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Saturday, November 30, 2013

Red Lanterns #25

Well!  I read this.  And I liked it.  And then I went back and read it again, and picked up on all the little things that I had missed the first time, and I liked it even more.

It starts out fairly low-key, with all of the remaining Red Lanterns celebrating their defeat of Relic by getting good and drunk in their new ship's bar.  It...it's just so appropriate.  Guy and Rankorr are hanging out, which makes sense because they are both from Earth.  Rankorr even commiserates with Guy over the destruction of Oa.  Guy shrugs and says that it's just where he used to work.  Zillius Zox is getting totally wasted, with Skallox and Bleez just pouring bottles of booze down his gullet.  Then they toss in the actual bottles, and Zox sort of...blorfs, which burns a hole through the floor.  Can I just mention again that I adore Zillius Zox? He's fabulous.  Even Skallox and Bleez seem to be enjoying themselves.  Ratchet is fussing around the edges, wringing his hands...er...tentacles because he doesn't think that Atrocitus would approve.  The rest of them have come to realize that they weren't really enjoying themselves very much with Atrocitus in charge. 

They are also pretty happy that Guy managed to wrest control of sector 2814  away from Hal.  Oh Hal, you're so pretty...and so very very stupid.  But they have good intentions, they are going to PROTECT it!  And none of this waiting for something bad to happen, they are going to go out and be proactive!  Which probably won't end well. 

Meanwhile Ratchet gets a warning, or a message on his ring, and he's...not happy about it.  So he goes off to tell the rest of them about the Warlord who is busy devastating his area of 2814, and that they must stop him.  It turns out that he used to hang out with Barg-Korr, the pirate that they stole their ship from.  And Rankorr can actually use his ring to disguise himself!  There is a bit of concern about what Dex-Star is up to, but Guy just puts that aside for the moment. 

So off they go to attack Marshall Gensui.  What could possibly go wrong?  Well, a whole lot of things as it turns out.  See, Barg isn't...dead apparently.  And Gensui knows exactly what they are up to.  Is Ratchet a traitor?  Is there more going on here?  What are Atrocitus and Dex-Star going to do with their latest recruit? 

I don't know...and I can hardly wait to find out.  That's a good comic book! 

Charles Soule is actually making me care about this oddball bunch of misfits.  They have developed personalities and quirks, other than spitting blood and going "RARRRHHH!" which is a good thing.  Guy is nominally in charge, but he's not making a big deal out of it, making sure that his people have a roof over their heads and some basic creature comforts, which is a lot more than Atrocitus ever did.  And it's a lot more than Hal has managed for the Green Lanterns, when you stop and think about it!

Pretty damned good.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Slightly Delayed Reviews

I hope that you all had a lovely lovely Holiday.  Our annual ;trip to the little Log Cabin, which is indeed over the river and through the woods, was as fabulous as always.  Gosh, I do love Thanksgiving. 

So I am replete and still stuffed, and feeling at peace with the world.  NOT Shopping today however.  But I will say that this was a truly spectacular week for comics.  Any week that has Saga, Hawkeye AND Guy Gardner is a keeper in my book!

Aquaman #25

The epic finale of Death of a King!  I don't know how epic it was, but it wasn't bad at all.  I believe that this is Geoff John's last issue, but at least we had a bit of closure...and dare I say it...a hint of a Happy Ending.  Wait...what is that?  A tiny fraction, a glimmer of hope or joy in a DC Comic Book?  Horrors! 

Vulko has been nursing Arthur back to health for quite some time, after Atlan, the original King of the Seven Seas blew him up.  A great deal of new things have come to light, Atlan was originally a pretty good guy but he was betrayed by his brother, whom it turns out, Arthur is actually descended from.  Oops.  And the Trench were actually part of that kingdom, and others as well.  So Arthur does have his nice trident,which used to belong to Atlan, and he goes to the Trench and gets their help, and boy howdy, he invades Atlantis, which is pretty sad shape.

Nereus in the meantime, is sucking up to Atlan, because he wants Mera.  Mera can't stand him, but he's not the sort of man to let that stand in his way.  Anyhoo, Arthur does get his kingdom back, the Atlanteans are beginning to realize he's not so bad after all, and Mera leaves, because she doesn't like Atlantis, and we get to see Salty the Sea Dog,and then Mera realizes she does love Arthur, and goes back and they hold hands while sitting on their thrones.  It's lovely.

Orm has escaped and is hanging out with a nice surface lady, and is actually pretty much at peace with himself, till Nereus shows up and puts a stop to all of that. 

So it was a nice resolution, while still leaving some plotlines in the works, and not a bad book at all.

Flash #25

We suddenly take leave from all the crap that has been going on in the never-ending "Forever Evil" cross-over to suddenly take part in another cross-over, which ties in with the whole "Zero Year" storyline running in the Batman Books.  There is a giant killer storm bearing down on Gotham, and suddenly it is six years ago and ALL of the heroes are running around Gotham, and doing their thing, while a nascent Batman is lurking in the background. 

