite wisdom, he decides that if he can create two different identities for himself, how about creating a THIRD, so he comes up with "The Demolisher"! 


The Demolisher then goes out and does what Superman can't do...which is put the fear of God into these miscreants!  He is sort of a combination of Batman and the Punisher, and he certainly gets results!  The crooks are all scared to death, and leaving town in droves.  And at first, the general populace thinks that this is great, and even Lois is all hot and bothered.

Then of course, he goes to far, and he finds himself enjoying being morally compromised and therefore makes the Demolisher horrible so that everyone will hate him and he dumps that persona and decides that being a NICE guy is good enough for him.  It has echoes of crazy old Silver-Age stuff, along with a bit of the sensibilities behind Kingdom Come, and it is just enough...out of character to really take one aback.  I kept waiting for the reason for his being so bizarre was Red Kryptonite or something. 

It's an interesting story at any rate, and I enjoyed it.  But still a bit "off" for Superman, so I'll give it a nice small bouquet.

Batman '66 #10

God, I do love this book to death. 

It is summertime in Gotham and everyone is hot and cranky,so they are easy marks for a fellow selling a neat little doodad that creates your own personal "cool" space.  People are lining up around the block to plunk down their hard-earned two dollars for a You-Cooler.  Even Aunt Harriet buys one, and is wearing a fur coat to swan around town in, all the while being cool and comfy.  Naturally this makes Bruce, Dick and Alfred...slightly concerned.

So down to the Batcave they go, and naturally they figure out that it is probably none other than Mister Freeze, up to his old tricks.  Naturally, they are right, and Freeze uses everyone's Coolers to create a mini-Ice Age in Gotham!   Batman and Robin leap into the Batcar...and crash into a giant snowdrift!  So naturally they get their Bat-Rocket Skis!  They even shovel out the Batcar from the snow with a Bat-shovel.

When they do get to Gotham, they have to convince everyone to give up their You-Coolers, with one cheapskate whining about losing his two bucks.  Sheesh!  Another citizen is worried about Robin freezing to death with his bare legs, and we learn that he is actually wearing flesh-colored thermal tights.  I can only assume that all of the Super Heroines are ALSO wearing flesh-colored thermal tights and don't have their lady bits hanging out in the breezer all of the time!


So naturally there is fighting and ice, and a snow tank, and icicle duels, and it is all just lovely beyond belief.

In the second story, Bruce is in the hospital with a snake bite and is hallucinating.  Barbara Gordon shows up and is the one to spot the bite and determines that it is from an Asp, so naturally, we find out that Lisa Carson, a girlfriend of Bruce's and former kidnap victim of King Tut has come to believe that she is Cleopatra reincarnated, and is busy doing...Cleopatra type-stuff. She also finds out that using an Asp as a weapon doesn't really work all that well, when it bites one of her henchmen.  Then Batgirl just slaps her around for a bit and she gives up.  It's lovely too.

The art is gorgeous and the stories are fabulous, and this is my FAVORITE BAT BOOK!

Five huge Bouquets.

Batmwoman Annual #1

Remember that story with Batgirl having to work the DEA and Bones because they had her sister?  Well, Marc Andreyko remembers and so we get a nice bit of closure here.  Kate is still fighting Batman and needs to expose his identity or lose her sister.  Naturally, Batman manages to figure out a way to talk her off the ledge and work together.  Beth/Alice is still creepy, and Hawkfire (which is a STUPID name) is trying to sneak in and get her, and her Dad is trying to help.

Turns out that Bones is obsessed with Col. Kane, thinking that he was his father, and this was an elaborate scheme to get to him.  He's been lying to Chase all this time, and fortunately,  Agent Asaf manages to come in and help save the day along with...naturally...Kate and Batman. It's pretty good actually, and like I said, gives me some much needed closure.  And there is a gorgeous shot at the very end of Batman and Batwoman flapping around Gotham fighting crime...together.

Two large Bouquets!

The Flash Annual #l


I was...hideously underwhelmed by the purchase of my first issue of Flash under Venditti and Jensen last week, but I figured that I'd give them another chance and see what happened in the Annual. 


I am even more hideously underwhelmed. 

Seriously, this was awful.  If you want to bring in a surly teenager, who needs to be "saved" by Barry, and want to make him a character of color, then just create a new character for God's sake.  Because this kid isn't Wally.  Not MY Wally anyway.  Damn, I miss Wally.  And Linda and the twins, and Max Mercury and all of the Flashes. 

Barry is out dealing with Time problems again, and is just being...totally a jerk and incompetent, and for some reason Gorilla Grodd is in there too, and it is one of the worst books that I think I've read in quite soem time.

I am dropping this for good.  Now.

Ten Brickbats.

Green Lantern: New Guardians Annual #1

And this was the other book that reeked. 

I love Kyle, really I do.  I like Carol.  I actually think that the idea of the new new Guardians out trying to make up for all the harm that the  old Guardians did isn't a bad idea, but this is just getting worse by leaps and bounds. 

Now there is another version of Kyle, only an EVIL version of Kyle, that somehow happened because of what went on behind the Source Wall, and they fight,and Carol hauls off and smooches Kyle, somewhat to his surprise. and Oh, it is just TERRIBLE!

Why are they doing this to Carol?  Is this some weird way for her to get back at Hal?  Remember how Hal finally figured out that he loved her and she loved him and that's how he managed to come back to life and beat Relic and all that?  And ten minutes later, she is slobbering all over Kyle...who is completely oblivious by the way.  Heck, he had just managed to piss off poor Soranik by blabbing that he didn't love her, but it was Jade he was still hung up on.

What the Hell is going on? 

Another ten Brickbats. And I'm dumping this too.

And speaking of dumping...

I ended up with a free copy of the New 52 Futures End preview of the upcoming crossover from DC.


Somehow Brother Eye is back, and has infected all of the Superheroes, and it is five years in the future or something and the usual horrible dystopian future, and a few ragged survivors, and time travel, and it is just...dreadful.

I will NOT be getting this.  Thanks for saving me the money, DC!

Twelve Brickbats!

Boy, I'm cranky today!