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Thursday, June 23, 2011


Another small week. Still no Green Lantern books.


Not a lot else.

Fables # 106 was nice. Bigby's father, the North Wind has decided that enough is enough, after their little chat last issue, and takes on Mister Dark, all by his lonesome. Mister Dark is quite surprised by this, and they fight, and end up in a nice little casket, that Bellflower and her new boyfriend find. Too bad they're lost now. Oh, and since there still needs to BE a North Wind, one of the zephyrs decides that the new one will be one of Bigby and Snow's kids. Excellent as usual. Oh, and Ozma is in a snit, because she didn't have a chance to shine.

Green Arrow #13

That girl that Ollie saved waaaaay back when comes looking for him, since she's a federal Marshal and they need his help bringing some crazy religious guy to jail. the crazy religious guy has turned into a terrorist and has access to some really high-quality technology, and they figure that having a super type around would be handy. Naturally, they are attacked, and when Ollie has a chance to shoot him with one of his pointy sticks, he decides that he's had enough of acutally killing people, and pulls his punch, which makes her all cranky, since she figured that after what he did to Prometheus, he wouldn't have any trouble killing people. Boy, did SHE misread the situation! Actually, not bad. I am a little surprised that Ollie is still lurking in trees and such, but if that is what makes him happy, then more power to him.

Justice League of America #58.

Is this whole thing with Eclipso still going on? Nothing much seems to have happened. They call the Atom in, to go into the Shade's brain along with Mikaal for some reason, since they think that the Shade is being SUBTLY coerced by Eclipso. And lo and behold, there are little black spider things in his cerebral cortex...or something. The rest of them continue to fight, as they have been fighting all along, and for some reason, the moon seems to have been split in two, and they all feel that Donna has something "special" that will make her defeat Eclipso,...except that it didn't work.

Boy howdy, this plotline has been dragging on for what seems forever. I love Robinson's work on Starman, and I'm always happy to see the Shade, but this is pretty boring.

Swamp Thing #1: Brightest Day Aftermath.

Well, John Constantine is out looking for Swampy, since he thinks that killing all those environmentally-challenged industrialists was an uncharacteristic move for his large green friend. He ends up being chased through an arboretum, lands in the batmobile, and talks to Batman who doesn't seem to know who he is, which makes me think that is is Dick rather then Bruce, and ends up unconcious, and brought back by Zatanna, who makes a lot of snarky remarks. John has this feeling that something is wrong with Swampy, and or Alex Holland.

Pretty horrible actually, and I say that as someone who likes Swamp Thing, John Constantine and Zatanna. John's dialogue is simply horrendous. I'm surprised that he doesn't run around saying "crikey, guvnor" because that's about the only cockney cliche that he doesn't utter.

I'm feeling a little...disgruntled.


At 12:12 PM, Blogger ShellyS said...

I was just so happy the Brightest Day storyline was over in GA, I would've liked almost anything next.

And now I'm really glad I didn't read the Brightest Day Aftermath. Sounds dreadful.

At 1:07 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

It was pretty horrible, all things considered. And I actually LIKE John Constantine! But the dialogue was simply dreadful.


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