Here, Barry is in Gotham to help out, and ends up working alongside none other than Harvey Bullock, and his partner Spencer Thompson.  There is a new drug going around that is killing people, but in Gotham they do things a little...differently from Central City.  Barry rushes around flinging himself into danger as the old Gotham cops hang back and curse a lot.  Oh, and Iris West shows up and they make goo goo eyes at each other a bit. 

Turns out that Spencer is a bad cop, who is in with the people who made the drug, but he only did it to save his kids or something, so when he is klled Harvey covers for him, which shocks Barry,who just wants to get the hell out of Gotham, and who can blame him?  The art is lovely as usual, and it isn't a bad story.

I am just a little confused that DC would interrupt one huge cross-over, to insert yet ANOTHER cross-over!  It seems a little weird.  I welcome it however, because "Forever Evil" is not only interminable, but also quite quite terrible.  Still, it is a bit...strange.

But a good book nevertheless.

Hawkeye #l4

And this time we are hanging out with Kate Bishop in California, where she realizes that she is stuck without any money, due to Madame Masque's machinations, and has to do something, so she decides to become a "hero for Hire", and flings herself into the odd case of the vanishing orchids. 

This Kate is a bit different from the far more "together" version of Kate in Young Avengers, but if you ignore all of that, it is still an excellent book, and a lot of fun.  Pretty art, fun dialogue, and...heck..a bit of fun.  Fun is always good.

Jonah Hex #25

Poor Jonah.  He's actually starting to get a bit used to the Present, but he still really really wants to go back to his own time and who can blame him?  So he and his lady are involved in a giant festival out in the desert, and who should show up but John Constantine, who pulls his usual trickery.  And then Swamp Thing shows up too. 

Any comic that involves Jonah Hex and Swamp Thing...is A-okay in my book.  And I swear those are Black Mercy flowers.  Oh John, what HAVE you been up to?

Also fun.  Whodathunk?

Justice League Dark #25

More Constantine.  More Swamp Thing.  More shenanigans.  At least this book is actually still a part of the whole "Forever Evil" thing, and actually even brings in the Trinity of Sin.  That is not necessarily a plus in my book, but heck, the art is nice, and the story is actually interesting, and the JLD is about the only book that actually has the Good Guys, or semi-Good Guys actually fighting back, which is a...good thing. 

So, not bad.

Red Lanterns #25

More on this anon.  But heck, a tiny sprinkling of humor is a good thing.

Saga #16

God, I do love this book.  A whole lot of things happen in this issue.  Alanna and Marko discuss their future plans for a career and housekeeping.  The two nice reporters get in over their heads.  Gwendolyn discovers all sorts of disconcerting events, and Lying Cat is spectacular.  Gosh, I do love Lying Cat.  Also Oswald and Marko's mum are making goo goo eyes at each other, and finally Prince Robot IV shows up, and oh it is all just so much damned fun.


What a spectacular week!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I DO hope that you are all safely at home with family and friends and stuffing yourself on Turkey.  Or whatever.  And enjoying the day to the fullest.

I can only post a picture of what happened the year that Superman forgot the Pumpkin Pie, and a certain black-clad flying rodent Super Hero stepped in, to Save The Day.  Or something.

JLA photo millenniumwaytogo.jpg

Way to Go indeed.

Monday, November 25, 2013

I Hate Black Friday

Let me just be clear, that I love to have the Friday after Thanksgiving off, and to just wallow around at home, not to mention eating turkey sandwiches.  I do not however...go shopping.  Ever.  Well, I did it once about 28 years ago, with my Mother, and we both vowed to never ever do that again.  Besides, with the exception of a few minor things, my Christmas shopping is already done. 

What I cannot believe is the number of stores that are now opening up on Thanksgiving.  And not just in the evening, but in the Morning!  Of Thanksgiving.  Because waiting an extra 24 hours for that cheap DVD player will somehow ruin your life. 

Want to know what can ruin your life?  Not being able to have Thanksgiving, that's what! 

Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday.  A lovely dinner, with my family, a fire in the fireplace, and pie.  Lots and lots of pie.  And no presents, so no pressure.  Just fun.  I adore Thanksgiving.  And there is no way on God's Green Earth, that I am going shopping.  And I detest the fact that the poor clerks in the stores have to miss THEIR Thanksgiving.  I would really doubt that the owners or the CEO's or high Muckety-Mucks of Sears or Best Buy are manning the cash registers.  I would imagine that they are at home.  Having Thanksgiving. 

This of course leads to the next step.  Being open on Christmas.  Because if you can squeeze in a few more gift purchases, you will honor the Season!  Which apparently is so that Target and Walmart can post a bigger profit!  That's the TRUE Meaning of Christmas! 

