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Thursday, June 30, 2011


Well, that wasn't a bad week at all. Not a GREAT week, mind you, but still...not bad.
It seems as though all the books are more or less wrapping things up.

Gotham City Sirens #24

Harley is back with Mistah J, while Ivy pleads for her, and it all gets a little weird. Also, Selina gets in a little payback with Ivy as well. And Batman shows up, which isn't much of a surprise. Still, not a bad issue, all things considered. Getting ready for them all to be reshuffled into their post-September books, I imagine.

Flashpoint: Green Arrow #1

My god, but Ollie is an asshole. This is not really much of a surprise, it is rather comforting I suppose to know that he has these dickish tendencies no matter WHAT reality he is currently occupying. Too bad about Roy though...that kid just can't catch a break. And a bit of a surprise to me at least at the end. So again, not bad at all.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #11

It did satisfy my Green Lantern yearnings. More anon.

Flashpoint: Hal Jordan #1

I wasn't quite sure what to expect, but this was actually pretty good. Again, as with Ollie, it is nice to know that Hal ALWAYS remains Hal...no matter what. And the artwork was rather pretty, quite painterly, but nice. So this was quite nice.

Hal is still working for Ferris, still working with Carol, and still is arrogant as ever. And they fight a land shark! And Abin Sur shows up at the end, asking for a little help from his friends.

Hal Jordan #1

This is the movie version, to go with the other Movie books, and oh, what the heck I liked it too. Basically, it is Sinestro telling Tomar Re that humans are jerks, and this one in particular(Hal) is too fearful to be a good Lantern. He even asks if there were any other choices, and the ring shows them a very young Guy Garnder in the Michigan lockerroom in his football uniform! Oh...be still my heart. In the end, Sinestro stomps off in a huff. And there was a rather odd little story at the end, introducing a new female character that was a bit odd, but ok, I suppose.

Justice Society of America #52

Considering how gawdawful this book has been lately, I was a bit hesitant about picking it up again, but since it IS going to be axed quietly under the new plethora of books, I wanted to see how it was all going to finish up, and it...wasn't terrible! A fan of the former Mister Terrific is the one behind all of the mental problems of the NEW Mister Terrific, which is quite the biting commentary on the rabidness of some fans. And they end up calling in the Challengers of the Unknown to help deal with the hidden chamber buried beneath the city, which is always a treat.

Justice Society of America: 80 Page Giant 2011

Gosh, I just love 80 page giants. This wasn't bad either. A lot of rather nice small stories, some of which worked better than others, but not any real clunkers. I really liked the first one with the Spectre, which rather surprised me. The painterly looking one, written by Ivan Brandon was a treat. And portrayed Alan Scott in rather a new light. But worth while picking up.

Wonder Woman #612

Man, this storyline seems to have gone on forever. Again, I had pretty much given up on Diana, but I want to see how it all ends up. The Gods all end up coming back, they've been in hiding from Nemesis, who outpowers all of them due to the general rottenness of humans, apparently. And Diana is the Only One Who Can Save Them. There is a lot of exposition and some fighting, and then she ends up having to...fight herself! But that's not until the next issue. Not great by any means, but not completely terrible. Just...meandering.

Still it's all better than a week without comics at all!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Oh Wednesday

Well! My day at work today was just as fabulous as last Friday was horrible, so I guess it all balances out. AND, it is New Comics Day. And that my friends, is always ALWAYS a good thing. Furthermore, I understand that Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors is actually coming out. I'm not quite sure how this all ties in with the end of the War of the Green Lanterns, that would presumably be covered in Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, but at this point, I am so starved for some Green Lantern Goodness, that I Do Not Care.

Furthermore, I have heard, hither and yon, that Warner Brothers has greenlighted (heh) a sequel to the Green Lantern movie, which pleases me greatly. It would be nice to have Hal go up against Sinestro in this one, because Mark Strong the guy who played Sinestro is simply phenomenal. And maybe we'd actually get a glimpse of John, Guy and Kyle in the next one. And the next one and the next one, and...!

So...everybody enjoy your books today! Man, June just flew by!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Whatever happened to...?

Neal Adams Batman: Odyssey? That was a demented, if fabulous series, and it hasn't come out in quite a while it seems. I'm pretty sure that it hadn't ended...did it end, and I am just too stupid to have realized it? What is going to happen to it, post the September relaunch? It was absolutely insane, but what the heck, it was also a whole lotta fun, watching Batman run around like a chicken with his head cut off, instead of being inscrutable and omnipotent.

They've also moved Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps, to the middle of July, but Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors IS supposed to come out tomorrow, for which I am deeply thankful. I get cranky when I have to go without my fix. Still...I hope that it doesn't give away TOO much of the plot. And will this delay ALSO delay the July books to August, and thence to September which will also be a mess with the relaunch?


I should probably calm down. I'm starting to look like a deranged fusspot. Which of course...I AM...but still, one likes to present a cool and collected exterior.

And here, for no reason whatsoever other than it makes me smile, is the cover to August's Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors.


