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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

Well, be still my heart, because this was a pretty darned good week.  I love it when my comics are good.

All-Star Western #19

This has to be the best Jonah Hex book in quite a while.  Mainly because Booster Gold shows up!  He's the sheriff of a small town, more or less by accident, and of course he comes across Jonah, as they are both hunting some very very bad people.  The funny thing is that he can almost...remember Jonah, but not quite.  And he's from the Future!  Jonah isn't buying it, but he does have the courtesy not to fill Booster full of holes. 

The dialogue is hilarious, the art is decent, and oh...it has Booster in it!  My cup of happiness runneth over.

The Flash #19

Well, now we learn why suddenly Barry doesn't have any powers...thanks to Dial H for Hero.  Actually, I love this sort of thing.  It ties everything together so neatly.  Barry is a trifle disconcerted, but being a true hero, he doesn't let being completely powerless throw him, and proceeds to use his BRAINS to thwart the takeover of the Iron Heights prison.  He's actually trying to clear the Trickster of a murder charge.  He ends up using all of the various Rogue's confiscated weapons to outwit the attackers. 

The poor schlubs who were in the Speed Force show up too, and there are...ramifications.  Plus, Barry and Cyborg have an interesting talk in the Satellite about powers and the use of them, or lack thereof.  Oh, and the Reverse Flash shows up at the very end.  He is...not a nice person.


Justice League Dark #19

I do enjoy this book.  Somehow, John has misplaced the House of Mystery, and he wants it back.  Now.  So he calls the gang back together, and they go looking for it, with a bit of help from Swamp Thing.  Xanadu's foreseeing of the immediate future is starting to annoy everyone.  Even the Flash shows up. 

Also a number of rather unpleasant things occur, and we discover that it is all the fault of Doctor Destiny!

The Art is so pretty, and the story is setting up a new arc, and things are quite agreeable in a comic booky sort of way.

Red Lanterns #19

I had dropped this, more or less, but if Guy is supposed to be showing up as a Red Lanterns in a few months, I thought that it behooved me, to figure out what was going on.  Apparently, Volthoom really took the heart out of Atrocitus, and he has decided that he needs for the rest of his merry band, to...kill him. 


Being awfully cranky, they all decide, that what the heck...they'll do it.  Except of course, that it doesn't work out quite that way.  They aren't able to kill Atrocitus, and he discovers the joy of Rage all over again, except now he can empathize with the other corpmembers feelings of angst, which seems rather...odd.  And then they all decide that they are going to go off to Oa and kill. the Guardians.

Heh.  He'll have to stand in line for that. 

I guess they are trying to assemble all of the various corps and characters for the big showdown, which is presumably next month, but who the heck knows? 

Journey Into Mystery #651

Gosh, I just love this book.  Sif is back, and apparently not a berserker anymore, and shacking up with Thor again, which is as it should be.  Everyone in Asgard is asleep except for Volstagg's adorable daughter Hilde, who can't sleep and decides to take Heimdall's hel hound out for a walk.  They accidentally discover a couple of dwarves and the Fenris wolf in the garden, which seems like a strange thing, and raise the alarm.  Hogun wakes up, Fandral wakes up, Volstagg is up, and they wake up Sif and Thor, who is buck nekkid, much to Hilde's delight, and Volstagg's outrage.  Thor isn't shy, that's for sure.  He must have hung out with Hercules too long. 

So they all go off to fight the Fenris wolf, and the dwarves sort of help out, and it turns out that Hati, the Hel Hound was the one with the bad fish breath, that accidentally woke up the Wolf.  Lots of exciting things happen, Hilde saves the day, and  everyone has breakfast at Volstagg's house. 

So...so much fun.

Thor: God of Thunder #007

Actually I think this came out last week, but I managed to miss it somehow.  Young present day Thor ends up in the far future hanging out with old cranky Thor, and they go after the God Butcher, and the nexus of all the Gods calls a meeting, and it turns out that the bad Guy is making a Very Large Bomb.

The artwork is exquisite, the story is fun, and I love this book.  Two good Marvel books!

Young Avengers #004

Make that THREE Marvel Books!

Well, we have Kate, aka Hawkeye, paired up with Noh Varr, who finally show up to help fight the interdimensional baddie who has taken over Billy's mother and all of the other parents, and is bringing back bad versions of all the dead parents.

Loki keeps trying to get Billy to give him his powers, and also gives Teddy a bit of advice, that may come back to haunt them later.  In the end, Billy of course gives his powers to Loki for ten minutes.  Loki naturally, disappears, leaving the rest of them stuck.

Oh Loki.  I'm sure that you will come through in the end, you little devil.

The art is FABULOUS, the dialogue is hilarious, and this is one of the best books out there!

So...a very nice week indeed.


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