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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

Egad!  For a fifth week, this was a rather decent ending to the month.

Aquaman Annual #1

This was a little different, taking some time away from the unbelievably tedious "Forever Evil" crossover, and just having some fun with the characters for a change.  We have Arthur teaming up with people from the past, such as the Operative, and his grandsom, the girl from the Ghostlands, and Ya"wara and Prisoner of War.  None of these were actually people that I had much interest in, but I'll be darned if they weren't used pretty effectively.

Firstly, there is magic and flying monkeys and who doesn't like that?  A golden helmet from Atlantis is stolen by the aforesaid flying monkeys and delivered to a mysterious woman hanging out in Hong Kong.  From her name, which is Madame Xan, they first suspect Madam Xanadu, but it actually turns out to be Morgan Le Fay, who has a certain...devil-may-care sense of humor about her.  She wants the helmet, but it rejects her, so she decides to destroy Hong Kong, more or less for the hell of it.  Arthur gets the others to stage a diversion, but she is ahead of him, and tries to seduce them with their greatest desires, which actually WORKS for a change!  Whodathunk! 

They defeat her, but Ya"wara was the one who succumbed to her blandishments, and therefore quits saying that they can't trust her any longer.  Hong Kong is saved, and Le Fay disappears to come back another day, which is about what you would expect, but it was still a good fun comic book in a good fun comic booky sort of way.

Anyway, I liked it.

Damian, Son of Batman #1

Ick.  I did not like this. At all.  So this is my one and only issue.  Damian is romping about with Bats, doing his batty thing, investigating a massacre, when Batman is stupidly blown up by a Joker-faced fish that was alo a bomb.  This seems like a rather silly way for Batman to go, but all the various villains of Gotham are delighted, and are trumpeting that they were the ones who offed the Caped Crusader.  Damian of course, goes to Talia and Ra's for help, which of course is denied.  Then he goes around killing off all the various villains to avenge his father.  Alfred tells him this is bad, as do various other people, but Damian is an idiot. 

And then as he is about to go out to kill the Joker, who should show up but dear old Dad? 


Daredevil #32

I missed this for some strange reason last week, but I made sure to get it this week, and it is magnificent as usual.  Why in the world are they cancelling this book again? 

What appears to be Foggy's lifeless body hung from the ceiling from last issue's really spectacular cliff hanger turns out to be...a dud.  Poor Jester is just salivating over the torture he is causing Daredevil, but it all falls flat, because Matt isn't scared or horrified in the least...which I found to be hilarious.  Also, the "suicide" note which is covered in poison is left unread.  I love the idea that everyone more or less knows that Matt is Daredevil but that they STILL don't believe that he's blind. 

Foggy of course is fine.  Well, he has cancer, but still.   And they are doing some more research on the roots of the Serpents, and discover that  there is a magic book involved so naturally, Matt goes to visit Doctor Strange, who is one of the very few people who can sneak up on him, giving him a bit of a scare, which I also find hilarious.

So he goes off to Kentucky to find Jack Russell, aka a really nice Werewolf, and stumbles into a mob out for blood against a bunch of monsters.  REAL monsters, such as Jack, Satanna, Frankenstein and a mummy.  Being Blind, he can't see who it is that he leaps into protect, which once again, I find to be hysterical.   He's perched in a tree, and thinking he's safe, when one of the mob...shoots him.


The story is great, the art is great, this whole damn book is simply great.  I feel like an idiot for not realizing it earlier.

Green Lantern Annual.


Saga #15

Speaking of great.  God, I love this book.  You start off with a perfect parody of a Bodice Ripper book-cover.  While various plots swirl around them, Alana, Marko,  his mother and their new buddy are playing...board games. 

Gwendolyn and Sophie and our favorite Bounty Hunter are getting their ship repaired, but problems ensue when it turns out that the meat they were all eating causes hallucinations, which leads to some...problems.  Oh, and Alana and Marko have sex. 

God oh God, I love this book.

Sandman Overture #1

THIS is the book that I thought I was getting last week, when I was duped into buying what turned out to be a large number of ads.  I still feel like an idiot. 

But darned if Neil Gaiman doesn't still have the ability to make me sit up and purr.  The art by J. H. Williams isn't too shabby either.  This starts with why it was that Sandman was so easy to capture in the original books way back when.  I can hardly wait to read more.  And that is also one seriously spooky looking Morpheus.


Not a bad week at all!

Monday, October 28, 2013


I'm beginning to think that I'm a jinx.  I have been wandering back towards the Marvel aisle at my beloved local Comical Book Store lately, because while I am avoiding all of the Avengers/X-Men stuff, I have been greatly enjoying some of the more offbeat issues.  Hawkeye of course, Journey into Mystery, Thor, Young Avengers and lately, Daredevil.

Well, Journey into Mystery is now gone, which is a heck of a shame.  I loved it when it was with Gillen and Kid Loki, but I also liked it with Sif.  And now...just when I have finally discovered the joys of Mark Waid and Chris Samnee on Daredevil...I hear that it is going to be ending with #36.


I suppose that this isn't the whole story.  It can't possibly be because of poor sales...can it?  And I would assume that they want to re-issue it with a whole brand-new number ONE again, in a couple of months or so.   But...but would it still be with this particular pairing of writer/artist?  I fear the worst...and I am rarely disappointed when I fear the worst when it comes to the shenanigans of Marvel or DC.  Believe me, I would LOVE to be disappointed! 

