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Monday, July 29, 2013

A Brand New Comics Fan

As of 1:30 on the morning of Friday, July 26th, I became a Grandmother for the first time.  My oldest daughter had a baby boy. and...naturally, he is stunningly beautiful. 


To paraphrase Garrison Keillor, Windsor Locks, CT...where all the children are above average.

And although my son-in-law is a baseball fan, I will be doing my very best to introduce him to comics.  Get them hooked at a young age, I say.  It worked with my kids, and hopefully, we'll be working on the next generation now.  I'll be saving my Lil' Gothams, and Superman Family books, and will of course, be buying him a Green Lantern Onsie, as soon as I find one.  I'll wait a little while before introducing him to some of my other books...we don't want to frighten him. 

Gosh...I'm a Grandmother.  I'm having just a little bit of trouble dealing with  this.  I'm...OLD!

But still feisty. 

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

Not a shabby week at all.  Except that I was expecting to get my monthly fix of Guy, in Red Lanterns...and IT WASN'T IN!


Still, on to other books.

All-Star Western #22

This is actually coming along quite nicely, although I wasn't too sure about jumping Jonah into the Future.  Well, HIS future, our present.  Naturally, he ends up at Arkham Asylum and is being interviewed by the young Dr. Arkham.  Jonah explains that he knew his great grandfather and that he was a complete wuss.  Even Batman gets into the action a bit. 

The look of horror and amazement on Dr Arkham's face when he finally realizes that Jonah is telling the truth, is hilarious.  And dang it...fun.  This was a rather fun book this month, even without Booster Gold!

Aquaman #22

Well, Arthur does manage to go and free Mera, but runs into a whole 'nother problem.  Primarily the original King of Atlantis.  And he's old, cranky and has ice patterns and he's not at all happy with Arthur.  And for that matter, neither are the rest of the bunch of people that Mera is a part of, and they all decide to join up with old crankypants King. 

Meanwhile, those bad bad people with the submarines are busy destroying Atlantis, looking for more artifacts and Arthur, although he is off getting pantsed by the old king.  It is all...quite exciting, and even though it isn't Ivan Reis, the art by Paul Pelletier is quite nice.

Batman/Superman #2

The art by Jae Lee is rather exquisite, and the story by Greg Pak is starting to come together.  There are two Superman and two Batmen, and they are being manipulated across two universes, and Catwoman is there, and oh heck...it's a little convoluted, but it is a lot of fun.  I enjoyed this a whole lot more than I thought that I was going to.

Constantine #5

This makes more sense if you read it AFTER Justice League Dark.  John has wandered off from the confrontation with Wonder Woman and the JLA and all, with young Shazaam.  He does manage to con poor Billy into giving up his powers, by trading...voices.  Not body's, but voices.  So naturally when John uses Billy's little squeaky voice, it works, and gives him the powers.  Not that it is easy however, as he is fighting a rather nasty minion of the Cold Flame. 

Eventually, Billy gets his powers back, and the day is more or less saved, but he won't be one of John's fans any time soon, that's for sure.  Plus, John gets hurt pretty badly, and is in that twilight state between life and death, which for someone like Constantine, is full of danger. 

Quite quite nice. 

The Flash #22

I've been enjoying this.  The art is consistantly fabulous, and the story is interesting as well.  Barry is getting a bit frantic, unable to save all of the people affected by their trip into the Speed Force, so he grabs Iris, who is the last one, and gives her a Speed Suit, and dumps her off on his girl friend for safe keeping.  That goes about as well as you think it would. 

Meanwhile that doctor who wants to use the speed Force himself, is doing his usual stuff, and then runs into the Evil Flash, but Barry shows up to save the day.  So I assume that they will finally have a clash of speedy titans next issue, which would be nice.

Justice League Dark #22

Well, Superman is being imprisoned by Argus after he "killed" Doctor Light, but some of them think that Dr. Psycho had something to do with it.  Meanwhile, Wonder Woman goes off to find the JLD, and is frankly, quite rude to them, which considering that she wants their help, is rather stupid of her.  She is also completely different from how she is portrayed in her own book, where I love her to death.  When she is hanging out with the Justice League and drooling over Superman, I can't stand her in the least. 

