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Monday, January 30, 2012

Where Is Katma Tui?

I have to admit that I am enjoying quite a number of the new 52 books. I am not enjoying some of the others, but I felt that way BEFORE the reboot, so not a lot has changed. Continuity however...continues to gnaw at my vitals.

The Green Lantern books, like the Bat books sailed through the whole kerfuffle fairly easily. And yet, that very ease, is one of the things that also continues to gnaw at me. Exactly WHAT is still there, from the Sinestro Corps War, from Blackest Night, and from the War of the Green Lanterns?

Hal lost his ring, and he STILL doesn't have a ring, except for the one that Sinestro gave him. Sinestro is again a Green Lantern. This is fine with me, I rather enjoy Sinestro, but suddenly Hal seems to be back to being a complete rookie all over again. He's certainly portrayed that way in the new Justice League book,which is also written by Geoff Johns. I don't have much of a problem having Hal being a wet-behind-the-ears overeager jackass...but where does that leave John and Guy, not to mention Kyle? Are their origins all different now?

And what about all the cool dead Lanterns? Specifically, what about Katma? She was shown in the War of the Green Lanterns, as being dead, inside of Mogo, but trying to warn John, before he decided to blow Mogo into tiny little Mogo pieces. But that was before. Now, everyone is back to square one, and younger and a bit more inexperienced. Could Katma be alive again, and could she and John get back together? Where they ever together to begin with? Guy and Tora weren't apparently, their whole history has been wiped out, and they've only dated a few times. Hell, bring back Ch'p! And Tomar Re, and Kreon, and Laira.

Heck, while we're at it, bring back Ted Kord, and Ralph and Sue Dibny, and Jean Loring. You heard me, bring back Jean! We NEED an utterly ruthless whack-job! DC pushed the Re-Set button, so let's do it right.

I know, I know, I just won't let go of this sort of thing...but it bothers me. I have all these wonderful characters that I would love to read about, and I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one out there, who misses them. I'm getting pretty tired of grim and gritty all of the time, but I realize that I am not the chosen age or gender that Comics are aiming for. Still...I've got a lot of nice disposable income, that I am simply dying to give to DC. In return that is...for my favorite characters, some of which are a lot of fun, rather than dark and gloomy.

And I liked Katma.


Saturday, January 28, 2012

The End of an Era

Damn. I HATE the End of Eras! I'm not sure if they are distributed throughout the rest of the country, but here in New England, we have been enjoying the deliciousness of Grote & Weigel hotdogs, sausages, kielbasa and other meat-based culinary delights for years. And suddenly, the Bloomfield, Connecticut business is going...out of business. No more two-foot hotdogs at Doogies!

I am distraught.

I understand that old family-run businesses are under a lot of strain nowadays, but that doesn't make it any easier. I almost fainted dead away when they closed down Shiek's in Torrington last year, or the Dairy Bar, or any of the myriad small restaurants, hotdog stands, ice cream parlors, and pizza joints that enjoyed my custom. It's purely selfish on my part of course...but one just ASSUMES that these kinds of places that you went to since childhood (or your parent's childhood) would always always be there.


Now I need a hot dog.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

More Reviews

Well, now this was a fairly interesting week.

All-Star Western #5

Poor Jonah. He really really hates Gotham City. And who can blame him? He is stuck palling around with Doctor Arkham, who is a bit of a wet blanket really, and he keeps getting involved in these absurd situations. Giant bats in the caves beneath the city? Vampire people? Slave labor, and greedy politicians, and all the rest? He'd probably just like to go back west and get shot at by various bandits and owl-hoots for a change of pace.

As good as it always is.

Aquaman #5

Gosharootie, that splash page is insanely gorgeous. It takes up a helluva lot of space, but it IS gorgeous.


Purty, eh?