Because putting THOSE two together can only result in hilarity...and mayhem!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Guy's Love Life

This may seem like a strange topic, but dagnabit, I've been worried, ever since they dropped the bomb that Guy loves the Green Lantern Corps more than anything. Including Tora. Plus, there are the liberties taken by Mr. Winick, when he gave her that idiotic new origin, and messed with their relationship to boot, so that Guy wouldn't be in the "Generation Lost" book.

What I want to know, is can their relationship be salvaged? I knew that we were in trouble back at the beginning to Blackest Night, when Hal was admitting that he was jealous of Guy, because of all of them, he actually had a stable relationship. I read that, and my heart sank right into my shoes, because it was more or less the kiss of death. And if there is one thing that I am fond of, it is the relationship between Guy and Tora. Sure, they've had their ups and downs, but dammit, she's back from the dead, and surely these two people deserve a LITTLE bit of joy. Is that too much to ask?

Apparently so.

So...where does that leave us? Because, as much as I adore Tora (and I DO) I cannot for the life of me, help wondering who ELSE could possibly be brave enough to date Guy Gardner. And so I put my thinking cap on, and came up with a list. A LONG list. Of eligible ladies in the DC Univers.

I left off some rather obvious names. Obviously dead and dead and married women, such as Barda or Sue Dibny don't count. Jesse Quick/Liberty Belle is also a newlywed, so she's off limits. I would also discount Courtney and Cyclone because they're just kids. Same thing for Misfit, Stephanie, Cassandra and Mia. And if anyone thinks of Milagro Reyes, that's just sick.

Still...it does leave a fair number of ladies.

Fire...No. They had their fling, and it's over. Besides, she's into Gavril at the moment.

Jade...No. She's still got a thing for Kyle, and Guy would never hurt Kyle. Besides...I really can't stand her, the little cheating hussy.

Donna...Also no. Another of Kyle's ex's.

Starfire...While he might enjoy staring at her rack, I don't think she's quite his style. Besides,she's going to be hanging out with Jason and Roy. Although she may have a thing for redheads, so who knows?

Raven....Ugh. No.

Power Girl...Well...actually this could probably work, once they got over the mutual animosity left over from his old brain-dead days. But DC is mothballing Peej for the time being, at least such is my understanding.

Supergirl...No. Too young. Even Hal thinks she's jailbait.

Barbara Gordon...No. She was Ted Kord's girlfriend...sort've. I don't really think that they would mesh well. Plus she's a Bat. Bats and Lanterns don't mix.\

Dinah (Black Canary)...No, no no. She and Ollie may be divorced, but obviously they'll be back together again at some point. Besides it would drive Hal crazy. And they really don't like each other that much.

Gypsy...Probably not. I would imagine that after the emotional upheaval that he went through with Kari Limbo, that gypsies would not be high on his list. Yet another reason why Winick's retcon makes absolutely NO SENSE WHATSOEVER!!!

Vixen...Well...they are going to be team mates soon. Although they don't seem to have interacted very much in the past. I suppose that it is a remote possibility.

Ma Hunkel...Now, I'm just being ridiculous. Besides, he was rude to her, when they were rebuilding the JSA headquarters, and she thinks he's a young whippersnapper.

Amanda Waller...Oh God, this could be either the most ridiculous or the most epic pairing ever. Kalinara thinks it could work, but I'm a bit skeptical. It could be fun though...although physically, I don't really think she's his type. He seems to like a touch of the exotic.

Kate Kane...well...there is that whole lesbian thing. And she's a Bat too. So no.

Crimson Fox...This would be the new one, who was hanging with the Global Guardians and was trying to seduce Hal for a while. They are probably total strangers, but what the hey. I suppose it is a possibility.

Katanna...Probably not. She seems a bit intense.

Doctor Light...Same thing. She's really not much fun.

Mary Marvel...Actually, this could possibly have worked, except for the whole underaged thing, and the fact that they turned her into an evil slut. Guy seems to like good girls.

Now, we're getting into the realm of actual possibilities.

La Dama...this is a bit of a longshot, but hey, she's quite an amazing character. Too bad she's actually bad. So probably not.

Rose...Hal's old girlfriend, who to the best of my knowledge is probably still hanging out on Mosaic, waiting for John to pick her up and take her back to earth so that she can pay the taxes on her farm. And ex of BOTH Hal and John, she also can't stand Guy...although he might have taken that as a challenge in the old days, I would doubt that this would work.

Hope O'Dare...now I'm just being silly. She's hanging with the Shade.

Cowgirl...Well...if the whole thing with Hal doesn't work out, and she seems to be pretty undemanding. But she's also pretty much a blank when it comes to a personality...I don't care if she DOES wear a cowboy hat.

Helena Bertinelli...A former teammate and a teacher! They would actually have a lot in common, especially now that he has his brains back. But she is a Bat...kind've. So I don't know. But still, a possibility.

Iolande...Now we're talking. She's a Green Lantern, which is a plus and she's a princess, and he seems to like princesses, and she's exotic, and he likes that too, and dammit, I like her. They could double-date with Kyle and Soranik.