All of the various Super Groups are running around, and not a whole heck of a lot is being accomplished.  Amanda Waller seems to be losing her allies pretty quickly, which serves her right, considering how mean she is to them.  Xanadu is alive but being taunted by the Bad Alfred guy, who says that the fix is in, and that he has a mole on the team.  I assume that this is all leading up to the Bad Guys taking over in a month or so.

Many of the various heroes act like idiots.  Many of the heroes act as though they are in a Marvel book. 


Larfleeze #2

This really isn't doing it for me.  We have a battle between Larfleeze and some guy from another universe who is a hunter, and needs a new universe so that he can hunt...more stuff.  The badinage between the various side-kicks is mildly amusing, but I'm not really getting into this all that much.  I love Giffen and DeMatteis, but here, I think that they are trying too hard...or I just don't really give a crap about these characters.

Hawkeye Annual #1

Remember when Kate yelled at Clint, and stomped off with Lucky the Pizza Dog?  She's headed to the West Coast, because she doesn't want to go on a cruise with her rich father, and she's still mad at Clint, for being morose, apparently.  She also doesn't realize that her antics with Madame Masque a few issues back, have come back to haunt her, since Madame Masque has figured out who she is, and is about to make her life quite quite miserable. 

Kate of course, is smart enough to figure things out, and crazy enough to do something about it. As usual, this is a heckuva lot of  fun to read. 

Dang, I love this book.

Journey Into Mystery #654.

All sorts of weird things are happening out in Space, as Gaia is suddenly feeling much better, and Skuttlebutt comes back as Bill's old Girl Friend.  It....it is a little convoluted, when you try to explain it, but it makes perfect sense in a comic-booky sort of way. The art is pretty of course, and darn, I'm going to miss this book when they cancel it. 

Young Avengers #8

And speaking of loving books...This is a hoot and a half from start to finish.  Our doughty young heroes are still leaping in and out of dimensions, courtesy of miss America, led by Loki, who is tracking the entity who stole Tommy.  Various nasty things show up in the different dimensions, but occasionally, they actually have time to enjoy themselves.  Also Prodigy is along for the ride.  Then they acccidentally find the original baddie, and Teddy and Prodigy get left behind.  And the new dimension where the rest of them end up in has...


Oh yes.  THAT Leah.

But not a bad week at all.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Out With the Old...

And In with the New!  Cable, Computer and Phone service that is.  Yes, I have taken the mighty step of cancelling my old service which I've had for 20 years or more, since they have been charging me more and more and giving me less and less.  When I just called to cancel, I thought that the nice young man on the phone was going to burst into tears.  Then he started begging.  And pleading.  And asking me why I didn't bundle, and how could I DO this to them! 


I've...I've never felt such...POWER before!  Bwhahahahahahaha! 

Now I know how villains must feel.  I just made Cox Communications feel bad, and I feel like the biggest, baddest sonnovabitch in Windsor Locks.  And it feels...GREAT!

Maybe I can go and kick a puppy now. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Back Home Again

Man, I haven't been on a computer since Thursday!  My fingers are...twitching.  Off at the Deep River National Fife and Drum Muster, in Deep River, Ct over the weekend, and great googally moogally, was it hot!  AND muggy.  But at least it is...slightly cooler now.  For a few days at least. 

So...what was happening in the REAL world?  I understand that Tom Huddleston showed up at ComicCon for the new Thor movie, which must have been quite exciting.  I simply adore his Loki.  And apparently the new Avengers movie is going to be about Ultron.  This slightly confuses me, since it had that teaser picture of Thanos at the very end.  But what the heck do I know?  I still haven't seen the new Superman movie.  I will probably wait until it comes out on HBO or something.  Green Lantern of course, I went to the theatre to see.  Twice!

And I LIKED it!

