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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Oh God, Tuesday

I haven't a single thought in my head...except that the sun is shining, and the birdies are singing, and the tulips are up, and it is FINALLY Spring.  Also, tomorrow is Wednesday, and that is always a good thing.  I'm not even cranky about anything, although if you give me a moment or two, I am sure that I can dredge up some outrage about...something.

In lieu of outrage, I give you Hal's butt. photo tumblr_mff4qpGG9t1rj0jkwo1_500_zpsf9c6b291.png

Oh Hal.  You and your adorable ass.  You just stand there and pose a while, while you insult those nice aliens.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

In Honor of Clark and Lois

I've rather been ignoring the anniversary of both Superman and Lois Lane.  Lord knows that DC hasn't really made all that much of a hullabaloo about it...especially Lois.  I think they are desperately trying to convince us to put 75 years of Lois and Clark out of our minds.

Shan't be happening.

 photo supermanfamilyadv12-5q0p5u_zps68cd8315.jpg

One of the best books that DC is putting out, is sadly coming to an end.  But it does go out with a bang.  And...in continuity!

So...so sweet.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

Well, be still my heart, because this was a pretty darned good week.  I love it when my comics are good.

All-Star Western #19

This has to be the best Jonah Hex book in quite a while.  Mainly because Booster Gold shows up!  He's the sheriff of a small town, more or less by accident, and of course he comes across Jonah, as they are both hunting some very very bad people.  The funny thing is that he can almost...remember Jonah, but not quite.  And he's from the Future!  Jonah isn't buying it, but he does have the courtesy not to fill Booster full of holes. 

The dialogue is hilarious, the art is decent, and oh...it has Booster in it!  My cup of happiness runneth over.

The Flash #19

Well, now we learn why suddenly Barry doesn't have any powers...thanks to Dial H for Hero.  Actually, I love this sort of thing.  It ties everything together so neatly.  Barry is a trifle disconcerted, but being a true hero, he doesn't let being completely powerless throw him, and proceeds to use his BRAINS to thwart the takeover of the Iron Heights prison.  He's actually trying to clear the Trickster of a murder charge.  He ends up using all of the various Rogue's confiscated weapons to outwit the attackers. 

The poor schlubs who were in the Speed Force show up too, and there are...ramifications.  Plus, Barry and Cyborg have an interesting talk in the Satellite about powers and the use of them, or lack thereof.  Oh, and the Reverse Flash shows up at the very end.  He is...not a nice person.


Justice League Dark #19

I do enjoy this book.  Somehow, John has misplaced the House of Mystery, and he wants it back.  Now.  So he calls the gang back together, and they go looking for it, with a bit of help from Swamp Thing.  Xanadu's foreseeing of the immediate future is starting to annoy everyone.  Even the Flash shows up. 

Also a number of rather unpleasant things occur, and we discover that it is all the fault of Doctor Destiny!

The Art is so pretty, and the story is setting up a new arc, and things are quite agreeable in a comic booky sort of way.

Red Lanterns #19

I had dropped this, more or less, but if Guy is supposed to be showing up as a Red Lanterns in a few months, I thought that it behooved me, to figure out what was going on.  Apparently, Volthoom really took the heart out of Atrocitus, and he has decided that he needs for the rest of his merry band, to...kill him. 


Being awfully cranky, they all decide, that what the heck...they'll do it.  Except of course, that it doesn't work out quite that way.  They aren't able to kill Atrocitus, and he discovers the joy of Rage all over again, except now he can empathize with the other corpmembers feelings of angst, which seems rather...odd.  And then they all decide that they are going to go off to Oa and kill. the Guardians.

Heh.  He'll have to stand in line for that. 

I guess they are trying to assemble all of the various corps and characters for the big showdown, which is presumably next month, but who the heck knows? 

Journey Into Mystery #651

Gosh, I just love this book.  Sif is back, and apparently not a berserker anymore, and shacking up with Thor again, which is as it should be.  Everyone in Asgard is asleep except for Volstagg's adorable daughter Hilde, who can't sleep and decides to take Heimdall's hel hound out for a walk.  They accidentally discover a couple of dwarves and the Fenris wolf in the garden, which seems like a strange thing, and raise the alarm.  Hogun wakes up, Fandral wakes up, Volstagg is up, and they wake up Sif and Thor, who is buck nekkid, much to Hilde's delight, and Volstagg's outrage.  Thor isn't shy, that's for sure.  He must have hung out with Hercules too long. 

