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Monday, October 31, 2011


Well, I feel silly. I was sneering at the weather predictions, and whoo boy, is my face red. Well, it would be if it wasn't pale white from freezing to death. Lost our power Saturday afternoon, so no lights, no heat no hot water. We do have cold water, which is a minor blessing. More than half of Connecticut is completely without power, and they are saying maybe a week...if we are lucky. Fortunately, work, DOES have power. And Coffee. And computers.

Saturday, October 29, 2011


Well...actually it's just a snow storm. Granted, it is an awfully EARLY snow storm, but this IS New England after all, and other parts of the country have been having snow as well, and for Pete's Sake, can't we all just calm down a bit?

Salt, snow shovels, snow blowers and generators are flying out of the hardward stores. Just like they did at the LAST snow storm. I've always wondered about this...shovels and snow blowers are REUSABLE! You don't have to throw them out after last years season!

The Governor and Connecticut Light and Power have already announced that there will be hurricane-like winds, fire, lightning, and probably locusts, and that there will be MASSIVE power outages, so don't expect much from them! Just like Irene! Considering that we probably pay the highest electric rates in the country, you would think that we might actually expect a teensy weensy bit of common service...but you would think wrong.


But at least we don't have to put up with things like this.

blind at the north pole

Oh Hal. That's using your head. I really really hope that in his latest team-up with Sinestro, Hal, without any power in his ring just starts head-butting all of the Sinestro Corps members. It would be so...epic.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2

Got our water back. This has put me into a much better mood. Although we are supposed to get anywhere from 5" to a foot of snow tomorrow. I'm not panicking quite yet...this IS New England after all.

Now, onto Green Lantern.

I liked this issue a whole lot better than the first one, that's for sure. So, all these rings have shown up, and Kyle is...nonplussed, to say the least. Not only have the rings shown up, but a whole lot of angry corps members have ALSO shown up, and they aren't happy with Kyle. Not at all. Since several of the ring's bearers actually dies, when the ring departed, one can hardly blame them. They all seem to think that it's Kyle's fault, but poor boy, he hasn't a clue as to what is going on.

So naturally, there is fighting going on, and Kyle's not doing too well, when suddenly the power in HIS ring suddenly starts increasing, and that means...A BLUE Lantern! Woohoo! St. Walker and Kyle decide to take the fight out of the middle of New York, and hi-tail it to Oa, so that they can see Ganthet and find out what the hell is happening. Naturally, the rest of the corps decides he's not going to just get off that easily, and they head out after him.

Kyle arrives on Oa, and finds his reception to be a whole lot...chillier than he is accustomed to. Salaak is being a bit on the snotty side, saying that the days when he could just waltz in and talk to the Guardians are over. Salaak has his nose a bit out of joint, so I don't blame him too much for being snarky. Then the Guardians do show up, but unfortunately they aren't too happy to see Kyle, their beloved Torch-Bearer. Kyle is all thrilled to see Ganthet, but Ganthet isn't too thrilled to see Kyle. And why is that you may ask? Well, the Guardians thought that he was getting too uppity, and performed an emotional lobotomy on him. At this point, I think we can safely say that the Guardians have passed over the threshold from annoying to seriously evil.

They see all the rings, and immediatley loose their tiny wizened minds, and want to seize the rings for "forced interrogation". Poor Kyle is just flabberghasted, especially when ALL the rings fly onto his fingers! That's one crazy costume he's sporting there! It's a weird mishmash of all the colors, which has me a bit bummed...I thought he would have looked SO nice in a pink loincloth.

The artwork is quite a lot better, and the story and dialogue have likewise, inproved by leaps and bounds. So NOW I'm interested, and am looking forward to seeing Kyle open a can of whup-ass on the Guardians tiny blue butts. Man, those guys are creeps!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Thursday's Reviews

This...has been an interesting day. Woke up and there was no water. At all. Turns out that the road work down the street and around the corner managed to bust a water main somehow, and it is HARD to not have any water!


Of course it is also raining, and raw out, so there was SOME water.

But let me put my kvetching aside, and get to the reviews. Last week of the month, and not a ton of books, but certainly some interesting ones.

All-Star Western #2

I am just enjoying the heck out of this. Amadeus Arkham and Jonah Hex may be the original odd couple, but they seem to be managing to stay alive, and that is something at least. There is certainly skullduggery afoot in old Gotham, with most of the city's rich and famous involved in it up to their evil eyeballs. They are even going to replace the obnoxious...but honest top cop with a nice war hero. And EVIL war hero, but a war hero nevertheless. Bodies are piling up, and all sorts of cool things are happening, and the art is good, and heck...it's a darned good book, dagnabit!

Aquaman #2

The artwork by Ivan Reis, just makes my heart happy. And my eyes. The rather unpleasant creatures that crawled up from the Trench in the first issue, have discovered that food is readily plentiful on the surface! Yes, it may squeal and cry and scream a lot, but heck, food is food. A deputy from a rather devasted little fishing town is smart enough to realize that they need some help and ropes in Arthur and Mera. The REAL sheriff is just outraged that these two super buttinskies show up, but ends up being grateful after all. A good story, suspense, a reasonable amount of gore, that isn't TOO graphic, and that pretty pretty art.

