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Friday, February 28, 2014

Oh Hey, Reviews!

Late again!  Life has been a bit on the complicated side lately.  But for the last week of the month, there were some pretty good books.

Adventures of Superman #10

Dammit, I do like this book.  It helps make up for all of the crappy ones that have been falling by the wayside.  Of course, one of the reasons that I DO like this book, is that this is actually Superman.  Not the faux Superman that is running around in the new 52.  THIS Superman  is kind, heroic, and wears his red underpants on the outside like a Superhero should, by crackey!

He fights monsters, and saves people, and answers his fan mail, and is sweet to little girls.   And Lois is in it1  And Perry and Jimmy too!  What's not to like?

Are you listening DC?

My favorite Superman book is with OLD Superman.  My favorite Bat Book is Li'l Gotham, with OLD Bats!  There is a reason for that!

Aquaman #28

This was a little different from the usual tales of Kings and Thrones, and War and stuff.  Well, Arthur does go out and do heroic things, such as save that poor guy from being eaten by Sharks, although that will probably come back to bite him in the butt...and there is some reporter skulking around Arthur's lighthouse.

But hey, we get Salty the Sea dog in this one, and the inhabitants of that nice little coastal town, and Arthur and Mera attending Arthur's High School Reunion!  It's rather amusing, and even a little bit sweet, and it was a nice step back from all of the mayhem for a change.  I liked it a lot.

The Flash #28

Barry is still looking for the murderer of his mother, and his old Chief obviously knows more than he is saying, and the serial murderer they thought did it, may not have done it...or at least in his own mind, and Deadman shows up, and it's all pretty great, really.  It turns out that there is a really pissed off ghost, who is trying to wipe out all the Fletchers, an old local family who dun him wrong, back in the old West, and he's not particularly picky about how he goes about it, possessing people to murder and such.  A little ghost story, mixed with possession, and super powers, and mystery...it's all good! 

All-Star Western #28

Booster Gold!  Woohoo! 

After getting completely wasted, and wrecking his motorcycle, Jonah wakes up in a hospital with Gina at his side.  The Doctors and Plastic Surgeons have worked a miracle, and...fixed his face!  He's a bit startled to say the least.  Then who should show up but Booster, with a brief case full of his old clothes, and the ability to dump Jonah back in the past where he belongs.  Jonah is more than happy to go, but Gina, wants to go as well.  The two men try to tell her that she's probably not thought the whole thing through very well, but she insists, and so Booster obliges.

So there they are.  Unfortunately for them they are also surrounded by some rather angry Indians, who don't believe Jonah, because he doesn't LOOK like Jonah anymore, and oh crap! 

Pretty darned fabulous.

Lois Lane #1

DC is finally acknowledging that it is Lois's 75th anniversary too!  I like Lois.  We get a bit of flashback of course, with her and her sister Lucy.  I really can't stand Lucy, but mainly that is because she is always so cruel to Jimmy Olsen.  But Lois is devoted to her sister, and it is pretty clear that she's been bailing her out of trouble for years. 

Naturally, there is new trouble for Lois to help her sister with.  A new drug is going around, and the people who have taken it are being kidnapped.  It isn't exactly clear who the Good Guys are and who the Bad Guys are, and I would suspect that the area is a bit gray.  But it is all pretty interesting, and I am going to keep going with it.


It took a while, but this finally showed up.  Thanks to a bit of work by Natasha and I think Mockingbird, we finally figure out why the Russians are so cranky with Clint and want that apartment building so badly.  Money of course, and also our favorite suave assassin shows up again, and  there is fighting, and skullduggery, and Clint can't seem to keep his pants up.


But it's not what you think.  But oh...that last page!

Fabulous as always.

Sheesh,this was a pretty great week, all things considered!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Green Lantern: New Guardians #28

Well...Gods show up, Gods are killed, the new new Guardians argue about stuff, and Kyle does some things...and GOD I JUST DON'T CARE!

*pant pant*

I love Kyle, I really do...but this is just awful.  I don't know what the hell is going on, and sadly, nor do I care.  Not in the least.  I don't know why Carol is mooning around after Kyle, when it is pretty obvious that he is oblivious to her attentions.  The new new Guardians should be over on Mogo helping out the Green Lanterns, and getting thing straightened out, instead of wandering around. 

Kyle is "supposed to be dead", except that they certainly aren't making any attempts at hiding him, he's going around to various worlds doing his Life thing. 