Anyhoo, Arthur is a bit moody after the mess with the Trench creatures, when he gets a phone call from the U.S. Navy of all people, who found an artifact when they were taking apart the cocoons around those nice people. They want Aquaman to help out, and of course he does. The artifact, which looks a lot like his belt buckle is talking, and he tells them that it is from ancient Atlantis. Naturally, they don't believe him, until a bunch of people with helmets and laser guns show up and steal the artifact back. Artie goes after them, and in the struggle, they manage to blow up their own ship, and he falls to the ground. The hot DRY ground. He's bleeding, dehydrated and hallucinating just a bit, when he comes across the wreck, and some water from the helmet of one of the Atlanteans, and manages to conjure up a holographic image, that blames their plight on the ancient rulers of Atlantis. He's intrigued naturally, and then manages to get rescued by a Navy Helicopter, to the amusement of the media. Oh, and Mera goes into town for some dogfood. What could possibly go wrong?

The art is stunning of course, and I'm enjoying this thoroughly.

Flash #5

The Flash continues to deliver as usual. The story is fun, and the art is gorgeous, and Barry is learning how to do all these wonderful wonderful things. Too bad about his old buddy. And that cliff-hanger is...ominous. Very ominous.

This is a great book, and I love it.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #5

I...I just don't know what it is about this book. I just can't seem to summon up the enthusiasm that I have when I'm reading Green Lantern or Green Lantern Corps. It's not that I don't like Kyle, because I LOVE Kyle. I think it is perhaps, that I'm not that thrilled with the whole concept of him running around with these various other Color Corps members. I also am not thrilled with him being on the outs with the Guardians, but hey, who ISN'T on the outs with the Guardians lately?

I miss having him bounce off Guy, or John, or Kilowog or Hal, or any other members of the GREEN Lantern Corps. I don't have the affection for Fatality or Atrocitus or Munk really. They're...ok. Just not my cup of tea.

Anyway, they go and slip aboard the Orrery, and stuff happens, and Larfleeze is apparently up to no good.


Justice League #5

Well, things are just booming along nicely now. Darkseid shows up, as we were all pretty sure he was going to...and He manages to defeat Flash, at least temporarily, and kidnaps Superman of all people, which I thought was interesting. Hal is busy doing his best to defeat Darkseid, with no thought to the consequences, and even manages to get his arm broken. Batman is trying to talk him down, and points out that the two of them are probably the ONLY people on this new team without powers, which makes Hal blink a bit. Heck, Bats even takes his cowl off, and tells Hal who he really IS! Hal of course, the self-centered jackass that he is, hasn't the least idea who Bruce Wayne even is, which I found awfully amusing.

Cyborg shows up,and Wonder Woman, and Aquaman, and they all fight the goons, and Hal is drawing Darkseid's fire, while Bruce goes after Superman, and gets quite a surprise.

It's just good comic book fun. Nothing too cerebral, but it's flashy and a bit fun, and has lots of good old fashioned violence. And a fair amount of Hal, which is always a bonus.

Justice League Dark #5

I do like this book as well. Such pretty art for one thing. The Dark version of the league does manage to get together,and more or less save the day, but not without a lot of angst, and a lot of accusations and outrage. Now that they're together, despite the pleas of Madame Xanadu, they immediately split up again. And poor June Moon is back together with the Enchantress, and Deadman is really pissed, and Constantine is pissed, and oh, it's lots and lots of fun.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Hal, Ollie and Dinah

Oh, what a winsome trio they were. And I say "were", because in the present state of DC continuity, their happy little menage is no more. And that's a pity, because the three of them were fun.

In my mind, Hal always works best when he's bouncing off of another character, which is why I always enjoyed Hal and Barry, Hal and Ollie, Hal and Guy, etc. etc. Now, Hal has Barry again, but they are still pretty new to their friendship in the newly formed Justice League, and heck, Hal and Ollie don't even seem to have MET! And the same thing with Dinah. Which makes me sad. This is probably why Hal is running around with Sinestro at the moment...there ISN'T anybody else! I haven't seen Tom Kalmaku lately either, I hope he is still in existance at least.

Ollie just isn't the same without Hal. He's not frothing at the mouth, or calling people "fat cats" or comparing Hal to a Nazi or...or anything! No Arrow car, no Arrow plane, no Arrow cave...wait a minute, with his fancy-ass new corporation, he probably DOES have an Arrow Car and an Arrow Plane! Interestingly enough, he's STILL a pale imitation of Batman!