Flash #2

Man, I'm loving this book. Manapul and Buccellato are just going to town. Barry is doing his usual fast stuff, but a talk with a buddy makes him realize that he could be tapping into the Speed Force for HIS BRAIN!! Suddenly, he's seeing things in all of their various ramifications, allowing him to calculate what could happen, and how to help it along. Or whatever. And there is still Iris poking around, and the little problem of the clones, and gosh, this is just great. Great art too.

Green Lantern: New Guardians #2

A definite improvement over the first issue. Which wouldn't have been hard. More tomorrow.

Justice League Dark #2

I'm actually liking this book more than I thought that I would. We have a young Zatanna who is a bit out of her league, but certainly in there, doing her backward-talking best. Plus, it turns out that when Deadman gets horny, he turns into a real jerk. And possibly, Madame Xanadu is up to no good. Bautiful art again, we are just SHINING on the art in all the books this week. Interesting, and I want to see where this is all going.

Journey Into Mystery #630

In my opinion, the best book that Marvel is putting out at the moment. We have the aftermath of the whole mess with the Serpent, the death of Thor, and learn exactly who was powering the Destroyer, and stuff like that. And Volstagg goes home, and tells a tale to his wife and children.

You just can't beat Volstagg being a Dad to that myriad horde of rambunctious kids. The art...again...is quite fabulous, the story by Kieron Gillen is funny and poignant, and this is simply wonderful. Get it.

My...that WAS a pretty damned good week!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Little More of John

I must be on a John Stewart kick this week. Normally on Tuesdays I have someone getting hit in the head or something, but heck, I forgot. So, a day late and a dollar short, I have John. I tried to find a scan of him behaving foolishly or being whacked, but oddly enough,those seem to be few and far between. So...


...Here's the next best thing. John beating up Hal!

I really do wish that DC would put out a collection of Mosaic.

Monday, October 24, 2011

What's Up with John Stewart?

Something strange is happening to Green Lantern's John Stewart, and I wish that I could put my finger on exactly what is happening. Colin Smith, over at toobusythinkingboutcomics.blogspot.com, has written a powerful essay, back on 10/ll/ll about John and his evolution from a passionate advocate of the downtrodden, to someone who is unwilling to "fight City Hall". I'm not sure that I agree with him completely, but there is no doubt that John has gone through a LOT of turmoil and change over the years. A lot.

Of course, you could say that about almost any comic book character. John began in Green Lantern, as an angry young man, concerned about oppression, bigotry, and bound and determined to fight The Man. He and Hal clashed a bit at first, but eventually got past their differences. John went on to marry Katma Tui, and had a pretty nice thing going as a Green Lantern, until it all fell apart on him. Katma was killed, John was framed for some stuff by Star Sapphire, Hal was being completely unsupportive, then some other stuff happened, and John ended up in charge of the Mosaic, where he basically became a Guardian for a while, then he lost Rose, lost Katma again, lost the use of his legs, became a Darkstar, lost his other girlfriend, and generally went to hell and back. Oh, and Hal went all Parallax on him along with everyone else.


But John Stewart is nothing if not resilient. He's also quietly competent, and smart, and knows how to get things done in a calm and efficient manner. Therefore he was tailor-made to join the Justice League, where he did very well. Heck, he even got along with Batman. Sort've.


But something...odd has been going on with John lately. Ever since the War of the Green Lanterns, something seems awry. Colin's complaint was that the OLD John never would have given up so easily in the first issue of Green Lantern Corps #l, where he was trying to convince some bureaucrats to spring for a better building, and when they baulked at spending the money, had what was basically a temper tantrum and then stormed off, declaring that you couldn't fight City Hall. And this does seem like a rather atypical kind of outburst for John.

I blame it on the Indigo ring. Ever since he put that thing on, he's been acting...weird. He flat out killed Mogo. He was fighting with his friends. He has been mean to the other Lanterns. He's been mean to Kyle. KYLE! Something just isn't right.

It has been heavily implied, that the Indigo tribe, weren't particularly nice people before they received the Indigo Ring of Compassion. It was the ring, that turned them compassionate, and all of that. So, it turns bad people good, put extremely simply. But...what if it works both ways? John was a good person BEFORE he put on the ring. In fact, you could make a strong case for his being one of the MOST compassionate people around. Did putting on the Indigo ring DO something to him?

I don't really know what to think, and this is all complete conjecture on my part. But still...John just isn't acting like his old self, and I wonder very much if Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi are setting us up for yet another little surprise. They are pretty notorious for seeding lots of tiny, seemingly insignificant clues in the issues leading up to things, and I do know that they are supposed to be doing the origin of the Indigo tribe fairly soon.

It could be interesting.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Green Lantern Corps #2

Well! And the mayhem continues!