I keep picking this up thinking that maybe THIS month, it will actually be good, or...make sense, and thinking that I OUGHT to pick it up, but this is my last issue.


Friday, February 21, 2014

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Due to the unending snow, it took me an extra day to get m comics.  Oh, the humanity!  I have to say, that I actually picked up a couple of books that came out last week...but that I didn't buy due to stupidity.  Well, I fixed that little problem!  Some of the books were simply wonderful...some were pretty...meh.

Adventures of Superman #4

Holy Crap!  This was great!  Thank you Kindly Denizens of the Internet for letting me know that this book was out there, and that it was fabulous.  This is the REAL SUPERMAN!  It has him wearing his real costume!  Rescuing Lois!  Jimmy! Perry White!  Lex Luthor!  Ma Kent!  Krypto! 

In fact, all of the things that I love about Superman, packed into several wonderful stories.  I think that I am going to go back and get the previous issues, and this will definitely be on my pull list. 

Man, it has been a while since I was enthusiastic about a DC book...much less a Superman book. 

Batman & Two-Face #28

I have to admit it, this was one heck of a finale to one pretty great storyline.  Peter Tomasi has done a fine job of delving into the history of Bruce, Harvey and James Gordon, and filled it out with the McKillen sisters, and the twisted and dark history of Gotham itself.    Pat Gleason does his usual stunning job with the artwork as well. 

If you haven't read the ending, I am not going to spoil  it for you...except to say...Wow! 

This...this was amazingly good.

Batman '66 #8

And speaking of amazingly good...not to mention amazingly FUN, we have none other than King Tut showing up.  I...I loved King Tut, Victor Buono was one of my favorites from the show.   This particular story pulls out all of the stops, involving time travel to ancient Egypt no less, crocodiles, chocolate, and the usual blows to the head.  Hilarious and beautifully rendered throughout.

Then it is onto none other than Shame, which is equally a hoot.  Owl hoots!  And Batman in his cape, cowl and black cowboy hat, is sensational. As is the artwork. 

God I love this book.  Which is usually the kiss of death, so I will try not to love it TOO much!

But you should.

Batwoman #28

Kate is in pretty bad shape after her encounter with Wolf Spider and she ends up scaring the crap out of Maggie's kid.  Fortunately, she is able to apologize.  Paintings by an obscure painter are being stolen, while genuine masterpieces are being left alone, so obviously, something is being concealed under the paint, and it appears to be a treasure map of some kind.  Only two other places remain that have paintings...Arkham Asylum...because why not?  And the Kane Family Estate. 

While not up to the incredible standards of the previous issues, I have to say that Mark Andreyko is doing a pretty decent job with this. While not sublime, it is at least a good decent read. 

Fables #138

Oh, that nefarious old fart Gepetto!  And he is up to his usual nefarious ways.  I have to admit that he is one sneaky old SOB.  He manages to get one last puppet carved from the magic wood into the sacred groove.  Naturally, they tell the little soldier, that they don't work for Gepetto anymore, and they try to get him to take root and grow with them. But he is a determined little fellow and he manages to get back to his "father", and sobs that he has failed.  This is exactly what Gepetto wanted, because he finally has a seedling of magic wood...and he promptly hi-tails it back to the farm, where I am sure he is Up To No Good.

And interesting story and a different one for a change.

Green Lanterns: New Guardians #28

Uh...okay I guess.

Justice League #28

I haven't been keeping up with this...the longest and most boring Crossover in History...all that much, but this actually...was a fairly decent story for a change.  Cyborg has gone off to find Dr. Magnus, who doesn't want to help him, because he did make his Metal Men, and they were too good for this world...or something, and when they sacrificed themselves to save him and others, he was determined to not go through that heartache again. 

Naturally, he decides to do it again, after Cyborg finds out that although their bodies were destroyed, their minds are still intact, and Magnus should Just Snap Out of It Already! 

I like the Metal Men, so this was a welcome little issue.  If only they could all be good.

Wonder Woman #28

Well, the First Born is loose, and making Apollo pay for his behavior...as you were pretty sure he was going to do.  Diana and Hermes are using Artemis to track down Zola and Dionysus.  Dionysus has been taken captive by Cassandra who wants into Olympus. 