So they all go off to fight the Fenris wolf, and the dwarves sort of help out, and it turns out that Hati, the Hel Hound was the one with the bad fish breath, that accidentally woke up the Wolf.  Lots of exciting things happen, Hilde saves the day, and  everyone has breakfast at Volstagg's house. 

So...so much fun.

Thor: God of Thunder #007

Actually I think this came out last week, but I managed to miss it somehow.  Young present day Thor ends up in the far future hanging out with old cranky Thor, and they go after the God Butcher, and the nexus of all the Gods calls a meeting, and it turns out that the bad Guy is making a Very Large Bomb.

The artwork is exquisite, the story is fun, and I love this book.  Two good Marvel books!

Young Avengers #004

Make that THREE Marvel Books!

Well, we have Kate, aka Hawkeye, paired up with Noh Varr, who finally show up to help fight the interdimensional baddie who has taken over Billy's mother and all of the other parents, and is bringing back bad versions of all the dead parents.

Loki keeps trying to get Billy to give him his powers, and also gives Teddy a bit of advice, that may come back to haunt them later.  In the end, Billy of course gives his powers to Loki for ten minutes.  Loki naturally, disappears, leaving the rest of them stuck.

Oh Loki.  I'm sure that you will come through in the end, you little devil.

The art is FABULOUS, the dialogue is hilarious, and this is one of the best books out there!

So...a very nice week indeed.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Oh Sweet Sweet Wednesday

It's a lovely day, and I have put the top down, and am off to the Comical Book Store.  But first, I had to do something with Hal.

I have been neglecting Hal as of late.  Heck, I've been neglecting ALL the boys in Green! And the girls in Green too.

 photo halandittychangingclothes_zpse24ddb5d.png

It took Hal a while, but he finally figured out that the ring will change his clothes.  And Itty too!  I'm not quite sure what Itty was disguised as, and I am not sure that I want to know.

Of course, we take all of this sort of thing for granted nowadays, but back in the day, I'm sure this was a pretty big move.  But Hal does look so pretty posing like that.

Monday, April 22, 2013

For No Real Reason...!

It's Spring...finally.  And therefore, that is all the reason that I have to post pretty pictures.

 photo guythinkshesagenius.jpg

Well...Guy needs a shave, but he IS showing off his behind rather nicely.

At least I think it's pretty.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Green Lanterns: New Guardians #19

We are now dealing with the aftermath of Volthoom destroying the planet of Korugar...basically just to mess with Sinestro.  Volthoom is really a jerk. 

After escaping from Volthoom, Carol high-tails it back to earth, where she finds Kyle almost catatonic and babbling.  Because being the Torchbearer, and a highly skilled Green Lantern, simply overflowing with Will power, is no match to the bad guy, the way that Carol's violet-ness is. 


I'm not bitter at all.

Kyle sends out the word to the rest of the Corps to watch out for Volthoom, but he's having trouble dealing with all of the death, considering he is a White Lantern now.  He also doesn't think that it was Sinestro who destroyed Korugar, which makes sense because he never would.  But nevertheless, Sinestro is awfully upset, and he's ready to take it out on Kyle.  Carol in the meantime is pestering him about the whereabouts of Hal, and of course Sinestro is utterly uninterested in her love life.

Sinestro wants to use Kyle, or alternatively, Kyle's ring, to bring back Korugar, which actually makes sense.  Fortunately before things can go too far, B'dge shows up along with Simon.  Man, I do love that Squirrel.  Carol is devastated naturally to learn that Simon is Hal's replacement.

Kyle tries his best to bring back the dead of Korugar, but it's not working, which just pisses Sinestro off even more.  He snatches Kyles ring, and tries to use it himself, which of course leaves Kyle gasping for air in Space.  It doesn't seem to occur to the OTHER Lanterns floating around to maybe help him out a little, till Carol notices, and puts a pink bubble around him.  But the White Ring doesn't like Sinestro, and makes a beeline for Simon, who thinks that since he brought back his brother in law, he is suddenly the bee's Knees.  I seem to have Bees on the brain for some reason.  But alas, Simon hasn't got what it takes either, and the White Ring goes back to Kyle.

