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Friday, April 19, 2013

Green Lanterns: New Guardians #19

We are now dealing with the aftermath of Volthoom destroying the planet of Korugar...basically just to mess with Sinestro.  Volthoom is really a jerk. 

After escaping from Volthoom, Carol high-tails it back to earth, where she finds Kyle almost catatonic and babbling.  Because being the Torchbearer, and a highly skilled Green Lantern, simply overflowing with Will power, is no match to the bad guy, the way that Carol's violet-ness is. 


I'm not bitter at all.

Kyle sends out the word to the rest of the Corps to watch out for Volthoom, but he's having trouble dealing with all of the death, considering he is a White Lantern now.  He also doesn't think that it was Sinestro who destroyed Korugar, which makes sense because he never would.  But nevertheless, Sinestro is awfully upset, and he's ready to take it out on Kyle.  Carol in the meantime is pestering him about the whereabouts of Hal, and of course Sinestro is utterly uninterested in her love life.

Sinestro wants to use Kyle, or alternatively, Kyle's ring, to bring back Korugar, which actually makes sense.  Fortunately before things can go too far, B'dge shows up along with Simon.  Man, I do love that Squirrel.  Carol is devastated naturally to learn that Simon is Hal's replacement.

Kyle tries his best to bring back the dead of Korugar, but it's not working, which just pisses Sinestro off even more.  He snatches Kyles ring, and tries to use it himself, which of course leaves Kyle gasping for air in Space.  It doesn't seem to occur to the OTHER Lanterns floating around to maybe help him out a little, till Carol notices, and puts a pink bubble around him.  But the White Ring doesn't like Sinestro, and makes a beeline for Simon, who thinks that since he brought back his brother in law, he is suddenly the bee's Knees.  I seem to have Bees on the brain for some reason.  But alas, Simon hasn't got what it takes either, and the White Ring goes back to Kyle.

So Sinestro stomps his little feet, and summons up his yellow FEAR Lantern, and flies off in a hissy fit...for which one cannot really blame him.  And Carol is sad about Hal.

Which is foolish of her, because Hal is like a cockroach, he's basically unkillable at this point!

This wasn't bad, although I am getting awfully sick of Volthoom, and I do wish that somebody would squish him like the rancid little bug that he is.  At least things are finally happening!


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