Diana really isn't IN it all that much...but what the heck, I am just enjoying all of the Greek Gods doing the things that modernized Greek Gods do.  And heck, the art is so pretty.  This is more of a filler issue, moving things along and getting people in place for the BIG stuff that is going to be happening. 

Still...I've read much worse.

Daredevil #36


The Sons of the Serpent have Matt pretty much between a Rock and a Hard Place, but with the advice of Foggy, he manages to do the Right thing..as he always does.  Matt goes on the stand and admits to being Daredevil, so the Bad Guys can't use that to blackmail him.  Turns out that the Judge is a Bad Guy too, and naturally all sorts of mayhem breaks loose, but Good prevails in the end.

Except that Matt and Foggy end up being disbarred in New York.  Oh and thanks for saving us, by the way. 
And that is the end of this Series.  But not to worry, because Waid and Samnee are taking their show on the road, and Daredevil will presumably rise again in San Francisco in a short amount of time.  This is kind of a weird way of doing things, but I guess that magical Number One issue is more important to Marvel.  I don't see it myself, but I'm just a silly old lady, and who makes comics for me anyway?

But this is great.

She-Hulk #1

I finally succumbed to what all the hoopla was about, and I am glad that I did, because this was pretty fantastic.  I like Charles Soule, and I like Jennifer, and this was a hoot as well. 

Jennifer gets dumped by her firm because although she has done a ton of excellent work for them, they are disappointed that she didn't bring in all of her fancy schmancy superhero rich friends.  They...part ways, and Jennifer is nursing her sorrows at a Lawyer Bar, when she is approached by the widow of an old mad scientist, who just happened to come up with some of the ideas for Tony Stark's weaponry. 

She goes to talk to Tony about it, and gets shuffled into the hell of the  Eighteenth Floor, which is the lair of...Legal.  The one entity that Cannot be Defeated!    Courts, and Subpoenas and objections and obfuscation!  And also robots.    Being She Hulk, she does manage to prevail, and it is just wonderful. 

So,,, all things considered, a pretty decent week.  Now if the snow would just melt!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

I'll Wait!

Oh, Sweet sweet Wednesday.  And yet, since it is once again snowing, after getting 8" of snow yesturday, and more today...I am going to just wait until tomorrow to get my books.  I have four-wheel drive, and Blizzak snow tires, not to mention good brakes...but that won't do me a lick of good against the guy in the 20 year old car with no snow tires.

I'm really starting to hate winter. 

We will try again tomorrow.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Green Lantern Corps #28

Another pretty good issue.  Lately, it seems, I have liked Red Lanterns the best, followed by Green Lantern Corps, then Green Lantern, and finally Green Lantern: New Guardians.  I have to admit to being slightly intrigued by the upcoming Sinestro book as well.

This issue has John and a cadre of Lanterns out looking for none other than their own personal Durlan...aka Von Daggle, who hasn't been seen since he teamed up with Guy and R'amey Holl.  It's probably a good thing that it is John who is looking for him, not Hal, since I seem to recall he had something of a beef with Hal.  Oh really, who doesn't?

Unfortunately for Von Daggle, the Durlan are ALSO looking for him, and he's a bit surly, as a result.  Fortunately for John, he was smart enough to enlist some REALLY fabulous trackers, such as Bolphunga, Fatality, and Hunger Dog.  John and his bunch find him first, but he isn't inclined to come back to the Green Lantern fold.

Meanwhile,  Iolande is worried about Soranik, which is right and proper, since they ARE partners.  Kilowog isn't too overflowing with sympathy since he does happen to have his hands full at the moment, but Salaak of all people is actually hanging out with Soranik, listening to her problems and...and..HUGGING HER! 

Oh Salaak!  Who knew your curmudgeon's heart was a heart of gold?  Too bad he gets beaten up and she gets kidnapped! 

Von Daggle is pulling out all the stops, but they don't call Bolphunga Unrelenting for nothing.  And, we learn that  in order to transform, apparently Durlans need to consume radioactive energy, which is a handy tidbit of information. 

Naturally more Durlans show up, naturally Iolande wants to go looking for Soranik, and naturally, there is all kinds of things going on, and oh, that final page!  I wasn't expecting HIM of all people! 

The art is lovely and the story actually advances the plot, and it was a very good book. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Oops.  In all of the excitement this week, I rather forgot to post my reviews.  How can you possibly plan your weeks without them?