But no Dinah in the picture, so there is a whole lot less angst. And romance. I liked Hal being friends with Dinah, because she had to be just about the only woman that he was genuinely FRIENDS with! As a serial flirt, Hal always seems to see women as potential girlfriends. He didn't seem that way with Dinah...at least much.


But man, I miss stuff like this.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Green Lantern Corps #5

Somehow in all of the excitement, I forgot to do a review of my favorite book! Although I still think that the cover is just ridiculous.

John and his captured cohorts aren't in this very much, basically, they are being tortured by the extremely disgruntled Keepers, for information about how to invade Oa and steal the main Power Battery. Naturally, being Green Lanterns they are remaining mum. The Keepers aren't particularly nice people, but you have to admit that they do have a valid reason for being cranky. Something really weird is going on with the Guardians. Have they really been this ruthless for this long?

Anyway, the rest of the story is mainly Peter Tomasi having fun with his version of the Wild Bunch, the Dirty Dozen, and any number of manly manly old-time movies, starring the likes of Charles Bronson, Lee Marvin, and so on and so forth. Guy needs to round up a posse of the toughest Lanterns around, and they don't come much tougher than the "Mean Machine". Attrition has eaten into their numbers apparently, but there are a few of them left, hiding out beneath Warriors, where they meet to play cards and drink Guy's beer for free, I guess. Guy takes it pretty well, all things considered, and rounds up these gruff old veterans, so that they can all go and rescue John and the rest of the Lanterns. Brik and Sheriff Mardin and H'onnu aren't particularly thrilled, and there is a certain amount of trash talk going on. Then they all fly off and raid a bunch of Khund pirates, and take their stash of weapons, and they get to stand around posing with automatic weapons and looking very very macho.

It's perfectly absurd of course. But I don't care. I get the impression that Tomasi is just having a bit of fun with this, and Pasarin's art is pretty as usual, so I enjoyed it.

Friday, January 20, 2012


This has been a somewhat...tumultuous week for me, but I have to admit...the comics were amazing this week. Therefore, without further ado...!

Batman #5

I'm not a Bat fan. You all know this, I mention it about once a week or so. But I do have to say that I AM a Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo fan! This has to be one of the most perfect comic books that I have read in a very long time. And furthermore, it is a story that could ONLY be told in Comic Book Form.

Bats has been trapped in the Owl's labyrinth, without food, and only drugged water, and he's slowly but surely losing his mind. Batman of all people, is lost and afraid and going nuts. I love it. He of course thinks that he's in control, and to see him slowly losing it, is amazing. But what is really amazing, is the way that the story unfolds, with the layout going from standard panels, to sideways, to upside-down, all of which reflects Bruce's descent into madness. It is, quite simply, mind-boggling.

Buy This Book.

Neal Adams Batman: Odyssey #4

On a completely different level, this has crazy Batman in it too! Once again, we have a stunningly gorgeous Bruce on the first page, giving his blow-by-blow account of the story. He looks a lot like Hal again, and he's even wearing a Green Lantern T-shirt! My mind is officially blown. There is Deadman, and Robin, and trained giant bats, and trolls, and goblins, and Ras's crazy old son, and a talking hippo, and none of it makes any sort of sense at all...but I don't care, because it is such HAPPY insanity.

Birds of Prey #5

Well, they all show up out on the street, with only fragmented memories of what just happened in the last issue, and Starling's hand is healed, and Batgirl is missing, and what the heck just happened? We have a rather good story with all of the Birds trying to figure out what is going on, and a bit of a look at their personal lives, and it's all pretty darned good.

And gosh, but the art is just so pretty too. They look like real women! The cover is ridiculous of course, but in the actual book they have real bodies, that can actually house real organs, and they do active sorts of things without thrusting their bosoms and butts out. It's such a relief sometimes!

DC Universe Presents: Deadman #5

Another excellent issue, with Deadman going up against Rama. He's actually got the upper hand here, although she is certainly not happy about it...not happy at all. However, as Boston points out, she'd make a pretty piss-poor poker player. He ends up being freed from some if not all of her manipulations, she ends up with a question, and it's all good.

Fables #113

This is a break from the story that is actually going on, with a look back at some of the history of the Fables, and how things that happened before tie into things that happened afterwards, and it's all quite nice, as usual. We have some very nice artists showing up for the various stories, such as P. Craig Russell, whom I adore, and even Adam Hughes. The stories intertwine a bit, and it's a nice little interlude.