So Sinestro stomps his little feet, and summons up his yellow FEAR Lantern, and flies off in a hissy fit...for which one cannot really blame him.  And Carol is sad about Hal.

Which is foolish of her, because Hal is like a cockroach, he's basically unkillable at this point!

This wasn't bad, although I am getting awfully sick of Volthoom, and I do wish that somebody would squish him like the rancid little bug that he is.  At least things are finally happening!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

And lo, we are back on schedule.

Batwoman #19

I really don't understand exactly why DC thought that the folded covers were going to be so very very shocking.  This one just shows Maggie having nightmares.  It is a very nice cover, but not in the least shocking.

Oh well.

It turns out that young lady with the surf board is actually Cameron's sister, and that their dear old dad was a wannabe superhero, and things didn't...end well.  Probably why Cameron is so down on the super powers set. 

So Maggie is having nightmares, and Kate's dad has revealed the secret to his wife, who rather surprisingly turns out to be incredibly supportive of his endeavors.  Also Flamebird, or Hawkfire, or whatever the hell she is calling herself decidees she can't  work with Kate if she doesn't trust her.  And Kate finally realizes that the D.E.O. is only using her to get to Batman.  Well...duh.

But gosh, what pretty art.  All kinds of things are going on in this issue, basically setting things up for the next story.

Birds of Prey #19

Dinah is worried that Condor has betrayed them to Mister Freeze, who has apparently kidnapped Starling, in order to get to the Court of Owls.  Turns out they used some of his technology and then welshed on paying for it, so he's pretty cranky.  They do get Strix to lead them to the lab, although she's not particularly happy about it. 

And guess what?  It wasn't Condor who was the traitor!  I'm not going to tell you who is IS, because I'm not quite sure that I believe it, but not a bad story.

Fables #128

Bigby is back, and he's not happy.  He's fighting for Snow White against her evil evil former betrothed.  Of course, Snow White stupidly doesn't tell him that any blow against whatshisname actually is a blow against her.  Rose Red realizes this is remarkably stupid, but rather cleverly finds the old flying carpet that had been lying around the wrecked office, and finally manages to rescue her sister.  Bigby is mad as heck, and probably not paying as close attention as he should, and gets turned into a giant crystal statue.

Well crap.  However, I rather doubt that they are going to kill off the Big Bad Wolf quite so easily.  But a darned good story as usual.

Justice League #19

The fold out cover on this one, shows Batman killing Superman with...Kryptonite!  Naturally this is quite shocking.  It also doesn't happen.  Although, Jason and Alfred are having a tender moment in the Bat cave when they are attacked, by someone who manages to bypass all of the rather stringent security measures, and goes right to the secret vault that has all of Bat's little measures against his fellow Leaguers.  Naturally, he runs off with the Superman case. 

Then most of the Justice League is waltzing through the Bat cave as well, which I find a little astonishing.

Meanwhile, the new Atom has been playing around literally IN her video games, before wandering up to the Satellite of Love, where Firestorm is sitting around talking to himself.  Back on Earth, Superman and Wonder Woman have gone into Khandaq and rescued some hostages, but naturally, caused an international incident while doing so, so Batman shows up and points out that he knows they are smooching in the shadows, and that while he doesn't have any problem with it, other people might be alarmed by the two most powerful beings in the galaxy hanging out together.  That really doesn't make a whole lot of sense, since the entire Justice League hangs out together, but what the heck.

Also, Wonder Woman is a whole heck of a lot more arrogant and obnoxious in this book than she is in her own book.  Also Superman is stupid.  Batman surprisingly, is the most reasonable of the lot.  Then for some reason, Despero shows up.

In the Shazaam back up story,  Billy is trying to get back to the Rock so that he can quit, while that lady in the mirror tells him more about Black Adam.  It turns out that Adam was picked as a boy as well, so Billy runs off to start bonding with him.  It doesn't turn out quite as he expected.

Is it me, or are the Justice League acting really moronically lately?