Batman #28

This rather took me aback, until I realized that it isn't taking place during the whole Zero Year story, but is instead something of a preview to the new "Batman Eternal", because why NOT have a 25th Batman title on the shelves! 

It's a pretty good story nevertheless, with Harper Rowe, about whom my feelings are a little ambivalent, being Batman's newest sidekick, but called Bluebird instead of Robin.  Bats may have decided that perhaps that name is a jinx since he's gone through at least four young black haired boys in only five years.  Those are not happy statistics. 

Apparently Gotham is an even MORE gloomy and horrible dystopic waste of land than it used to be.  Why the hell anyone choses to live there, is beyond me.  Catwoman is running the new gang or whatever, and things are...bad.  And the final reveal is quite the spoiler indeed. 


Batman: Li'l Gotham #11

God I love this book.  Which is apparently the proverbial Kiss of Death, since naturally they are going to axe it.  Dammit!

Batman and Damian go and visit Mom and Grandpa Al Ghul, which is always fun.  Also zombies and stuff.  And there are some hilarious digs at the new costumes for the 52 Universe that made me spit milk out my nose.  Man, that burns!  And same thing with Deadman, the Spectre and the Phantom Stranger, which was the best portrayal of all of them I have EVER read. 

The second story is with the Clock King, which is always fun.  He has a device that Stops Time, and somehow, ALL of the alternate universe Batmen show up, and do...stuff.  It's fabulous of course.

AND, at the back are the Valentines!!  I think I like "Bizzarro Hate You" the best, although I am also quite smitten with Aquaman's groovy sideburns.


Constantine #11

Well, John has managed to find Zatanna and goes charging in, and runs into none other than his old buddy Nick Necro, who has teamed up with Felix Faust.  John and Nick have a lovely time dueling, which is nice, and John succeeds, but somehow he managed to forget all about Faust for just a few minutes too long, and...oops.  His crazy band of allies is also up the creek without a paddle, and things aren't looking too good. 

But not bad at all.

Green Lantern Corps #28

Pretty good actually.

Rogues Rebellion #5

This is about the only "Forever Evil" book that I can stand, although I like Justice League Dark as well.  But like ALL the "Forever Evil" books, it has been dragging on waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to long.  This entire crossover would have been done by Stan Lee in a couple of issues...three maximum, and we would have all been better for it. 

The usual happens.  The remaining Rogues fight.  They lose.  They fight some more.  And Gorilla Grodd shows up eventually.  The only reason that I buy this is because as predictable as it is, I DO like the Rogues. 


Thor, God of Thunder #19

And with this tale, we are whisked to the far future,when Thor is old, and cranky and has an eye patch and Asgard and Midgard are pretty much finished.  But his cool granddaughters show up, and I like them.  And Old Thor is so...curmudgeonly.

All of the problems go back to Roxxon, Marvel's most EVIL CORPORATION EVER!  And still, they probably aren't half as bad as some of the ones in real life.  But the art is lovely, and its an interesting story, and I like it a lot.

Saga #18

FINALLY!  I finally got my greedy hands on this book, and oh...everything hits the fan.  Gwendolyn showed up, and immediately killed Heist!  NOOO!  She also attacked Marko's mom, whom I adore, and then went after Marko and Alana.

I really...don't like Gwendolyn at all. 

But Grandma puts a serious hurt on Lying Cat, and then Izabel, their ghost babysitter shows up and man, she just rocks.  She sees right through Lying Cat, saves Grandma, and tells  Prince Robot lV to pick them up and help them.  He's not doing too well either. 

Meanwhile Gwendolyn has cornered Marko and Alana and Hazel on the roof, and is trying to get Marko to tell her how to save The Will,which he does, except it won't work on anyone but their race, so she gets pretty cranky.  Even Alana tries to help, and Gwendolyn just goes nuts, and Marko shoves Alana and Hazel off the tower...and hey, those little wings work pretty well after all!  Whodathunk?

So they escape, which is a good thing, and the Will survives, and unfortunately so does Gwendolyn, and that is pretty much the ultimate ending for this phase of the story,which will pick up again with...Toddler Hazel!

I can't wait. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

February 14th is here again, and oh, what a lovely lovely Valentine's Day it is!  We in lovely New England are currently digging our way out of about another 10" or more of snow, on top of the foot we got LAST week.

I hate February. 