I sure do wish that Warner Brothers would get its act together and put out a Justice League movie. 

I would also like a Wonder Woman movie, an Aquaman movie, and another Green Lantern movie, but this time have it concentrate on the Corps, and have John, Guy and Kyle in it.  Heck, I'd like a JLI movie!  With Beetle and Booster and Max, and Fire and Ice in it! 

That probably isn't going to happen.  But still...! 

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Oh Good Grief

Well, the previews and things are out.  And apparently there is going to be yet another Earth Green Lantern.  And...she's a woman! 

This is a good thing, as I think that there SHOULD be a woman Lantern from earth.  Carol Ferris is a Lantern, although a Star Sapphire, but it isn't quite the same thing. 


 photo femaleearthlantern_zps7f0ff736.jpg

Did they HAVE to have her posed in a boob/butt position? 

My first thought was...they wouldn't have posed a male Lantern that way.  Then I started to think about it, and it is quite possible that Hal would have posed like this.  Guy wouldn't have, and neither would have John.  Kyle...possibly.  But definitely Hal.

Still, it IS a  Green Lantern Butt.  And I suppose that she is carrying on a fine and hallowed tradition.  But I also seriously doubt that the artist was necessarily thinking of that. 

Monday, July 15, 2013

Bureaucracy Sucks!

Verily, I am wroth.

Even comics cannot soothe my fevered brow, and if I don't get this off of my chest I will explode. 

I received a certified letter from my lovely little town, from the anti-blight division, saying that I had three unregistered vehicles in my yard and that there had been...a complaint.  Well, it turns out that TWO of those vehicles have been sold...one two months ago...and the other over a YEAR ago.  The third vehicle actually IS registered and insured to boot.  But trying to explain this to the department at Town Hall has been quite the experience.  I did finally ask how somone could complain about a vehicle that hasn't even been IN my yard for a year, and they couldn't answer me.

My assumption is that they were going through the tax records and trying to drum up some additional cash.  Interestingly enough, there is a big sign on the front of Town Hall saying that Taxes are due the 17th of July...except that they actually haven't MAILED them yet.


Secondly, my sweet Babboo got a speeding ticket on the Mass pike last month, which I duly paid.  Immediately.   Then a week and a half later I got a nasty letter from the Mass DOT, saying that I hadn't paid, and that I owed them a penalty on top of the ticket.  So, I went to the bank, put a Stop-Payment on the first check and mailed the second check...along with a copy of the Stop-Payment, to show that I actually had issued them a check in the first place.  Then I got a letter a week later saying all was forgiven, they had found the first check, and here was my second check back.  I immediately ran to the bank to release the Stop-Payment.  Now I just got a third letter saying that the original check had bounced, because they tried to cash it before I could release the Stop-Payment, and that they now want to charge me a penalty. 

Double Gah! 

After spending 20 minutes on hold waiting to talk to someone, I finally got through and was told to call back tomorrow.  At least I have a name and number this time, but still...I am just pissed! 

This is how the villains can take over the world.  Lex Luthor should stop trying to pummel Superman, and he should just go hang out at any of the various agencies that are in charge of our lives. 

Do any of you have some good stories?

Friday, July 12, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #22

Well, this wasn't bad at all.  Although I do miss having Guy in it, it is awfully nice to have the spotlight on John for a change.  And I got to see Kilowog and Salaak and Soranik, all of whom I am extremely fond. 

Something is definitely going on with all of the various Corps power batteries, and the Star Sapphires discover this to their dismay.  When John shows up on Oa, they realize that the power drain that they experienced didn't have anything to do with Larfleeze's attack, it was happening all over.  John in the meantime, isn't impressed with the newest bunch of rookies...and shows them how to use their rings to optimal advantage. 

Salaak meanwhile, is going through all of the stuff that the Guardians left behind, looking for booby traps and such.  Salaak is feeling just a tad paranoid lately, and after what he went through, who can blame him?  Man, I just love Salaak.  He also tells John that Hal is in charge, which rather knocks John for a loop.  I do love that everyone's reaction to having Hal running the show is stunned disbelief. 