Vibe #3

This is actually turning out to be a nice little book.  I still find this version of Vibe to be a bit bland...he hasn't started break dancing even ONCE!  But I am enjoying Dale Gunn, and the various machinations of Argus, and Amanda Waller.  Also Bart shows up...at least I assume it is Bart, and it may turn out to be interesting.

Wonder Woman #19

God, I love this book.  The cover shows her smooching with Orion, and wonder of wonders...it actually happens in the book!  Although not quite the way that it looks.

So Apollo is still wondering what to do, while Artemis and Dionysus hang out and drink wine.  The First Born makes a deal with his uncle Poseidon, who ends up hanging out with Hades.  Since the two of the elder Gods are making bets and smirking a lot, it probably won't end well for the First Born. 

Zola is trying to think up baby names, and Hera is bonding with the baby, which actually makes sense.  Ares wanders off to get drunk, and Lennox wants to quit.  And Orion naturally just won't stop needling Diana.  I swear to God, that Azzarello is writing Orion as Guy Gardner, and I am loving it.

So....Orion just won't stop with the innuendos, and taunting, and Diana finally has had it, so she marches right up to him and plants a big wet one right on the lips, which certainly startles everyone.  It especially startles Orion, since she also has a firm grip upon his favorite boy parts and threatens to rip them clean off, if he doesn't back off just a tad.  Punching naturally follows.

God, oh God, I love this book.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Green Lantern Corps #19

I am ridiculously late in putting up my review of Green Lantern Corps...but what the heck.

The fold-in cover by the way, is rather nice, showing none other than one of my very favorite non-sociable Lanterns...Mogo!  I cannot sufficiently express how happy I am that they brought back Mogo.

We open, with Volthoom, doing his usual schtick, of zapping everybody and sucking out their emotions...in this particular case practically all of the remaining Green Lantern Corps.  Incidentally, the ranks of which must be sadly depleted.  Everybody is very very unhappy.  And then, from nowhere, they all start to get covered over in what appear to be small green rocks or something...and not just the Lanterns themselves, but all of Oa!  What could this be?

Why it's Mogo of course!  To the Rescue!  Covering them up cuts their contact with Volthoom.  Mogo then transports them all to his/her surface.  The Lanterns are safe, but sadly pooped.  Volthoom is not particularly pleased by this turn of events, and tries to go after Mogo, and conjures up dopplegangers of all of the Lanterns, only they are from the different Corps.  Guy is red, John is Indigo, and so on and so forth. 

So, all of the Corps is stuck fighting evil versions of themselves.  This goes on for quite a bit, without dialogue, but with awfully pretty artwork from Fernando Pasarin.  The Lanterns are exhausted and royally pissed off, and they manage to summon up the willpower to defeat their evil counterparts...when suddenly, they all just fade away, much to their collective consternation and amazement.  Turns out that it wasn't actually Volthoom who conjured them up, but Mogo, so that he could give them some motivation and remind them that they are Lanterns dammit, and they've got the Willpower to go out and change the Universe!  Or...words to that effect.

It is a rather Machiavellian move on Mogo's part.  I'm so proud.  Mogo tells them all to go out and kick butt, and they all raise their rings and recite the vow, and boy howdy, the finale is coming  up!

This may have been something of a place holder in the tale being spun, but what the heck.  I sure liked it a whole lot better than just Volthoom going around being mean to everyone, and all the Lanterns whining and moaning and giving up.  At least they have their brains, willpower and motivations back, and it is hopefully, going to be...epic. 

So I enjoyed this.

Monday, April 15, 2013

And I Have Returned

You may have noticed my absence for the past couple of days.  It is once again that halcyon time of year, for Tire Dealers throughout lovely New England, to wend their way south, to the Mohegan Sun Casino for a weekend of dealing, eating, drinking and schmoozing.  I can certainly schmooze with the best of them, in fact I have been schmoozing for several days.  I also helped set up the Trade Show, attended Cocktail parties and managed to outbid everyone else for the 51" Samsung flat screen television at the auction to benefit our Scholarship program. 

Victory is Mine!

But all of this fevered activity meant that I never got to put up my reviews, and I'm sure that you are ALL simply aghast.

And darn it...it was a pretty damned decent week last Wednesday!  Since we are almost to THIS week's new books, I had better let you all know how fabulous everything was.