I will not be going to Wal-Mart, or Sears or Penney's or Target or Best Buy or Old Navy.  I truly wish that the poor sales clerks didn't have to go either.

Other than that...have a Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 23, 2013


I am all aflutter.  I just finished reading Chris Sims's latest essay at ComicsAlliance, entitled, "Dc,Marvel and 'the Problem'" and it is...amazing.

Chris very succinctly and cleverly sums up the differences between Marvel and DC and how their rivalry came to be, and exactly why it is that DC is being so weird lately.  Or...maybe not just lately.  Anyhoo, it is a fabulous article, and it makes a breathless amount of SENSE.   So go and check out  ComicsAlliance.  I'd mark it, but I don't know how.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Gren Lantern: New Guardians #25

This has not been my favorite Green Lantern book of late.  It has Kyle moping around, which is always depressing, the New New Guardians being incompetent, and Carol hanging around for some reason.  Then Kyle defeated Relic and got eaten up by the Space Wall, but then was spat out, and suddenly the New New Guardians decided that he should be kept under wraps and nobody should know that he is actually still alive...for reasons that I cannot fathom.


But with this issue,things are actually looking up a bit. 

We have Carol going to the Star Sapphires, and telling them all about what happened, and that perhaps they need to tone it down a bit.  The don't really seem to understand, which is...understandable.  Then Carol gets a tug on her heartstrings or something, and lo and behold, she is standing in front of...Kyle!  Who is still in his pretty white suit and alive and well.  Naturally she is furious.  The New New Guardians are pretty terrible at keeping secrets I guess. 

Carol does hug Kyle, which seems to startle him a bit.  I don't understand this new "love" connection between the two of them, since it seems to be completely one-sided.  Kyle isn't the sort of person to steal someone else's love interest.  That's more up Hal's alley.  Frankly, I think that Carol is just using Kyle as a way to torment Hal a little bit, and really, who can blame her?  Because Kyle seems pretty oblivious.

Then they all decide to go off and visit an unusual little planet named Exuras.  It was about on par with Earth's development over the years, and suddenly in the last few years, it has made unbelievable strides forward in its society.  Naturally everyone is suspicious about things being Too Good To Be True.  And guess what...they're right!

It turns out that there is this weird way that Exuras is able to dip into the time stream or something and cherrypick all the Good things that ever happened or will happen, and make them happen on THEIR world.  Tough luck on all the other versions out there in the alternate Universes, where their lives are apparently a living hell. 

Kyle naturally, is rather appalled by all of this.  And then of course, the Invaders from some of those other worlds show up and want their Good Times back,and who can blame them?  It is an interesting story, and frankly, it is just nice to be away from all the crossovers and different color corps and just jump into an actual STORY for a change. 

I am delighted.

But Carol, although I am glad to have her along, really needs to stop using Kyle to get back at Hal.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

What a lovely lovely week. 

Batman '66 #5

God, I do love this book.  Of course I loved the series too, which I watched as a child.  Yes...I'm old.  We have the dynamic duo trying to find a missing Chief O'Hara, while dealing with the sonnambulic shenanigans of the Sandman!  And not the Vertigo Sandman!  There is also that nice Cat Fight at the Gotham Museum between Eartha Kitt and Batgirl. 


Batman and Two-Face #25

So apparently the evil Irish lass who killed Harvey Dent's wife and scarred him is an old schoolmate of...Bruce Wayne?  I will say this for the Waynes, they certainly knew some interesting people.  Dent of course wants some revenge and who can blame him?  Certainly Bruce has been having a melt-down over the death of Damian, so I don't see where he is in any position to be casting stones. 

This isn't bad.  It's not my favorite, but that is probably because I don't know all that much Bat-History. Two-Face makes for a tragic villain, and Erin is really nasty, and Bruce takes a nice smack to the head.

Batwoman #25

I was of two minds whether or not to get this book.  I loved the OLD book, and I am still outraged at the completely classless way that DC dumped two of its best creators.  You really have to wonder what the heck is going on over there.  On the other hand, I very much like Mark Andreyko, who isn't to blame for the mess, and I like supporting a woman's book.  So I bought it.

In a rather smart move, they tie this back to Zero Year, which is going on with Scott Snyder over in Batman.  This gives Andryeko a fresh start, although we, the readers are certainly left hanging over what was originally going on.  But at least Andreyko gets a chance to do his own thing. 

This ties Kate much closer to Bruce, and has them meeting at Stately Wayne Manor for the funeral of Uncle Philip.  Bette is there, being bratty.  Kate is there, being cranky.  The storm is approaching, and she decides to go out and help people, and ends up saving a young boy who is trapped alone in what appeared to be an apartment that had been evacuated.  Some rather nasty thieves decided now was the perfect time to rob the place, and one of them doesn't mind a little bit of violence to go along with it.

Kate fights them off, but then ends up getting arrested along with them when the cops do finally show up.  Dad comes and bails her out and there are a few meaningful glances between Kate and Maggie.