The Green Lanterns have arrived on the former ocean world, to find all the water gone, and all the inhabitants dead. Needless to say...they are not pleased. And it's just icing on the cake when they discover a pair of impaled Green Lanterns. Isamot in particular takes it hard, the two went through training with him. So, they plot strategy and vengeance for a little bit, and then we switch to the lair of the perpetrators of this villainy.

Oddly enough...it looks as though there is an strange little...lantern in that cavern. Glowing green no less. How peculiar. Who exactly ARE these people? They certainly seem happy with their purloined ocean however.

In the meantime, the Lanterns have hightailed it to Xbas, which is also under attack, with trees disappearing this time. Is someone trying to recreate life on their planet at the expense of others? That's what it is beginning to look like, and the Lanterns don't like it one bit. They are trying to save the civilians, when suddenly a whole passel of armored bad guys come swooping through a nice little portal. Even worse, their powers don't seem to be doing a whole heck of a lot. Which is when Guy and John decide to amp things up a bit.


They recite the oath AND let loose with some serious willpower! And Guy, does it crotch first, which is always endearing...at least to me. This rather surprises the bad guys, who decide that all Green Lanterns are not created the same. Too bad that poor Isamot, in an attempt to plug the portal gets sucked through and ends up in a Very Bad Place.

Attempts to interrogate their prisoners doesn't go too well, and then Isamot ends up dumped back in their laps. They are pleased to see him, but too bad that it is sans arms and legs! Sheesh! And even worse...there are more coming!

This was fun, the art is darned pretty, and althoug I prefer Sheriff Mardin as a small plump purple lady, I guess I can live with it. She must have gone to the same plastic surgeon as Amanda Waller. It's nice to see Guy and John being just so darned fabulous. I would have liked for Brik to do something, but I'm sure that will happen...eventually.

Dang it, I like this book. I like it a lot.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Thursday's Reviews

Good Gosh Almighty, this was a pretty fabulous week, all thing considered! A lot of books came out, which always makes me happy. I even bought some of them!

Batman #l and #2

I had heard good things about Batman #1, but couldn't find it, so I was delighted to go in and find a second printing, along with the new #2. And I have to admit it...this was a pretty darned good Batman story. It's got some cool twists and turns, and it seems to be a genuine detective story, as opposed to just fighting the Joker again. Although I DID love the fight in Arkham. I may just have to keep buying this!

And by the way, that was one helluva ending in the second issue! It's not often that Batman's is wrong...and I'm loving it.

Neal Adams Batman:Odyssey #1

And speaking of Batman...dammit, but I've missed this book. It is just SO insane, and completely off the wall, that I love it to pieces. The plot...such as it is...jumps around, I really don't completely understand what is going on half of the time, it seems as though I've actually come into the middle of an existing story...and I Do Not Care. The art is insanely gorgeous, and oh heck...I'm just glad that this muddled crazy piece of genius is back in my hands.

Birds of Prey#2

This was ok. I guess. Katanna shows up. I'm not particularly warming up to Starling, no matter HOW much the author tells me how fabulous she is. I just find her a bit annoying, to be frank. They are still running around doing...stuff, and fighting the invisible guys, and Poison Ivy shows up on the last page.

I just...miss Zinda and Huntress. And Oracle.

Blue Beetle #2

Well, I've given this a chance, but I'm not particularly thrilled with this book. I can't forget, you see, just how insanely fabulous the LAST run of Blue Beetle was. And since it wasn't back in the misty olden days, but only a few short years ago, I didn't see the need for a reboot ANYWAY. I don't particularly like this new version of Jaime, I definitely don't like the new version of Paco, and the story just isn't grabbing me.

Jaime is charming. His family is quite honestly, sensational. His friends are great. Part of that charm, was that they all KNEW he was Blue Beetle, and did their very best to form a support system for him. And the Scarab itself, was endearing. This new version is just standard comic book stuff, and lacks the sincerity and sweetness of the former version, and I think I'll probably be dropping this. Unless Guy shows up.

DC Universe: Online Legends #16

I don't normally get this book, but what the heck, it had Sinestro on the cover in his old yellow outfit, and it has the entire Sinestro Corps fighting Brainiac, and the Guardians send the entire Green Lantern Corps in, to basically sit on the sidelines, and watch the two sides annihilate each other. It also has Guy sitting in a greet barcalounger eating green popcorn and enjoying the fight. What's not to like?

DC Universe Presents; Deadman #2

I enjoyed the first issue, and I'm enjoying the second issue. Poor Deadman is still wrestling with the meaning of it all, and is trying to get answers. Needless, he's not having a whole lot of success in getting them, but still...it's fun to see what he's up to. I'll definitely keep getting this.

Fables #2

We have the continuation of the several storylines that have been progressing. Who is going to succeed the North Wind? The other Winds have shown up and are less than enthusiastic. The little revolution in Oz continues, and the former Mrs. Spratt continues to learn to fence. She, I fear, is up to no good. Although I rather like the fencing master, Mr. Holt. Excellent as usual.

