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Monday, March 31, 2014

In A Bit of a Rut

It seems to me, as though I have only been going through the motions lately.  Partly that is because it is early early early Spring, and because it SNOWED this morning on the way to work, and frankly, I am really sick of it.  Partly, it is because I am in a bit of a funk over my comics.  There are some nice bright spots out there, but for the most part, it is been pretty blah.  "Forever Evil" Just Won't End!   It keeps dragging on, and on and on...and frankly, the amount of action that has been portrayed, could just  as easily have been done in three issues.  Tops. 

Yes, I'm old.  I remember when the "Galactus Trilogy" was about the first story that ever took three issues to tell...and it was Mind-Boggling.  Occasionally I year, for those simpler and more innocent days.

But that is neither here nor there.  So I should cut the cackle and get to the hosses...as it were.

Here is one of my favorite Green Lanterns.

ch'p photo chpglc203.jpg

This is Ch'p. 

Alas, he is deceased.  As are quite a large number of my favorite Green Lanterns. Heck, a lot of my favorite Comics Characters.  And I have to admit to liking Bd'ge a whole lot.  But still...Ch'p was the first.  And gosh he was adorable, with his big fat cheeks, and his little bow tie, and his very unusual, but very heart-warming friendship with Salaak. 

And then he got thrown under a bus.  Literally. 


Friday, March 28, 2014

Red Lanterns #29

I have to just admit it...this is my favorite Green Lantern book of late...and there is nary a Green Lantern to be found.  It isn't just Guy...although that is the MAIN attraction for me, I am actually  starting to care about the other Red Lanterns as well.  I am developing a serious crush on Zilius Zox for example.   Charles Soule has developed a sure hand with writing both action, adventure, and larding it with generous doses of sly humor, which appeals to me.  A Lot.

We begin with Skallox and Zox playing with some of their cool weaponry...and firing it at their newest recruit, aka Kara Zor-El.  Needless to say she takes it in stride, but then startles them by also destroying the weapon, much to Skallox's chagrin.  Man...he LOVED that rocket thingie!  She does apologize for being so cranky, and the boys take it fairly well,  explaining that the ring makes you mad, you just need to figure it all out.  And then they repair to the Bar.  They also love the Bar.

Guy comes in and is outraged that they are pouring drinks for a minor.  The concept of being underaged flummoxes Skallox and Zox, and Kara gerts all cranky because she wants to get boozed up like the boys.  Guy is beginning to realize that he may be in over his head, in trying to deal with an enormously powerful and hormonal teenager.

So, he gets the boys to take Kara "on Patrol" to look for...stuff.  Mainly this is to get her out of the way while he makes a quick visit to Earth, to confer with her cousin, Superman.  Superman has his hands full trying to save people from a tsunami, when Guy shows up and does his heroic thing.  Superman doesn't know if he has met Guy before, but he does recognize the name, mainly from gossip from Hal.  Superman is a bit dismayed to find out that the Red Lanterns are in charge of Earth now, and is rather snarky about it.  Guy doesn't take this particularly well, as can be expected, but he does still manage to keep his temper, when of course, Kara shows up and has a snit.

A ROYAL snit!

The next thing you know there is a Kryptonian tantrum going on, and Superman is just as obnoxious as Kara.  She also learns that she's stuck as a Red, unless a Blue Lantern shows up, and well...St. Walker is still sulking so that's not going to happen any time soon.  Meanwhile, there is still the tsunami to deal with...and Kara does so in a rather spectacular fashion. 

Kara is a bit bummed about being a Red forever, but then the more she thinks about it, she decides that maybe it isn't such a bad thing, and furthermore...Superman is a douche.  He also dumps poor Kara right back in Guy's lap, and then pontificates a bit about heroism and all of that.  Guy isn't about to rile him up, but it is pretty obvious that he shares Kara's opinion of her cousin.  Also, I get the feeling that Zilius rather likes Kara, since he stands up to Superman too. 

So off they go, back to Ysmault, and there they find Bleez, who isn't in the best of shape, and now they have to deal with Atrocitus. 

I really love this book.  The characterizations are dead on, there is action, but mainly it is all about the different people and their interactions and I enjoy that.  Kara is a brat, but what the heck...so is Guy occasionally.  It is a smaller group, and it is more personal, and it also isn't a part of any huge crossover at the moment, which is even better.  I'm even getting used to Vitti's artwork, although I still don't like the mustache.  The long hair isn't bad though.