Not a bad showing at all actually.  Now if I could just get that bitter taste out of my mouth over DC Editorial.

Daredevil #33

Gosh I do love this book too!   Matt had rather unwittingly been helping a posse of monsters against the equally monstrous inhabitants of a small town in his quest for the Darkhold. He ends up getting shot, but the nice Monsters are doing their best to save him with some ancient mummy wrappings and a little magic.  Of course when they find out what he is there for, they aren't particularly happy, since they are also after the book.   Fortunately before any mayhem, a few explanations ensue.  What, no fighting amongst the heroes?  What a concept!

The nasty fellow who has the book, has used all sorts of spells that even this bunch can't pierce, and anyone who tries to go in the other way, goes mad.  Daredevil, without his sight, gives it a try, and even he is horrified by what is going on, but at least he survives it.  And then at the end he realizes that it wasn't torture...it was a test, to see if the person was suitable to be a member of the Sons of the Serpent.  Which makes him mad.

Like Hulk sort of mad.  There is a simply gorgeous full page of Daredevil bursting in on the evil mage, all in red, with the flames rising around him as he burns all the magical books.  Just beautiful.  This of course makes the protections go away and the monsters are able to get in.  Matt tosses the body of the bad guy, and is berated by Satanna for burning all those nice magical books, but he's in no mood for any crap, and stomps off...with the missing pages of the Darkhold in his holster.

Just fabulous.

Why are then ending this book again?  Are they smoking the same stuff as DC?

Fables #135

I just found out that Bill Willingham is going to be ending Fables and Fairest some time as well.  *sigh*  There isn't going to be a lot left for me to read, it seems.

All of the various aspirants to the new Round Table all show up at the Fables Farm.  Waylon brings a larger table.  Brandish is digging the latrine pits, which seems like a suitable chore for him.  Snow White is still angry that Rose Red is using Brandish, and tells the cubs to stay away from her for a while at least.  They have reassembled all of Bigby's crystal body, with the exception of one piece, which I am sure is significant.

Good as always.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #25

Kyle just can't keep a secret, can he?

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #2

I really don't like the whole Forever Evil stuff, but I do like the Rogues, so I got this.  It is essentially so close to the first issue, that for a moment I thought I had picked up the same book, which is a mistake that I do make upon occasion.  So the same sequence of events, but from the point of view of the other Rogues, instead of Captain Cold. 

Really?  They are going to need six issues to do this? 

It's...Ok.  Not terrible...but quite a bit of padding for something that should be fairly straightforward.  I expect we will be getting an entire issue of the point of view of a random bystander next.

Wonder Woman #25

Ares is dead, Wonder Woman is the new War, and Strife isn't happy about it.  Diana is still giving Hermes the cold shoulder for his seeming betrayal, as Hermes lurks nearby, even though they know perfectly well that he is there.  Then Orion shows up and tries to beat up Hermes, which doesn't work out particularly well.  I simply adore this version of Guy...er...Orion. 

Then Strife shows up bearing gifts, and you know what they say about that.  She gives Hera her Peacock cloak back, and gives Diana War's helm, and a new blankie for baby Zeke.

Meanwhile for a rather strange reason, but hey, Greek Gods...Dionysius is carving off pieces of the First Born, and cooking them with garlic and fava beans for Apollo.  Apparently he's delicious.  Cassandra is busy doing terrible things to the missing Milan, so of course, everyone flies off to help, leaving Zola, Zeke and Strife alone together.  This probably won't end well.


Young Avengers #12

This is going to be ending soon as well, so I guess I had better enjoy the hell out of it, before it does.

Tommy is finally convinced that he has to do the whole Demi-urge things, in order to finally defeat Mother, and get Billy back.  All of Noh-Varr's exes are out for blood, and so is Leah, but at least she actually has a real grudge.  Hot Teen-aged Loki is scheming.  The rest of them are kicking butt, including all of the other teen heroes. 

Incredibly wonderful.  So wonderful.

So...a pretty darned good week!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


Gosh, I just don't like Tuesday very much.  But I've stated that many many times before.  Still...Tuesdays are just depressing.  And to top things off, I have recently discovered that some of my favorite books are being cancelled. 

Oh Marvel.  Why do you do these things to me?  I left you in a snit over Civil War, and have only now and then been sneaking back across the aisle for spectacular things like Nextwave, and the Incredible Hercules, not to mention Journey into Mystery.  Then I finally wised up and started getting Daredevil, and Hawkeye, and Young Avengers, and Thor, and life has been...pretty darned good. 

Great artists.  Equally adept writers.  Fun and funky stories, with a twist, and a sense of humor, or at least a dark sense of humor.  No bloody crossovers...at least not so many.  And very few Avengers or X-Men.  And now of course, it is all coming to an end.