I managed somehow to miss the new issue of Daredevil last week, so I will be sure to snap it up this week...and I suppose that there are always the trades of the previous issues that I missed.  But it won't be quite the same. 

I can't live on only huge perpetual crossovers that never ever end.  I like the little books, and the secondary characters the best...at both Marvel and DC.  I never really liked Clint or Matt all that much...which only goes to show what a really good writer and a really good artist can do with a character.  Look at Catman for heaven's sake. 

But I still mourn for Nextwave and the Incredible Hercules. 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Red Lanterns #24

Gosh, I did like this book.  Still not sold on the artwork.  I miss Pasarin and Gleason so much, and I could do without the giant ass shots of Bleez.  I only want giant ass shots of Guy!

Yes, I am a hypocrite.

Anyhoo, last issue, we had Guy begging Hal to come and get him out, and finding out that...oops, no can do.  So Guy is feeling Just A Tad Betrayed.  Stupid Hal!  And Bleez was eavesdropping on the whole thing, and confronts Guy about his little problem.  These two have been having a bit of a power struggle already, since Bleez is probably the smartest and sneakiest of the Red Lanterns.

Guy, being Guy and therefore awesome...calls her bluff, and points out that he was the one who beat Atrocitus, and that he could easily do the same to the rest of them, and that he's been hung out to dry by the Green Lanterns just once too often.  Then he goes and finds the bar in their cool newly stolen space ship.

The rest of the Red Lanterns are there, and Guy immediately puts Bleez on the spot, by telling her to spill the beans about his being a plant.  She chickens out...as he was pretty sure she would, and he then calmly tells the rest of them exactly what happened.  Naturally, they are a bit angry about him being outed as a spy, but he also points out that he's a bit sick and tired of being let down, and he's really one of them now.

And who should show up but Hal and all of the rest of the Green Lanterns.  Considering he just finished telling Guy that he was stuck, and Oh Well...Hal's got a lot of nerve.  On the other hand, where else is he going to go?   The Red Lanterns aren't particularly happy to see them,and most of the Green Lanterns are a bit startled as well.  Guy isn't thrilled either, and manages to make his displeasure with Hal known...quite emphatically. 

Oh Hal, your brilliant idea about making Guy a spy has come back to bite you in your well-rounded behind...just as we knew it all would.  Guy tried to warn him about what could happen, but nooooo...Hal was too smart for him!   Stupid Hal. 

They do calm down enough for Hal to try and explain what is going on.  Since the Red Lantern's powers aren't due solely to the entity and the rings, but also to magic, they actually are the only corps that seems to still have their powers.  Hal wants them to go out and fight Relic.  Guy naturally enough, isn't too enthused about this, pointing out that Hal only wants something...as usual, and he decides to strike a deal, that he and the Red Lanterns will end up with their own sector.  Hal isn't happy either, but what real choice does he have?

Meanwhile, Atrocitus has been just a happy little maniac since he merged with the Butcher, entity of the Red Rings.  Too bad that Kyle happens to wander by,and the Butcher promptly un-merges with Atrocitus and leaps into Kyle.  So there is poor old Atrocitus floating in space about to die..again, but Dex-Starr tries to defend him.  Kyle makes short work of him, and there they are, floating in space.  A monster and his cat.  Dex-Starr's ring has managed to save Atrocitus a second time. 

I really am getting a little tired of Atrocitus, he's been pretty pathetic.  Dex-Starr should just let him die and go back and join the rest of the Red Lanterns. I'm sure that Guy would scratch his head and be nice to him.

I liked this issue, but I do have to admit that I was hoping for a bit more of a reaction from the rest of the Green Lanterns.  Nobody knew what had happened to Guy, Hal just told everyone that he up and quit.  Kilowog has to be concerned and so does Arisia, and all of the rest.  Guy is actually a pretty popular guy amongst the Green Lanterns...more so than Hal, for that matter, so what Hal did to him, has to surprise everyone.  I'm hoping that will be addressed somewhat in the Annual, which I presume will be out next week.

 photo REDguyvshsl_zps9e855845.jpg

Thursday, October 24, 2013

An...Interesting Week

Well, Thursday, so that means reviews.  There were some good...nay excellent books, some so-so books, and one outright fraud of a book.  But it's my own fault I suppose.

So let's get to it.

Aquaman #24

And once more, we get an origin of Aquaman.  Lonely-but-brave Lighthouse Keeper is saved by a hot mermaid, and she gives birth to Arthur, who thinks that he's descended from the King of Atlantis, but doesn't want to rule...blah blah blah. 

After all the brouhaha of the last issues, Arthur wakes up after six months or something, in Antarctica, accompanied by none other than Vulko, the faithful servant who incidentally started the whole war between Atlantis and the surface world.  But he's got STUFF to tell to his King, who has to get all frozen and then finds out that what he thought was not exactly true.


This puts a whole new twist on things!  If Arthur is actually descended by King Atlan's obnoxious brother Orrin, then maybe his brother really IS the rightful King of Atlantis, so he can take back the throne, and the Surface World can just put that in their pipe and smoke it, and Arthur and Mera can go back to their lighthouse, and hang out with Salty the Sea Dog, and taunt Batman in the Justice League or something.  I would be up for that, because I much prefer Aquaman swimming around on a giant Sea Horse doing deeds of derring do, rather than administrative work in Atlantis. 