Brik...Also a Green Lantern, and she seems to be developing something of a crush on him, but I don't know. I think that he values her as a comrade, but nothing more. Rock-hard abs are nice, rock-hard boobs are not.

Arisia...I think that they love each other...as friends, or possbily siblings and comrades. Besides she seems hung up on...Sodam Yat (ugh) And Kilowog may still have feelings for her, and he'd never hurt Kilowog.

R'amey Holl...This could possibly work, if they end up bringing her back from the Corpse. Of course, she's all glowing and evolved now, and she does have this habit of tearing people in two.

Bleez...Man, I hope that they don't try to make this pairing work. I get the feeling that she may like him a little, but that she makes his flesh crawl.

Miri...Hey...this could actually work! Miri is adorable...my favorite of the Star Sapphires, and she already has a standing open tab at Warriors.

Carol Ferris...Only as a rebound fling for the both of them. Carol is still hung up on Hal, and Guy is probably still yearning for Tora, and the sex would probably be incredible, but it wouldn't last.


Zinda Blake(Lady Blackhawk)...Actually...you know this could possibly also work. They've known each other forever, and have flirted in a mild sort of way, heck, they even lived together in that great big old Warrior's Commune back in the old Vuldarian days. And dating a hard-drinking pilot with a great ass, would be a bit like dating Hal, so I can see Guy going for it. If nothing else, they would have fun.

Diana (Wonder Woman)...This was actually an idea of Beau Smith's, back in the Warrior days, and I've always rather liked it. They've been flirting in a desultory fashion for years as well, and she is certainly one of the few people in a position of authority that he's always gotten along with...even when he was brain-dead. Heck, he even called her "Boss" back when they were in the Justice League together, which is certainly a heck of a lot more than he ever did for Superman or Batman. Granted, they were sniping at each other during the whole Omac thing, but Ted and just died and tensions were high, and I'm sure that he'd apologize eventually. And she likes him!

Dagnabit, this could actually work! Tom Tresser has dumped her, and she is at loose ends. Tora may or may not have dumped him too.

Tora Olafsdottir...the best of all possible solutions, is of course, to have them figure out what is going on and get back together.

Do YOU have any preferences?

Friday, June 24, 2011

A Most Peculiar Day

It's...not a full moon or anything is it? Maybe it was just because it was a Friday, but I seemed to have to deal with a LOT of weird people today. My Manager was out because of Jury duty, so that immediately threw things into an uproar. My crazy boss (not the good one) was feeling testy because they actually had to send out cheques today, so he was in a mood. On helluva mood. My GOOD boss was also testy, because he had to fill in for the Manager.

If you call a business and want something, please for the love of God, just come right out and say WHAT you want, instead of hemming, and hawing, and stopping your sentences to go off on a tangent, and asking how I am, because I just really want to get you to the right department, and the phone just rang three more times, while I listen to you tell me about your grandmother in Russia.

Also...it is my job to screen callers for my Boss. He wants to know your name and your company. Please don't swear at me, or pretend that he is your bestest buddy while secretly trying to get through to sell him vinyl siding or something. It is not a good idea to be rude to your food server, your IT person, and the receptionist. I can make DAMN sure that you never ever get through, if you piss me off enough.

Don't move the stuff on my desk or in my drawers. I have things in a certain spot for a reason. If move it, or run off with my stapler, I WILL hunt you down.

Man, I'm glad that it's the weekend. I apologize for the venting. I obviously need to read a good comic book.


I am thinking of applying for this. It could only be an improvement.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Another small week. Still no Green Lantern books.


Not a lot else.

Fables # 106 was nice. Bigby's father, the North Wind has decided that enough is enough, after their little chat last issue, and takes on Mister Dark, all by his lonesome. Mister Dark is quite surprised by this, and they fight, and end up in a nice little casket, that Bellflower and her new boyfriend find. Too bad they're lost now. Oh, and since there still needs to BE a North Wind, one of the zephyrs decides that the new one will be one of Bigby and Snow's kids. Excellent as usual. Oh, and Ozma is in a snit, because she didn't have a chance to shine.

Green Arrow #13

That girl that Ollie saved waaaaay back when comes looking for him, since she's a federal Marshal and they need his help bringing some crazy religious guy to jail. the crazy religious guy has turned into a terrorist and has access to some really high-quality technology, and they figure that having a super type around would be handy. Naturally, they are attacked, and when Ollie has a chance to shoot him with one of his pointy sticks, he decides that he's had enough of acutally killing people, and pulls his punch, which makes her all cranky, since she figured that after what he did to Prometheus, he wouldn't have any trouble killing people. Boy, did SHE misread the situation! Actually, not bad. I am a little surprised that Ollie is still lurking in trees and such, but if that is what makes him happy, then more power to him.

Justice League of America #58.

Is this whole thing with Eclipso still going on? Nothing much seems to have happened. They call the Atom in, to go into the Shade's brain along with Mikaal for some reason, since they think that the Shade is being SUBTLY coerced by Eclipso. And lo and behold, there are little black spider things in his cerebral cortex...or something. The rest of them continue to fight, as they have been fighting all along, and for some reason, the moon seems to have been split in two, and they all feel that Donna has something "special" that will make her defeat Eclipso,...except that it didn't work.