Not a complete end apparently.  But the end of these particular writers paired with these particular artists.  I suppose I should be grateful for having Mark Waid and Chris Samnee for as long as we did.  Same thing with Kieron Gillen...but...damn! 

Teen Loki is going to be moving over to his own book, which is a good thing, and I am happy, because I rather like Teen Loki.  Nothing like a fun Bad Boy.  And hopefully Chris Samnee will land somewhere soon.  I would imagine that Daredevil is going to be started over again with another team soon.  And the recent Daredevil: Dark Knights with Palmiotti was a hoot. 

But no more Young Avengers, and that does depress me, because they have have universally a delight to the eyes and brain.  And they are FUN!  Dammit, I miss fun.  Hopefully, they won't be cancelling Hawkeye any time soon, because that would just be crazy...but then again, a lot of crazy things can happen.  Look at DC lately.   And I don't think that Thor is going anywhere any time soon...at least I hope not. 

And new books will come along that will be good, and I'll be happy to pick them up.  But still...every cancellation of a beloved book is like a tiny dagger in my quivering fangirl heart.  I can read the trades and my old issues...but it isn't quite the same. 

Sorry to kvetch.  I've been kinda cranky lately.

 photo newteenloki_zps575430a3.jpg

But here is Teen Loki, looking all adorable and such.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Slightly Belated Reviews

Sorry I didn't get to this yesturday. It was my ovaries.

Yes...that's it.


Batman #25

Man, I have been liking this book...and as a non-Bat fan, that is saying something.  The art by Greg Capullo has something to do with it...he draws such a pretty young Bruce Wayne, but Scott Snyder's story has been superb.  And my I just say that the all-black cover was pretty spectacular as well.

So, in Zero Year, young Bruce is just finding his way around being Batman, testing all of his cool toys, and figuring out what he is actually doing.  Alfred sighs a lot, but he goes along with it.  A younger Gordon shows up as they are crawling out of the nascent Bat Cave, which I thought was a pretty keen moment.  And the villain, Doctor Death scared the crap out of me.

Really really good.

Batman: Li'l Gotham #8

I treasure this book, because it is fun, it is light-hearted, and it is the only place that I can see Damian and some of my favorite characters.  Naturally this means that DC will find a way to kill it. 

Bruce and Selina go on vacation and run into pirates, because that is naturally the sort of thing that they would do.  Damian, thwarted from stowing away with them, then recruits all of the rest of the Bat Family and they have a rather good time on their own.

Adorable as always.

Constantine #8

I'm not still all that sure what was going on  in this book.  John being a bastard, but a heroic bastard, is pretty standard, but I always enjoy it.  Somehow he is attacked by Mister E, while Sargon, who was his foe, but who he is suddenly shacking up with, is cheering him on from the sidelines, and when Mister E is defeated with John's Moon sword or whatever, he is imprisoned inside the sword while the rest of the Cold Flame bunch devours E's power.

Um...ok.  The art at the beginning where E and John are fighting was confusing as hell.  I couldn't tell who was who or what they were doing.  Presumably this will all tie in with Forever Evil...as if I care.

It was...okay.  Didn't knock my socks off or anything, but I have a soft spot for Constantine, so I continue to hang in there.  For a while at least.

Green Lantern Corps #25

This supposedly ties into Zero Hour for some reason.  Apparently most of the books are going to be tying into Zero Hour.  Part of that Five Year Time Line for the the new DC 52 Universe I guess. 

With an impending storm, rather similar to Sandy or Katrina, John's Marine unit is sent in to help people evacuate, but  run into a charismatic but slightly nutsy figure called Anarky who says that it is all a plot by The Man, to trample everyone, and so the Marines are captured, but John is the only smart one among them, and figures a way out.  The rest of the Marines are portrayed as a bit too quick on the trigger finger, but naturally John is the hero. 

I can accept that, John IS a hero, and he's the smart Green Lantern.  It also has flashbacks to his mother and a riot when she was a child, and I'm not sure that it worked all that well.  In the end, the people are saved, but John's superior isn't happy that he was insubordinate, so John is musing on the fact that he's probably washed up in the Marines, but being right is more important, as Batman lurks in the background.

This was also okay.  Not great certainly.  It's nice to see John doing his thing, but he wasn't all that compelling for some reason...maybe he just seemed to divorced from the action, too cold.  I don't really inow.

Justice League of America #9

J'onn continues to explore the prison for the captured Justice League, and finally runs across his own problems...himself!  Woooo!  We still don't know who is doing this exactly,but Courtney disobeys him in order to try and save him, and her sweetness and purity  or something like that, seems to protect her, as she descends through the various levels.

At any rate, she grabs J'onn and together they escape, from the frying pan right into the fire, as it were.  Or maybe they don't, who the heck knows?  It is slightly better than the Forever Evil stuff that is going on, but it does seem to be...dragging on and on and on and on....