Green Lantern Corps #2

Things seem to be escalating in a hurry. More anon.

Justice League #2

Quite frankly, this was rather enjoyable in a weird sort of way. Superman thinks that Hal and Batman are bad guys because they show up with one of the Mother Boxes that he just had found. Hal and Batman think that Superman is being a gigantic douche. In a panic, Hal calls Barry Allen for help. Barry is being harassed at the crime lab, to stop working on the real crimes, and instead to look for evidence against the Flash. He's a bit annoyed to hear from Hal, but nevertheless shows up and manages to distract Superman. Barry gets a bit too full of himself however, and Superman does manage to surprise him.

Obviously Hal and Barry are already friends. They all manage to finally simmer down and start talking with each other, which is a step in the right direction. I love how Superman's base of operations is an abandoned printing press. Batman is shocked that he doesn't have his own lair, and that since he doesn't wear a mask, he OBVIOUSLY doesn't have a secret identity to protect. Meanwhile, Hal wants to just hang with Barry, and ditch those other two lame dudes. I get the feeling that Hal and Barry have a tree house somewhere, with a green glowing NO GIRLZ sign on the outside, a rope ladder and sit there and eat s'mores or something. It's rather...endearing.

Oh, and Cyborg shows up at his Dad's lab and whines about how he never comes to his football games. His father rather brutally informs him that football is for LOSERS, and he's NEVER going to go, because he has WORK to do...or something to that effect. Naturally, when the Parademons all show up, poor Cyborg is right in the way of the blast. I guess we can all see where this is going.

This is a little overblown, and a little bit hokey, but dammit, I don't care. The art is pretty, and Hal is SUCH an idiot, and I'm actually enjoying this.

Wonder Woman #2

Damn, but this is good. Hera really really hates being cheated on. Meanwhile, Diana has taken a badly wounded Hermes to Themyscira, along with the blonde girl from the first issue. The Amazons are just outraged that she's brought a MAN to their island, but calm down, when they realize that it is their Princess. Hippolyta is alive! And Blonde!

Hermes and the Blonde chick are talking, and he tells her the story of Diana's immaculate conception. Diana indulges in a little training exhibition with another Amazon named Aleka, and natually kicks her ass. Hippolyta is a bit nervous however, since they are unwillingly harboring one of Zeus's pregnant girlfriends, and she KNOWS just how cranky Hera gets. Then Hera's daughter Strife, whom she was talking to in the beginning shows up and tricks the Amazons into attacking each other. Diana puts a stop to that, but then learns some rather unwelcome news.

The art is simply exquisite, and the story is excellent, and I haven't enjoyed Wonder Woman as much in quite some time.

Journey Into Mystery #629

The tale of little Loki and his machinations continues. He uses the shadow of the sword of Surtr to rewrite a legend, and tells more about the Serpent, but still...things happen, and Thor still dies, and all sorts of really incredible things are happening, and heck, this is one great book. It's just about the only Marvel book that I am reading, but I'm still able to follow the gist of what is happening in the other Fear books, which is pretty admirable, all things considered.

So...a darned fine week.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Feeling Terribly Cranky

What a day I have had! Firstly, it is Dreaded Tuesday...the most deadly day of the Week. But still, going into work today, I was in a fairly good mood. Everyone else was also in a fairly good mood. I happen to work for a family owned business, now in its third generation, and as with ALL family owned businesses, there is usually at least ONE individual, who is completely and totally useless, but must be tolerated, because he is the brother of the owner.

AKA, my Nemesis.

My Nemesis usually spends his time, going to the post office multiple times a day, and taking the deposit to the bank. He can also be relied upon to yell at people on the phone and run around checking to see how much soap and paper towels the employees are using. You know...useful stuff like that. The rest of his time is mostly spent talking loudly on the phone with the guys at the Country Club, and web-surfing.

Today...he decided to play his music. His musical tastes are roughly that of a thirteen year old girl. He also likes Disco music. He began with Brittny Spears and proceeded to Disco. LOUD Disco music. Since I am trying to answer telephones, I found this to be a huge distraction. Plus I really really HATE Disco music. Except with the possible exception of ABBA, which for some bizarre reason, I've always rather liked. So, I asked him politely to please turn it down.

He laughed.

So I closed his door. Then he turned the volumn UP. Finally, even our office Manager had to take steps, because SHE could hear it from three offices away, and she went in and read him the riot act, and he actually turned the volumn down, because he's deathly afraid of her. Peace and quiet then reigned, and we were able to get some work done while he sulked.

He did eventually turn it back up again, but I was out the door, so I don't care. But I'm STILL feeling a tad surly. So, I thought this would cheer me up. And possibly cheer OTHER people up, who may also have had a crappy day.


Isn't it lovely? I hardly ever watch Young Justice, although I never miss Batman: The Brave and the Bold. For some reason however, I was watching Young Justice, and while Black Canary and Ollie and Speedy fought Poison Ivy's plant on a bridge, who should show up...but Guy. In a different outfit of course...but it was still Guy.