John then hooks up with Kilowog, who has basically taken over Salaak's job.  I'm not sure that Kilowog is cut out to be an administrator, but it is an interesting direction to take.  It's rather a shame that the new bunch of rookies don't have either Kilowog nor Guy around to give them pointers.  John did help out, but in a spirit of exasperation, more than anything else.  John is always so supremely competent, that I think he has a tendency to forget that everyone else...isn't. 

Kilowog also tells John, that according to Hal, Guy just upped and quit.   This of course is not at all what happened, Guy is working undercover in the Red Lanterns, but I find it interesting that Hal is using a bit of subterfuge here.  He couldn't let Kilowog in on this little fact?  Especially since Kilowog is one of Guy's very best friends.  John is friendly with Guy too,and he's stunned and aghast.  Kilowog does grumble a bit, and ropes John in to help with the rookies for a bit.

Fatality meanwhile, has trailed the Durlans from last issue, and is keeping a close eye on them.  John shows up, and joins her...until she stabs him through the heart with her love spear.  Guess he shouldn't have called her "babe".  But that's ok, he was a shape-changer anyway. 

John and the rookies have flown off to save another planet, where the dam that holds back the boiling sea is breaking.  The inhabitants are less than thrilled to have Green Lanterns, and the Khunds show up, taking advantage of the absence of the Guardians to establish themselves as the "Protectors" of  Nellelewel.  For a price of course.  The debacle with the Guardians has created a power struggle throughout the Universe, with other groups jostling and fighting to fill the void.  The Lanterns unfortunately are caught in the middle.  It is an interesting take on intergalactic politics, to be frank. 

The Khunds and the Lanterns fight...naturally.  Too bad their rings all conk out again.  Fatality loses the power in her ring too,and the Durlans defeat her.  Finally, the Entity of Love, aka the Predator is having problems, and the White Entity shows up and points out that they are ALL in danger of dying, and that they must find the White Lantern.

I found this to be pretty darned good.  There are some new themes being addressed, and it seems as though the books are going in a new direction, which isn't a bad thing.  I do find it a little hard to believe that nobody has ever heard of the Durlans, considering that one was actually IN the Corps...or should I say the Corpse. Remember Von Daggle?    I would imagine that the weakening of the entities is having the deletorious effect on the Batteries.  Maybe they need to be in the batteries, for their own sakes as well as their followers? 

Good stuff indeed.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

There are worse things to do on a hot muggy summer afternoon, than snuggle up next to the air conditioner, and read new comics.  While sipping iced tea no less. 

Onward then!

Batman #22

I am enjoying Greg Capullo's artwork more and more with every issue.  Oh, and Scott Snyder isn't bad either.  I'd love to see what Capullo could do with a Green Lantern! 

But anyway, this story continues to look at Batman before he became Batman...and it is a pretty decent tale.  The Red Hood has taken over, Bruce is doing his level best, but he is in pretty much over his head still, and being snide to Alfred isn't helping things.  Seriously Bruce...being rude to Alfred?  For Shame! 

Bruce is having some problems with his uncle as well, who just outed the fact that he's back and alive to the elite of Gotham.  Bruce doesn't handle it too well, and panics, only to run into none other than Edward Nigma, who just can't help himself when it comes to riddles. 

This is pretty darned perfect for a comic book.  Twelve Thumbs Up!

Batman: Li'l Gotham #4

And speaking of just about perfect!  This is so damned cute I can hardly believe it.  Also, it has Damian in it!  Being adorable.  And hungry.   Dustin Nguyen ad Derek Fridolfs simply sparkle with the art and the stories.  It's so freakin' wonderful to sit down and read something that doesn't have decapitations, mostly nekkid ladies, and bad characterization!  Fun for everyone!  Hey DC!  You remember fun?

Demon Knights #22

And so the Quest for the Grail continues.  And actually,,, they find it!  There are a few complications with Savage, who naturally enough betrays them...again, and some giants who decide to attack, and a few other things going on.  There is a bit of a surprise at the end for the Horsewoman as well. 

