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Friday, April 29, 2011

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #9

And we continue with part six of the War of the Green Lanterns. Pardon me for saying so, but I am having the time of my life with this particular story. It's just a heck of a lot of FUN! Well, at least Hal and Guy seem to be enjoying themselves. Kyle is a bit confused, and John is awfully...cranky.

But anyway...after their scolding by Ganthet, the rest of the Corps shows up and tries to capture our intrepid quartet, as they all bug out for the catacombs beneath Oa. Using his head, Guy vomits up some blood that puts a serious hurt on the pursuing Lanterns. Disgusting, but effective. Hal uses HIS head, and whips up a dust cloud so Mogo can't see what they are doing, courtesy of the Flash.

It isn't the Corps that is concerning them so much as it is Mogo. It is awfully hard to fight an entire planet. John is having a bit of a problem adjusting to using the Indigo ring, when mocked by Guy, he points out rather dryly, that it is a bit difficult to shoot Compassion at someone. Hal and Guy think that their first priority is to go after Parallax in the Battery, while John is equally adamant that they should be taking out Mogo. When Guy quips that if anyone should know about how to take out a planet it is John, John is LESS than pleased with the remark, and the next thing you know, the two of them are at each other's throats, while Hal starts yelling at them to knock it off. Leave it up to Kyle to calm things down, by whipping up hopeful blue barcaloungers for them all to cool off in.

Oh Kyle.

They all decide to put it to a vote, and John is outnumbered. So off they go, headed towards the Central Battery. On the way, they uncover all sorts of cool stuff, that the Guardians had squirreled away beneath Oa. Mysterious glowing green tubes, leftover Manhunters, weapons of all kinds, including a pair of guns that John takes a liking to. Oh, and Krona's Gauntlet, which Guy decides is quite the perfect fit. Hal is having a conniption when they are suddenly attacked by a creature who happens to have a Green Lantern symbol on his head. Kyle is the one who figures out that they need to stop fighting and show no fear. It turns out to be guarding the gauntlet, and more besides. He figures out that the four of them are actually allies, and they also get their hands on the ring of the very First Lantern. Somehow Guy also ends up with this ring which is more of a harness.

While all of this is going on, they realize that Mogo is up to no good, sending out rings to all the sectors to create more Lanterns that will be under Krona's thrall. Kyle decides at this point that John is right, and the two of them decide to go off and stop Mogo. Too bad that John doesn't quite have the knack of the whole Indigo teleporting thing down quite yet. He does manage to teleport them all the way...across the room. Then while Hal is protesting, he does finally manage to pop himself and Kyle out of there. This rather neatly divides the team up again, with John and Kyle probably going to be in Green Lantern Corp, and Hal and Guy paired up in Emerald Warriors and Green Lantern.

As much as I love Guy and Kyle together, I have to admit that I'm having a blast with Hal and Guy together. The bickering is fairly good natured, all things considered, but it's still a lot of fun. Guy gets all the best lines of course. Hal is turning into the perfect straight man.

The two of them do finally make it to the Battery, with Hal firing a yellow beam, and Guy firing a red AND green beam, which he is able to do with the First Ring that he's borrowed. I'm not quite sure how this happened, but it seems as though Guy is the one who is the big hero in this tale so far. He has the best dialogue, he has the best control over his new powers, AND he ends up with both Krona's Gauntlet and the First Power Ring. That's a LOT of firepower.

They pop up inside the Power Battery, only to find that there is a little surprise waiting for them...and it's not Parallax.


This is fabulous, dagnabit! I can hardly wait for next month!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Thursday's Reviews of Wednesday's Comics

Well! That was a rather splendid end of the month's offering! Not really a clunker in the bunch, which always makes me happy.

Brightest Day #24

And so we come to the end of another series. I have actually rather enjoyed Brightest Day. It had it's ups and downs, but the ups outnumbered the downs, and the artwork was uniformly beautiful, so I have nothing to complain about. It turns out that the Life Entity really IS a bit of a dick however. Mostly everyone fulfills their projected destiny, with one exception. The status quo is restored in some ways, but upended in others. Most of the heroes made it, a couple did not, Swamp Thing shows up as the new Life Entity, which I rather enjoyed, and one other character from the Vertigo Universe also makes his chain-smoking sardonic appearance.