Superman/Wonder Woman #2

I really can't stand these two together, but I got it because Charles Soule has been doing a pretty good job lately.  It isn't terrible actually,  it is Diana getting beaten up by Doomsday, but somehow, Superman saves her, and they end  up with her family. 

Since I absolutely love what Azzarello is doing with Diana in her own book, I sat up a little straighter. 

Apollo and Strife are sneering at Clark, saying that although Steve was just a stupid human, at least he WAS a human, and this creature is an alien, and therefore beneath her.  Sheesh!  So Clark gets in Apollo's face, and Apollo flicks him with his finger and sends him flying.  Diana is upset, but Clark bounces back up and gets hit by a blast of...Sunlight!  And since he is a solar battery, this naturally makes him stronger and he punches the daylights out of Apollo, which makes Strife all googally eyed, and even gets a smile out of Diana.

Then Zod shows up for some reason in a desert.

I am still not in love with this whole concept, and I think that these two have the sexual appeal of span together, but it was nice to see Apollo and Strife.

Thor: God of Thunder #15

Malekith the evil dark elf has shown up again and is busy just killing off as many as possible throughout the Nine Realms, mainly because that is his schtick.  Thor has teamed up with one member each of the various Realms, and they are busy fighting amongst themselves as much as amongst the dark Elves.  Then they end up in Jotunheim.

They also get drunk, and start laying bets, and there is smooching.  The art is lovely, and heck, the story is rather fun,which I always enjoy.  There is a wry humor to the plot, which is nice.

Very good.  Very good indeed.

So, rather a mixed bag this week.  Nothing out and out terrible, but only two that I really liked.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Oh...My Ovaries!

Well, that's a strange title.  But I'll bet it caught your eye!  But perhaps a little bit of background information will help to explain things. 

I've been having some weird memory hiccups lately, which has been making me awfully nervous, since I'm terrified that Alzheimer's is lurking right around the corner.  I like my brain, and I would miss it.  A lot.  But I am also of "a certain age", and it seems as though menopause can indeed set off these sorts of symptoms. 

Well!  That's a relief!  It's not my brain, it is my ovaries!  Or other Girl Parts.

This is course gives me a ready-made excuse for when I have another brain fart. 

So...what is DC's excuse? 

It can't be their ovaries...there are hardly any women in positions of power.  Perhaps it is Dan Didio's ovaries.  Or Bob Harras'.  I hardly know what to think, except that they all seem to be collectively going through Manopause over there. 

First there is the incredibly depressing and apparently interminable Forever Evil crossover, which seems to have been going on for 10 months already and will probably be around for another 2 years, at the rate that it's going.  They have also managed to suck most of the lightness and joy out of my beloved comics by making everything increasingly dark and disturbing and grim.  I don't even want to contemplate the strangeness of the idea of making Supergirl join the Red Lantern Corps some time in February. 

Seriously, this is the promotional blurb.

"...A RED LANTERN RING is coming to get Kara...and it will change her forever. No Lie!  Not an imaginary story!  It's really going to happen!  Red Daughter of Krypton, starts here!"

Honestly, this is a terrible idea, but it's for real!  We are going to totally screw with her!  Fuck Continuity and Characterization!  Our preferred Market seems to really go for this Crap! 


Who comes up with these ideas?  Do they all sit around in a circle and try to top one another for the most preposterous idea nowadays?  Are they all high?  Is it something in the water?

Or is their ovaries? 

If anyone has a better idea I'd love to hear it.

Friday, November 08, 2013

Green Lantern #25

Well, the "Lights Out" crossover is done, and that's a good thing.  Short and sweet.  Or was it?  For a change, this story actually DID change everything.  The sacrifice of the entities refilled the resevoir of Light that exists beyond the Source Wall, and Relic is gone. But Kyle is off doing his thing, and the New Guardians are pretending that he is dead for a reason, that really doens't make much sense. 

Oa is blowed up, and the remnants of the Green Lantern Corps are camping out on Mogo.  Literally.  Meanwhile, Hal in his hubris, has decided that he's going to lay down a few new rules about the Universe.  Sheesh!  He begins by saying that since there is a finite amount of light to work with, perhaps they shouldn't all be flinging constructs around with complete abandon as in the old days.  Oh, and those OTHER Corps shouldn't be using the light at all.

Carol of course, is standing right there.  As Kilowog pointed out last issue...awkward.  These two just can't stop sniping at each other, which rather confuses me.  Everytime there is a crisis, they use their undying love for each other to inspire them and blah blah blah.  The second the crisis is over, it is back to snotty remarks.  But Carol has a point.  She is a Star Sapphire, and she has every bit as much right to use her gift as Hal does. 

So he changes tactics, and declares that only the GOOD Corps can use the light, or words to that effect.  Not all of the other Lanterns are buying this line either.  Hannu and Graf Toren want to still be Lanterns and patrol their sectors, but they want to do it without rings.  Graf Toren is a Light Monk, so I can see that.  And Hannu hardly ever uses his ring anyway.  Not sure what Tomar Tu wants to do, but that's his lookout.  John is skeptical of course. 