But that would be much too simple of course.

I actually rather liked this, although it certainly is a bit of a puzzler, and Geoff Johns has the usual twist.  Oh, and those hideous creatures from the rift?  Cousins.  That will be awkward at dinner parties and holidays!

Pretty decent, all things considered.  The art was nice.

Flash #24

Well, this seems to be the farewell issue for Manapul and Buccellato, who are going to be going on to other things.  Dang.  I'm going to miss them, they've made the Flash a beautifully drawn and well-written book.

The Reverse Flash turns out to be Iris's baby brother, who uses his ill-gotten powers to go back in time and try and kill their father for being mean to him.  Barry, manages to figure out how to stop him, and things all wrap up fairly neatly...at least for an issue or so.  But it clears the decks for the new crew, which is a nice thing for them to do, and they haven't destroyed the toys in the toybox, so there is actually something for the new team to play with, which is always considerate. 

It is hinted at, that going back in time and trying to "fix" things...never works, which is something that the X-Men could certainly learn from.  I am also thinking that this was a hint about the whole Flashpoint and creation of a new and awful  52 Universe.  But that may be simply wishful thinking on my part.

This was a fine book, and I am going to miss the boys...but I am hopeful about the future.

Jonah Hex #24

I found this issue to be a bit of a hoot.  Palmiotti and Gray managed to cram quite a bit of story into this book, which is appreciated.  Jonah is on trial for killing the terrorist guy, and the Judge is being cranky, but Bruce Wayne pulled out all the stops and got him the best lawyers available, and Jonah is actually being hailed as a hero, for shooting the bad guy and saving untold numbers of innocent people.  He's acquitted, and is characteristically ungrateful to Wayne, who is slightly surprised by all of this.  Also Arkham bums a ride back to the Asylum, but expressed doubt that a Time-Lost man like Jonah can adapt to the present.

Meanwhile, Jonah and his new girlfriend ride out of town on a really nice Motorcycle, where he cuts quite a swath, impressing all the guys and girls at the taverns and such.  They are on their way to one of his buried stashes of gold, and it turns out that it's all worth a ton of money, which makes his new Girlfriend, whose name I can't remember, very very happy.  Jonah doesn't care so much, but he's getting LOTS of sex, so he's pretty happy for the moment.

Then somehow they end up in the middle of some hippie celebration out in the middle of the desert.  I am certainly happy that they are out of Gotham.  And who should show up but John Constantine, and he and Jonah are the only ones who can see these...creatures.  It all looks a bit ominous of course.

Dagnabit, this was pretty darned great.

Justice League 324

Meh.  Evil Superman is being mean to poor Jimmy Olsen, for some reason, and equally obnoxious to Lois...and everyone else that he comes across.  We also get his origin, which is similar to the REAL Superman's except that his Dad was an even bigger dick than Jor El...which is hard to accomplish.

But Black Adam shows up, because he's pissed that these outsiders have come to conquer his world, and he tries to beat up Evil Superman.  So I assume that will be the battle for the next book.  It was nice to see Black Adam, and it is also very nice to see Ivan Reis...but this is not really all that riveting a comic.  I'm already bored with the whole Forever Evil concept, and I'm just counting the months till the whole thing is over, but I keep buying the damn books so that I know what is going on.

That's a stupid reason to keep buying something that I'm not really all that enthralled with.  Perhaps I should stop.

Justice League Dark #24

Again, only so-so.  I like John Constantine, and this was an...okay book, but I'm not in love with it.  John wakes up, only to find himself back in the House of Mystery, wherein he undergoes a journey of self discovery and so on and so forth.  A woman that he thought was Zatanna turns out to be someone called Nightmare Nurse, with whom he had...previous relations or something.

A different version of Swamp Thing shows up too.  Not really quite sure of what is going on, to be perfectly honest.  The art by Mikel Janin is pretty though.

Larfleeze #4

Oh, I am so dumping this book.  I like Giffen and DeMatteis, but seriously, this is just awful.  Larfleeze now IS the battery, which confuses me since I thought all the entities were hanging out inside of Kyle, and his past victims are now alive again and out for revenge...and that's really, all there is.  There is a little bit with Stargrave, which was mildly diverting, but that's about it.

I will not be buying this again...unless Guy is in it, because I'm weak that way.

Red Lanterns #24

Now this I liked!

Sandman #1

Ok, this is the out and out fraud.  I knew that Neil Gaiman is writing a new Sandman book and I was all excited, because I LOVE Sandman, and so I snatched this right off the shelf, and got home and found out that all it was a reprinting of the first chapter of Preludes and Nocturnes.  A wonderful book of course, but a wonderful book that I already have! 

And the rest of the rather thick book was simply page after page of...Ads!

I feel like a complete fool, and DC suckered me but good.  Don't buy this.  It's a complete con, and has nothing to do with the new Sandman book, and quite frankly, DC, you have pissed me off.


Young Avengers #11

So we end on my favorite book of the week.  Yes, even more than reading about Guy Gardner!

