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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Teensy Weensy Reviews

Man, that WAS a small week!

Firstly, we have Birds of Prey #12. And what a doozy this is, bringing back a particular villain that I had honestly thought was gone for good. On the other hand, that was pretty naive of me...a good villain is NEVER gone for good! Or even for bad.
That's a heck of a cool cover as well. Oh, and the Question shows up, which is always nice.

The Flash #12.

This was ok. I like Barry, and I'm glad that he's back, but I have to admit that I haven't exactly been set on fire by this run of the Flash. It is perfectly adequate...not terrible...but it just isn't setting my blood on fire. It's nice to see Bart, and I would love to have Wally actually show up and do something, but it's just a little...lackluster.

Flashpoint #1. Well, this is where the apparent poo hits the apparent fan. Reverse Flash has shown up and he's up to all KINDS of shenanigans! Time has been reset, with only Barry seemingly aware of it. Different heroes have taken the place of OUR heroes, and it is going to be rather interesting to see how this all works out. And an interesting little twist there, with Batman too. I don't think that I'm going to buy ALL of the various Flashpoint books, nor do I see any real need to...I'll get the ones that look interesting, and we'll see how it all progresses. I have to admit that I AM looking forward to seeing Hal fight dinosaurs in his plane.

I also picked up Journey Into Mystery from Marvel. Thor was my very first comicbook love waaaaaaaay back when, and I still am keeping vaguely abreast of his adventures...although I STILL haven't forgiven Marvel for cancelling the Chris Samnee/Landridge Thor!


But this was pretty decent actually, with child-sized Loki coming to grips with the fact that he may be reborn innocent, but there aren't a whole lot of Asgardians who are going to cut him any sort of slack. The art is nice, and I've always been fond of Loki in a way. I like Bad Boys some of the time apparently.
So this was pretty good. I AM getting a little bit tired of Odin being such a douche all of the time, but that's certainly the way that he's being written. We'll see.

So...not a bad week, just a very very small week.


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did you see Thor movie? It was great!


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