Green Lantern Corps #5

Naturally I enjoyed this, and I'll get to it tomorrow, but there is one thing that I just can't let go without a comment.


Please take a look at this cover, by Andy Kubert. Please note Guy's pose. How on earth is that even POSSIBLE? I am reminded of Ami's excellent new blog, Escher Girls, where she shows the insane positions that comic book women are placed by their artists, such as showing both boobs and their butts at the same spine-cracking time. This is one of those positions. His head and his legs are facing one way, while his chest and torso are facing the other. When someone is coming at you with a light sabre, perhaps this isn't the best stance for fighting. I don't care if he WAS a gymnast! That's just not possible!

Moving along....

Wonder Woman #5

Man, I did love this. It may not have had Cliff Chiang, but Tony Akins does a pretty damned good job in his stead. Diana, Pregnant Girl, and Hermes are having a nice chat at a sidewalk cafe in London, when a new player named Lennox arrives, and sits himself down. He knows who they are, he knows WHAT they are. All sorts of interesting things ensue. He ends up in the sewers, and Diana ends up on a bridge, while the most fabulous sea-horses show up, with Poseidon in tow. And WHAT a Posiedon! They have a nice little chat, and Diana manages to bring Hera into the mix, in a particularly clever way. This is SO good.

So...a darned fabulous week, at least for comic books.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

In Memoriam

No Reviews today. My Father-In-Law died yesturday, and I'm feeling a bit...bruised.
My Sweet Babboo flew out Tuesday afternoon, after we received word that he was failing fast, and got there late in the evening. His Brother picked him up at the airport in Phoenix, and they were originally going to go home, and see his Dad in the morning, but the nice lady at the Home strongly suggested that they come and see him that night. They demurred, because they didn't want to keep her up so late, but they did go...and got to see him and talk to him, and he knew they were there. Thank goodness they DID go...because he passed away about six the next morning.

He was 88 years old, and would have been 89 in May, so he had a good run. He was tired, and sick, and ready to go...but I'm not sure that I feel the same way. He was smart, and funny and handsome (just like my Sweet Babboo). He fought in World War II, in North Africa, France and Germany when he was barely 20 years old. He came home and married his childhood sweetheart, had two sons, and started as a teller at the bank, and became the President and CEO of the Bank, and loved his kids, his grandchildren, German cars, Marinara sauce, red wine and Pepe's Pizza.

So...no reviews today. Except a toast to Frank J. Pascale/

Monday, January 16, 2012

I'm An Old Fogey

Let us take a travel in time, back to the Good Old Days, of my misbegotten youth. I speak of the early 1970's...a time lost in the mist for so many of you young whippersnappers. In these bygone days, a great many of us were encouraged to take "Typing" so that we could grow up to become secretaries, and clerks and other worthwhile sorts of jobs. Being able to type accurately and quickly were the hallmarks of a good student and a good employee.

We were taught, to always leave two spaces between the period, and the beginning of another sentence. To this day, I continue to do this. It is just something that was hammered into our little heads, and I do it without thinking. Besides...it looks nice.


...apparently this is no longer the rule. Various bloggers and other people of import have declared this habit to be passe', and old-fashioned and unnecessary. Only dinosaurs use two spaces.

To which I say...phooey. Actually, I would say even stronger things, but I'm trying to be lady-like here and not use bad words, like goddamned, shit and piss-off. Why, I ask, is there such a furor over those two little spaces? Is it one of those things like typing out l0l, or wtf, or other text-speak stuff? Do your little thumbs not have enough stamina to type out that extra space? I don't know, and I don't understand.

I have recently learned to text. I am "with it". Whatever "it" may be. I also use capitals, proper punctuation, and I NEVER use text-speech. I write it all out. My texts tend therefore, to be on the long side...but at least they are easy to figure out. I'm not usually in all that much of a hurry anyway. I still can't figure out twitter, but at least I can follow a tumbler account, and I do manage to get myself on and off of my old computer every day, so that is something. I don't have any aps on my phone, nor have I seen the need for them. I don't look at my phone for the time, I have a wristwatch for that. I don't take pictures with my phone, I have a camera for that. I use my phone to TALK on. And I have to admit, texting is highly addictive...and occasionally handy.