So, pretty much a thumbs up.

The Flash#11

I keep waiting for this to get really exciting, and so far it has been a bit on the hoo-hum side. It's not BAD...it's just not riviting. Barry is running about being a bit of a dolt, Bart is feeling hurt, and Jay and Wally are telling Barry to slow down and pay attention. He can't of course, because of all the impending doom of Flashpoint.

It's ok. Not sensational, but not terrible either.

Green Arrow#11

My secret is that I've actually been enjoying Ollie in this book. It has tied in to Brightest Day the most closely of all the books that I read, and things are coming to a head in the magical forest. After all of his kvetching and whining and moaning, Ollie wakes up and realizes that he's actually a hero. He shouldn't have to go through this all of the time, but he seems to be a slow learner. Still...pretty decent in my opinion.

Green Lantern: Emerald Warriors #9

And the War of the Green Lantern continues! More Tomorrow!

Justice League: Generation Lost #24.

And so ends the second of the bi=weekly series. I'm still a bit torn on this book. In some ways I enjoyed it, it IS about some of my absolute favorite characters after all, and characters that I am not likely to find elsewhere. I really liked the introduction of Gavril as the new Rocket Red. Winick did a decent job of not making me hate Captain Shinypants, and also did a decent job with Booster.

On the other hand, he did a completely abysmal job of writing Bea and Tora and Wonder Woman and Power Girl, not to mention Jaime. I kept waiting for Tora's new origin to have some sort of effect on the finale...but no, there was absolutely NO reason for the retcon at all. It contributed nothing to the plot or the ending. Nothing.

But anyway, Booster fights Max mano a mano, Jaime actually gets to DO something and manages to defeat the Omac Prime, Wonder Woman still doesn't know who she is, or what she's doing there, but manages to remain unkilled. Max admits that although it was nice getting a hold of Checkmate, really, everything that he did was for revenge. Oh, and he does manage to get away, although he does manage to release everyone from his mind whammy, and blame everything on poor Magog. Oh, and the Justice League are just the ginchiest.

But there was this.



Ruse #2

I loved the original series. This one is starting a bit more slowly, but it's not bad.

Wonder Woman #610

I have'nt beed reading this since JMS took over, because it was just not my cup of tea. I perused a few issues here and there, but was not tempted back. But since Brightest Day was coming to an end, I figured that perhaps I should jump back in. Well...she's still in the alternate existance, although it is explained a bit more here, and she's in the hospital being tended to by Dr. Candy, Dr. Trevor and Nurse Prince, and one of the Fates is upstairs, who explains a bit to her. It's still AWFULLY convoluted, but at least she's starting to fight back, and to realize that she can't just go around being nasty to people. Or something.

Still confusing, but I sense light at the end of the tunnel.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Trump's Possible Shortcomings?

I don't usually blog about politics. However, it seems as though I just can't get AWAY from the spectacle of Donald Trump lately. There is an awful fascination to it all...a bit like slowing down to look at a car wreck on the highway...you tell yourself that you're not going to look, and yet...and yet. What does surprise me, is the incredible number and quality of the crazy people who comment on Trump's latest announcements. And I thought that Comic Book Fans were a bit crazy sometimes! Believe me, compared to some of these people, the boys from H.E.A.T. look like a Church Social.

As you may know, I am a true-blue, knee-jerk Moderate. Although I am a registered Democrat, I actually know some Republicans and furthermore, like them. Heck, I'm married to one. What does tend to astonish me however, are those persons who seem to operate on the very outer fringes of lunacy, and I mean on both the Right AND Left sides of the spectrum. And every time that The Donald comes up with another idiotic announcement, they all show up and start shouting at one another.

My personal favorite of course, has been Trump's epic quest to prove that Mr. Obama doesn't have a birth certificate, and to that end, he has sent a crack team of investigators to Hawaii. This team has vowed to leave no beach unsearched, or Mai Tai unsampled in their never-ending quest for this elusive documentation. Never mind the fact that the Bureau of Records in Honolulu hasn't received ANY requests for this particular information in quite some time. Or the fact that the Birth Certificate IS on record and has been viewed by quite a number of people, and really, what the hell gives Donald Trump or ANYONE the right to go around demanding such documentation from ANYBODY, much less the duly elected President of the United States?