This is a nice book.  The art is decent, and I rather enjoy the Medieval Justice League.

Green Lantern Corps #22

Not too shabby at all.

Hawkeye #12

And again...speaking of not being too shabby!   

Clint's brother Barney.   You remember Barney!  A ne'er-do-well and Clint's older brother.  We have a bit of a flash-back to their less than happy childhood, and a few other shenanigans with the Russian mobsters, plus Hawkeye's problems after last months stellar issue. 

Gosh, this is good.

Justice League #22

Oh come on!  This is starting to really really annoy me.  We are getting things set up for the Big Battle of the Summer, with the Trinity War, which will of course lead directly into the Villains Taking Over in August, because that is what Comics do nowadays...endless endless crossovers.

Captain Mar...oops, Shazaam is feeling remorseful about Black Adam and decides that he's going to go to Khandaq and scatter his ashes there, which seems like a fairly nice thing to do. Except nobody is supposed to go to Khandaq, although that didn't stop Superman and Wonder Woman a little while back, but hey...they're special.  Meanwhile, Amanda Waller is scheming, because that is what she does, and Steve Trevor protests weakly, because that is what HE does, and the entire Justice League goes barrelling after poor Billy, and the Justice League America goes barrelling after the Justice League, and Pandora shows up with her Box, and apparently turns Superman evil or something and he kills Doctor Light, who is nice and no longer an evil rapist.


Naturally, with Ivan Reis, the art is lovely.  Which doesn't keep the story from being completely and totally...preposterous. 

Young Avengers #7

What is NOT preposterous is this book.  One of my absolute favorites.  Our doughty young heroes, can't hang out with their parents, because bad things happen.  But they do go into space and fight what seem to be Skrulls, who are out vandalizing things, because well...teenagers apparently. Except they aren't really Skrulls, but nebbish shape-shifter wannabees.  

Heading back to earth...and breakfast, the crew runs into Prodigy, who manages to actually impress them and informs them that Tommy has been kidnapped, into another dimension, and perhaps they ought to do something about it.  Which of course they do. 

Again, I cannot stress enough how beautifully rendered the artwork by McKelvie is, or just how much damn fun the dialogue and story by Gillen is. 

Fun.  There's that word again!

Monday, July 08, 2013

Gah! Too Hot!

Oh, thank God for Air Conditioning!

I hope that everyone had a thoroughly lovely Fourth of July and subsequent weekend.  It is still sweltering here, in lovely New England, and indeed, throughout most of the country.  It is moments like this when I think moving to Canada would be prudent.  Yes, it is a little snowy in the winter, but the summers have to be nice.

We had not one, but TWO parades, a picnic and then the weekend spent taking the plaster off of the original brick walls in our kitchen in our old Victorian.  The brick is lovely...and I will never ever ever do this again.

But it is Monday, and as usual...I haven't a thought in my head, other than trying to stay cool.  So that means...it's time for random scans!
 photo guykiller1.jpg

Ah, the good old days, when Guy was fresh out of his coma, and crazy as a loon and mean as a grizzly.  Englehart did such a lovely job of bringing him back, as practically a villain, at least for a little while.  Giffen and DeMatteis hadn't gotten their grubby little mitts on him yet, so he wasn't at the stage of buffoonery that came later.  At this point, he was a genuine threat to Hal. 

They've managed to patch things up between them over the years...but still...there is always that lingering hint of one-upmanship that I think will always exist between Guy and Hal.  Which is as it should be.

Saturday, July 06, 2013

Green Lantern #22

And so the Hal-led era of the Green Lantern Corps continues.  Larfleeze has decided that he is going to attack Oa, because it is vulnerable, and well, why the hell not?  Due to all of the shenanigans with Volthoom and the Guardians, the Corps is stretched dangerously thin.  There is dissension in the ranks, and Hal doesn't really know what he is doing.

Not that that is a change really.  Haw!