BUT...I am damned if I am going to give up my two spaces. You will have to pry my cold palsied fingers off of my keyboard. I LIKE my two spaces, along with finger bowls and fish forks.


I'm sure that the JSA would agree.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

What the HELL?

I am flabberghasted. Slum-guzzled. Confused even.

DC has announced that it is going to keep producing 52 comics. If they want to add new ones, they must replace ones that are failing. That's fine with me, it's not my plan. It seems a tad rigid, but whatever works, eh?

So...One of the series that is going to get the axe is Rob Liefeld's Hawk & Dove. I have not been reading Hawk & Dove. I don't really give two hoots about Hawk & Dove, although I liked Dove well enough in the Birds of Prey. Liefeld's artwork however is NOT something that I admire.

At All.

So, in their infinite wisdom, DC has seen fit, to hand over the reins to Rob Liefeld on THREE other books! Starting with issue #9, he is going to be plotting for Savage Hawkman, plotting for Grifter, and Writing and Drawing Deathstroke.

What the hell?

I don't read these three books either. I've never been much of a Hawkman fan, although he has his occasional moments. I don't like Grifter and I simply loathe Deathstroke. So it is no real skin off of my nose. But all I can think of, is that either Liefeld has a safety deposit box somewhere with pictures of Dan Didio and a goat, or else DC has some really bitchin' new books lined up, and want to start using them, but they first have to get some existing books out of the way.

At least that's my take. What's yours?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Green Lantern #5


I have to admit it...I am having an awfully good time with the Hal/Sinestro team-up that Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke have going on. It's nice to see Sinestro's character being explored, without CHANGING his characterization. He's still completely ruthless, he's still egotistical, and he's still smart...but it's nice to see WHY he is like he is.

On Hal's advice, Sinestro has just given all the imprisoned Korugarians Green Lantern rings, which they naturally try to use against him. That goes over about as well as you would think it would, since they naturally cannot use the rings against him. Arsona is smart enough to figure out that you can't be afraid, so she at least gets a shot off. It impresses Sinestro, but doesn't harm him. Hal, in the cell next door, keeps shouting out advice, he's trying to get them to all work together, in order to beat the Sinestro Corps. Too bad they're all locked up.

But as Sinestro points out...he's not Hal, and he's got a secret weapon...mainly his power battery. His former ally, Professor Insidd is trying to figure out how to use it, so that HE can take over, when Sinestro calls for the battery. Let's just say that Insidd isn't going to be a problem any longer.

So there is a massive jail break, and the Korugarians are fighting the Sinestro Corps, while Sinestro and Hal zip over to the Yellow Battery. Hal's a bit leery about going in again, so Sinestro calls him chicken. Just then the Korugarians rings run out of juice. Fortunately, Sinestro and Hal are using all the power in the Yellow Battery to drain the Sinestro Corps, to devastating effect. Oh, and if you push hard enough you can break the ring. Hal scoffs, but Sinestro says that he's done it. Twice.

You know...I believe him.

So, the Sinestro Corps is pretty much in ice, they aren't dead, but they are all in a coma, from which they can only be wakened if Sinestro turns the battery back on. He says he won't do it, but the people of Korugar can be excused if they are a bit skeptical. Some of them, mostly the kids, think that Sinestro is a hero for saving them, but the older ones remember what he was like before. Sinestro himself says that he doesn't deserve their praise, and that he's going to take his old Corps away...and that he hopes he'll be able to return some day and be welcomed. Arsona says no way, no how...but knowing how fond the Korugarians seem of being dominated, I would say that Sinestro just has to save them a couple more times, and they'll be eating out of his hand again.

So...Sinestro and Hal are chugging back to Oa, with the big Yellow Battery in tow. Hal wants to help, but Sinestro rather dryly points out that since he's persona non grata on Oa at the moment, showing up would be...stupid. Even Hal realizes that. He's not too sure about Sinestro's motives however. Sinestro points out that the Guardians have become far more dangerous than he EVER was, and when Hal feels inclined to argue with him about it, he calmly sends him back to earth. He still has the ring...but no battery.