Boy howdy, this plotline has been dragging on for what seems forever. I love Robinson's work on Starman, and I'm always happy to see the Shade, but this is pretty boring.

Swamp Thing #1: Brightest Day Aftermath.

Well, John Constantine is out looking for Swampy, since he thinks that killing all those environmentally-challenged industrialists was an uncharacteristic move for his large green friend. He ends up being chased through an arboretum, lands in the batmobile, and talks to Batman who doesn't seem to know who he is, which makes me think that is is Dick rather then Bruce, and ends up unconcious, and brought back by Zatanna, who makes a lot of snarky remarks. John has this feeling that something is wrong with Swampy, and or Alex Holland.

Pretty horrible actually, and I say that as someone who likes Swamp Thing, John Constantine and Zatanna. John's dialogue is simply horrendous. I'm surprised that he doesn't run around saying "crikey, guvnor" because that's about the only cockney cliche that he doesn't utter.

I'm feeling a little...disgruntled.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

It's the Summer Solstice

The longest day of the year. And tomorrow, it all starts to go downhill again. It's not that I'm bitter about there not being a Green Lantern book tomorrow...like there SHOULD be. Instead, let me bask in the glow of the first day of summer, and drink my milkshake like a lady. And orange-cream milkshake. Mmmmmmmm.....

As is also usual with Tuesdays, I have absolutely NOTHING to talk about. But I have never let that stop me before, and dadgummit, I'm not going to let it stop me now. At work this morning while sorting out the invoices, I did notice that there was one to a lady who's last name was Olafsdottir. Her first name was NOT Tora...but still...it was rather cool. My company also has a Harold, an Alan, and a Kyle working for us. Alas...no Guy.

The general consensus seems to be that the Green Lantern movie is by no means as terrible as all those stuffy critics declared it to be. Heck, I could have told them that. I know that I'll be getting it on DVD when it comes out in six months or so...it will make a delightful Christmas present! It will probably be hurt by Cars II coming out next week. And as much as I love Pixar...I didn't really like Cars all that much.

So anyway...


Here's a little apropos of nothing. Crazy Hal in his underwear! He's not getting hit in the head...but still!

Monday, June 20, 2011


So...according to Scientists, they have been able to perform a rather complex experiment involving gyroscopes in earth orbit, in order to prove one of Einstein's theories about Relativity. Apparently, there IS such a thing as the Space/Time continuum, not to mention a Fourth Dimension. I'm not a physicist or anything, and some of it was a bit esoteric...but there is apparently a little dimple in space orbiting the Earth. Which leads me to wonder if there is a dimple in space around all of the OTHER planets, not to mention the sun, stars and stuff like that.

Which means that wormholes do exist, and possibly portals to other universes or means to travel past the speed of light, or all KINDS of cool Science Fiction sort of things that Comic books have been using as plot devices all of these years.

The 52 is real!

Maybe. Still...I find this to be fascinating. Now we know how Green Lanterns get to Oa so quickly. And speaking of Oa...


This is a picture taken by Nasa, and it's just so...so perfect.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Still Riding that Green Lantern Euphoria

Critics Schmitics. I loved this movie. Granted, I am a very easy person to please in this matter. Still...it was fun, it didn't deviate from the source material, the changes that WERE made, made sense for the movie, the acting was excellent and the special effects were beautiful. I did NOT see it in 3-D, because quite frankly, I can't stand 3-D. I wear glasses, so it is always hard to see it anyway. The original is good enough for me.

The scenes on Oa were simply gorgeous. The Guardians were also fabulous...aloof, elegant and slightly sinister. It was fun looking for familiar Corps members, although there wasn't a whole lot of time to do so. Hal and Sinestro were great together...each of them alpha males. I loved Tomar Re. I didn't get to see a lot of Kilowog's behind, which was a pity, but he says...Poozer! Woohoo!

And damn it, Ryan Reynolds ass is simply a thing of beauty.

Friday, June 17, 2011

One Helluva Birthday Present!!

Oh...My...God. I have seen the movie. I do not care WHAT the critics say...this was fabulous. Even my Sweet Babboo liked it, although he thought that it started a little slowly, but then things went with a bang.

I am going to go and see it again tomorrow with my kids. Let me just say that yes, Hal does get hit in the head. In fact rather frequently. And he does show off one spectacular set of buttocks. And Sinestro is strangly hot. No cameos of John, Guy or Kyle though. But plenty of sneak peaks at some of the Lanterns, albeit briefly.

Hector Hammond is creepy as all heck, Tomar Re and Kilowog are fun, and the Guardians are elegant and spooky all at the same time. I also liked Carol a whole heck of a lot more than I thought that I would.