So now I'm feeling a little bit giddy, and no longer quite as cranky.

Monday, October 17, 2011

G'Not G'Nort?

According to the Green Lantern panel at the NYCC the reboot does not include G'Nort Esplanade G'neesmacher of G'Newt. I am of course, devasted by this news.

I LIKED G'Nort, dammit. Yes, he was dim-witted, clumsy and a tad impulsive...but that was part of his charm. Not to mention the HUGE canine crush that he had on Guy. He was created to be comic relief, and he handled that chore with aplomb.


Why do they have to get rid of anything that is fun and silly? Next thing you know, they're going to be dumping Talky Tawney!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Green Lantern #2

Oh Hal. You simply never learn. As Sinestro points out...frequently.

When last we left our rumpled and slightly downtrodden hero, Hal had just been yelled at by Carol, and had been evicted from his apartment. His adjustment to real life isn't going particularly well. Heck, Guy did a better job of getting along without a ring than Hal is. But not to fear, because Sinestro just happens to show up at his doorstep with an...intriguing offer.

Hal of course completely over-reacts, and tries to attack Sinestro. Without a ring. Wearing a tie, no less. Sinestro of course, overpowers Hal without even working up a sweat. He DOES lift one eyebrow, as we go for a little bit of Hal Bondage. Then Sinestro offers Hal a ring...after pointing out that Hal never did too much with the ring the LAST time he had one. Naturally Hal accepts...and then tries to blow Sinestro's face off!

That...works about as well as you would expect it to. See, Sinestro only gave Hal as much power as HE wants him to have...and obviously has manufactured a ring that cannot harm him...just like he did with the Sinestro Corp rings. He does give the ring back to Hal, who immediately hears a siren and rushes off without hesitation, while Sinestro no doubt sighs. He does point out that Hal is as obedient as a dog...and half as smart, which made me laugh out loud.

A bridge has been hit by...something and is in danger of collapsing. People are falling, and naturally, Hal swoops in and rescues a Hot Babe. Oh, and one car. As Hal and the Hot Babe are gazing into one anothers eyes, Sinestro wanders by, and nonchalantly takes BACK Hal's power again. Then he tells him to watch and learn, as he effortlessly, saves the Hot Babe, the car, and the ENTIRE FRIKKIN'BRIDGE! All the while holding Hal by the throat. Sinestro is the King of Multi-tasking.

Naturally the people are all gibbering with delight and thanks for Sinestro who seems a bit nonplussed by their gratitude, and tells them to get back to their dully little lives, as he and Hal fly off. Sinestro wants Hal to come with him to Korugar, and help clean up the trash. He left the Sinestro Corps there, to guard his home world, but they apparently aren't behaving very well. And then they are attacked by a particularly loathsome member of that same Corps, who has decided that Sinestro is a traitor to the Light, and that if HE kills him...then he'll rule in his place.

That goes about as well as you would expect. Sinestro quite sternly tells him that he gave them a code of conduct to follow, and instead they are out giving in to their own sadistic urges. This is where I have to say that perhaps Sinesto was being just a tiny bit naive. You can't create a Corps built on the power to invoke FEAR, and just expect them all to behave nicely.

My only complaint is that this is where it ends, and I was all set for MORE! Mahnke's artwork is stellar as always, and Geoff Johns isn't the least bit afraid to make Hal look like an idiot. In fact, Hal pretty much looks and behaves like an idiot throughout the whole book!

There are some really nice touches. The look of triumph and glee on Hal's face, as he gets a ring back on his finger, is superb. Sinestro's world-weary sneer is a lot of fun. Sinestro is portrayed as being just so incredibly competent at what he does. No wonder Hal irritates him. And yet...Hal was the first person that he went to for help. Possibly to rub it in a little bit, that he's beholden to Sinestro for a ring again, but also I think because Sinestro just LIKES to get Hal riled up. He's a little bit like Guy in that respect. And dammit, Sinestro just looks so...suave.

This was a heck of a lot of fun. I just wish it hadn't seemed so short. But I am desperately looking forward to the next issue.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Thursday Reviews of Wedneday's Comics

My, that was a fairly nice week! Let us just jump right into things.

Batgirl #2 Things get fleshed out a bit more. Barbara is in a bit over her head it seems, plus it also seems to be dawning on her, that perhaps she should have given herself a wee bit more time to recuperate from her injuries before jumping back into the thick of things. We do find out that the "Mirror" villain has a rather tragic past, but he's that tragedy in all the wrong ways. And Batgirl is NOT particularly popular with the Gotham City Police. I'm beginning to realize that NONE of the Bats are particularly popular with the Gotham City Police...yet.

Not bad. Gail Simone seems to be finding her footing a little bit more here. It's not great, but I'm willing to give it a chance.