Loads of fun!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Thursday's Reviews

I do like the end of the month, when it comes to comics.  There is a veritable plethora...a PLETHORA of good books coming in. 

I really like the word plethora for some reason.


Adventures of Superman #11

I came a little late to this book, which is actually pretty typical for me, but I am enjoying it.  It is so nice to be able to read about the REAL Superman!  Wearing his real costume, and being an actual Hero, and all around Nice Guy for a change. 

In this latest issue, we have the guilt-ridden Green Lantern who was in charge of the Sector that included Krypton.  He's been drowning his sorrows and trying to kill himself with his ring for years.  Apparently it never occured to him to just take it off and jump off a cliff or something.  He finally realizes, due to some outside machinations...that there is a sole survivor of the destruction, and immediately flies off to Earth, to beg Superman to kill him.

Well, Superman just doesn't go around killing people, and keeps patiently trying to tell the poor GL that little fact.  Then of course, the guy to sent him on his quest, shows up and naturally, turns out to be none other than...Braniac!  Oh, that wag!    There is a lot of monologuing, innocents are placed in jeopardy, the Green Lantern keeps trying to die, and Superman steadfastly refuses to kill anyone.  It eventually occurs to the Green Lantern that after Braniac stabs him with some Kryptonite, that he IS going to die..and he's going to take Braniac with him! 

It's lovely.  Just good old-fashioned comic book fun, and I loved it.

Aquaman #29

After the hi-jinks of Arthur's High School Reunion last issue, we see that he really should have locked up his trident, after some idiot of an archeologist/scientist, whatever, decides to steal it, and open a door that REALLY should have stayed closed..  When are people going to learn?  Naturally some very very nasty people come swarming through the portal, that a previous King of Atlantis had locked away, and naturally, they are bent on mayhem.

There is also an odd red algae bloom going on, that stops as abruptly as it started, which has the Atlantis scientists rather confused.  I assume that is going to be a clue for the crossover with Swamp Thing. 

Arthur battles the mythic baddies, and also has to deal with none other than...Hercules!  Turns out he was helping that long-ago Atlantean king to fight the baddies, and ended up being locked up with them.  And now he's free, and totally not happy. 

Decent art, and a decent story, so what isn't to like?

Fables #139

After all the build-up to the new Camelot, we go off on a tangent with some different characters, such as the remains of Blue Boy's band, which for some reason includes Sleeping Beauty.  Danny Boy has travelled from his home to find his brother and take him back to fight the Bad Guys, or in this case Bad Girl, and everyone decides, what the heck, they area going to tag along. 

We have Baby Joe Shepherd, Peter Piper, Seamus McGuire, Briar Rose, who can't sing, but is sure trying, and of course...Puss in Boots. It is a bit of a ragtag bunch, but it's mostly fun. 

Flash #29

So the evil ghost that has been possessing people, trying to get his revenge by wiping out all the descendants of his original murderer is still jumping around committing mayhem.  Barry is horrified to learn that Captain Frye, who was  his mentor, and who practically raised him after his mother died, is using himself as bait for the creature.  Turns out that Frye was in love with Barry's mother, and it is hinted that he might actually BE Barry's father. 

Well, he's not, but it does turn out that Barry is himself, a descendant of the Fletchers, and that therefore,  the ghost of Sutter is just dying to possess him once and for all. 

Captain Frye is waiting to be possessed by Sutter, whom he plans to blow up with handgrenades, also incidentally committing suicide.  Barry of course, shows up in time to thwart this plan, and gets possessed.  Oh No!  But it turns out that he can vibrate at a different frequency or something, and ejects the ghost.  This incidentally explains how he was able to boot out Deadman, who is also tagging along.  The evil ghost ends up trapped in the House of Mystery, which Deadman just happens to be hauling around with him. 

And there is a happy ending!  Sort of.  Frye goes and visits Barry's dad in prison, and they decide that they will never ever tell what actually happened, and who murdered his mom. 


Jonah Hex #29

Well, Jonah and Gina were dumped back into the old West again, by Booster Gold last issue, which is nice for them, except that they end up right in the middle of a bunch of very angry Apache.  Naturally, talking doesn't work, so Jonah does what Jonah does best.  Unfortunately, poor Gina gets shot in the thigh, and is beginning to regret her decision to join Jonah in the past. 