Yes, the costume is a little different from the books, but I didn't care. It is a construct of the ring, and it does this rather cool glowy thing. Oa is simply gorgeous. The constructs are typically Hal, and rather fun. There are some rather amusing moments, and some nail-biting moments and Carol is smart enough to figure out who Hal is in about thirty seconds, and Tom Kalmaku is in it...and...well, I'm not going to spoil it ALL.

Just go and see it. If you like Super Hero movies, you will probably like it a lot. If you are a Green Lantern fan, you will like it MORE than a lot. Seriously, I was prepared to like it even if it was only 90 minutes of Hal painting his toe nails, provided he bent over a lot. But it is a whole lot more than that.

Oh, and stay through the first part of the credits. You won't want to miss what happens.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Itty Bitty Reviews

Good grief, that was a small week. I'm still in mourning for Green Lantern, which now apparently won't come out until...JULY!


This strikes me as foolish, since the movie comes out tomorrow (thank goodness!) But hey, I'm not the one in charge.


Cinderella: Fables Are Forever #5

Fun as usual. Cindy is still chasing Dorothy, who seems oddly absent. And all kinds of interesting things happen with Ivan. Which leads to an equally interesting reveal.

Abin Sur #1

This is the movie tie-in of course, but at least it had Pat Gleason artwork. Abin is roaming around catching smugglers, one of whom gets a little too close to earth, so Abin has to go down and get the contraband that landed. A very young Amanda Waller shows up and shows Abin that we're not ALL a bunch of backward hicks. Decent, if not fabulous. For a dead guy, Abin is sure getting a lot of press.

Ruse #4

I did miss this book. There is just something about smug Victorians, skullduggery and bustles. A lot of fun.

And that..was...it. Didn't really feel motivated to pick up any of the Flashpoint books.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


No...Green...Lantern...Book today! Well, there was the Movie version with Abin Sur, which I got, because I'm having a severe attack of GL Withdrawal. But seriously, the Movie is coming out in a couple of days. You would think that having a nice current issue of Green Lantern on the shelves...especially one that is the pinnacle episode of the Green Lantern War would be a GOOD thing!

But no.

I'm...I'm starting to twitch.

In the meantime, however, please enjoy this.


I filched this from Newsarama. It's by Randy Mayor, and it is adorable.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


I actually have a listing of ALL the new books that DC is going to be releasing as #1's come September. I have even alphabetized them, for your viewing pleasure...because I am a compulsive alphabetizer. It's a curse.

Action Comics...presumably Superman, doing actiony sort of things.
All-Star Western...the transmogrified Jonah Hex
Animal Man...this is nice. I like him and his family.
Batman: The Dark Knight
Batman and Robin
Batwoman...this is a whole lot of Bats.
Birds of Prey...sans Zinda and Helena and Barbara. Dagnabit.
Blackhawks...will Zinda show up here?
Blue Beetle...Jaime and his amazing family return!
Catwoman...I would be inclined to pick this up...but...Winick.
DC Universe Presents...actually I always like anthology books.
Deathstroke...this is actually not alphabetical. Rats. Man I can't stand Slade.
Demon Knights...Etrigan makes his appearance.
Detective Comics...more Bats.
Firestorm...Gail Simone and Ethan Van Sciver. I am so happy
Flash...I still like Barry.
Frankenstein: Agent of Shade.
Green Arrow...Oh Ollie...I can never stay mad at you.
Green Lantern...ditto for Hal
Green Lantern Corps...Guy and John! The universe may never recover.
Green Lantern: The New Guardians...Putting Kyle in charge of the Guardians can only
lead to hilarity
Hawkman...being savage.
Hawk and Dove...Liefeld. I shall say no more.
I, Vampire...I actually loved this guy when he was in the Doctor Thirteen book.
Justice League...all the big guys less J'onn.
Justice League: Dark...oooh...spooky.
Justice League International...Woohooooo! Booster, Fire and Ice, Rocket Red, Guy,
Vixen, that Chinese General guy, and somebody I
don't know. But still...it's the JLI!
Legion of Super Heroes...obnoxious teens from the future.
Legion Lost...misplaced teens from the future.
Mister Terrific...actually...he is.
Nightwing...Dick is out of the Bat-suit.
Omac...Brother Eye?
Red Hood and the Outlaws...I really can't stand Jason, but hopefully Roy will be
rehabilitated. And he can Starfire can do...stuff.
Red Lanterns....Atrocitus takes his show on the road.
Resurrection Man...I am SO happy about this.
Sgt. Rock and Something...War Comics!
Static Shock...not bad.
Stormwatch...where J'onn ended up.
Superman: the Man of Tomorrow...guess who?
Supergirl...new outfit and all.
Suicide Squad...where some of the Secret Six end up. Harley gets a new outfit.
Swamp Thing...picking up where Brightest Day left off apparently.
Teen Titans...Oh God...no.
Voodoo...indifferent to.
Wonder Woman...actually looking forward to this.

Alas, we are going to lose some very good books. No Booster Gold, but at least he'll be in the JLI. Jonah Hex will be in All-Star Western. Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors is gone, but Guy is in the GLC, and we'll have the new Guardian book with Kyle. Secret Six is gone, which has me QUITE depressed. No more Gotham City Sirens, but they all seem to show up in new books. No Power Girl either, nor the Justice Society. Man, I LOVE those old farts!

