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Saturday, July 02, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #11

I'm posting this a little late...just never had the time yesturday, for which I apologize. Real life can be SO inconvenient sometimes! Or too much fun depending upon your point of view.



Well, they didn't give anything away for the ending of the War of the Green Lanterns, except that things seem to be more or less restored to the status quo, which I think we ALL pretty much expected. Guy is on his way to Earth for a little bit of well-deserved R&R, when Salaak tells him that he has to stop on the way and rescue some Arcadian Dignitary, who is in the process of being attacked by some low-life Kreuvians.


Heh. He says Sally!

With slightly more effort than he was planning to expend, Guy naturally mops the floor with the Kreuvians and naturally is being hailed as a hero and thanked by the grateful Arcadians. Guy is still impatient to get on with his vacation, but does take a minute to be thanked by Lady Yul, the Dignitary whom he saved, and boy howdy, is SHE a sight! Guy, being stupid, is immediately smitten, and she fawns all over him, serves him up dinner, and even consents to be being smooched. I did think that it was nice of Guy to ask first. I'm sure that he thinks he's about to hit second base, when all of a sudden he's not feeling too well, and then...ZZZZRAAAKAKK!

Well! That's certainly not lady-like! It turns out her whole plan was to kill Guy and steal his ring. There are certain flaws to this plan of course. The thermo-electric pulse doesn't kill him immediately, and they have to zap him again. This time it does the trick, and with Guy dead, his ring is ready to fly off and find a new replacement. They manage to capture the ring in some sort of containment unit, and evil Lady Yul is all happy now. Her minion however has other ideas.

Yup, Guy's dead. You would think that I would be having a heart attack right about now. But he's only MOSTLY dead, and the minion manages to reverse the pulse thingie, and next thing you know, Guy is back amongst the living, to my eternal gratitude. Naturally...he is pissed beyond belief. The minion has to do quite a bit of fast talking, and Guy goes after his ring.

He is kicking butt in a very satisfactory manner, more or less mowing down the less than efficient guards with relative ease, considering he's ringless. Evil Lady Yul is NOT happy to see him up and about and manages to reward the poor hapless minion suitably. Poor fellow. Also, Guy discovers that evil Lady Yul isn't even Lady Yul at all, the REAL Lady Yul is dead, and was about to be tossed overboard.

With a couple of blasters, Guy manages to fight his way to the control room or whatever it is where our shape-shifting villainess is hiding out. In the containment unit, his ring is fighting to get out, which I think is rather cool. Guy is wondering if this was all a plot to take over Arcadia, or start a war with the Kreuvians or whatever, but no, she's just wants the ring, and the ability to masquerade as Lady Yul and take whatever she wants. But she's not going to get it, because Guy hauls off and punches her right in the chops.

Huzzah! Comic book violence!

Peter Tomasi writes it of course, and it is drawn by Bernard Chang instead of Fernando Pasarin, which rather leads me to think that this was a reserve issue, that they had all ready and waiting. It's one and done, which is always something of a relief once in a while from all of the huge event stuff. So...it's fun and loud and has Guy being obnoxious and surprisingly efficient even without his ring, which is always a plus. And ass shots are plentiful which is also a bonus.

A winner!


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