He manges to get the bullet out, but they are stuck in the open, with no food and practically no water, and she's tired and hurting, and wants a story.  So they tell each other tales, whic is nice, and we learn that Jonah was hunting a murderer, who told him a sad tale of revenge in order to get the drop on him.  He and his son order Jonah to dig his own grave, and then make the mistake of bumming some tobacco off of Jonah in the meantime. I can only assume that it is peyote or something, because it makes the bad guys go bonkers, and that is that.  It's a nice story.

A few days later, he and Gina ride into the home of some Navaho, and ask for some help, since Gina is in a bad way.  And she apparently falls over dead, which is quite unfortunate for her.  I am pretty sure that there is more to this than meets the eye, but it is fun to have Jonah back where he belongs, and now Gina is the one who is a fish out of water.

Red Lantern #29

Oh, just a blast!

Rogues Rebellion #6

This is the only "Forever Evil"  tie-in that I am reading, because frankly, I am so bored by "Forever Evil" that I could plotz.   And I like the Rogues...I always have. 

Things are pretty bad, Gorilla Grodd shows up, and all the baddies sent by the Syndicate are beating the crap out of our boys, and things don't look good at all.  Piper, had been babysitting poor Glider, but decides that if he doesn't go help the rest of the Rogues, there won't be a world left for her to wake up to, and all sorts of mayhem ensues.  And Glider wakes up, and from then on, they just beat the crap out of the Bad Guys, and it is lovely. 

The Rogues win!  The inhabitants of Central City are grateful, and they all miss Captain Cold, but agree, that they are Rogues Forever, and will help him out if he needs them, and it was warm and fuzzy and I enjoyed it.

Man, I do like the Rogues.

Sandman: Overture #2

It frankly has been so long since the first issue came out, that I am a wee bit confused about what is going on.  We have Morpheus meeting all of the other aspects of himself, and everyone is a bit confused as well.  We have Daniel visiting Mad Hettie, and retrieving some weird sort of watch,  and there is a lot of discussion about existance, and destruction, and the end of the Universe, and a Vortex,  and Morpheus and Cat Morpheus go off to visit their Dad.

It's gorgeous of course.  And Deep.  Very Deep.  I assume that it will all eventually all make sense.

Hawkeye #18

So, you know that nice guy in the Quickie Mart, who looked like Elliot Gould?  He's a writer, and he's trying to get the heck out of Los Angeles, and gives Kate his evil Cat, but he can't leave, because of a spell or something weird going on with Nefaria and his evil daughter, who is probably Madame Masque, and Kate tries to help him, and realizes that there is a helluva lot more going on, than she is prepared for. 

And she gets caught at the end by Madame Masque, who has been trying to kill her for quite some time, and it is all tied into the Russians who are trying to kill Clint.

Or something. 

It's all a little weird, quite frankly, but what the heck...it IS quite enjoyable at the same time.

So...not a bad week at all!  A slightly confusing week perhaps, but I am sure that it will all make sense soon.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


I don't always get too introspective when reading my comics.  I usually either enjoy the heck out of them, or...not.  But still...comics!  But something has been happening lately, that is beginning to spark a tiny glow of hope in my breast.  A new philosophy perhaps.  A realization that blood and gore and gratuitous sex and violence may not be the End All for my beloved books.  There may just BE a light at the end of the tunnel!

Mostly at Marvel, which frankly surprises the hell out of me, but there has been a return lately to unusual books.  Slightly quirky books.  And while I still lament the demise of Nextwave, and the Incredible Hercules, I am wondering if their brief but hilarious existence may have been the harbingers for this new batch of books.

I am speaking of course, of books like Hawkeye, She-Hulk, Young Avengers, and now Loki: Agent of Asgard, Daredevil and the new Ms. Marvel book.  These...are not your usual "grim and gritty" slug fests.  Nor do they have either "Avengers" or "X-Men" or both in their titles.  Well, Young Avengers did, but that really was incidental.  And while I think that Marvel has gone completely overboard in having l,000 books with "Avengers" or "X-Men" in their titles, in this respect,they aren't really any different from DC which has 500 "Bat" books, "Justice League" books and even a plethora of "Green Lantern" books coming out.

But Hawkeye, Daredevil and the rest are different.  There is a lighter tone to their adventures.  There is still plenty of action and violence and mayhem of course...nothing wrong with that at all.  But there is also an underlying cheekiness...the ability to poke fun at oneself, and one's audience.  There is sly wit among the mayhem.  The art has been quirky as well...but incredibly welcome.  For a change, these books are getting back to the basics of good comics.  A clever and fun story, and good art.  That is all that I have ever asked for really. 