But instead of staying on Mogo and getting things organized, Hal decides that he and Kilowog are going to go after the renegade Star Sapphire, Nol-Anj.  This is really all that Hal wants to do anyway, go out and beat something up.  And frankly, it is all that he is good for.  It certainly isn't running the Corps.  The New Guardians should get their frisky little blue behinds back and start doing what they are supposed to do, instead of staring at Kyle all the time.  On the other hand, perhaps Kyle's beautiful behind has them mesmerized.

I found this issue to be...frustrating.  I am glad that Mogo is back and getting some screen time, as it were, I love Mogo.  I don't particularly like the idea that the amount of power for the rings is limited, and that therefore, they can no longer use their constructs with abandon, because half of the fun of being a Lantern was coming up with really cool constructs!   Now, they have to stop and consider if the threat is big enough to justify the use of force, and that's...tedious.  It could also mean that it becomes a matter of life and death, if your reflexes enable you to get off a bolt of Green Energy a second quicker than the Bad Guy.  If you have to stop and obsess about it for five minutes, you are finished.

Nobody seems particularly broken up about Kyle.  When Kyle "died" a while back, Soranik was heartbroken, and Guy went Red.  It was a Big Deal.  Now...pffft.  Nobody seems to care.  It is more like...oh hey, too bad about Kyle.  What's for dinner?  Supposedly Carol and he had a "connection" which is why Hal was jealous, but Carol doesn't seem particularly broken up either. 

Guy has barely said a word.  Suddenly, John is his bestest buddy.  I am actually glad that he and John are getting along better, there was always a bit of tension between them.  Not as much of a rivalry as between Guy and Hal...but still.  Guy and Kyle were the ones who were bestest buddies.  Not to mention Kilowog and Guy too.  And yet...hardly a peep out of Guy.  I don't know if this is because he is Red again, but he was pretty upset when he thought that John was dead.  Hal doesn't seem to care one way or another.  There hasn't been much of a reaction from any of the other Lanterns either. 

I understand that the four main Earth Lanterns are always going to be the main focus, but still, a bit of a look at the group dynamics and a frame or two of the rest of the Corps would be appreciated. 

So, as much as I love the Green Lanterns, this was a bit of a miss for me.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

Stuff I Bought

Well...that was a tiny week. 

Daredevil: Dark Nights #6

This isn't Waid and Samnee, but it is Palmiotti and who can resist an Amanda Conner cover?  I know I can't!  Besides, I have been enjoying Daredevil lately, so I figured, what the heck?

Seriously, I enjoyed the hell out of this. 

Matt is on a plane next travelling to Miami with a Federal Agent and a Mob Witness.  You expect things to go awry, and go awry they do.  But before everything goes sideways, Matt meets up with nont other than Misty Knight by the Hotel pool, and it turns out that she is after the Mobster that Matt wants to put away.  And she has...connections.

Mainly, the appeal of the book, besides the excellent action sequences, after the poor witness is...naturally kidnapped...is the nonstop flirting going on between Matt and Misty.  There is a spark and a chemistry, and it is quite simply...a lot of fun.

Due to the strange new belief at DC that all girls have cooties, and all male/female relationships are strickly verboteen, I enjoyed this enormously.

Twelve Thumbs Up!

Forever Evil #3

Oh.  This. It's still going on?  Man, is this sucker starting to drag.  Black Adam fights Ultraman and gets his ass whipped.  Lex stands around and pontificates and tries to deal with a childlike Bizarro.  Captain Cold gets his powers taken away, while the rest of the Rogues are stuck in Mirrors.  Black Manta shows up eventually.  They all decide to band together, because although they are VILLAINS...they are OUR Villains! 

Or something. 


Green Lantern #25.


I also finally found Li'l Gotham, which was the Halloween special, and as usual, it was insanely adorable.  Unlike Andy Kubert, THIS is a Damian that I am happy to read about.

So that's it.  I hope you all had a lovely Wednesday!

Monday, November 04, 2013

Well that's Depressing

I just discovered that one of my favorite artists has died at the age of 93.  Nick Cardy passed away, and I am bummed. 

His artwork was sublime, his covers equally so. 


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Green Lantern Annual #2

And so, the whole "Lights Out" saga comes to an end.  As Crossovers go, this was a fairly decent one, in that it didn't drag on for a year, and it was confined to the Green Lantern books only.   As a story...it was...ok.  I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it either.  Robert Venditti did an adequate job on the story and Sean Chen did an adequate job with the artwork.