But that's not what really gets my knickers in a twist. It's the fact that Donald keeps running about declaring how very very rich he is. He won't show anyone any records, but we can TRUST him! He's rich. Richer than Mitt Romney. Richer than just about anyone! He's so rich, that even HE doesn't know how rich he is! And this qualifies him to do just about anything! Including leading this country of ours.

I'm not going to bring up the fact that he inherited his money, and that he's declared bankruptcy numerous times, or that he's on his third...or is it fourth wife? He also seems to be spraying himself orange and wears a dead squirrel on his head, but this doesn't matter either. What DOES matter, is that this weird insistance that everything that he owns or does is so incredibly fabulous and BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE!

I think that he's...compensating for something. It's pretty obvious that people who go around telling you how great they are, have some pretty deep problems with Self Esteem. Someone who is secure in their Manhood, doesn't need to go around and announce it to all. It is my contention therefore, that Donald Trump has a tiny tiny penis.

Can I prove this? Well, it's a bit like that darned Birth Certificate. All he has to do is SHOW US...and all questions will be laid to rest, but he's probably as sexless as a Superhero in tights.

Come on Donald. Just show us what you're made of, and all the allegations will go away.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

More Green Lantern Goodies

This is just because I can't help myself. I stole this off of Scans Daily, bless their hearts.


This is the scene in Green Lantern Corps where the boys show up in all of their multi-colored glory, ready to save the day, and Ganthet just loses his mind. Frankly, I find it hilarious.

The writers seem to be enjoying themselves a bit with this particular storyline, which I find to be a rather welcome change after all the sturm und drang of Blackest Night and such. We have Hal and Guy exchanging banter, Hal in a cockpit, which is always dangerous, and the Crayola Corps. Well...there is some heavy stuff going on. I'm sure that Ganthet isn't particularly amused at the moment, but gosh, Krona DOES seem to be enjoying himself thoroughly.

And so am I.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Green Lantern #65 AND Green Lantern Corps #59

I'm actually going to review both books together this week, since they came out together, and because they simply flow into one another so neatly. But be sure to read Green Lantern first, it makes a whole heck of a lot more sense that way.

Green Lantern #65


Well! I guess we know now who is joining the Sinestro Corps! Dang it but Hal looks awfully pretty. Yellow goes nicely with his hair and skin tone.

But anyway, we begin pretty much right where Emerald Warriors left off. Krona has managed to capture poor Kilowog and is busy torturing him, trying to figure out how the heck he managed to resist. Not being stupid, he does eventually figure it out, and realizes that there are probably some others who are initially at least, immune as well. Then he forces the ring back onto Kilowog's finger, and he goes over to the dark side.

Hal and Guy in the meantime, are staggering around in the snow trying to find Hal's hidden lair. Too bad that he hid it in the summertime. Guy's getting both cold and cranky, when they literally stumble upon the door, and hit the floor with a palpable thud. Hal's happy though, because he managed to hide a really big, really cool and really fast spaceship. The boys board Hal's nice new ride, while Guy notices that Hal is getting this really crazy look in his eye, not to mention a manic grin on his face. Hal just can't resist showing off, and away they go into the great beyond, on the way to Oa, to link up with John and Kyle. Hal also can't resist hotdogging a bit, much to Guy's consternation.

They do manage to get to Oa in one piece, but that doesn't last long, as Kilowog is there to greet them. They head rather hastily to the escape pods. Hal jumps into one, but the other one is destroyed. Guy's a bit hesitant about trying to squeeze in with Hal, until more Lanterns pouring in through the shattered walls makes his mind up for him in a hurry.


This is some of Doug Mahnke's beautiful beautiful artwork. Basically, you hardly even need words, but I'll fill in the dialogue because it just cracked me up.

Hal...."That better be your belt buckle".
Gu6...."Don't flatter yourself"

And in the bottom panel, where they are falling out of the pod...