But at least it has stopped snowing, although I feel some sympathy for all those poor southern states that got hit with the ice and snow and don't have the equipment, plows, salt, sand or experience to deal with all the nastiness that Mother Nature has seen fit to bestow upon them.  If you have rear wheel drive,put something heavy in the trunk...you'll get much better traction.  And Four-Wheel drive is great, but it won't help you...stop.

But naturally, a scan from one of my favorite old Romance Comics is obviously called for.

 photo cry17.jpg

That's how I feel about the NEW Snowstorm reportedly heading our way!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


It seems as if it has been forever since I actually posted something, but it has been something of a busy week.  I had to take my daughter to get surgery on her broken foot, which went well, but man, she is on some SERIOUS medication!  That's another six weeks, on top of the original four weeks, since we kept being sent to a different specialist, and it took a week each time to get the appointment.  Sheesh! 

Then my debit card was hacked by some low life in Georgia.  Nothing against Georgia, but I've never been there, and I don't go to race tracks nor do I shop at Walmart.  Fortunately my bank realized this, and cancelled the card, and I got the money back, which wasn't too much, but still...it's the principal of the thing!  And it would have been nice if my bank had actually notified me that my card was being cancelled BEFORE I tried to use it, which was a tad embarrassing.  

And I'm trying to get my taxes together, and it is supposed to snow a foot tomorrow, and I'm feeling awfully cranky. 

So very very cranky. 

Fortunately, there are new books on the horizon. 

Has anyone ever had their credit cards hijacked?  It's a horrible feeling!
 photo halfaceplant.jpg

Oh the humanity!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Green Lantern/Red Lantern #28

This was the bargain of the week!  A flip book, with one issue of Green Lantern, and then an issue of Red Lanterns, which was nice, since Red Lanterns just came out last week, and it was rather nice to see an immediate continuation of the storyline.  And all for $2.99!  Thanks DC, this is actually one of the nicest things you've done for us in a very long while!

I think that you are supposed to begin with the Green Lantern side, but it really doesn't make all that much difference.  And it probably wouldn't hurt to read Supergirl's book, if it is even out yet.  I don't read Supergirl, so I don't have a clue, but I imagine that will be cleared up eventually.

So...two Green Lanterns are speeding on their way, since all of the Sector houses are under attack, not to mention Mogo, and they want to help.  But along the way, who should they run into...but a Red Lantern!  Green Lanterns don't particularly like Red Lanterns, and the feeling is pretty much mutual.  Not only a Red Lantern, but a brand new Red Lantern, who is still all crazy and such, because they haven't taken a bath in the Red Lake of Blood on Ysmault, and gotten their brains back yet. 


It's Kara of course, and she puts up one heck of a fight, but still, the two GL's manage to subdue her...for the moment, and haul her along back to Mogo.

Back on Mogo, Hal is swearing in the ragtag bunch of villains that they are reluctantly teaming up with, mainly Evil Star, Hunger Dog, Bolphunga the Unrelenting, Kanjar Ro, Chun Yull and  some poor girl named Zuree, who just happened to in the wrong place at the wrong time.  Nobody is particularly happy about having to team up with this bunch of scalawags, but times are desperate as usual, and they are grabbing any advantage that they can, against the Durlans and the Khunds, and God knows who else. 

Incidentally, Vath Sarn has recently turned into an absolute dick.  I don't know if it is the shame of having Isamot's legs, or what, but he's being a real jerk to people.  One of these days, Graf Toren is going to knock his block off.  So, in flies the two GL's with Kara, and Hal isn't too pleased...especially when he finds out that she is Kryptonian.  So he goes off to find Saint Walker, who has taken off his ring, and is busy mooning around.  You can't blame him, he's had a rough time of it, but he really does need to pull himself together...and soon.  We also learn that Mogo keeps his ring just hanging around in the trees so that the squirrels can play with it. Mogo is fast becoming one of my favorite Lanterns. 

That's ok, I also learned recently that Guy calls his new Red ring...Susan.

Oh Guy.

Hal being Hal...decides to haul Kara and a few select Lanterns on over to Ysmault and dump the whole problem into Guy's lap.  He makes a few snarky remarks about the nice statues that the grateful inhabitants of Kormorax had erected as a thankyou for freeing them from a homicidal tyrant.  That incidentally is a bit more than the Green Lanterns have been doing lately, so Hal should just zip it. 