Batgirl #19

We come to a fairly thrilling conclusion, as Barbara continues to engage in a battle of wits with her evil evil brother James.  Also her nice roommate is a transexual, which is unexpected, but not a bad thing at all.  If there is one thing that comics could use, it is a bit of variety.  James supposedly buys the farm, but you know and I know, that if he is needed again, he'll rise from his watery grave.  Also there was a slight misunderstanding with the Commissioner.  But boy, her mom sure is hardcore!

This was pretty good.  Nice to see things come to a conclusion, and for Barbara to use her brains.

Batman #19

Well, as you all know, the fold out cover has Bruce pulling a gun on the good Commissioner...but Not To Worry!  It's actually NOT Bruce...and hey, Superman shows up too!

This was actually creepy as all get out...but in a GOOD way. Scott Snyder has a way with the macabre, which is a good thing when you are writing about a man dressed up like a bat. 


Batman and Red Robin #19

Yes, that is Carrie on the fold out cover, and Pat Gleason makes her as cute as all get out.  It turns out that she was teaching Damian some stuff that Bruce never even knew about.  Bruce misses his little boy, and he's starting to...well...lose it a bit.  Just a Tad.

So he goes out and kidnaps Frankenstein, because he wants to get his advice on how to bring Damian back.  Frankenstein is surprisingly understanding about the whole thing, especially considering how Bruce is literally tapping his brain.  Frankie explains that he can understand his grief, but this is a Very Bad Idea. 

Tim shows up, tipped off by Alfred, and is utterly horrified, tries to talk Bruce out of it, but Bruce is beyond any rationality, so Tim blows up the Bat Cave basically.

Bruce is very very angry.  Very Angry InDEED!

Again, quite fabulous.

Constantine #2

John does his usual thing, of playing people off against one another, and he does it fairly well.  Not bad.  He lost one artifact, but its on the trail of another.  I'm still not hooked completely on this book, but I am giving it a chance.  It has at least, piqued my interest.

Demon Knights #19

I do like this book.  Cain is running amok, Themyscira has been invaded, and Vandal Savage is being a major pain in the ass.  Even Lucifer is a tad worried.  And Sir Ystin gets a pain in the neck.

Pretty darned good!

Green Lantern Corps#19


Justice League of America #2

Waller continues to bicker with Steve Trevor.  Scarecrow is kidnapped and hanging out with some guy who looks eerily like Alfred, but is probably not Alfred.  Courtney is perky, Vibe is confused, Hawkman has someone else's blood on him, and Catwoman is showing off her assets like you wouldn't believe.  And they all end up on a mysterious island where they are being picked off by dopplegangers.

Also, J'onn penetrates the security at the White House in the backup story.

Not terrible.  It was an ok story.  We'll see where it all goes.

Hawkeye #9

Clint really has just terrible luck with the ladies.  Gosh, I love this book.

Not particularly scintillating or in-depth reviews, but by now, I figure you have all read these for yourselves anyway.  But still...not a bad week at all!

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Apparently I Am An Elitist!

I never knew this before, but apparently I have joined a cult. 

I have had my first Latte. 

And I liked it.  A LOT!

I mean...who knew?  I never even stepped foot in a Starbucks until about a year ago at the airport, where I was desperate.  It wasn't great, but it wasn't terrible.  But I  have discovered the delights of caramel and frothed milk and espresso.  And I may try a Cappucino tomorrow.  There is a whole WORLD of caffinated goodness, just lurking out there!

Just for the record I also drink a lot of wine, I like cheese, and I have a fancy car.  Obviously I am scum. 

But now I am beginning to realize just what it was that made Kyle so happy when he hung out at Radu's coffee shoppe.  And it wasn't the free wi-fi. 

Kyle pictures photo Countdown31KyleAss.jpg

Oh Kyle.  Your coffee habit and your adorable behind.

I just remembered that John Stewart is a coffee freak as well.  He had Hal bringing him his favorite grinds when he was on Oa, although usually Hal forgot.  I don't know if Hal likes coffee.  I would assume so, but its not something that really comes up all that often.  In fact, I really don't know all that much about what Hal likes, other than flying and getting laid.  He really has no life. 