But he's stepping up as best that he can, having sent all the pent-up rings  that the Guardians had been hoarding out into the cosmos to find new recuits, some of whom have just shown up.  Naturally enough, they don't have a clue about what they are doing, so Hal has to give some quick advice all while fighting off Larfleeze's goons. 

I'm...like this actually.  Plus there is a hilarious panel of one of the rookies trying to figure out how to use his ring, and accidentally clocking Hal in the head.  So...so classic.  Fortunately, St. Walker and a random Star Sapphire show up.  We don't learn her name, but that's ok...she won't be around too long. 

There is a moment of consternation amongst ALL of the compatants when their rings all simultaneously conk out for a minute...and then come back on-line as it were.  This was hinted at in last issue's rendition, and I imagine it is going to be the crux of the future storyline.  But the rings do get their power back, and Larfleeze's ring-generated minions grab the poor Star Sapphire and basically...pull her apart, if you go by the rather grisly sound effect.   That is fridging with a vengeance!  Robert Venditti has his first fridging, but at least they don't show body parts or whatever. 

Her ring flies off to a prisoner in the Science Cells, a certain young woman named Nol-Anj, who is doing her very very best to con the Lantern who is guarding her, into setting her free.  She ends up with the ring, and  Cossite, the Lantern figures they can fly off together and make sweet sweet love.  But although she is apparently capable of Great Love, it isn't for him, but for her clann, who took her in and made her their queen.  So she stabs him, and leaves him to die on the floor. 

The Rookies are starting to get the hang of it, but Hal comes up with a fairly smart strategy...for Hal anyway.  He gets Kilowog to power up all of the ships that are on Oa, and fly them away, figuring that Larfleeze will want them...and he does!  It also gives Nol-Anj a way to get off of Oa. 

So everything is ok for the moment, except that they still have a dead Sapphire and Vozz discovers the dead Lantern and that there has been an escape.  So Hal still has his hands full.  Too bad that he sent Guy off to the Red Lanterns.  And Kyle off with the new Guardians.  And John off...somewhere.  Just can't share the limelight can you Hal? 

All things considered however...I have to say that I liked this.  Venditti seems to have a pretty decent grasp on Hal and the other Lanterns.  The art isn't great, but it isn't bad either, and there are even some good Green Lantern Butts thrown in for good measure.  The post Johns era seems to shaping up pretty well, all things considered. 

Friday, July 05, 2013

Slightly Delayed Reviews

Action Comics #22

I was reading this religiously when Grant Morrison was writing it, and when Andy wrote it, and now that Scott Lobdell is writing it...did I miss an issue or two or something?  I know that somewhere in some of the Super Books, Clark quit the Daily Planet, but apparently so did Cat Grant, and I guess they are starting their own blog or something.  The art is horrendous, and Clark uses his heat vision for personal gain. 

I did not like this. 

Batman #12

I DID like this however.  Talia and Leviathan have pushed Batman to his very last nerve.  It isn't all that often that you see Bruce lose complete control like this.  He goes to town on Damian II, and everyone else gets their licks in as well, and there is weird Bat-Science, and oh heck...it's fun.  Over-blown, insane and fun. 

Fairest #17

More about Charming and his story.  Charming is a fun character...he can be so incredibly reprehensible, and yet somehow he always manages to land on his feet.  And lets face it...he IS pretty charming.  Too bad he has some sort of creeping crud. 

Nicely done as usual.

Green Lantern #22


Swamp Thing #22

I've been reading this on and off.  But I can never resist a Constantine appearance, which has someone who has apparently stolen part of the Green or something, and he grants a town that lost their whiskey brewery with a tree that grows...booze.  Really GOOD booze!  Too bad it turns everyone into wackadoodles... including John.

Pretty darned good.

X-Men #2

Marvel is actually beginning to woo me back with some decent books.  This is the one with the whole female cast, and it is pretty spectacular.  Sublime shows up, and now he's a sentient fungus or something...I must have missed that part when I gave up on the X-Men in disgust a while back.  His sister is evil too, and Jubilee no longer seems to be a vampire which is a good thing, and has acquired  baby.   I honestly don't really know what is going on completely but I am interested.  And the art by Coipel is lovely as always.