There have been a few examples on DC's part.  I've adored Li'l Gotham, which scored high in the wit, fun and beautiful art categories.  Alas, they have cancelled the book.  But I hear that they are bringing back the adorable Teen Titans book with Baltazar, which is fabulous.  But most of the rest of DC has been pretty dreary, especially with this gawdawful "Forever Evil" crossover that Just Won't End still dragging on.  And on.  They have managed to pretty well suck all of the fun out of the DC Universe. 

But I can't help but think that without one DC comic, would there ever have been some of the new books coming out from Marvel?


Oh yeah.

Justice League International was the book that started it all.  Fun, and adventure, and wit, and fabulous art, and more fun.  And rollicking good stories along the way. 

One of the things that I have noticed with Hawkeye, She-Hulk and Daredevil, is that they are focusing less on the Crisis of the Day, and more on the Day-to-Day lives of particular superheroes.  The Blue Beetle series with Giffen and Rogers and young Jaime was similar.  While I love seeing my favorite superheroes go out and save the day, I have just as much fun...if not more so...watching what they do in their downtime.  Whether it is fighting against the Russian Mob, and eating pizza with his dog, while sporting more and more bandaids, or trying to set up her own law practice, or moving to a whole new city and a whole new life, it is all just interesting.  It is different. 

One of the reasons that Spider-Man did so well, in my opinion, was that in addition to fighting the Kingpin, or Green Goblin, he also had to figure out how to pay the rent, and deal with his girl friend problems.  When all you have anymore, are Giant Cross-overs and the HUGE WORLD-ENCOMPASSING CRISIS of the week, there isn't time to focus on the smaller, and quieter moments.  And yet, those are the moments that make the characters more human.  More relatable.

I miss having J'onn munch on oreos.  Or chocos.  I miss Ralph Dibny wriggling his nose.

ralph photo jla317.jpg

I miss Wally and Ted being grossed out by it.  I miss the schemes of Booster and Ted to get rich quick. I miss Batman being a jerk, but not a complete asshole about it.

I miss it all.

I also miss having the heroes fight slightly smaller and less World-Wide problems.  There are certainly huge problems, there are galactic problems, but just once in a while, could we focus on the things that actually happen to real people?  The Marvel or DC Earth gets invaded every other Tuesday, and New York gets blown up on weekly basis, and yet somehow, it never has any sort of effect on the lives of any of the people who live there.  Maybe the not-so-cosmically powerful heroes and heroines could go back to rescuing cats out of trees or running down muggers.  Maybe the Green Lanterns could actually go back to patrolling their sectors and not dying after a few days after being picked by the ring.  Maybe people could actually live and earn a decent living in Gotham City without being poisoned, or exploded, or drowned or whatever. 

Because Marvel is doing it with these new books.  And people like them.  People like them a LOT.  And there is a reason for that. 

So I have a tiny scintilla of hope.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

Well, that wasn't a bad little week at all.  And also, Happy Vernal Equinox!  Snow is still covering the ground and it was about 29 degrees this morning.  Spring!

But anyway.

Batman '66 #9

God,  I love this book.  It is no coincidence that most of my favorite books as of late, Loki, Daredevil, Li'l Gotham, Batman '66, She-Hulk, and Hawkeye, are all fairly light-hearted in their tone.  True, there are still kicks to the face, but the atmosphere is much sunnier than the rest of the Comic World.  But I guess I am not their target afterall.  I'm just a girl! 

But I digress.

Batman and Robin are buried up to their necks in sand pit menaced by scorpions!  They have been put there by Zelda, the Escape Artist, in an attempt to figure out how exactly Batman gets out of those innumerable Death Traps.  Well...he IS Batman after all!  It's even better when they are hanging over a pit full of vipers, and she takes her attention off of him for a minute...and of course, misses his escape completely. 

Then Alfred's evil cousin Egbert is released from prison.  Naturally, being evil, Egbert bonks Alfred on the head and takes his place as Bruce Wayne's Butler, even answering the Bat Phone and telling Commissioner Gordon to bugger off, or words to that effect.  How they all managed to miss his egregious Cockney accent, is beyond me, but then I'm not the World's Greatest Detective.  They do figure it out eventually, and a comeuppance for Egbert is in store.


Batman & Aquaman #29

While this isn't fun, in the laughing-out-loud sort of fashion, it IS a pretty darned good book.  Batman is hot on the trail of Ra's Al Ghul, who has run off with Talia's and Damian's bodies, and is naturally planning all sorts of things.  Batman ends up underwater, with none other than  Titus along for the ride.  He's found a bunch of dead bodies chained up underwater, which Pat Gleason depicts with his usual verve.  Then Aquaman shows up.  He's been tracing the screams of whales to this very spot.  And he's not...happy.