Batman & Robin #2 I rather enjoyed this. For one thing, it's Tomasi, and I always enjoy Tomasi. Also, there is Pat Gleason artwork, and I always enjoy Pat Gleason. Two tastes that taste good together!

Bruce continues to try and make a connection with Damien, even actually...praising him at one point. Granted, it is rather tepid praise, but heck, this IS Batman we're talking about. He and Alfred have a nice philosophical discussion about the ethics of exposing youngsters to the kind of life that he leads, and a few more bodies show up, not to mention an apparent blast from Bruce's past. Oh...and I am pretty sure that Ace the Bat Hound may just be showing up. That's one BIG Bat Hound!

Batwoman #2 This book continues to be enjoyable, and the art will make you weep with joy. Kate is still on the outs with her Dad, which makes me sad, because I really do like her Dad. She also continues to train Flamebird. Oh, and Maggie Sawyer continues the dance she has going with Kate, and Cameron Chase shows up! Man, those Bat people really are NOT popular with the authorities!

This is excellent. Of course.

Demon Knights #2

I originally picked this up on a whim, and I am so glad that I did, because it is just a whole lotta fun. We've got dragon/dinosaurs, a doughty bunch of characters, and Vandal Savage just having the time of his life. A bunch of scared but still rational peasants, and Etrigan who is still flirting madly with Madame Xanadu. Things seem to be escalating quickly, but it just moves along so nicely and there is pretty art and great dialogue, and it's a darned good book.

Green Lantern #2

Well! More Tomorrow!

Resurrection Man #2

Mitch is having memory problems, and tracks down a nursing home, where it turns out that his father lived before passing away recently. But that's ok, his Dad's buddy down the hall offers to help. Of course, his Dad's buddy thinks he's a super-villain, but Mitch is willing to roll with it. The Body Doubles show up, and we get more hints about Mitch's mysterious past, and oh, what the heck, I liked it.

Shade #1

Oh, gosharootie, I'm so happy. The Shade! In all of his black-clad glory. There will be a variety of artists, but we begin with Cully Hamner. Dickie and Mikaal are on the balcony at Shade's lovely old Victorian house in Opal City discussing...things. Shade is a bit melancholy because October is the month when he became...what his is. Mikaal is moping a bit about Tony's death and love lost, and stuff like that. Also, Shade is banging Hope O'Dare.

She suggests that he find an adventure or two, to take his mind off things, and then Deathstroke shows up...and well...that's not what I was expecting to happen!

I can hardly wait for the next issue.

I hope that you all enjoyed YOUR comics!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday Tumbles

Normally, it would be a Tuesday Thwacking or something of that nature, but as you can plainly see, Tumbling is a much better description.

falling hal

Oh Hal.

At least he's not hitting his head. Yet.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Playing Hooky

It's another insanely gorgeous day here in New England, and I'm taking a vacation day, and running off with my oldest daughter to go shopping and hang out and stuff. Just finished having her wedding reception in the backyard gazebo this weekend, and I NEED to recuperate. Two of my offspring married off in only four months! Woohoo!

I finally figured out how the new dvd player worked,(with a little...well a LOT of help from my son) and finally saw the Thor movie. It...is good! My GOD but Chris Helmsworth is a gorgeous gorgeous man. And I really liked Loki too. I thought that Asgard looked a bit like Oa, actually.

I'm really just rambling at this point.


Just another Monday Morning!

Friday, October 07, 2011

Beloved and Beloathed

I thought of this concept the other day, and figured I'd run with it a bit more. If the DC Universe has been reset...then perhaps formerly dead characters will NOT be dead! I can certainly get behind that.

So...on my Beloved list...is Ralph and Sue Dibny. The Nick and Nora Charles of the Comic book set. All they need is an adorable little dog. Great clothes and a lot of booze wouldn't hurt either.

But anyway. I loved that Ralph didn't bother to hide his identity. I loved that Ralph got a kick out of BEING recognized. I loved that Sue fell for Ralph instead of Barry. I loved the fact that SHE was the heiress, and that they got to go around and do cool stuff, and have fun and investigate things together. I loved that they were desperately in love, and that Ralph didn't have to go through the sort of crap that Barry, and Hal and Ray and Clark had to go through with their unwitting girlfriends.

To this day, the retroactive rape and murder of Sue still drives me into a frenzy. The death of Ralph also upsets me, because I love Ralph, but unlike Sue, at least his death had some meaning to it. And I was all set during Blackest Night to see their triumphant return. Then I was all set during Brightest day...for their triumphal return.

I'm...still waiting.

Dammit, Batman may be the world's greatest detective, but he doesn't have TIME to do all the detecting stuff! We Need Ralph! He and Sue can go back and live in Opal, which is my favorite fictional city. They can interact with the Shade, and the O'Dares, and occasionally team up with the Justice League, or heck, maybe THEY could take over for Oracle!

Plus, other than Aquaman and Mera, they're about the only married couple left. Granted, they're dead...but still married! So please...bring back my Beloved Dibnys!


This is by Chris Samnee. Isn't it adorable?