Guy and the Reds aren't all that pleased to see a cadre of Green Lanterns on their turf...and...it's time to flip the book!

We go back to exactly where Red Lanterns #27 left off, with Skallox and Zilius Zox fighting Shadow Thief, who has tied them up with her black strands, when Guy shows up, hauling Ice along for the ride, and to prove that he can deal with the problem without PUNCHING someone. 

Shadow Thief, is being pretty weird, but I suppose that's par for the course, and is rabidly opposed to "Aliens".  If that is really the case, then why is she working for the Syndicate?   Guy is really going out of his way, holding his temper in check and trying to convince her to peacefully let his buddies go, but she isn't listening.  Skallox and Zox are getting cranky, and who can blame them.  Then Guy figures out that using Light, will cancel the shadows holding them, and It Is On!  He even asks Tora to deliver the coup de grace.

Meanwhile, Bleez and Rankorr had been out looking for Ratchet's ring, and unfortunately for them, run into Atrocitus and Dex-Star and the newest Red recruit.  Atrocitus is awfully bitter and immediately starts trying to melt them.  Bleez and Rankorr are holding him off, but with difficulty, and he's backed up by that Cat and Klarn, the lastes Red, who has some nasty tricks up its sleeve as well.  Rankorr makes the decision to hold off Atrocitus so that Bleez can at least make a run for it.  She's surprised by his altruism, but he explains that he's doing it for the entire Red Corps, they don't have anyone else, so they need to look out for one another.  

Damn...I hope that Rankorr makes it out alive, because I like him.  And I am getting really really tired of Atrocitus.

Back on Earth, they have captured Shadow Thief, and Guy wants to take Tora out to dinner in Paris, but true to her (recent) form, she turns him down.  She doesn't want to have to be his support, even though he did as he promised...and dumps him, although she doesn't dump him for good, saying that there is a chance they could get back together...some day. 

Man...that's cold. 

I don't really like this version of Ice all that much.  She sounds a whole lot more like Bea than Tora, and keeping poor Guy hanging, is just being...cruel.

So Guy, Skallox and Zox head back to Ysmault.  Poor Zox is still all bent of of shape...literally, and he's quite cranky about it.  And then of course, they find Hal and company camped out of their lawn, with a whole new problem.  Guy doesn't know who Kara is, or how she even managed to get a ring, because it doesn't belong to Ratchet.  That's when Zox  mumbles that they kind've forgot to mention that Atrocitus had sent out nine new Red rings, right before Guy beat him up, which  isn't particularly good news. 

We have some lovely posturing between the Reds and the Greens.  I'm a little surprised that there has been so little interaction between Guy and some of the other Green Lanterns such as Iolande and Kilowog and all, because he worked with most of these people a whole lot more than Hal, and they don't even seem interested in what happened to him.  Zox is immediately outraged by a square Green Lantern, named B'ox.


Then Guy makes the mistake of mentioning Superman's name, which is enough to zap Kara out of her stupor, and it takes quite a few of them, to grab her and toss her into the Blood Lake.  While they are waiting for her to come back up, Hal and Guy finally have a bit of a talk, and Guy evens thanks him for making him become a Red Lantern, since he feels less pressure here.  And oh, he's taking 2814 as his sector.  Hal...reluctantly agrees.

Then poor Kara swims to the surface, and apparently has her brains back, but is highly confused about what is going on.  At which point, Hal says..."see ya!" and runs off, leaving Guy holding the baby.

Both books were good, the plot was advanced, and all sorts of things were going on.  I enjoyed the Red Lanterns a bit more, just because I am enjoying the cameraderie of this bunch of misfits so much.  I don't really like the portrayal of Tora all that much, but it seems to be the way that the new 52 has decided to have her...which rather sucks.  But I guess this makes it pretty clear, that she's not going to be part of Guy's life for a bit, while still leaving some wiggle room for future plots. 

And what are the Red going to do with a Super Red now? 

Hopefully, she can tear Atrocitus's head off.

This was rather nice.

 photo greenredflipbook_zpsd60cb180.jpg

Nice to see them NOT trying to kill each other.

Friday, February 07, 2014

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Sorry about that.  I know that you all plan your weeks around my reviews, and being delayed will possibly throw you into an existential tizzy...but...what is that?  Nobody cares?