I guess we'll all see how these shake out. Some of them I imagine will be cancelled sooner rather than later, but again, we shall see.

Monday, June 13, 2011


Man am I tired. Happy...but tired. I've been partying for three days solid, and I'm not cut out for this sort of frivolity. But we have had our Wedding, and it was fabulous. More than that...it was fun. And we still have beer!

But anyway. D-Day is almost upon us, in that the Green Lantern Movie is coming out this Friday, which incidentally is my birthday. I cannot think that this is coincidental. I honestly don't care if it is ninety minutes of Ryan Reynolds lying there mumbling "in Brightest Day, yadda yadda yadda...", I am going to SEE it, and I am going to ENJOY it! My Sweet Babboo has declined going with me to the theatre, at least at first, since he says all I'm going to do is shried at the screen about all the stuff they got wrong, which is a baldfaced fib! I'll just mutter under my breath.

But seriously, from all of the various trailers, it looks as though they have the basics down pretty well, and I have to say that Sinestro looks simply magnificent. He probably has a taut and well-formed pair of buttocks to boot.

hal and barry

But man oh man, I'd LOVE to see him get hit in the head.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Sneaking In Some Reviews

I'm snatching a couple of minutes here, to talk about comics. In the middle of all the news that is trickling out of DC, I find myself hovering between euphoria and despair. Barbara as Batgirl seems like a very stupid idea, on the other hand, Jaime is getting his own book!

And so on and so forth.

As for this week's books, there were some very nice ones and a few that were...ok.

Birds of Prey #13

Well, dang it, if I didn't like the heck out of this. Huntress and Renee as the Question work quite nicely together, and if they were to be teamed up in the shake-up, I wouldn't be sad at all. It was also nice to see Junior again, and to see the Birds really having a hard time of it. There was a real sense of danger and the feeling that they were actually pretty lucky to have pulled this off. Oh, and Catman showed up, which was always nice.

Booster Gold #45.

I liked this as well. Poor Booster was initially befuddled, and now he's flying completely solo, without Rip OR Skeets, and being chased by people who think that he's the enemy. Oh, and there is Doomsday, who is being manipulated by none other than Captain Atom. Fortunately, Booster does manage to find an ally, who is probably simply mesmerized by his shiny shiny behind. I mean, what girl can resist THAT? And that last page? It's not looking too good, as Doomsday manages to fight off his control.

Batman & Robin #24.

Ummm...not Tomasi or Gleason. Instead it's Winick, and more of Jason Todd being manipulative. Dick and Damian show up but don't really do a whole lot. I don't know who Scarlet is, and I don't care.

Flashpoint: Citizen Cold #1

Well, I actually rather enjoyed this one, mainly because I just like Captain Cold for some reason. And boy, is HE having fun being bad. And somehow fooling people into thinking that he's actually a hero. Nice work, if you can pull it off. Iris and Wally show up, which is also nice. Too bad about Wally though.

Kilowog and Tomar Re #1.

These are the Movie tie-ins, and basically, I just got them because it has been way too long since I had a Green Lantern book in my hot little hands, and I was SUFFERING,DAMMIT! Not great by any means, but what the heck. Not bad either. I know that Guy and John and Kyle won't be in these, but for some reason I keep waiting for them to show up.

Journey Into Mystery #624

Oh Marvel, I can't help but love baby Loki. And Volstagg being cool as usual. This is actually...good! I'm not reading any other Marvel books at the moment except for some of the Thor books, but some of those haven't been bad either.

And now onto other things.

I understand that DC feels the need to make things simpler and less convoluted, and the heroes younger. Ok. But what on EARTH is fueling this apparent decision to return to the '90's of all times? While there were actually some very GOOD comics that came out in the '90's, I think that we can all agree that the levels of excess, violence and EXTREEEEEEEEEEMISM that ALSO came out in the '90's was pretty darned tacky. I have no wish to see chromium covers, pouches, excessive cross-hatching or Rob Liefeld...ever again. So please, PLEASE tell me that the covers of Teen Titans, Suicide Squad and Hawk and Dove are NOT the actual covers.

DC...I mean, what were you THINKING? I also don't think that I have read a single positive reaction to putting Barbara Gordan back in a Bat-suit. And what the hell is going to happen to Zinda, Huntress, Manhunter, Misfit, Scandal and Jeanette, Power Girl and Cass and Stephanie? That's a lot of women that I am fond of, and I don't know where they are going to be appearing. Oh, and getting rid of Secret Six is just WRONG! Where will I go for my Catman fix?

On the other hand, bringing back Blue Beetle and jonah Hex and Resurrection Man are good moves. Very very good moves.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Whither Lois?

Oops. You know that DC must be happy, because there was an article about whether or not Clark and Lois's marriage will survive the big shakeup in September on MSN on the omputer thingie. We've hit the big time!

