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Monday, April 23, 2012

Guy...and Sinestro

As I think we can all deduce from reading the latest Green Lantern Corps issue...and we all HAVE read it...right?  Anyway...we can deduce that Guy really really REALLY hates Sinestro.  More than Hal ever has.  And probably more than Hal ever would.  Hal and Sinestro have historically been enemies, but before that, they were friends, and Sinestro was even his mentor to a certain degree.  And when I say friends, I mean going by the real continuity.

But as for Guy and Sinestro...I can't really think of too many occasions where they have had much of a relationship or even interaction.  Except of course for that little incident when Guy was a spanking new rookie Lantern, and Hal's Battery blew up in his face, and he got blasted into the Phantom Zone and was then kidnapped and tortured by Sinestro...simply to get back at Hal.  That sort of thing tends to make a lasting impression.  Guy was on top of the world...briefly...and then pretty much lost everything, due to Sinestro, and to a lesser degree...Hal.

Sinestro didn't give a crap about Guy.  He didn't even know who Guy was.  He just used him...brutally...as a tool to needle Hal.  It was like picking the wings off of flies to him.  Guy was nothing...less than nothing to him.
But he tortured him so viciously, that he basically lost his mind, went into that nasty little coma for a few years, and woke up a very much changed man.  It took a VERY long time for Guy to work out his problems and heal himself, but he never lost his hatred for Sinestro.

Geoff Johns has touched upon this visceral feeling a couple of times.  He had Kyle comment on it way back in Rebirth...where Guy would call all of Hal's foes pussies, basically, but never Sinestro.  Kyle said that Guy never discusses Sinestro at all.  Which, when you come to think of it, is very unlike Guy.  Guy talks about everything and everyone under the sun.

Part of the problem I think, is that Sinestro is just so supremely unconcerned with Guy.  He has NEVER given a rats ass what Guy thinks of him, nor has he ever afforded the least bit of respect to him.  He doesn't like Kyle either, but he does seem to give a grudging amount of respect to John.  And there is his extremely complicated relationship with Hal.  Guy on the other hand barely even registers on Sinestro's attention meter.  He simply does not care a jot.

And that has to be incredibly frustrating for Guy.  To Guy, Sinestro is the one behind all of his problems.   Well, and Hal, but he and Hal seem to have worked things out.  They'll probably always be rivals to a certain extent, but at least it is a friendly rivalry now.  And as Kalinara has pointed out so well, Guy has these weird older brother issues with Hal as well.  But Sinestro is a whole 'nother kettle of fish.  Guy just flat out HATES him...and with perfectly good reason.  But it can't help that Guy also knows that Sinestro doesn't give a crap that Guy hates him.  I also think that Guy is absolutely right about having the Yellow Fear Battery on Oa...it is a terrible idea.  The Guardians should probably be destroying the thing or something...or at least figuring out where Parallax has run off to.  Well..actually I have my own ideas about that...I wouldn't be surprised if ALL of the Guardians are currently being mass-possessed by Parallax. It is about the only thing that explains their recent shenanigans.

What all of this is leading up to, in a round-about way, is that I REALLY hope that they are going to be writing a confrontation between Guy and Sinestro...and that some of the past between these two, comes up.  Because I don't think that anyone other than Hal, and the Guardians have any idea of what Sinestro did to Guy.  Guy never discusses it, and it would never occur to Hal to talk about it because it involves someone else.  Sinestro certainly has never brought it up to anyone, and why would he?  But it would be nice to see the other Lanterns have some idea of what poor Guy went through and exactly WHY he was such a jerk all those years.  And I'd really REALLY like Guy to get a bit of closure, and to have Sinestro finally realize that he's not a joke.

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