I would assume that Guy is just a plain straight coffee drinker, none of that fancy schmancy flavored stuff.  A cuppa joe as it were.  But probably with sugar.  Hal would drink his black. 

But oh god....All...That...Foam.  

Who else likes coffee?

Friday, April 05, 2013

Green Lantern #19

Well, good gosharootie, this wasn't bad at all.  Which is definitely an improvement over the other Green Lantern books, which have been a bit on the disappointing side lately. 

We do have the folding cover, showing all of the broken and cracked lanterns...when you open it up, it shows Sinestro, still in his Green Lantern togs, holding a YELLOW Lantern, with the logo that says Fear Burns Brightest!


No Doug Mahnke this issue, which makes me sad, but  Syak and Kudranski do a decent job.

We begin with Tomar Re begging Hal to reconsider killing himself in order to master Black Hand's ring.  Hal may be "Dead", but at this point he is only MOSTLY Dead.  However, being Hal, of course he doesn't listen, and of course, he thinks he has a plan.  Silly Hal.  And yet, he probably couldn't react any other way...being Hal.

Meanwhile, Sinestro has followed Simon Baz BACK to the world of the living, although he is being awfully snotty about it.  Simon is surprisingly cool about the whole thing, and B'dg just tells Sinestro to chill or words to that effect.  The other Maltusians, who have now been named the Templar Guardians seem a tad disconcerted by all of this, but try to make the best of things.  Sinestro of course, is having none of that, and blasts off to Korugar.

Here, he meets up with Arsona, and he actually asks her to help him.  She's a bit flabberghasted, because he has never even admitted needing help.  Sinestro is oddly diffident,  when naturally, Volthoom shows up to mess things up.  I am really hating Volthoom.  He is sooo annoying.  He does his usual schtick with Sinestro shown in his past  appearances, and then he feeds off of his emotions, and since apparently Sinestro has the BEST emotions, Volthoom is able to get enough power to...CHANGE THE UNIVERSE!

So he wipes out Korugar. 

This makes Sinestro...very very angry.  Very angry inDEED!

Back in the Dead Zone, Hal is still dithering, when all the dead Korugarians show up, so naturally, he jumps off of a cliff.   Oh Hal.  Never ever change.

Sinestro on the other hand, is still full of piss and vinegar...and lo and behold...sees his yellow Lantern floating just out of his reach.

So I guess the big issue is number 20. 

This really was pretty decent, but I have to admit that as much as I have been enjoying Sinestro and Hal together, I really can't stand Volthoom.  His motivation seems peculiar.  I understand he's not happy about being locked up for millenia, but he was just being evil for the sake of being evil, which I always find dull.  I also have trouble accepting the idea that Carol, Larfleeze and St. Walker are better at resisting Volthoom than full-fledged Lanterns such as Sinestro, Guy and John, and Kyle.  That just makes no sense at all. 

I'm still interested of course.  But no Hal butts.  Sinestro's isn't bad though.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Thursday's Reviews

This would have been a lot smaller of a week, if I hadn't managed to get my greedy paws on a couple of books that I managed somehow to completely miss the week that they were supposed to come out.  Sometimes I wonder where my brain is.

Action Comics #19

I was of two minds whether or not to continue with this book.  I have rather enjoyed Grant Morrison's take on a young and inexperienced Superman.  I also understand that Andy Diggle, whom is a writer that I also enjoy will only be on for an issue or two.  Really, DC, this is getting pretty annoying!

But this was a decent story.  Lois is in Qurac of all places, with Clark, boozing it up at the hotel bar, and happy, because, being Lois, she managed to score the scoop of scoops.  I adore Lois being competent.  She even does a bit of mild flirting with Clark, who takes fright and takes off after a scoop of his own.  Poor Lois.

Clark is busy congratulating himself on "keeping Lois safe".  Yeah.  Right.

He then springs into usual Super fashion, and is attacked by some monster robot things, with people inside of them, which he manages to trounce fairly easily, although much to his surprise, the inhabitant of one of the trashed robots suddenly looks and sounds just like Jimmy Olsen...before he blows up.  That is also the inside fold of the cover, for those of you who wish to know.  Frankly, nothing that ever happens to Jimmy can surprise me. 