The rumors circulating have the marriage broken up, and everyone younger. Because you know, you can't POSSIBLY have good stories about a married couple. DC looked at what Marvel did with Spider-Man and Mary Jane, and the dissolving of another happy marriage, not to mention YEARS of continuity, and decided that...Yup, this was probably the way to go! In that there is a lot of angst and weeping and gnashing of teeth...then yes, I would say that they have succeeded.

But really is pissing everyone off REALLY the best way to run a business? Comics are a funny thing. Any OTHER enterprise wouldn't dream of annoying their core customers. On the other hand, one does have to admit that satisfying the tastes of fanboys and fangirls is a very very intricate and difficult task. We are a tetchy lot...given to panic and moaning and then running out and buying the very stuff we swore we would not. I've done it. You've probably done it too.

But still...I really don't want to see Clark dating anyone other than Lois. It...it's just not RIGHT! And besides, Lois is cool. Amazingly cool. I LIKE Lois. She's got gumption. Ok, she falls out of windows a lot, but that could happen to practically ANYone in Metropolis. I would imagine that whenever someone spots Superman flying by, they all throw themselves out of the windows, just to see how long it takes for him to catch them. Heck, they may have betting pools going at the office for this sort of thing.

Ummm...where was I? Oh yes. It would be nice to clean up that mess that was left by JMS, but I really wouldn't like to see Clark and Lois split up. Heck, I'm going to admit it right now, I'm a girly girl, and I LIKE romance!

I guess we'll all see in September.


Oops...wrong picture.


Much better.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Wedding Bells Are Ringing

I'm afraid that my posting may be a bit spotty for the next few days. My son Frank,(the one who danced with Lee Merriweather) is getting married this coming Saturday! It's at Wickham Park in Manchester, Ct., so we are all praying for good weather.

Relatives are flying in from all corners of the country, the rehearsal dinner is on Thursday, along with MORE relatives, various...debaucheries are planned for Friday, the Wedding itself is Saturday, and we'll be having a post Wedding garden party at our house, in the gazebo and back yard. Thank goodness we finally got the fire pit area finished! The entire fife and drum corps is coming, and it should all be quite festive. None of that fancy wedding food, they're having barbecue!

I'm not the mother of the bride, but nevertheless I'm feeling just a tad frazzled. If we ever have to do this for our daughters, I'm handing them fifty bucks and a ladder. Fortunately since none of us is particularly rich or ostentatious, we are having a fairly small and affordable wedding. None of those $30,000 extravaganzas for us! Although I have to admit that I love attending those...I'm just glad that I don't have to PAY for them. Because I'm...Thrifty! Or as my husband spells it, c h e a p.

Except when it comes to the important things in life of course. Like comic books. I DID try to convince them to have action figures on the top of the cake, but sadly, was voted down by the bride. The groom (who reads Green Lantern!) was all for it. We could have put my Ted and Booster figures on the cake and fulfilled Milagro Reyes' fantasy.

Still...there are new books coming out tomorrow...and I know where MY priorities lie.

Monday, June 06, 2011

My Cup Runneth Over

Well! That was certainly an exciting weekend! Back from the Kinderhook, N.Y. Fife and Drum muster. The weather was perfect, the parade was short (much the best kind) and the barbecue was delicious. Also, we stayed at the same Bed & Breakfast Inn that we stayed at last year, and had running water, and a comfortable bed...as opposed to washing with a cold washcloth and sleeping on the ground or in a tiny camper.

But gosh, all KINDS of exciting things happened over the weekend, while I was incommunicado!

There was that little announcement that DC made of course, restarting 52 books come September, by renumbering some, dropping some (probably) and starting a whole bunch more. The speculation has been RIFE!

I'm still in a certain state of ambivalence. This could be good. Or it could go horribly wrong, I just don't know yet. I did however, experience a certain fluttering in my innards when it came to my beloved Green Lanterns. The Green Lantern books have become QUITE popular lately, ever since Geoff Johns brought back Hal in Rebirth, and I've been quite the happy little camper. Hal had Green Lantern, Kyle and John were in Green Lantern Corps, and Guy had a NEW book, Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors. It was shiny Green Heaven.

So...what is going to happen to the Corps? Not to worry! There is going to be a certain amount of shuffling, but mostly the same writers and the same artists are staying, and ALL the boys survive and flourish. Hal is still going to be in Green Lantern, Guy is moving back to Green Lantern Corps and will be paired up with John Stewart, while Kyle is going to have a new book, wherein he hangs out with the various color corps entities...and presumably runs the Universe. Oh, and there is going to be a NEW book, about the Red Lanterns, which sounds like it could be a lot of fun.

So...while things are changing, they aren't changing drastically...and my mind is at ease. I would assume that something of a similar nature is going to be happening with the Bat Books. No sense in rocking a profitable boat TOO hard. And quite a lot of the other new books that have been mentioned so far actually sound pretty good to me. I'm a bit worried about Secret Six, and Birds of Prey, which just isn't the same without Gail Simone. On the other hand, she's going to be working on a new Firestorm book with Ethan Van Sciver. I've never had much of an interest in Firestorm, but I LOVE Gail Simone, and I'm also quite fond of Van Sciver, so I'll be picking THAT up. And while I'm not completely sold on Wonder Woman's new outfit, she's going to be written by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang who were simply SUPERB on the Doctor Thirteen mini-series.