Oh Hal.

Hal lands in an alley in a pile of trash cans, which I find oddly hilarious. He's all wound up, and set on finding a battery...anything, so that he can charge the ring. He admits that it is all he has...all that he wants...!

And next thing you know, old Hal seems to have an epiphany of a sort. Carol is getting out of her car at Ferris airfield, when Hal calls to her, and goes over and kisses her and apologizes, admits he's been a complete jackass, and that he's really in love with her, he doesn't deserve it, but could he have a second chance. Carol, smiles rather wryly and says it's more like a tenth chance...but what the heck.


For once in his life, Hal has the sense to realize what he's been missing, and that perhaps there is more to life than ring-slinging. He'll probably manage to muff this up sooner or later, but for now at least...he's actually doing it right.

And then we close with the arrival of Sinestro on Oa. The Guardians are gloating because this means that the Sinestro Corps is out of their hair...just like Hal. So they are going to march right downstairs to the rumpus room and let the First Lantern out of the closet, and then, they'll have the Corps of their dreams...and woe to any who get in their way.

They've turned into a nasty little bunch of buggers, haven't they!

So...a lot of fun, a lot of good stuff, and the Hal/Sinestro bromance continues.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thursday's Reviews

Urrgghh. Still in a fog, but nothing will stop me from getting my comic books, by God! And although I still can't breathe through my nose, this was definitely a superb week, when it came to comics.

Batman & Robin#5

Oh, the plot is thickening nicely. Damian has gone off and joined Nobody, and Bruce is wringing his hands over it. As well he should. Maybe you should actually LISTEN to Alfred once in a while, you Bat-Twit! We get some additional background on the Ducards which is nice, we get beautiful artwork from Pat Gleason, and it is all just So GOOD.

Batgirl #5

Well, things are getting interesting here as well. Barbara's mother of all people shows up, but Barbara isn't leaving out the welcome mat quite yet. And she's having some problems with a new villainess and the number 338. Oh, and Bruce. It's starting to get...interesting.

Batwoman #5

Can this art get more beautiful? Oh, and the story isn't too bad either. We find out more about the drownings, Kate lets go of her guilt about Beth, and Mister Bones and Cameron show up with an offer that she can't refuse. Batman shows up too, boy, he's all OVER the place lately. And as pissed as she may be at her Dad, she still saves his bacon. Gosh, this is a great book.

DC Universe: Online Legends #21

I only picked this up because it had a whole lot of Lanterns on the cover, so I don't really know what is going on, but it has Hal and it has Batman, and Brainiac, and what the hell. It's fun in an average sort of way.

Demon Knights #5

And we continue to learn more about our protagonists. We have an Amazon, we have have all kinds of different motivations and desires, we have the Queen and Mordru slithering in and making them all offers, in order to get them out of the way, and it is just...fun. I'm enjoying the heck out of this book. It also looks as though Vandal Savage is the only one to actually take them up on their offer, but it is quite possible that looks can be deceiving.

Green Lantern #5


The Ray #2

I picked this up on a whim last month, and I was awfully glad that I did, because it is light-hearted, and fun, and reminds me just a little bit of the John Rogers version of Blue Beetle. Justin Gray and Jimmy Palmiotti have already proven they can write the heck out of Jonah Hex and Power Girl, and they are doing a fine job here, not to mention the gorgeous artwork from Jamal Igle.

For some reason there are flying stingrays, which our hero manages to cope with fairly cleverly. At least he can think on the fly. He also pulls something of a scam in order to impress the traditional Indian parents of his girlfriend, which backfires on him in a rather spectacular fashion...and then giant bug-like creatures attack...and oh, just get it.

Resurrection Man #5

Wow, Mitch was something of a real jerk before he started dying! No wonder nobody likes him! He's having a little bit of trouble coming back from his latest demise, so the Angel is feeling a bit pressured. We also get some welcome backstory, and boy howdy, there were all kinds of shenanigans going on! Good stuff.

Shade #4

Be still my heart. We get artwork by Darwyn Cooke and J.Bone. We get a "Times Past" story. We get action and skullduggery in World War II, and it is all just so fabulous! Goddamn, I am loving this series.