Things are coming to a head for our doughty band of teens.  Teddy has been tricked and taken captive by Leah and Mother.  Loki realizes that he's been conned, which doesn't make him happy.  Billy is all set to shoot himself to end the whole problem, so Loki has to confess that he's been lying all along, and they aren't very happy with him.

Noh-varr shaves, which is a good thing.  Prodigy is very very smart.  Oh, and Loki decides that Billy has to become the Demiurge after all, or at least close to it, but he can't help him in his adorable little boy body, and so...

...Odin's Raven!

We have hot teenaged Loki now!

Looking a lot like Tom Hiddleston, to be frank.  I have no problem with that, I think Tom Hiddleston is seriously HAWT!


Naturally, the others aren't all that thrilled with Loki's shenanigans and Miss America punches him...again.  So does Billy.  And off they go to fight the bad Guys.  Kate is worried that she's too close to turning 21 to be effective with their band of teens, when Noh-Varr points out that he's 21, and she looks a little foolish.

God, I love this book.

So...so fabulous.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Been a While

I...rather forgot to post anything since last week.  Real Life does have a way of intruding sometimes.  Went to the last Muster of the year, for the Fife and Drum Corps, in beautiful Moodus, Ct, and marched in the color guard with my insanely adorable not quite yet, 3-month old Grandson, who managed to sleep through the firing of the muskets, the tootling of the fifes and the whanging of the drums.  Seriously, that kid can nap!

Meanwhile other exciting things were happening in the world of comics apparently.  Heck, things are always happening in the world of comics.  It is one field, that has a lot of...drama.  It must be a little bit like being permanently in High School, I sometimes wonder. 


For no real reason whatsoever, other than it is Tuesday, and I just feel like it.
 photo sinestrowithhalswomen_zpsff9fbb7d.png

Oh Sinestro.  You really don't know what you are getting into with Kari Limbo.  That's a woman who could drive even YOU crazy!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Stuff I Bought

There were quite a few books waiting for me at my beloved Comic Book Shop this Wednesday...some pretty fabulous, some okay.  No real clunkers, which is always a relief.

Batman '66, #4

Gosh, I adore this book.  It is unabashedly silly, but since it was inspired by the equally silly, but still beloved 60's television show, there is nothing wrong with that.  Besides, it is a bit of a relief to read something that doesn't have death and maiming in it. 

Bruce and Dick are going to go on a fishing trip!  Naturally, they get distracted, and end up going to London with Alfred, where they manage to save the Crown Jewels from the machinations of the Mad Hatter!  And to top it off, the Mad Hatter had help from none other than the Clock King.  And they're brothers!  Robin has British groupies!  Everyone at Scotland Yard has the same names as their Gotham City cohorts!

It is completely absurd.  And so...so delightful.

Batman and Two-Face #24

This was...pretty good actually.  It features Two-Face, and the return to Gotham of the woman who was responsible for the death of his wife and the scarring of his face. I, not being much of a Bat-Fan, did not know this!  Boy, is she evil!

Poor old Harvey.  Batman is skirmishing around the edges here, the cops are actually competent, and there is a pretty fabulous chase scene. 

Very good.

Batwoman #24

I think that this is the last issue with J.H. Willliams and W. Haden Blackman, who due to the pettiness and stupidity of DC Editorial, are leaving the book.   We do finally get the match-up between Kate and Batman.   The D.E.O. is holding Kate's sister hostage, so that she will do their bidding, and take down Batman.  It has become, as Bones himself says,  a question of Bats being his White Whale.  So they unleash practically every villain that they can find on a hapless and helpless Gotham.

This seems a little extreme...even for a Government agency.  And you thought the NSA was a little out of hand!  Batwoman is sickened by what is going on, but is also terrified for her sister.  Fortunately, her Dad, and Flamebird...uh...Hawkfire...or Flamefire or Hawkbird, who knows...is sneaking in and busting her out, while the D.E.O. is otherwise occupied.  Cameron is busy trying to prove to Maggie that her dick is bigger or something.  It is all a bit extreme. 

The art is lovely as usual, and I don't know if Batman is trying with all of his might here, since he seems to know that Kate isn't necessarily acting of her own volition.  She's cheating just as hard as she can, and who can blame her?  I am actually interested in seeing how this will all end up...but I'm not sure that I want to continue buying this book.  I like Andreyko and all, but still. 

Pretty great, actually.

Birds of Prey #24

Well, Canary's husband is actually alive, and is the source of the power to shut down all superheroes or something, and Condor is reunited reluctantly with his old group, and Barbara and Stryx accept the help of a shadowy benefactor...and I really find that I don't care all that much. 

I like the characters.  I love Barbara and Dinah, and even Stryx is ok.  Condor seems like a nice enough fellow.  But gosh, I miss the real Birds.  Lady Blackhawk, and Barda, and Oracle, and Huntress.  I don't really like this version of Black Canary all that much.  She seems awfully...whiney.

I think that this was...adequate.  But I think I 'm dumping it.

Fables #134

Oooh, Bigby!  Running about in little Big Bad Wolf Heaven.  Dang, I  miss Bigby.  But fortunately, Boy Blue shows up, to sit him down and explain a few things about the Afterlife.  Blue Boy isn't going to be coming back, which is a bit of a shame, but he would like Bigby to tell Stinky and the rest to knock it off with the whole worshipping thing.  Because it seems a pretty good bet that Bigby IS going to be coming back.  He is simply too big of a player.