Anyhoo, the snow storm dumped about 10 inches upon us, so I didn't go to the Comic Book Store on Wednesday.  Hell, I didn't go to work on Wednesday!  And after the day that I had Tuesday, that was a blessing.  Not a lot of books anyway, but what there were...were pretty decent.

Fairest #23

The adventures of Cinderella and a lot of mice continue.  One of her evil Stepsisters has shot the Fairy Godmother, and Cindy hooks up with...some blue guy, and there is a temple of rats, and...quite frankly it is a bit convoluted.  Interesting, but convoluted.  Not bad...just convoluted.

Forever Evil #5

I know, I know, I swore that I wouldn't get sucked into this, but hell, it had Sinestro in it.  I know that I am weak.

Lex has put together his own little Justice League of a sort, with himself of course, Black Adam, Black Manta, Captain Cold, Sinestro, Catwoman and...Batman.  Seriously, watching all these Alpha Males jockey for precedence was the funniest part of the issue.  Not that the issue was particularly funny.  But they have risen up against the Syndicate, and manage to take down Gargantua, Shadow Thief, Killer Croc, Deathstroke, and a Large Angry Man.  Oh, and Bizarro is working for Lex too.

Of all of these people, the only ones that I can remotely stand, are Captain Cold and maybe Catwoman, although I have a slight sneaking fondness for Black Adam, who still can't talk too well.  Lex manages to talk Deathstroke into working for him, because Deathstroke is a weasel.  Oh, and Sinestro of course, who is really the only smart one in the bunch...including Batman.

Sinestro manages to kill Power Ring, much to their mutual satisfaction, and then yells at Batman for not having worn his yellow ring when he had the chance, which is such a Sinestro sort of thing to do.  And evil Superman is pissed because he has eaten all the Kryptonite on earth, and evil Flash is being evil, and oh crap, the thing that they left evil Earth for, has followed them to not-evil Earth.

I...just want this to all be over.   Please God, make it stop!

Green Lantern/Red Lantern #28 Flipbook

This was...pretty damned good!

Loki: Agent of Asgard #1


I was a little worried about a Loki without Kieron Gillen, but Al Ewing has taken my newest favorite under his wing, and run with him, and it is a joy.  The art isn't too bad either!

Old Evil Loki is dead.  Young adorable Loki is also dead.  We now have slightly ambiguous teen Loki, who enjoys singing in the shower, and doing daring deeds for the All-Mother, in an attempt to rewrite his sordid history, and it is fabulous.

His first task is to break into Avengers Headquarters, ostensibly to wipe out the computer records of himself, and incidentally to find out why Thor is being such a JERK to everyone!  Thor yelled at the All Mother, threw his mead on a serving wench, fought with Fandral, and is being rude and sullen to everyone in the Avengers.  Loki is caught, but manages to start the Avengers all arguiing amongst themselves, and the part where Hawkeye tries to shoot him, but accidentally hits Banner instead is simly hilarious.

While the brouhaha is going on, Loki sneaks in and hacks the computers.  The all bust in after him, and he uses a rather interesting sword to stab Thor, which makes all the evil nasty stuff that was infecting him, come oozing out, which Loki then traps in a jar.  Oh, and he gets punched by the Hulk.

Later, Thor is sitting with Loki, who is chained up in some detainment cell, and they have a nice discussion, a few apologies and a beer...before Loki makes what Thor calls his "inevitable escape".  It's lovely.  Loki then brings back the jar of Bad Stuff to the All-Mother, with a warning that it is pretty BAD.  Naturally they open it up, and who should pop out but the ghost of Old Loki.

Oh Crap!

This is fabulous.  And also this.

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014



Today may have been one of the longest 7 hours of my life.  Horrible horrible hours.

You may recall from some past postings that I work for a company run by a pair of brothers, whom I not so fondly have christened, Doug and Dinsdale, aka the Piranha Brothers.  Dinsdale, being my own personal bete noir.  But as of late, my life, and the lives of the rest of my coworkers, has been considerably enhanced by the simple fact that Dinsdale was temporarily assigned duty at one of the satellite stores, and we only had to deal with him via telephone.

Granted, he called twenty times a day, but still...I could cope with that.  So imagine my horror, when I walked into my office, this morning, and THERE HE WAS!  Sitting at the desk next to mine.  And he had incidentally grabbed my computer, because he had managed to delete Tire Pro from his, and couldn't therefore, look up any invoices, or inventory or all of the stuff that the BUSINESS requires. 

