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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Red Lanterns #30

I continue to find this book to be the best amongst all of the Green Lantern menage.   It's well-written, and I'm even coming around to Calafiore's artwork.  Still not my favorite, but it is servicable.

It turns out that Atrocitus had sent out a bunch of rings just before Guy Gardner showed up and took over, a little fact that the rest of them forgot to mention until recently.  One of those rings found Kara Zor-El, who, fortunately for her,was found by the motley crew led by Guy, as opposed to Atrocitus and Dex-Starr...who are Up To No Good.

One of those rings has also found Sheko, a good and honest judge from the planet Primeen, who grew old in service, and has become disgusted with the decline of justice on her planet.  She has finally had enough and rules against a corrupt and evil Prince, but is shot down by her own Bailiff.  Then the Red Ring shows up, and well...it ain't pretty.

Meanwhile, back on Ysmault, poor Bleez has shown up, and she's a mess, after fighting with Atrocitus, and making her escape, while Rankorr held the fort.  She's angry and hurt, and in a very very bad mood.  She wants to go and rescue Rankorr immediately, but Guy, although he wants to do so as well, has other problems, such as the rest of the rings that Atrocitus sent into the void.  He gets Zox to try a scanner sweep from their ship, so that he and his ragtag bunch can find the new Reds, and get some of the blood lake from Ysmault into them before they go nuts.  Or...nuttier.  Guy is trying to nip the problem in the bud, and incidentally defend sector 2814, so he is making the hard decisions, which Bleez doesn't want to face.

Bleez is ready to walk out, hurt as she is and go find Rankorr, but Guy just calls Kara in to block the door.  Oddly enough, Bleez and Kara actually, after a bit of posturing, start to open up to each other, and there is even the beginnings of some rapport, which is a good thing.  And as Zox starts to prepare his scanner, he and Skallox are talking.  Skallox is wondering if they should just cut and run, rather than face Atrocitus, or if they should even rejoin him, which just outrages Zox.  Zox can't believe that he hasn't learned from Ratchet's sacrifice, and that Guy could run, but he hasn't, and tells Skallox to grow up.

God, I love this bunch.

So, off they all go, and end up on  Primeen,where Sheko, now possessed by the ring is wreaking vast amounts of havok.  Serious amounts of havok!  Too bad that Atrocitus and Dex-Starr have also arrived!

Gosh this is good.  So very very good.  I just want to point out that both Hal and Guy are in leadership positions, and quite frankly, Guy is doing a much better job of it than Hal is.  Granted, his group is smaller, but on the other hand,they are a lot more volatile. I'm just assuming this is why Hal got rid of Guy in the first place, whether or not he admits it.



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