There is a bit of philosophizing, and musing on the nature of things, and their place in them.  And then Blue Boy moves on, and Bigby has a chance to meet with Dare, which was rather sweet. 

This was nice.  A bit of a breather from all the action and mayhem, and a chance to lay out some of the new plot devices.  I always like the occasional quiet book..it gives the readers a chance to catch their breath.

Very very nice.

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #l

Oh, those loveable Rogues.  These aren't quite the loveable Rogues that I love, but in a pinch they aren't bad.  They aren't all that excited about all the mayhem being unleashed by the Crime Syndicate, and quite frankly, most of them are pretty appalled by the destruction and death.  The Rogues don't want to rule the world, they just want to knock over a few banks and live it up and tease the Flash, mainly.  And you know what?  That is a perfectly good motivation.  You can't have EVERY Villain being the Joker or Lex Luthor!

Central City has been pretty much devastated by Grodd, but Cold discovers some cops chained up and they set them free, and settle a few...misunderstandings.  Then they run back to the hospital where Golden Glider is, only to find that the Crime Syndicate has sent some baddies to whip them into line.

Blowing up the hospital may have been a severe mistake on the Crime Syndicates part.

This wasn't bad at all.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #24

Boy Howdy!  All sorts of things are actually happening!  The plot is being advanced, and repurcussions, and plot!  Wow!  The art doesn't excite me, but I can forgive it, because Kyle is shown to be pretty damned awesome.  And as usual, Hal is being an idiot. 

Well no, Hal isn't an idiot.  But Hal is...Hal, and his first instinct is to jump in feet first...or head first...and just start whaling on people.  He is not a strategist.  Neither is Kyle, but he's doing his best. 

All of the various entities, with the exception of the Butcher and Parallax, have decided to jump inside of Kyle  Naturally this makes him a little uncomfortable.  The New New Guardians, not being complete jerks like their brothers, also step in, and try to help.  They manage to bluff the various Entities into backing off a little bit so that Kyle can reassert his control.  And they send everyone off to Ysmault, where they are going to get such a warm and fuzzy welcome from Guy.

Meanwhile, John and his little ragtag bunch are out in the middle of space with their powers running out, when John says "nok, nok!".  And the Indigo's planet suddenly appears!  John even tries to explain that "knock, knock" is a joke, but nobody gets it, which I found to be rather hilarious and endearing.  It's always fun when you have different cultures and mores, interacting. 

Anyhoo...Kyle now knows what the Entities know, and he says that they have to help Relic.

Oh sheesh! 

I liked this a lot.  The whole "Lights Out" story has been fairly compelling, and a pretty good effort for the new guys, right out of the starting blocks.  And it is pretty short and self-containted, which is another advantage.  I'm dying to see how this all works out.

Forever Evil: Justice League of America, #8

Well, all of the heroes aren't actually dead...but we all knew that already.  But they are imprisoned in a vast and deadly place, which plays upon their fears and weaknesses, and Star Girl and J'onn J'onnz are the only ones who seem to have their wits about them.  J'onn goes down through the various levels, accompanied by someone who appears to be Jason from Firestorm, but probably isn't, and discovers Wonder Woman, Superman, Captain Marvel, Flash, and Simon Baz/Green Lantern.  It is a cunning trap!

Oh, and Courtney gets out, simply by walking through the wall, which I find a bit...odd.  Once out,she decides she'd rather be in, since the whole world is basically on fire.

This wasn't terrible. Not great, but not terrible.  It's always nice to see J'onn.  But I'm getting a bit bored with the whole Forever Evil thing, and I sure wish that it would wind up.  But I don't see that happening for another 14 months or so.

Wonder Woman #24

Oh, all sorts of things are happening.  Apollo has the First Born, on his knees chained up on Olympus, which is probably something that he is going to regret shortly.  And he calls everyone together, which means that Diana has to take the place of Ares, since she killed him and all.  So Apollo sends Hermes to get her.  And Diana, and Zola and Hera all yell at him.  He does point out that he was only doing his duty, and fulfilling a promise, and that he was trying to protect the baby from Hera...and they have all forgiven HER!

He has a point. 

I like Hermes the best anyway. 

So Diana shows up and there is a bit of tension.  She's not happy about taking War's place, nobody is happy about it, but they feel it has to be done.  And poor Strife, is pissed as heck.  Turns out that she was pretty close to War, and she's not happy either. 

Lovely.  Just lovely.

Hawkeye #13

Not a whole lot happens, but what does, is so nice.  Barney shows up, they have a funeral for the Grilling Guy from the roof, Clint is still in hot water with Jessica, Kate leaves with the dog, and it is something of a recap of events, but still it is just so damned charming. 

I love this book.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Comic Book History

...As told on PBS last night.  And yes, I did stay up for all three hours of it...and it was WORTH it!  Gosh, Stan Lee is such a huckster...but a loveable huckster.  It was nice to see Denny O'Neil, and Neal Adams and Carmine Infantino, Mark Waid, Geoff Johns, and a host of others.  Jack Kirby even got some acknowledgement, which was nice. 

I have to say that the show was pretty good.  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

And yet...and yet, I can't help but feel a little betrayed this morning.  I just sat through three glorious hours, detailing the wonderful world of comics...and oh God, all that lovely lovely history.  Seventy-Five Years of Superman...and Lois Lane. 

