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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Itty Bitty Reviews

Good grief, that was a small week. I'm still in mourning for Green Lantern, which now apparently won't come out until...JULY!


This strikes me as foolish, since the movie comes out tomorrow (thank goodness!) But hey, I'm not the one in charge.


Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #5

Fun as usual. Cindy is still chasing Dorothy, who seems oddly absent. And all kinds of interesting things happen with Ivan. Which leads to an equally interesting reveal.

Abin Sur #1

This is the movie tie-in of course, but at least it had Pat Gleason artwork. Abin is roaming around catching smugglers, one of whom gets a little too close to earth, so Abin has to go down and get the contraband that landed. A very young Amanda Waller shows up and shows Abin that we're not ALL a bunch of backward hicks. Decent, if not fabulous. For a dead guy, Abin is sure getting a lot of press.

Ruse #4

I did miss this book. There is just something about smug Victorians, skullduggery and bustles. A lot of fun.

And that..was...it. Didn't really feel motivated to pick up any of the Flashpoint books.


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