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thursday's Reviews

My Goodness...it's Thursday already? This was week two of DC's grand experiment, and a relatively small week for me.

Action Comics #2

Let me come right out here, and state that although I have always liked Superman...I've never loved him. I can unequivocally state that I LOVE this Superman. He's young, untried, a bit callow, and a bit cocky. But he's doing his level best to help people. He's still evolving his powers, so he can't move planets yet, and he CAN be hurt. He's still in the "leaping over tall buildings" stage, rather than flying, and my God, but this is wonderful.

I love every character in this book. Lois is dogged, and determined, and she showed up wearing baggy pants and a sweatshirt with nary a breast or butt in sight. I almost fell out of my chair. Henry Irons shows up, and outraged at the treatment that Lex Luthor is dishing out to Superman, he quits in a fine rage. Lex himself is simply fantastic.

As we recall, Superman had been captured, and is now being subjected to what basicaly amounts to torture...all so that Lex can "experiment" on him. Since he's not human, Lex can do whatever he wants without a qualm...not that I think that Lex would let a mere qualm stop him when he has the bit in his teeth. Superman is in an electric chair getting zapped, he's exposed to poison gas, and so on and so forth, and he's obviously in pain, but he's managed to keep his wits...and his sense of humor intact. When Lex confronts him with this weird six-legged goat, and asks him if this is his TRUE form, he just bursts out laughing...much to Lex's displeasure. Lex doesn't LIKE being laughed at.

Naturally, he breaks loose, and just happens upon the alien ship that brought him to earth, where he is amazed to hear it talking to him. He promises he'll be back, retrieves his nice red bulletproof cape and busts out of the joint, waving hello to Lois on the way.

May I just say how much I am loving Rags Morales artwork here. He...he draws great feet! And great shoes! How many artists can say that nowadays? I also have to admit that I am rather taken with the jeans and the scruffy workboots that Superman is wearing. It lends him a look that reminds me of...and please don't laugh...Li'l Abner. Yes, I'm old. But I love the boots, and I like this ensemble better than his NEW outfit over in the JLA.

Buy this book. Read it and treasure it.

Green Arrow #2

This on the other hand...is not very good. I barely recognize Ollie in this imposter. The dialogue is stilted and painful. The plot is dull. The art is adequate. Where is my bombastic, self-righteous, bloviating jackass of a Green Arrow? Yes, Ollie is a jerk, but damn it, I LIKE jerks! Perhaps when Dan Jurgens takes over, I'll come back to this, but Krul is doing nothing for me so far.

Justice League International #2

In so many ways, I love this book. It has some of my favorite people in it. There is room for improvement however.

Guy flew off in a snit in the first issue, and Booster has been sent with his team...plus Batman to Peru to investigate some disappearances, and finds a whole lot more than he bargained for. While fighting the giant roboty thing, his team, which isn't much for teamwork yet, gets trounced, and Ice gets hurt. Despite being yelled at by his U.N. superiors, Booster decides to grab his team and get out while he still HAS a team.

Rocket Red is furious and wants to keep fighting. General in Iron agrees with Booster and talks calmly about strategy. Fire just wants to take care of Ice, and Godiva is a bit perturbed at the violence. Vixen doesn't say much. Meanwhile, Guy wanders into his favorite bar, and orders a tall and cold one from the bartender. The bartender named Beau. OH MY GOD! It's Beau Smith!!!! At least it sure looks like him, and it would be a rather charming wink of the eye by Jurgens to put Guy's best writer into his book.


Guy sees that Tora's been hurt, and imediately rushes off to help. Oh, and offer his services of course. By this time, Booster is pretty well fed up and offers to LET Guy take over, but Briggs wants someone that he thinks he can control. Then he starts getting snotty with Batman and the girls all start to take bets on how long he's going to keep his teeth, basically. Then they find out that they have bigger problems than just ONE Robot...because now there are four of them.

The art is pretty, and the story is fun, and I love the characters. Poor Booster is having a rough time of it, but heck, he can handle it...he's got Batman backing him up. Gavril is a bit of a blowhard, but hopefully, he'll settle down soon. Guy is right about thinking that he's a good leader...he IS. But he leads Green Lanterns, he knows all about their abilities and training...which is NOT the case with this bunch.

Still very happy with this book.

Swamp Thing #2

Oh hey, this is good. Alex Holland still doesn't want to have anything to do with the Green, but the Green isn't quite ready to let him go. And we find out all KINDS of cool stuff about the old Swamp Thing, and well...things are a lot different from what I remember. Beautiful art and certainly an interesting twist to the story. I don't know what died-in-the-wool Swamp Thing fans will think, but I like it.

Red Lanterns #2

Atrocitus seems to be having some more soul-searching moments, and decides that he's going to give a little bit more sentience to his crazy posse of rage-a-holics. And stuff happens. I'm not too sure about this book. I don't really see the need for it...I could see this story in an anthology perhaps, or at the back of another book, or maybe in a Green Lantern Quarterly or something. But not necessarily carrying its OWN story.