And yet, now we have the NEW 52 DC Universe...and all of that incredible history no longer applies.  Marvel's still applies, but it is getting...a tad convoluted.  So...so convoluted.  However, I am not going to launch into yet another rant about how much I miss characters and timelines, because it is pretty futile, and probably getting boring at this point...or at least so I have been informed by certain anonymous posters.  And there are some things to look forward to.  DC is bringing Tiny Titans back, which is delightful.  I have Li'l Gotham to read everymonth for the real DC Universe.  As I mentioned yesterday, Stephanie is coming back.

According to the newest previews, Guy makes it through the whole "Lights Out" crossover and even will meet up with Ice in a couple of months, which is fantastic.  I am also slightly encouraged that the "Lights Out" crossover is relatively short and compact, and that is something to be praised.  The whole Villains thingie, is dragging on...and on.  But eventually even that must someday come to an end. 

I read this morning that Oreos are addictive to Mice.  So having J'onn J'onnz buzzing for his Oreos...or Chocos if you prefer is based in reality!  It would be nice to see J'onn eating cookies again. 

But enough meandering...off to the Comic Book Store!

Gosh, I do love Wednesdays.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Well I'll be Dipped!

Great Googally Moogally!  There was some very very interesting comical book-type news over the weekend.

First, with DC.  Apparently, Scott Snyder will be bringing back Stephanie as Bat-Girl/Spoiler with the new Bat Book...eventually.  I never thought I would see the day.  I like Stephanie.  She's not one of my favorite characters, but she's likeable, and a TON of people really really will be happy with this.  Gosh DC...making people happy for a change!  What a concept!

If however, DC decides to fire the writer and the artist before the first issue with her comes out, then I'll be pissed.

Over at Marvel meanwhile,  it has also apparently dawned on them that Teen Loki is quite the Fan-Favorite.  I certainly like him.  Gillen's version of Loki, from Journey into Mystery, and in Young Avengers has been simply sterling.  So, they are going to take Loki away from him, and age hiim...but not too old, and make him look a bit more like Tom Hiddleston, and he'll have his own book, where he isn't evil...or at least not completely evil.

Which, I must admit, is actually more like the way the REAL Loki was depicted in Norse mythology.  Yes, he did some crazy stuff, he was a trickster God, but for all the times that he got the Aesir into trouble, he was also usually the one who got them OUT of trouble as well.  So I have no problem with making him less of an out and out Bad Guy.

And frankly, Tom Hiddleston is insanely hot.

But I will miss teen Loki an awful lot. 

And by the way...DC is bringing back Tiny Titans.  This fills me with great joy.

My God...two things that DC has done that aren't completely stupid!  Of course the bar is set pretty low, but still!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #24

Things are actually beginning to seriously pick up here.  Yes, this is part of the "Lights Out" crossover, but I'll be damned, if it isn't actually...interesting.  And better yet, the whole thing only takes a couple of months, with the entire story coming to a head this October.  This sort of thing is simply unprecedented!  Not stretching out for a year or more!  Woohoo!

Well, last issue of Green Lantern, Relic finally shows up on Oa, along with Kyle and Carol and a badly wounded St. Walker, as Hal Jordan and Kilowog and Salaak and the rest of the Lanterns faced off against Relic.

It didn't go well.

And things continue to NOT go well, for our hapless heroes.  Relic has drained the central Battery...thus dooming Oa, which apparently was connected to it in  all sorts of interesting ways.  Hal of course is busy leaping into the fray without looking, because that is the sort of thing that Hal does.  Thank Goodness, that John Stewart is here, and actually has a brain an a certain talent for strategy.  As Hal wastes his time and precious energy confronting Relic head-on, John is smart enough to realize that they can't fight him this way.

John directs Salaak to go and find a way out of the mess, since he knew Oa better than anyone else, and might have a clue about what the Old Guardians would have had up their sneaky sleeves.  The New Guardians are here too, and helping out, although they don't really seem to do a whole lot.  Soranik is charged with getting the wounded together and safe, and John and the latest bunch of rookies, hold off Relic with a lot of rather spectacular diversions, while Hal and company get the Hell Out Of Oa.  Voz...whom I adore, stays and actually lets the prisoners in the science cells out and lets them get off world too. 

Say what you will, but Green Lanterns are definitely the Good Guys.

John is making Relic awfully mad.  John is good at that sort of thing.  Guy is actually better at that sort of thing, but he's not available at the moment.  Hal and Lanterns escape, but Oa is breaking up, and John and the rest of the Rookies are losing their power charges, when the nice nice old Lantern, who had been left to die before he was chosen by the rings, choses to stay behind and cover the escape of John and the rest. 

Darn.  I liked that old guy.  But I am not surprised that he is the one to sacrifice himself.  He just asks that John remember him in the ways of his people, and after everything goes Kabooooooom....and Oa is gone, John does just that. 

Relic is smug, Hal and the Lanterns are looking for refuge, and John and his little band don't have enough power to catch up to them, so presumably, they are hoping to make it to the Indigo Lanterns. 

May I just say that John would be SUCH a better choice to lead the now homeless and powerless Green Lanterns than Hal.  Hal is brave and handsome and charismatic...and foolhardy and impulsive.  John is the smartest Lantern...he an Kilowog and Salaak should be running things.