Ra's notices their arrival, and makes a break for it, while throwing both henchmen and horrible horrible clones of Damian at the two of them.  And the reason for the Whale screams?  Ra's has been butchering whales, in order to grow his clones in their stomachs for some reason.


Naturally, Aquaman is really really ticked. So is Bats. 

Ra's gets away, but Batman knows where he is going.  Paradise Island, no less, so he stops by and says hello to Diana.

Pretty darned good!

Batwoman #29

Kate, on the advise of Maggie, goes to see a shrink, and she's rude, combative and not open to any sort of advice.  A typical Bat, in other words.  She has figures out that the stolen paintings aren't worth much in and of themselves, but apparently have something else in common...or something. 

Wolf Spider is after the last two paintings, one of which is in Arkham...naturally.  The other is at the Kane Family Estate.  Naturally.

He goes after the Akrham one first, and takes care of some inept guards.  He does have good point about the level of professionalism among the Arkham guards.  Kate is there before him, and naturally they fight, and naturally he gets away and she's stuck with all of the newly released prisoners.  I could have told you that, before I ever read it.

It isn't a bad story, but it is a bit predictable.  But not terrible.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #29

Kyle fights X'Hal, who is not what she seems.  Other people fight too.  Carol is snarky.  The New new Guardians hover around and don't do anything.  The end.

I'm dropping this.  I can't believe I am saying this about a Green Lantern book, but I don't care in the least.  Kyle is boring, Carol is boring the Guardians are boring.  Apparently the Larfleeze book is also being ended, and I'm glad.  I love Giffen and DeMatteis, but I just couldn't get into that book either.  They were trying too hard, and it fell flat.  I may just see the issues with G'Nort however, because I love G'Nort.

Wonder Woman #29

Well, the First Born has killed Apollo, and destroyed Olympus, because that is the sort of thing that he does.  But before he died, Apollo restored her Godhood to Hera, which is a good thing.  He's busy killing the rest of them, when she shows up, and brings back the Amazons.  Woohoo!  And Diana figures that she had better stop fooling around and start being the God of War.

I keep waiting for that Baby to actually do something, but I guess that will come.  The art is amazing as usual, and I've been enjoying this take on the Greek Gods.  Diana is a bit of a player in her own book, but that is STILL better than what they have been doing with her in Justice League. 

Needs more Orion though.

Daredevil #1

Woohoo!  Waid and Samnee are back, and so is Matt Murdock, who is now camped out in San Francisco, and rescuing a kidnapped little girl. He is having a bit of trouble adapting however, to a new environment.  He knew New York like the back of his hand, and out in California, the buildings are lower, and farther apart, and it smells different, and it's a bit of a challenge. 

But it is a rollicking and edge-of-the-seat gripping kind of tale, and I loved it.  Gorgeous art, fun dialogue, and just a damned good book!

Thor: God of Thunder #20

We are simultaneously in the far future with cranky old All-Father Thor, who is fighting Galactus over a dead Earth, and in the present, as Thor teams up with the new SHIELD agent to fight Roxxon. Roxxon has been up to a LOT of very very bad things. 

Incredibly bad things.  And when Thor takes out a bunch of their installations through his carefully focused lighting strikes, Roxxon decides to strike back...and you see trucks headed to Broxton.  Uh Oh.

Beautiful art, and anothervery good story. 

And I FINALLY got a hold of the trade for the last half of Young Avengers, so I got to finally read the last issue, which for some reason, my comic book store never got.  And I'm glad that I did.  I...miss this series, although I am happily reading the new Loki: Agent of Asgard book.  But I really did love these characters, I adore Gillen's writing and McKelvie's art. 

If you haven't read this series, you really should.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Just for the Heck of It

It's Wednesday, and I am going to be off to the Comic Book Store, and just for the heck of it, I decided to post this.

 photo dibneysbysamnee_zps2d6e3679.jpg

Chris Samnee is a genius.

And man, do I miss Ralph and Sue. 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

And there is nothing that says St. Paddy's Day, quite like Green.  And around this blog, that means Lanterns.  Not Red Lanterns, nor Yellow, or Blue or Indigo or Orange or even Violet...but Green.  So here is a little blast from the past.

Green Lanterns photo BLN_0p14_15.jpg

Awww...look.  Everyone is a Green Lantern still. 