It has to be nerve-wracking for everyone trying to find out what is going to be happening to their favorite books. And exactly HOW much continuity is going to be fooled about with. And if they are going to make all the heroes younger, what happens to the younger heroes...are the Titans going to be booted back to being teenaged sidekicks? What about Tim and Damaian? Or Jaime, for that matter? I honestly can't say that I wouldn't be delighted to have Roy back, with his limbs intact and off the drugs...getting rid of the entire "Cry For Justice" debacle would be wonderful.

But for now, the Green Lanterns are safe...and I'm happy. Because as usual, it's all about ME!

What books are you all hoping for?

Thursday, June 02, 2011

Excitement in Springfield

Good Gosharootie! While I may live in Connecticut, I actually work in Massachusetts. Springfield, Mass, to be exact. And boy howdy, did we have some excitement yesturday!

You may have heard about our little tornado on the news. It actually touched down less than half a mile from my company, which is nestled neatly between I-91 and the Connecticut River. The spout was pulling water right OUT of the River and into the air, which was certainly something you don't see every day. It also occured about 4:30 in the afternoon, so naturally, everyone was getting ready to go home. Our Office Manager happened to be about five minutes ahead of it, when it went over the Memorial Bridge, which she didn't realize until today, and suddenly it dawned on her what a close call she had.

As for me? Well, I usually go home at 2:00, but stayed till 3:00 since we were doing statements. I went to the Comic Book store on the way home, and KNEW NOTHING ABOUT IT, until my Sweet Babboo called up, to see if I was alright. So, I'm feeling a little sheepish. We only live fifteen miles away, and didn't get a drop, although there was a bit of wind. A storm came through later in the evening, and the sky got that weird yellowish-green color, and there was giant-sized hail, and thank goodness, it all missed us completely. But poor old Springfield is feeling a bit battered and bent today.

When reading about the ordeal on the internet this morning, I read some of the comments that people made, and after the nice ones, about how people hoped everyone was alright, there were actually people who began arguing that it was all the fault of global warming, and then the crazy Right starting calling the crazy Left names and it all degenerated into a tirade about Socialism. Because a tornado hit Massachusetts?

And I thought that Comic Book Message Board people were crazy! There are people out there who turn EVERY SINGLE POST on the Internet into a diatribe about politics, even when...heck, ESPECIALLY when the original topic has nothing to do with what they are raving about.

People are weird. I can only assume that these jackwagons are escapees from the Marvel Universe. The people in the DC Universe have too much sense.

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Let's Start the Whole Thing Over Again!

When I wasn't looking, DC has decided that after Flashpoint, it is going to start the whole Kit'n Kaboodle all over again. That means that 50 some odd books will be starting with #1's. Also, they are going to reboot some stuff. New costumes, or at least "tweaked" costumes, and everyone is going to be younger except for those old farts in the Justice Society.

What the hell?

I guess that there are going to be cancellations, and lots of 'em. Presumably the Bat books and the Green Lantern books aren't going to be involved in the new format, or at least not to the same extent, and I find myself breating something of a sigh of relief, because you MESS WITH GREEN LANTERNS AT YOUR PERIL !!!!!!!!! But Grant Morrison is going to be doing a Superman book, which really, can only be a good thing.

What about the Batwoman book that kept being pushed back and pushed back? Will we be fortunate enough to see Kate Kane? What is going to happen to Birds of Prey? To Barbara Gordon? What about Stephanie and Cass?

They are going to start a new Justice League, with most of the old heavy hitters, but instead of Martian Manhunter, they are going to have...(snicker)...Cyborg. I have nothing against Cyborg really...except that he's certainly no J'onn J'onnz. On the other hand, perhaps this is a good thing, because it will leave J'onn free to join the new JLI, that was hinted at at the end of Justice League: Generation Lost. Throw Guy in there, and I will be one happy little camper.

Fifty some odd books is a LOT of books. Let us try and put a happy face on this, and speculate on the nature of some of those books. Perhaps...just perhaps...they will in the reboot, be bringing back a whole crapload of beloved characters that bit the dust the last go-round. Could we actually be fortunate enough to get back the New Gods for example? Barda and Scott? Metron? Orion? I'd be thrilled right down to my toes. Maybe Ralph and Sue could come back, along with Ted Kord! Or Shiera, so that Hawkman wouldn't be so cranky. Maybe Max Lord won't be a villain!

I am a little bit worried about the littlest Robin. Damian has grown on me for some reason. And what about Conner? Are the former Teen Titans going to be made younger as well, so that Donna, and Roy and Dick and Wally are teens again? What about Lois? What about Hippolyta and Steve Trevor and Etta?

This is all speculation of course, so I guess there really isn't much that we can do until September when this is all supposed to come down. I'm a little worried about some things, but one the other hand, this sort of thing has happened before. MANY times before.