We will see.

But this was pretty darned fabulous.

 photo GLCOR_Cv24johnsbutt_zps3f27784f.jpg

And that is a pretty spectacular Green Lantern butt there.  So glad that the new artists are carrying on that fine hallowed tradition!

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Rootin' Tootin' Reviews

Hah!  We'll see if that catches your attention.  It would probably make more sense if I were reviewing Jonah Hex or something, but what the heck.  A small week...but not a bad week.  That's always a good thing.  At least Villains Month is done.  But apparently I am in a minority when I say that, since DC got some decent sales for the gimmick.  Which is a little depressing, because that means they will try it again.


Onward then.

Batman #24

We continue (thank goodness) with Zero Year, as told by Scott Snyder and as drawn so beautifully by Greg Capullo.  For a non-Bat Fan, I am really actually...enjoying this.  It is  bit of a pleasure to see a NON-Omnipotent Batman for a change.  Thanks mainly to Alfred, Bruce is finally putting the Batcave together, and working out his logistics, and doing his whole "scary as hell" thing.  He's still pretty much an urban myth at this point, and the police sure as heck aren't thrilled with his antics.

But he finally does manage to confront Red Hood and his horde of minions.  And he manages to foil the giant bomb that was set to explode, and he dumps the Red Hood...or who may or not be the Red Hood into a vat of chemicals.  Shades of the Joker! 

And excellent issue.  And it seemed...like a lot of pages too.  Possibly because it cost $6.99!  Yikes!   I guess this was an annual or something.  There is a second story at the back illustrated by the incomparable Rafael Albuquerque, which is another little gem, and introduces the Riddler!  Gosh I just love the Riddler.

Expensive, but actually...worth it.

Batman: Li'l Gotham #7

And speaking of being worth it...one of my favorite DC books.  It has Barbara as Oracle!  Damian!  Dick and Tim!  Batman being the proud father of his crazy brood!  Adorable Aquaman! 

This book is the only place that the REAL DC Continuity is in existance and I would buy it for that reason alone, but the art and the storytelling are just so much fun as well.  Fun!

Ten million people should buy this book and maybe that would tell DC something.  Fabulous!

Green Lantern Corps #24

More tomorrow...but...Wow.

Superman/Wonder Woman #1

I wasn't going to pick this up initially, because if there is anything that I despise, it is DC forcing Clark and Diana down our throats.  Bleh.  But Charles Soule is writing it,and I have discovered that he is a pretty darn good writer. 

It's nothing too spectacular, but it is decent enough.  It is nice that Soule makes actual reference to what is going on is Diana's own book, which is something that is usually completely ignored in the regular Justice League books.  She's a bit miffed because Clark seems bound and determined to keep their relationship a secret, and really one can't blame her. 

Good.  Maybe they'll break up. 

Tony Daniel's art is pretty, and Doomsday shows up...or at least new Doomsday.  There are a lot of dismemberments, which is getting a tad tedious.  I really don't need to see body parts all the time.  I realize that Comic Books aren't big on subtlety, but really! 

Not bad.  Not great, but not bad.

Thor, God of Thunder #14

Thor is all set to go rushing off and start beating up Malekith, the recently freed nasty nasty Dark Elf, but Freya and Volstagg went to a meeting of all the various worlds and mythical beings, and he can go only if he leads a bunch of warriors from the other Nine Worlds.  So we have a bright elf, a dark elf, a troll, a dwarf and a giant.  Probably one of them is going to be a traitor, because that is usually what happens. 

Queen Alfyse of the Dark Elves, whom I remember making sweet sweet whoopie with Hercules, takes refuge with the Dwarves, who are less than hospitable, but you take what you can get.  Too bad that Malekith finds them all.  Dang.  I liked Alfyse. 

Also the cover with Thor riding his goat, is sensational.

This is very nice, and very pretty and dark and mythical and all that stuff. 

A good week.  A darned good week.

Monday, October 07, 2013


As you can see from my title, I have absolutely nothing really to say...but naturally, I am going to say it anyway.  I'm feeling a little let-down by my comics lately.  I WANT to like them, but they've been pretty mediocre.  There are a few exceptions of course, but I seem to have a huge case of the blahs.

I was all excited about the new book coming out with the future JLA, written by Giffen and DeMatteis, and drawn by Kevin Maguire.  Then they booted Maguire,and I don't even want to try it now.  The whole Forever Evil crossover has been tedious beyond measure.  Have Bad Guys show how Bad they are by running up huge anonymous body counts is just ridiculous.  Lex Luthor is suddenly getting into Joker territory, by killing off random employees and people willy-nilly.  Yes, Lex is BAD.  I already know that. 

Frankly, I like the villains, who have a code of honor.  Villains like Sinestro who actually thinks that he IS a hero.  The Rogues like to rob banks, but they don't just up and murder people.  I like my villains with a bit of flair, a bit of dash, and even sometimes a touch of pathos.  They don't have to be irredeemable. Well, some of them do, I don't think Darkseid is going to win any awards for his humanity, but just unrelenting evil...villainy for the sake of villainy...is boring.

Maybe it is because it is Monday.  Or because it is windy and rainy, and gloomy after a couple of weeks of beautiful weather...but I am feeling fairly listless about my books. 


Friday, October 04, 2013

Forever Evil?