Saturday, March 15, 2014


'Tis the Ides of March today!  I completely missed Pi Day yesturday, and had to settle for eating pistachio gelato for dessert.  It was delicious...but still, I would have preferred pie. 


Where was I? 

Oh yes, the Ides of March.  So I suppose that Caesar Salad is out of the question?

Friday, March 14, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #29

Aaaaand, we pick up right where we left off from last issue.  John and his doughty band, have gone to the planet Muz, and are trying to find the Green Lantern Durlan, aka Von Daggle. You all remember Von Daggle of course, from his stellar appearance in Green Lantern #7,8 and 9 waaaaaaaay back when Keith Champagne wrote a spectacular story about him, Guy and Ramey H'oll.  Still one of my favorite stories, and it also established that the Guardians had an undercover group called the Corpse, for deeds too...dark and dirty for the regular Lanterns.


Since the Durlans have teamed up with the Khunds to try and destroy the good name of the Corps, and incidentally seize control of the Universe, Von Daggle is a rather important person at the moment.  John thinks that he has gotten him onto their side, but naturally Bolphunga jumps the gun.  I have to admit to a certain exasperated affection for Bolphunga.

Then of course, the rest of the Durlans show up and tell him that he is going with THEM...or else!  Well, all sorts of things happen including a lot of fighting and skullduggery.  Also, Ramey H'oll is missing, and Von Daggle is desperate to find her.  There is a lot of other chicanery going on, and a lovely scene that is reminiscent of a Star Wars scene.  Meanwhile, Soranik is still missing, and Iolande is worried, but Kilowog needs her to get back to Mogo

And then there is that last page, where we find out exactly where Ramey is!  I guess the change from the Crystal she was exposed to, must have worn off.

A pretty good issue. 

And for all of you John Stewart fans...

 John Stewart photo HHMMMM___-1.jpg

This has nothing at all to do with this issue, but what the heck.  I've been falling down on the job lately.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Stuff I Bought

The correct title of course, should be, Stuff that I bought, read and plan to drone on about.  But that's a bit long, don't you think?  Sometimes I just can't help myself.  It wasn't a huge week, but not terrible.

Batman #29

To my utter astonishment, I continue to love this book.  That is quite a snazzy cover as well, by the way.  I like Greg Capullo's art more and more, and Scott Snyder makes me actually care about Bruce Wayne! 

Eddie Nygma's dastardly plot continues to...well, be plotted.  When the power comes back on, all control of the city will go to him, and the levees are breaking, and all mayhem is breaking out.  Nygma squats in his tower, just thoroughly enjoying himself...and who can blame him? 

Batman and Gordon are doing their best to stop the chaos, but not having much luck, but they are finding out more and more that perhaps they can actually trust each other.  The rest of Gotham's Finest, are either trying to kill Batman, or Gordon, or get the power on.  They were warned NOT to turn on the power, but naturally ignored that.  Also, Batman shows up in a Big Black Airship Blimp.  A Bat-Blimp if you will, so that he can chase down the weather balloon, that does...stuff.  Naturally, he blows it up, thereby establishing that Batman is prodigally wasteful when it comes to wrecking his own things. 

Lots and lots of action, and other excitement.  An excellent issue!

Batman: Li'l Gotham #12

And speaking of excellent!  This is, alas the final issue of Li'l Gotham, and my heart is breaking, because it was the only place that I could still read about the REAL DC!  No more Damian, no more Oracle, or Cass, or Huntress, or the REAL Bat Family. 

As usual, it is smart, and witty and beautifully rendered, with a nostalgic look back at the holidays, with none other than the Condiment King kidnapping Damian's pet Turkey at Thanksgiving.  The food puns that follow are ridiculous...and hilarious of course.  Then at Christmas, as Bruce is off doing good, and even giving presents to the inhabitants of Arkham, Damian is trying to sneak into the presents. 


I'm going to miss this SO much!   A treat from beginning to end.

Constantine #12

John continues to battle against Nick Necro, who continues to portray his love/hate relationship with John and Zatanna.  It mainly continues the battle from Justice League Dark, and although it isn't bad...nothing much new happens here.  It's just more of the same, from the last couple of issues.  Nick is a bastard, and tries to appeal to John's softer side, only to betray him, and John is a better sorcerer, and Zatanna continues to be a prize to be fought over, and Felix Faust continues to dither around the sidelines and whine a lot.

I feel as though this is just going over ground that has already been covered, ad nauseum.  Is it really necessary to spin out three issues worth of action into twelve?  The Bendis-itis of the Comic Book World continues.

