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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursdays Reviews

Egad, but that was one lovely week. So...many...books! And much Green Lanterny goodness besides.

Fables #107 was actually a bit of a departure from the regular run of stories, concerning our heroes and heroines from Fable Town and the Farm. This issue concerns itself with several Would-Be Emperors trying to fill in the void left in the homelands, by the defeat of the Adversary. Key to all of this is none other than Sleeping Beauty, who is still snoozing away in the middle of the castle...along with all the bureaucrats and servants of the Adversary. The ruses, tricks and scheming is a lot of fun, and it turns out that there are actually TWO beautiful sleeping ladies!
I'm looking forward to seeing where this story is going, and that is always a good thing.

Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #2

Ok, I actually did enjoy this. Hal is talking to Abin Sur, and apparently thinks that the pink alien is something of a showboat, which made me grin from ear to ear. Meanwhile at Ferris Tom and Hector...as in Hector Hammond are working on a secret weapon. The Amazons show up in their invisible planes to attack, and naturally, Hal and Carol fight them off...they AND their dragon! Hal does manage to reap a bit of glory, and he's just SO happy.

This was fun in a weird sort of way.

Green Arrow #14.

Ollie continues to fight against the good Reverend Miggs...who is actually anything BUT good, teamed up with that cranky police Detective Donovan. Weird stuff continues to happen, and Batman just happens to show up with some really AWESOME arrows, that he made for Ollie, to that he can compete with the extremely high tech weaponry being used. It's a decent story, nothing too outrageous, and we all know that it will presumably end in a month or so...and then Ollie suddenly will look a whole lot like Conner Hawke for some reason.

Retroactive: Green Lantern

I have to admit it...I'm loving the Retroactive books. Maybe because it is a throwback to a more innocent time, when people didn't get dismembered every other issue, and characters that I loved were all STILL ALIVE AND KICKING! It's a story of Ollie AND Hal of course...Ollie is having problems dealing with the fact that he accidentally shot a guy,and now he's being stalked by someone who is shooting arrows into people that HE likes. Hal in the meantime has his own problems, including coming across another pink alien who looks JUST like Abin Sur, but is actually only a relative, who crash lands on earth, but can't quite remember why. The stories are earnest, in that Denny O'Neil sort of way, and the art by Mike Grell is awfully pretty, and what the heck...a trip down memory lane is always fun.

Green Lantern Corps #62.

Oh Kyle, Kyle, Kyle.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #12

Guy gets the job done, but at a cost.

Gotham City Sirens #25.

You know, Selina, perhaps you shouldn't have sold out your gal pals quite so quickly. Ivy isn't in the mood to be forgiving, and Harley...well Harley is a little cuckoo at the moment. This wasn't bad...it's all coming to an end soon too, when the three of them will go their separate ways...Catwoman will go off and be dirty and sexy sexy and sexy...Ivy apparently joins the Birds of Prey, which has my mind completely boggled...and Harly takes her clothes off and joins the Suicide Squad for some reason.


Retroactive: Justice League of America

Ok, this was a hoot from the start to the end, with a bit of the forth wall, and using alternate earths, and Julius Schwartz, amnesia, Adam Strange AND Kanjar Ro. Hawkman! Barry as the Flash, Hal as the Green Lantern, Ollie, Wonder Woman, Red Tornado and Zatanna minus her top hat. It is ridiculous...and oh, so much fun.

Justice Society of America #53

This is considerably less fun. There is a hidden civilization hidden beneath Monument City, or whatever it's called, and the JSA is poking around with the help of the Challengers of the Unknown, except naturally they end up unleashing whatever it was that was...well...leashed. It's actually a bit better than it has been, and I'm STILL going to miss these characters terribly, when they get put on the shelf in a month or so.

Retroactive: Superman

Another one that is a lot of fun. We have Lois, Lana, a LOT of villains, Mxyzptlk, MORE vilains, and Superman having a hissy fit. Oh, and the Bottle City of Kandor, and Supergirl thrown in for good measure. And although Lois isn't married to Clark, and doesn't know that he is Superman, they are still OBVIOUSLY together! Superman is also not brooding. Although he IS awfully cranky for Superman. Again...a lot of fun.

Wonder Woman #613

Good grief, this is starting to drag. At least we now know how Diana ended up where she did, because Nemesis split her REAL self and absorbed her, except for her innocence or...or something. It's a bit...convolute. Which is like saying that water is wet. They fight a lot, and STILL haven't come to a conclusion, which presumably will be next month. Nice to see the old duds however.

More...naturally, on the Green Lanterns.


At 12:51 PM, Blogger CalvinPitt said...

When you say Nemesis, is that the mythological figure, or the guy who was in Suicide Squad and dated Diana for awhile recently?

I'm guessing mythological figure, but since this was a JMS story originally, I can't rule out Tom Tresser doing something really strange.

At 1:32 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oops, sorry, the mythological goddess apparently. And all the other Greek Gods are cowering in fear from her. It really doesn't make a heck of a lot of sense, which is why I'm actually looking forward to the reboot on this particular title.

At 7:21 PM, Blogger Siskoid said...

Wonder Woman is STARTING to drag? I thought that was the pace since JMS Day 1.

I'm supporting Wonder Woman either way because for some reason DC's always asking us to prove female characters can sell books. My feeling is that good stories and art should sell books, but what do I know?

Phil Hester has made some of these issues palatable, and you can almost feel him out there trying to justify JMS' napkin scribbles, but the series took a dive for the worst when Diana was reconstituted into Wonder Woman... but not in the WW costume. Visually, the "return" of Wonder Woman doesn't work.

This is one book I don't mind being rebooted, let me tell you.

At 5:50 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

So glad I stopped reading WW when JMS took over. My memories of Diana are now intact with Diana at her very best.


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