I also went back and found Journey into Mystery and The Mighty Thor from Marvel. I don't give a rat's behind about the whole "Fear Itself" stuff, but I simply adore baby Loki, so it's worth it for that alone.

Not a bad week at all!

Wednesday, October 05, 2011


It is a beautiful day for Septemb...oops, October. Just went the Comic Book shop and picked up my precious books. Also stopped and got a couple of Subway sammitches, for myself and for my Sweet Babboo. His company is opening a new location, he's going to be running it, but it needs to be painted, and renovated, and new carpet and stuff, so he's been putting in a lot of time working on it, and I thought I would bring him lunch, and eat with him, as well as peruse the new books.

One of his "helpers" wandered in, and saw me raptly reading Action Comics (which was fantastic) and he promptly plopped down next to me, and began a long and incredibly boring tale of all the comics that he used to collect, but his mother threw them out, and what are they worth nowadays anyway, and isn't it just so cute that I'm a girl and reading about Superman!


I...just wanted to visit my honey, eat my lunch and get a jump on reading my books. At home, the family KNOWS not to bother Mommy while she's Reading Her New Books. It just is not done. And I had to contend with this oaf, who really couldn't care less about comics...but wanted to discuss them anyway. Ordinarily I would be delighted to discuss comics, but he doesn't know the names of any of them, except Superman and Batman obviously, nor any storylines and all he was interested in, was how much he could sell his remaining worthless books for, 'cuz people git rich n' stuff! He had some old horror stuff, and thought that Vampirella was just fabulous. And she very well may be, for all that I know...but it was pretty obvious that it wasn't her story that he was interested in.

Fortunately, my phone rang, and I seized upon it as an excuse to make my hasty retreat. Now...to actually sit down and READ my books! I suggest that you all find a quiet and calm place to do the same.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Beloved...and Not So Beloved

Dan Didio announced recently that the Crisis didn't happen in the present configuration of the DC Universe. Or...maybe it did. Or maybe some of the OTHER events did or did not happen. It all depends.

Since I actually LIKE continuity, and manage to keep all of the twists and turns of history handled fairly neatly, this drives me up a wall. I'm a History Major, dammit. Continuity is like food and drink to me! Now, I suppose it all depends upon the current whim of the current writer...and considering how quickly writers come and go on the average, I can foresee that the NEW Continuity is going to become a giant mess sooner rather than later. One of the reasons why reboots really don't work all that well. But that's fodder for another column.


Does this mean...could this possibly mean...that characters that were dead, aren't necessarily REALLY dead? Could this be a backdoor method of bringing back some of my favorites? Or even NOT so favorites. I've thought of creating a feature, called "Beloved and Beloathed". I have a crapload of Beloveds, and not nearly so many beloathed...but there ARE a few.

Oh, and in keeping with my Tuesday theme...

Kyle pictures

Yeah, yeah, he's not getting hit in the head. But he IS being thwacked quite nicely, and it shows off his behind so well, that I just couldn't resist.

Monday, October 03, 2011

October Already?

Well September sure flew by quickly. What is really strange, is that here it is, October 3rd, and it is still 70 some odd degrees and all the trees are still green. It is as though we are a month behind. There is a little bit of color here and there, or else the leaves are simply turning brown and falling off. Too much rain, I guess.

The pumpkins are fat and happy however. And October brings all sorts of nice things, such as the new Shade Mini-series, that I have been looking forward to, for quite some time now. Dagnabit, I love the Shade.

But what I REALLY wanted to talk about, before I got off course, meandering on about foliage...is the Justice League. Mainly, Hal. Despite not being that thrilled with Jim Lee's artwork, and the fact that only a few of the JLA even showed up...I DID enjoy the first issue of the Justice League, because I always enjoy seeing Hal being a bit of a jerk. Well, maybe not a jerk...but certainly a bit on the arrogant side. And really who can blame him? He's young, handsome, charming,and he's got this AMAZING wishing ring. Batman is just an old poop.

I have to wonder however. The JLA takes place in the past. But the JLI is in the present...I think. And Green Lantern is in the present, which means that Hal being missing, ALSO means that he's AWOL from the JLA.

Has...has anyone even NOTICED? Is this going to be addressed? If one of your heavy hitters just disappeared one day, wouldn't you be inclined to go out and look for him? Did he call up Batman and say that he's taking a leave of absence or is retired, or what? Inquiring minds want to know! Hopefully...we'll find out.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Gosh I Love Parades

Especially parades in the rain. I am marching today in Granby, Ct's 225th anniversary parade. I remember being at the 200th parade! Not too excited about the monsoon in store, but still...it's my hometown.

We're getting just a little bit tired of rain in New England. I would like to be able to direct some of our excess moisture down south and west a bit...where they NEED it!


Incidentally, this picture has absolutely NOTHING to do with anything! I just like Jay force-feeding villains. You just don't see that sort of thing too often anymore.