Okay...but repetitive.

Green Lantern Corps #29

Oh Von Daggle, you impish Wag!

Hawkeye #17

Now that's an issue!  We don't discuss at all the...er...unpleasantness from the last issue, but go back to issue #6, wherein Clint was hanging out with his buds and watching Christmas cartoons...and the whole thing is apparently a dream, but it is a FABULOUS dream!  With the Winter Friends, and cartoon dogs, and evil wolves, and more dogs, and metaphors, and adorable adorable art.

It really is hard to describe this, so just go out and buy it and read it.


And that's it!  Like I said, a pretty small week.

Monday, March 10, 2014


Well, that was a very satisfying weekend.

They had a Cosmos Marathon on the National Geographic channel starting Saturday and concluding Sunday, rerunning all of Carl Sagan's original Cosmos series.  Then Sunday evening, Fox ran the New Cosmos, with Neil Degrasse Tyson.

It was...lovely.

I fortified myself with some nice munchies, and squatted in front of the television.  Similar in a way to which my menfolk had watched the Daytona 500 or the Superbowl, but this was actually GOOD!  Well, those were good too, but in a different sort of way.  I watched the original, when it first aired, and I've watched it ever since, practically everytime that they decide to re-air it. I went out and bought the book.  I went out and bought every book that Carl Sagan wrote, and they are fabulous indeed.  The man could write. 

I...miss Carl Sagan terribly.  He had such a love of Science, and he had such a way of explaining it to people without condescension and with such supreme enthusiasm.  And the music by Vangelis was so gorgeous.  The interesting thing is how well it has fared over the years, it is as fresh and pertinent today as it was when it aired so many years ago.  Heck, as I was giving birth to my youngest, it was on the television in the hospital, and I was mad, that they moved me into a birthing room!  My kids have watched it, and love it.

So, today I am a bit bloated, but sated.  But a little sad too, because when I went to work, and we were comparing our weekends, as we are wont to do...nobody watched it.  Nobody had even HEARD of it! 


I just died a little bit inside.  The new version was pretty good too.  The graphics are certainly more advanced, and there have been so many new discoveries, and technology of course, but still...the original remains my favorite.  So do yourselves a favor and watch it. 

Besides, Carl Sagan is a Super Hero.  He was in either Action Philosophers or Atomic Robo or something, but he IS a Comic Book Hero!


Friday, March 07, 2014

Green Lantern #29

Well!  This actually wasn't as bad as they have been lately.  Sometimes it pays to stick with something.  Not usually...but sometimes.

Hal has been making pretty much a complete ass of himself lately, trying to lead the Green Lantern Corps.  I love Hal...I really do, and I resent having to remember that, when he acts like an idiot.  But while there is nobody quite like Hal, coming in at the last minute, and rallying the cavalry and saving the day by luck, intuition and the seat of his pants...when it comes to the day to day minutiae of actually RUNNING  something....he's a complete and utter failure.  Also, due to his touch of egomania, it takes a while for this fact to dawn on him.

But dawn on him, it has.  Finally.

So he goes moping off to Earth, to say hello and goodbye to his brother Jim and his family.  Naturally the kids are delighted to see their cool Uncle Hal.  Naturally, he can't even take half and hour to sit down and have a meal, he immediately starts whining and just ruins their day.  Then he hauls in poor Simon Baz, introduces him to his family and tells him that he bartered away Earth, but Simon will be there to look out for them.

It's an...uncomfortable moment.

But then, positive that he's done his best, Hal flies off and finally pours his heart out to some of his trusted Green Lantern cohorts, such as Salaak and Kilowog and so on.  Meanwhile, they are still trying to find the Durlan who is hiding out on Mogo.  And apparently Durlans need radioactive material in order to keep doing their whole shape-shifting schtick.

Also, St. Walker continues to sulk.  I have to admit that's one beautiful cover of him sulking however.  Mogo, keeps trying to cheer him up, because Mogo is awesome that way, but St. Walker is enjoying his little crisis of faith far too much to listen.

I liked this issue better than the most recent ones, because at least something is being done, although there aren't a lot of kicks to the face.  It is more of an issue to set things into place, and for Hal to finally admit that he is over his head...which I completely approve of.  I don't think that Salaak nor Kilowog have been portrayed particularly well either.  Salaak is far too cynical and snarky to just sit around while Hal destroys everything that he's worked for, and Kilowog has also been strangely passive.  And still, nobody seems to care that Kyle is "dead" and that Guy has been exiled to the Red Lanterns.  Weird.