He then proceeded to sit two feet away from me All Day Long.  And he proceeded to call up all of the people who were past due...some by only a day or two and yell at them.  Then he went across the street to Subway and got one of his mostly onion salads, came back, ate it, and proceeded to breathe on me, as he continued to threaten people. 

By 2:30, I was a palsied wreck of a woman. 

And the worst thing is...he might be there again tomorrow. 

If you never hear from me again...Avenge my Death! 

Well, that's a little extreme.  Thank goodness that there are new comics to look forward to tomorrow!  And a snow storm.  And more onions.  But still..Comics! 

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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Red Lanterns #27

Well now!  This was my favorite book of the week.  It made me happy in so many ways, because I love Tora, and it also made me go back afterwards and say...wait a minute...why did the Winick version of Tora show up?

But anyway...

Following their defeat of the utterly nasty warlord Gensui, the grateful inhabitants have come to Ysmault to craft some mighty fine statues of the Red Lanterns to show their gratitude.  This seems like a very nice sort of thing to do...and the Red Lanterns even seem to like their nice statues.  Guy doens't even mind that his doesn't look a lot like him anymore, since he has apparently let his hair grow out and is rocking a pornstache. 

After a subtle warning to the nice people about not becoming as rotten as Gensui, the Reds turn to other matters.  Bleez is worried about the whereabouts of Ratchet's ring, which makes sense actually, and wants to go and find it.  Rankorr wants to go with her, since he obviously is warm for her form.  Bleez is less than enthusiastic, but Guy figures what the heck, so off they go.  Guy then asks Skallox and Zillius Zox if they want to go see Earth with him, and of course...they do.

Road Trip!

Unfortunately, they are slightly less than impressed with Baltimore, which makes Guy cranky.  He flies off on his own business, and gives them a list of wonderful Earth attractions, and a warning to stay out of trouble, and don't throw the first punch, because Guy isn't stupid. 

Guy's errand takes him to Norway, where Tora is apparently holed up in a nice little cabin on a fjord.  I thought she had an apartment in New York City, but what the heck do I know?  He knocks on the door and smiles and says hello, and she immediatley blasts him and turns him into a large ice cube.  He can't resist making ice puns of course...he IS Guy Gardner after all.  Her reception of him IS on the...frosty side.  But she does like the new hairstyle. 

Guy is pleading his case, and Tora is being...well, being pretty rude.  Which is where I had a little bit of trouble.  I like Charles Soule's writing VERY much.  He gets Guy quite well.  But he is going with the Winick version of Tora from the latest JLI, where she was obnoxious.   Sweet sweet Tora!  She's acting more like Bea actually...and that is making me a little bit hot under the collar.  Still...it IS Tora, and I'll take what I can get. 

Guy explains that he's all red with rage now, but he is using his powers to harness his rage!  Or something.  I'm not sure that Tora is completely buying this, but at least she's listening to him. 

Meanwhile, Skallox and Zox have vistited the Grand Canyon, which impressed them as a large hole in the ground, the Red Sea, which, they point out is actually blue...Paris, and are about to go and see Las Vegas, when who should show up but the Shadow Thief!  She pontificates a bit as villains are wont to do, and makes a few unwarrented slurs on their background.  Surprisingly, the two of them maintain their cool and are even fairly polite...for Red Lanterns anyway.  Skallox points out that she's wearing a Colarvian Infiltration Suit, which IS alien.  Zox does have a question though, and wants her to tell him exactly what a Testacle is.


She...doesn't take it well, and slugs him.  This of course is all that Skallox needs...she swung first!  And the fight is on!   Back at Tora's, they are actually talking, which is a good thing, when of course, Guy gets word that a skirmish is in full swing, and he of course has to go and settle things.  But he tells Tora that he can do it without violence, and even offers to bring her along, which is simply fabulous.

Out in Space, Bleez and Rankorr have found Ratchet's ring.  And...oh crappity crap.

I'm still not all that thrilled with the art, although it is servicable enough.  But the dialogue just sparkles, and heck...this is a fun book.  Yes, it has aliens, and violence and Lanterns, but it doesn't take itself too seriously, and that is such a breath of fresh air these days.  Heck, this is the best of all the Green Lantern books!

And Tora!

 photo redlanternguyandice_zps512388d7.jpg

This doesn't actually happen...but Guy still does seem to be enjoying it.