Hal has managed to get his corps, drained of most of their power, and without a Battery or Oa, to Ysmault, to meet up with Guy and the Red Lanterns.  For some reason, Hal is surprised that Guy isn't overflowing with love and warmth.  For some reason all of the rest of the Lanterns are just standing around watching Guy and Hal snipe at each other.  Considering how many friends he has in the Green Lantern Corp, you would think that...oh say Kilowog and Arisia...at least would be interested in what had happened to Guy. 

Carol Ferris as Star Sapphire is there too, and knows where Kyle is, because she has a...connection to him.  Oh jeez.  Hal immediately starts having a jealous fit, while the rest of the Lanterns stand around and awkwardly shuffle their feet. 

Meanwhile at the Source Wall, Relic has arrived and is having trouble getting through.  Well...duh.  Kyle and the Guardians show up, and mill around for a while, then Kyle says that they are actually there to HELP Relic, but naturally they have to fight for a while.  Defending "life" Kyle's powers begin to regenerate, and all the entities who are within him give a lot of encouragement.

Then all of the rest of the Green Lanterns somehow show up, along with the Red Lanterns, and they all start fighting some more.  Back with the Indigo Lanterns, John who actually isn't dead, works out a deal with them and Natromo, and off they all go, showing up in just the nick of time.  Guy is quite happy to learn that John isn't dead.  John is really pissed that Guy is a Red Lantern now, not knowing all of the details. 

Guy and the Reds attack Relic's ship, NOT using any of their light powers, since now they have magic as well, then Hal, Guy, John and Kyle all attack Relic while the rest of the Lanterns stand around, as far as I can see. and using his "white" power, Kyle and Relic go through the Source Wall!  There is a blinding flash of light, and Relic emerges, all happy that the Light has been restored, before his is swallowed up by the Wall.  No sigh of Kyle, unfortunately, so not unnaturally, the rest of them assume he's been killed as well.  Hal also assumes that they are all out of power and about to die now, so he dramatically urges Carol to leave.  She tells him to get a grip, she's getting a ride with the Indigos.

In fact, the Indigos send everyone home, Guy and the Reds to Ysmault, and Hal, John and the rest of the Green Lanterns to...Mogo.  Mogo is going to be the new home of the Green Lanterns! Woohoo.  Hal then leads the Corps in a rousing recital of the Oath, only to be stunned when Graf Toren and Hannu don't recite it and say that they want to quit. 

Meanwhile...back at the Source Wall, the Guardians are milling around stupidly, when with another burst of light, Kyle pops back out!  This is unprecedented!  It turns out that all of the entities (with the exception of Parallax) sacrificed themselves to replenish the Light in the Universe, but beyond that, he can't remember anything.  One of the Guardians probes his brain and is overwhelmed by whatever it is that is revealed, so they all decide that while it is nice that Kyle isn't dead, they can't let anyone know that he is alive, and therefore, he's ready to go out and do whatever it is that Kyle will be doing.


This does bring things to a conclusion and clears the decks for the next stage in the Lanterns adventures.  Kyle is presumably going to be off doing his own schtick.  I assume that Guy is going to be stuck with the Red Lanterns for the foreseeable future.  Hal will be "leading" the Green Lantern Corps, and hanging out on Mogo. 

There were some things that I rather liked.  Having Mogo be the home for the Lanterns is a good idea.  I don't see why he couldn't use his gravitational powers, and Green Lantern stuff to put Oa back together, but maybe that will happen...eventually.  It was nice to see Kyle saving the day.  Relic is gone.

There were however somethings that bugged me.  Firstly, the implied attachment between Carol and Kyle.  Excuse me?  Where the heck did that come from?  A couple of issues ago, they barely knew each other, and all of a sudden Carol is warm for his form?  Granted, Kyle IS adorable, and has a superb behind.  But then so does Hal.   Hal having the equivalent of a Hissy Fit in front of everyone in the middle of a crisis was absurd.  And totally unprofessional. 

I was also unimpressed with the fact that every single other member of the Corps did...nothing.  They all stood around while the Earth Lanterns had their squabbles and heroics.  Guy disappeared from the Corps without a word, when Hal sent him undercover to the Reds, and not a single person in the Corps noticed?  Or was worried? Maybe John, but that's it.  And when they all found out he was with the Red Lanterns, no one expressed some concern, or relief? 

It's nice that Guy was so upset about what he thought was John's death,and it's nice that Guy and John are friends now.  That certainly wasn't always the case...heck it wasn't the case just a year ago, KYLE and Guy were bestest buds, and now Kyle is "dead" and we barely got any expression of grief or anger from any of the Corps!  The last time Kyle "died" Guy went Red!  Now...nada. zip. Barely a reaction at all. 

Personally I think that Graf Toren and Hannu aren't quitting because they are uncomfortable with the idea of using up a finite source of power.  They just probably can't stand to work for Hal anymore. 

So, I guess the conclusion is that while this certainly wasn't the greatest Green Lantern story to come down the pike, it DID make me think, and question and wonder and puzzle and worry about my favorite characters, and in that respect, it did its job.