But at least they decide that they've had enough and are going to fight back, which is something I suppose.  They do go and beat up some Khunds, which is something as well.

An...okay issue.  Not stellar, but quite a bit better than it has been.

But that sure is a pretty cover.

  photo gl29cvr_zps5edffc24.jpg

Thursday, March 06, 2014

Stuff I Bought

A small week.  A mixed week. 

Fairest #24

Well, we find out...finally, that the mice men are all the numerous offspring of that main...Mouse guy, who is hanging out with Cinderella.  Also, that Step Sister is VERY determined. 

Quite frankly, although I like Cinderella, this is really beginning to drag.  We seem to be alternating between very good and pretty average stories lately with this series.  The one with Lumi and Sleeping Beauty was great, the one with Rapunzel was weird and went on way too long, the one with Prince Charming was also great, and this one with Cinderella, although I like the premise is a tad on the confusing side...and has also dragged on way too long. 


Nice cover though.

Forever Evil #6

Well, I gave in, and actually bought this.  The new Justice Bunch, with Batman, Lex Luthor, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Black Adam and Bizarro invade the Evil headquarters, and manage to actually kill evil Alfred.  Then they find that Nightwing is hooked up to a bomb, that can only be defused if his heart stops.  Batman dithers and moans, Lex is ready to kill Dick, and the guy in the chair with the bag over his head, turns out to be Alexander Luthor.  Who is the new backwards Shazam or something.

Weird.  Just...weird.  Batman is being a pussy.  Captain Cold has a lovely moment however when he freezes Evil Flash's leg...and then breaks it right off.  That was a nice moment.  In keeping with Geoff Johns's M.O., somebody lost a limb!  The tide has apparently turned, but still...the whole thing just leaves me cold.

Double Meh.

Green Lantern #29


Loki: Agent of Asgard #2

Now this was a hoot.  Loki has been sent by the All-Mothers to look for Lorelei, and bring her back to New Asgard.  Why, is not really explained, but it gives Loki something to do.  And something is also up with the All-Mothers and old Evil Loki. 

He manages to trace Lorelei to a Speed Dating site, which makes a certain amount of sense.  She is hard up for cash, due to her rather magnificent spending habits.  Loki ends up sitting with a rather nice young lady named Verity Willis, who has the ability to tell when anyone is lying.  This could get interesting, if she starts hanging out with Loki of all people. 

It's light-hearted, it's...dare I say it...FUN!

Best read of the day!

She-Hulk #2

And speaking of fun!  Jennifer has established her own Lawyer's office, but the clients aren't exactly wearing a hole in the carpet to get to her door. Her new landlady however, is interesting. A former Mutant, whose powers were wiped out by "M" day, she only rents to people who are...different, so that's a rather nice touch. 

Then Jennifer meets up with Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat, and they get bombed and decide to invade an A.I.M. warehouse for some reason, mainly because Patsy is really plowed.  And defeat the Bad Guys and decide to form a partnership. Also Jennifer takes on another employee, who has a monkey and is a little peculiar as well.

More fun! 

Lately, Marvel has been wooing me back with their quirkier books, such as Hawkeye, Young Avengers, and now Loki, and She-Hulk and Daredevil.  Can I actually show a tiny bit of optimism that the Era of increasingly Grim and Gritty is slowing down a wee bit?  These are GOOD books, they are actually Damned Good books.  There is action, wit, good writing, good art, and a genuine plot! 

Be still my heart. 

Now if DC would just jump on THIS bandwagon, I would be all for it!

Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Back to Basics

It has come to my attention, that I really have been falling down on the job lately, when it comes to posting scans of Green Lanterns and their beautiful beautiful behinds.  I admit, that I've been in a bit of a funk lately.  It's too cold, and the books have been boring. 

But still...my end of winter blahs are no excuse for such negligence.  With the incredible plethora of female boobage and buttocks, someone has to leap into the breach and provide equal opportunity for ogling of male butts. 

And as usual, Hal takes the point.

 flying photo GilKane1959.jpg

Oh Hal.  So incredibly full of yourself.  And flying with your legs apart as usual.

And this!

 gil kane hal photo gilkanepunch31-1.jpg

I wasn't aware that thugs swarm, but trust Hal to find some! 

And finally...

hal and guy photo GL25199210.jpg

We not only get to see Hal's behind, but we get to see him hit in the head.  By Guy no less.  This satisfies all of my personal fetishes!