So...not a whole lot of books, but not bad ones.

Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Oh Wednesday

Great Odin's Raven...it's hot!  So...so very hot.  And muggy.  God, I hate summer. 

But at least it is Wednesday, and at least there are new comics.  And that is a good thing.  At least there will be a few weeks of actual hero comics until this whole Villain thingie, that takes place in August, I believe.  DC really does seem to like its villains. 

I can understand that.  I like villains too...at least some of them.  And DC does seem to have some of the most iconic ones around.  But that doesn't necessarily mean that I want to read about them to the exclusion of the heroes, which quite frankly, I enjoy more.  I mean, my ideal comic is Guy and Kyle and John and Hal and Kilowog hanging out at a bar.  So I am a little bit leery of what is coming our way shortly. 

Marvel has acually made me quietly happy lately, at least with such offerings as Hawkeye, Journey into Mystery, Thor and Young Avengers.  X-Men hasn't been too bad at all either.  I'm staying away from all the Avengers/X-Men mashups though.  And I keep thinking that I really should give Daredevil a looksie.  Still, after all that Skrull/Civil War/Phoenix stuff, I've been a bit gun-shy. 

If I were running DC...!

Oh, how many of us have fantasized about that?  I'd get rid of the whole new 52 Universe, and go back to the regular messy ridiculous glorious convoluted continuity.  I'd bring back my favorite dead people...Ted and Max and Ralph and Sue and Dmitri have just been chilling on Kooey  Kooey Kooey all this time.  All the other unpleasantness were...clones, or cyborgs, or robots or whatever.  I'd bring back Wally and Linda.  I'd bring back Stephanie and Cass and Donna and Garth and Damian and Hawkman and Hawkwoman, and Katma Tui and Mace Gardner.  Superman would be wearing his underwear on the outside again.  Lex would be an evil businessman and mad genius.  The Legion would go back to holding tryouts for their elite little club and then taunting the losers so that hey can have a bunch of new villain origins.  Barbara Gordon would be Oracle again.  She doesn't have to be in a wheelchair however.  Metamorpho would show up occasionally.  Deathstroke would only show up once a year, if that.  Gail Simone's Suicide Squad would be back.  Jaime Reyes as the new Blue Beetle would be back WITH his original cast as they should be! 

Lois would be with Clark.  Marriage wouldn't be a four letter word.  Wonder Woman could hang out with Steve Trevor.  Amanda Waller would be fat.  Etta Candy would be fat.  Chunk would be fat.  Peggy Louise Gardner would also be loud and fat.  Power Girl would only be drawn by Amanda Conner.  Pat Gleason and Ivan Reis and Doug Mahnke would clone themselves and draw all my books, along with Nicola Scott.  All the good writers who have been chased away by DC would come back and actually be able to write their books without some snot-nosed punk editor telling them to kill off  John Stewart.  Guy would be back with Ice.  The JLI would be back...bwahahahahing all over the place.  Ostrander would get a book to write. 

And they would bring back Batman, the Brave and the Bold on television.

That is what I would do. 

What would YOU do? 

Tuesday, July 02, 2013


Well, that was different.  We have been having very hot muggy and incredibly rainy weather here in lovely old New England, while it appears that the rest of the country is roasting away.  And yesturday, we had one heckuva microburst in Springfield, while I was at work.

That was scary enough, but then we had a tornado touch down in my little old town of Windsor Locks, here is Connecticut.  That's getting a little too close to home for comfort!  Fortunately, my house was unscathed, but the southern end of town lost some trees.  The weirdest thing however, is that the Shade Tobacco fields in Windsor were in the path of the storm, and all the netting was sucked into the funnel, and then deposited a couple of miles away over the trees and houses...hundreds and hundreds of feet of gauzy nylon netting. 

Just weird.