Of course, it is all a ruse, on the part of none other than...Lex Luthor!  He has apparently kidnapped some poor Shrink, and is making her psychoanalyze him, for no other reason, than he really has an enormous ego.  She's terrified, but still in their doing her best.  It also gives Lex a chance to brag about how clever he is.  The attack was a diversion, the real attack was getting close enough to Superman to plant some microscopic needles laced with Kryptonite or something, so that he could be attacked from within...and it works!

I imagine that somehow Superman will figure it all out, but still, I am intrigued enough to stick around for a while.

Not bad at all. 

I always enjoy Lex Luthor Dickery.

Batwoman #18

I somehow managed to miss this.  Kate is up against Mister Freeze for some reason, accompanied by Hawkfire, or Firehawk, or Flamebird, or Warmchicadee, or whatever her name is now.  She is still supposedly feeding information to  Cameron, in order to protect her Dad, who is also feeding information to Bette, and it all gets just a bit confusing, as all of these people dance around each other. 

Oh, and Batman shows up. 

The D.E.O. is getting tired of Kate's antics, and decides to up the ante.  Maggie Sawyer goes apartment shopping for a nice place and her fiancee.  Other things happen.  It's a lot of fun.

Fairest #14

Thank goodness the interminable Rapunzel story is over.  I think that this is a single issue story, with  Princess Alder, and her quest for a good date.  She's a tree, but a very very pretty tree, and a lot of the menfolk of the Farm are greatly intrigued, but for some reason it just never works out.  So Reynaud, the Fox, who is one of my favorites, decides to give it a go, since they are already friends. 

Bo Peep makes him lasagna, and Alder has her favorite dish, which Reynaud insists upon tasting, only to discover that walking trees love a nice manure casserole.  Things sadly, go downhill from there, ending with Gepetto insisting that he can grow a suitor for her in a little while, if they only give him some time.  Gosh, Gepetto is still evil. 

A little silly, but a good romp for a change.

Green Lantern #19


And Oh...Sinestro!

Young Avengers #3

Dang it, I had somehow missed this last week as well, and I am SO glad that I found it!  I cannot tell you how much I love the artwork by James McKelvie, not to mention Kieron Gillens' sure hand with dialogue.

They are all just so...so adorable!  Loki especially. 

It now becomes clear that Wiccan's spell has included all of their respective dead parents, since Loki had tried to stop the spell, but somehow managed to...twist it.  Typical.  Also, Loki's young teen body doesn't have the endurance that a grown-up Loki's does, so he can't just sit around and do magic without fainting.

The boys also indulge their love of Game of Thrones, Loki wants to have Wiccan's power for fifteen minutes to send the nasty old creature away, but nobody is buying what he is selling.  They do all end up in a disco swigging champagne, but then the parents show up and things start to go downhill from there.

God, I am loving this book.

Twelve thumbs up!

Monday, April 01, 2013

April 1st!

And a Merry April Fool's day to you all.  Spring in New England, is having its own merry jape at our expense today.  We've run the gamut of practically every type of weather possible in about 8 hours so far!

And I also want to wish a Happy Birthday to my favorite Green Lantern.

Yes...it's Guy Gardner's Birthday.

Or at least in MY mind it is.  It has been established fairly loosely, that Guy is an Aries, so the timing is right.  John's Birthday is in October, and I think that Hal's is in February.  But when you come to think of it, April First is the perfect day for poor Guy. 

His rotten old drunkard of a Father certainly considered the birth of a second son to be Heaven's joke upon him.  His Mother wasn't a whole lot better.  I am speaking of course of his REAL parents, the dynamic duo of Roland and Peggy Louise Gardner.  Not to mention Mace.  The whole new family that he has ended up with in the new 52 don't really count.  Hell, I can't even remember their names.  They are boring and generic, and faux O'Dare's anyway. 

Then of course, there was all the crap that he went through with Kari Limbo, meeting Hal Jordan, getting hit by a bus, recuperating, taking over for Hal, getting blown up, kidnapped, tortured, and put into a coma, coming back crazy, getting his ring taken away, getting Sinestro's ring, getting beaten to a pulp by Hal and going into another coma, coming back and getting new powers, losing those powers, and on and on and on. 

And maintaining his sense of humor throughout it all. 

So a Happy Birthday to my favorite Red-Haired Maniac.

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