And finally,

Journey Into Mystery #633

We continue with the misadventures of young Loki, and I am loving it. He takes Leah out of her giant dirty hole in the ground, into Broxton and sets her have a sip of his milkshake, although he's quite indignant when she drinks all of it. A bully tries to beat him up, he is talking his way out of it, when Leah throws the bully through the window. Later of course, the Goddesses hear about it, and he has to do some fast talking. Oh, and his has Thori, the Hellhound, tied up outside.

Daimon shows up, children are having deadly dreams, and he's trying to save them. Loki has a dream too, and is saved by Ikol, and is trying to figure it all out, when the son of Satan shows up, and oh...I think it's going to be epic.

Naturally, since I love this book, Marvel will probably be cancelling it.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


I am dying, Egypt, dying. Or maybe it only feels that way. Dinsdale, the much unbeloved scion of my place of employment, came to work last week, snuffling and sneezing, and now at least six of us are sick as dogs. SICKER than dogs. As you may have guessed, I am one of them. I actually am staying home and dosing myself with massive amounts of Nyquil, Dayquil, and any other sort of Quil that may be available.

It isn't helping much.

So...between the phlegm and post nasal drip, I am currently plotting my revenge. And I can think of at least five other people who would be more than happy to join in my plot. Unfortunately, my drug-addled brain can only come up with things like giant wedding cakes, wherein, the top layer is filled with quicksand, and that's not really too practical right now. Can any of you think of anything better? Points for imagination as always!

Jonah Hex

Monday, January 09, 2012

Whatever "It" is...!

What exactly is "it"? That special spark, that thing, that makes you irresistable, that appeal...? Whatever it is...it seems as though Hal Jordan has it. Even people who can't STAND Hal...and there are a LOT of them, should concede that the very act of hating Hal makes him...interesting.

I am speaking of course, of the newest Green Lantern books, by Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke, which have been pairing up Hal and Sinestro, in a particularly entertaining fashion. Love him or hate him, Hal does seem to have a way of making OTHER people more interesting, simply by being around. I don't know how he does it. As much fun as it is to pair up the other Lanterns, still, the primo gig seems to be getting to star with Hal.

Right now of course, Hal is more or less Sinestro's bitch. He was stripped of his ring by the Guardians, who were appalled that he was able to apparently kill Krona. They thought that they had finagled things so that a Lantern could never kill a Guardian...because they are also big chickens. In their infinite wisdom, instead of trying to figure out HOW he was able to do such a thing, they simply took his ring back,and dumped him on earth. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Except that Hal of course is a magnet for trouble. He's having a rough time cutting it in the real world, because for Hal, he's an action junkie, and a hero to his fingertips...he simply can't cope in the mundane existance occupied by the rest of us. And seriously...do you think that Batman or Superman or Green Arrow, or any of the rest of them would necessarily do any better? Guy and John discovered that for themselves, when the tried to GET jobs in the real world...and since they have been outed from the beginning, there really isn't any place for them...other than doing what they are doing. Still, they've managed to cope...which is something that Hal has been having trouble achieving.

So, when Sinestro shows up with a ring and a promise, Hal JUMPS at it. He doesn't even stop to think...which is typically how Hal acts all of the time anyway. Even though the ring isn't as powerful as a regular ring, even though he has to do more or less whatever Sinestro tells him to do...he is so hungry for that power, for that rush, that he does it. Willingly. Eagerly.

But that's Hal. What I am also finding quite fascinating, is how he is playing off of Sinestro. Sinestro is a BAD man, there is no doubt about that. Yet...Geoff Johns is doing a superb job of making him a bit more relatable and certainly more interesting than merely a villain. Besides, in Sinestro's mind, he isn't a villain...he's a hero. All he wants is to take care of Korugar, and by extension the Universe. He has admirable ambitions...it is just the WAY that he does it, that is so reprehensible. Not that the Guardians are doing a particularly better job, at least lately.

It's fun to see Sinestro using his ring with such ease and skill, and incidentally showing up Hal by comparison. Sinestro is right of course, Hal SHOULD be able to do more with the ring than he does, simply because he doesn't think as big as he should. But as much as I am enjoying Sinestro, it wouldn't be nearly as much fun, without having Hal around for him to bounce off of. A sole Sinestro book wouldn't really work.

