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Thursday, December 22, 2011


Well bless me, but this was a simply sensational week, when it came to comics. Which I rather needed, quite frankly, since yesturday morning, I managed to trip over the new bag of dog food while heading from the kitchen to the dining room, twist to save my breakfast, and landed on my left knee, with a handful of oatmeal. HOT oatmeal! So now my palm is burned and my knee hurts. But I do have new comics, so it all works out.

Batman #4

Dagnabit, but this is good. Dick shows up, which is always nice, and gently tries to convince Bruce to slow down a bit. Bruce still...even with all of the evidence before him...doesn't really believe in the Court of Owls, mainly because he went looking for them after his parents were killed. He basically was looking for someone to blame other than a petty criminal, because really, who would have murdered his parents for handful of pocket change and some pearls? Oh Bruce.

It's a lovely look at the burgeoning Bat's first case...taken when he was just a kid. But a relentless kid! Beautiful art, wonderful dialogue, and a heck of a story. Twelve thumbs up!

Batman: Odyssey #3

You know, this book is making less and less sense as it goes...not that it ever DID make much sense...but I Do Not Care. If it gives Neal Adams a chance to draw Batman riding a dinosaur or giant bat, or tiny evolved little...critters try to take a nip out of Robin's rear end, or for Batman to have a duel with Ra's crabby old son...then I Am FOR it! I basically didn't even try to make any sense out of the story, I just looked at the pictures. The purty purty pictures.

Birds of Prey#4

This is actually growing on me. I wasn't too sure at first, and I do still miss Gail Simone, but the story is picking up. I think that I wrote pretty much the same thing about this book last month...but it's true. Batgirl shows up, which is nice, and Poison Ivy is helping out, and being all fierce and darned efficient, which I always admire. Even Katanna does stuff. I still don't like Starling that much, but at least Dinah gets the bomb out of her brain, and the plot is advanced,and interesting things manage to happen. So pretty good.

But boy, that cover by Finch is really terrible. They...they ALL have the same face! And some peculiar body positions.

DC Universe Presents: Deadman #4

This has also been an excellent ride. Deadman takes the knowledge that he's gotten from the Librarian, and goes to a carnival where he meets the Morningstar, and has one craaaaazy roller coaster ride. He also asks a lot of questions, and gets some rather interesting answers. He also finally is beginning to understand Rama's motivation. Too bad that she's not particularly happy with his quest for knowledge.

Very good.

Fables #112

Good as always, although for some reason, it makes me think that I missed something. For some reason, Rose Red is now being picked to be an avatar of Hope? A cricket (Jiminy?) shows up on Christmas Eve, and takes her all over the place to see the other Hope entities, although some of them are now dead, and she owes a kiss to a dead guy who rather resembles Boy Blue, and to be brutally honest, I didn't really quite follow all of it. I guess we'll see.

Green Lantern Corps

Oh...you know, I 'll cover this tomorrow.

Justice League #4

You know...this is big sloppy fun. Aquaman finally shows up, and thinks he should be the leader. He's not too happy about the parademons in the water. And Cyborg freaks out a lot. And Hal makes a complete ass of himself, but heck, I always enjoy that. Barry is amusing, Batman is also dryly humorous, and Wonder Woman is just so happy to be cracking heads, that she could cry. Hal just can't quite understand who Aquaman thinks that he is...until Aquaman SHOWS him some of the things that he can do...like have giant sharks eat parademons by leaping out of the harbor. At which point, Hal decides to just shut up.

Oh, and Darkseid shows up. There is no pretense here, to being anything deep or particularly cerebral. It's just loud and violent and I have to admit...I loved it.

Wonder Woman #4

I loved this too. Diana isn't too happy with the revelations about her parentage, and she takes off to listen to a concert. Apollo and Ares are plotting, Hermes is hanging out, and Eris just can't seem to tear herself away. That is one messed up family that she's got. And Hera goes to Themyscira, and has it out with Hippolyta.

Damn. You know, we have GOT to stop killing off Amazons.


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