There was something that was bugging me about the latest issue of the latest interminable Cross-over, Forever Evil.  Leaving aside the fact that I find it to be fairly dull, this particular page drove me nuts.

 photo foreverevil2-3gxkr6_zps101cd862.jpg

Evil little female Atom is out with her boyfriend, the evil Flash, running about causing mahem galore.  Just for the fun of it apparently.  And she decides to leap into Cassie's ( I think) mouth. 


She wasn't even all that small, she was certainly large enough that Cassie had to open her mouth wide.  Why didn't Cassie or whomever it was...simply bite her in two?  Or at least nibble of of her legs off?  Or swallow her?  Or spit on her?  

If something the size of a small Barbie doll tried to climb into my mouth, I wouldn't be just standing around, letting it/her do evil things to my tongue.  Granted, she could be a bit on the crunchy side, but hey. 

When Guy inhaled Von Daggle, way back when, Daggle was the size of a bacterium, and there wasn't really anything that Guy could do about it.  It was a sneaky, insidious and brilliant attack.  Same thing with Despotillis and how Leezil Pon got in there to fight it off.  Really, some pretty terrible things always seem to happen to Guy. 

There was a time that the Wasp flew into a bad guy's ear...and then whistled, which I thought was both clever and nasty.  She's also lucky he didn't sick his finger into his ear and squish her.

Does Atomica have super strength or something?  Why doesn't someone just grab her and squish HER?

Any Thoughts?

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Stuff I Bought

As you can see from the title of this entry, I have more or less given up.  This was something of a small week for me anyway.  But I can rejoice in the fact that the month with the fancy-ass covers is finally over, and we can actually get back to reading about the heroes.  It isn't that I don't like Villains, they are after all absolutely necessary for the telling of any tale...but for the most part, they are awfully one-dimensional.  Not all of them of course.  Gail Simone worked wonders with the Secret Six, and I'd kill to have them back.  I like the Rogues, I like Sinestro, and I like the Riddler.  Oh and Carface.  He only showed up for three panels, but gosh, he was adorable.

But one of the things that I will be forever grateful for, is that they DIDN'T bring in the Joker for this latest brouhaha.  God, I am sick of the Joker.  And the Joker's Daughter doesn't do anything for me either.  I had the opportunity to get her book, with the lenticular cover, and I passed it up, because apparently the story was terrible, and I don't care to speculate. 

But enough ranting.

Batman: Black & White #1 & #2

I hadn't been planning to pick this up, because I don't really care for Batman all that much...but the word on the streets was mostly favorable, so I figured what the heck.  And gosh, having Neal Adams, and Chris Samnee, J.G. Jones, Steranko and Rafael Albuquerque was just what the doctor ordered.  Oh, and there were some nice writers too...but let me be frank, the art was what I was after, and it was very nice.

Forever Evil #2

Well...more stuff happened.  Lex Luthor decides to do something, and demonstrates that he is still pretty nasty.  Everyone else is pretty nasty too.  The Teen Titans, decide that they should do something, but they aren't very optimistic about it. Bart gets sent back to the future apparently. 

The Evil Justice League is just...so...EVIL!  There isn't a single redeeming feature about them, which I suppose is the point, but it makes for rather tedious reading.  Oh, and Batman shows up.  Pretty much...Meh.

Fairest #20

I have been enjoying this book.  The latest story with Prince Charming has been pretty darned good, and the art has been pretty.  Things more or less wrap up with this issue,and Charming and Nalayani decide to head back to Fabletown, which should be interesting with Prince Brandish and Snow White's situation.  Hope Charming gets his eye back.  Although he would look pretty dashing with an eye-patch.  Good Stuff!

Green Lantern #24

This lost a bit of momentum with the Villains month, and it struggles a bit to get back on track.  Hal is dithering, and issuing a bunch of peremptory orders, to Salaak, to get the batteries back up and running.  If it was that easy Hal, don't you think Salaak would have DONE that by now?

Hal also wonders what the heck happened to Carol, and exactly WHY is she running around with Kyle?  And then, fortuitously,  Kyle, and Carol and all the new Guardians show up on Oa, and explain that they are all in a lot of trouble.  They tell Hal about Relic, and that St. Walker is the only Blue Lantern left.  I was happy to learn that, because I like St. Walker.   Still upset about Warth though.

It dawns on Hal for a brief moment that with all but one of the Blue Lanterns extinguished, that he has truly hung Guy out to dry.  John catches him mumbling Guy's name and looks askance, but there isn't time to go into it, as Relic shows up, and things start to hit the fan.  Relic then proceeds to calmly tell them that he is taking their power, so that they don't destroy this universe, and Hal reacts...well, pretty much as you would expect him to.

And then Relic sucks the main Power Battery dry, which means that Oa is going to blow up.


I liked this...naturally.  But I don't really like Relic all that much, and the new Guardians seem awfully ineffectual.  The old Guardians were bastards, but they would have blown up Relic by now.

And that was that.  Not a terrible week, but not anything too spectacular either.  I'm hoping that this whole Villains all the Time thing wraps up soon, because I am finding it to be quite tedious.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Oh Kyle

I don't know if I have ever posted this before, but dagnabit...that is one really spectacular behind.

 photo millionkylesbutt_zps108cfef9.jpg

I still like Kyle's original  uniform the best.