Just like putting Guy with Hal, makes for some of the very best Green Lantern stories, just like putting him with Kyle or John. In the new Justice League book, Hal makes the rest of them look pretty good!

hal and blue ring

And he does it all with style. And showing off his ass-ets.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Thursday's Reviews

A small week. But a pretty decent week, all things considered.

Action Comics #5

Different art this month, with Andy Kubert stepping in, and yet another retelling of Superman's origin. This time, Grant goes into some detail about exactly how and why, they Jor El stuffed his baby into that neat little space ship, what happened to Krypto, some time with the Legion, and why it is, that Jonathan Kent is my hero.

Seriously, that thing with the goat is sheer GENIUS!

Justice League International #5

This is a book that is getting better and better each month. We actually have Bea and Tora acting more like themselves, Guy continues to snark, Booster continues to do his best, Batman doesn't show up everyone else, Gavril and the General have their moments, and heck, even Vixen has a line or two. It's wonderful.

Booster has saved them all from certain death, by the use of his forcefield, which annoys Guy, since HE could have done it just as well, but at least he gets to apply some cool green rockets to get them out of danger. Things are not going well on Earth, the four giants are busy pulverizing the planet and Peraxxus continues to gloat about all the profit he's going to be making.

They send in their cool ship, to attack, but naturally it gets blowed up, which is ok, since they PLANNED for it to be blowed up, and actually they sneak into the ship inside of a giant rock, with Fire providing the power to get there. Sneaky and clever. Once inside, they split up, with Batman, Rocket Red and Ice going to the Ship's controls and the rest of them attacking Peraxxus. Godiva is freaking out a bit, since she's a pretty low level hero, apprehending bank robbers and muggers is what she's used to...not going into space and attacking aliens. Guy is pretty disgusted that she's afraid, but Ice puts in a good word for her. Ice is actually acting more like...Ice. Thank Goodness!

They really aren't doing that great a job of beating up Peraxxus, but they are holding their own, as Gavril manages to pop the ship out of orbit, and it's drawn towards earth, both by gravity and the lure of one of the giants. Peraxxus manages to take off, and Guy would have gone after him, but he's got to stop the ship from crashing, with all of them on it. He can't quite do that, but he does manage to limit the damage, and they all manage to get themselves out, and back in one piece. A victory!

There is a mysterious someone who isn't too pleased that they all managed to survive, but at least Guy has calmed down a bit, and Booster has proved that he's more than just a pretty face. I am enjoying the heck out of this book.

Red Lanterns #5

Each month, I get this, and each month, I think to myself that I shouldn't really bother, but this time I think that I have really reached the end. Krona is missing, Atrocitus is having a hissy fit, Bleez is being treacherous, and various other Red Lanterns show off their origins, but it is all pretty...dull actually. And that other Earth guy becomes a Red Lantern too. But at least Dex-Starr showed up for a panel or two.

Swamp Thing #5

Now this is a good book. Alex and Abby are fighting her little brother, who controls the rot, as opposed to Alex controlling the green. At first it seems as though the Green is winning, but then things go...awry. Pretty art, and an excellent story.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012


What is it about Tuesdays, anyway. I haven't a thought in my head, so I'm just going to tell you all to go over to Kalinara's site at Pretty Fizzy Paradise, and give her some suggestions for one of those Meme thingies that she does so well.

Do it. Do it for COMICS!

angry hal

Otherwise, you will piss off Hal. And you would never want to do that.

Monday, January 02, 2012


Occasionally, when perusing my favorite blogs and such, I like to take a nostalgic journey through the archives and waste a few minutes. Ok, hours. All right, all afternoon! Yesturday I did this with Scipio's Absorbascon, and laughed myself sick.

But what REALLY startled me, was an idea that he threw out...waaaaaaaay back in 2005. Scipio thought that it would be a good idea if Aquaman got a dog.

Well...here it is 2012. And lo and behold...!


It just goes to show that good ideas do sometimes actually come true! "Salty the Sea Dog" indeed!

Now I'm just hoping that someone at DC will make that Fire and Ice mini-series that I've been panting for.