Guy....."That's the LAST time I fly with you."
Hal....."I don't think I've ever heard you whine so much"


They do manage to fall practically at the feet of Kyle and John, who are hiding out in the tunnels that honeycomb Oa. They aren't quite sure WHAT to do, but Hal has a plan. He just happens to have in his pocket all of the rings that belonged to the New Guardians before they were sucked up by the Book of the Black.

Guy expresses some skepticism...naturally. But really, what else are they going to do? They certainly can't use their Green Lantern rings. Guy goes first, claiming that he doesn't want to end up wearing a crystal thong, and that pink ain't his color. Naturally he choses Red, figuring that he at least has some experience with it. Hal, for the same reason, goes with yellow, although I suppose that one might make the suggestion that Guy used a yellow ring for quite some time, and quite successfully. Kyle is a bit hesitant, but ends up chosing the blue ring of Hope, mainly because Ganthet was dropping some pretty broad hints last issue. Finally John choses. He originally goes for Orange, but Hal convinces him that it's a BAD idea, and he ends up with the Indigo ring of Compassion, which makes some sense I suppose.

Our boys put on their new rings, and oh, it is ON!

Green Lantern Corps #59


As all of this is going on, Ganthet is trying to hold off the entire Green Lantern Corps by himself, and even he is getting just a little bit tired. But the boys have their new rings now, and have to try and figure out how to use them. Guy is being affected immediately, and wants to run off and kill Krona all by himself, but Hal manages to talk him down. John is trying to use the Indigo ring, saying that it's supposed to channel the powers of all the other corps, so it SHOULD be the ultimate weapon. He can FEEL Guy's anger, but he can't quite figure out how to harness it. Kyle is standing around being hopeful, but not too much is happening until the rest of the Corps gets close, and then he lights up like a Christmas Tree. Too bad that he's increasing their powers as well.


After a bit of a scrimmage, the four of them do manage to find Ganthet, who takes one look at them, and just goes ballistic. Basically he dresses Hal down, saying that Kyle's NOT ready, John isn't suited to be compassionate, having the Red ring will probably kill Guy, and that Hal is probably going to succumb to Parallax all over again. Ganthet...Is...Not...Pleased. Hal's being fairly flippant about it, because that's how Hal rolls, but then things really hit the fan.

Mogo shows up. And he's possessed too.

Well, crappity crap crap.

Gosh, I loved these two books. The art is beautiful, and the interaction between all of them is lovely. I particularly enjoyed Guy and Hal's interaction, they always just work so well together for some reason. Like Glover and Gibson. Like Butch and Sundance. Like Tracey and Hepburn. The tension, the bickering, the innuendo...it's all fabulous. I am SO looking forward to the continuation of the story in next week's Emerald Warriors

I admit that I wasn't too sure about what Geoff Johns was going to be doing with the War of the Green Lanterns, but I haven't enjoyed it this much since the Sinestro Corps War. This is simply wonderful.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wednesday's Books

Well! What a lovely week this was.

I FINALLY got a hold of Brightest Day #23, and it was very nice indeed. I was rather expecting to have BD #24, but apparently that doesn't come out until next week, which was a relief. I'm not sure how this is all going to end, but I do have to say, that having the forest in Star City be the Parliament of Trees, and throwing Swamp Thing into the mix makes a certain weird amoung of comical book sense. Is the final issue of Brightest Day going to come out with the final issue of Justice League: Generation Lost, and will they tie together as well?

Questions, questions.

Fables #104 was nice. We had Pinocchio come up with some scenarios for defeating the bad guy, but just about all of them are pretty sure that it won't work, and Bigby is trying to get Snow out of danger's way, since he's pretty sure that he's going to be killed. Oh, and dear old Dad shows up and wants a throw-down with Bigby, because he's there to kill Ghost. Ahhh...family.

Gotham City Sirens #22. I have to say that I really didn't quite know what was going on in this issue, probably because I haven't been picking up the relevant Bat books, but some psychotic religious types show up, along with Selina's crazy nun sister...and it was...ok I guess, but not really my cup of tea.

Justice League of America #56. The battle with Eclipso continues, and the Shade has dialogue and Jade has been taken over, and Dick is having angst, and stuff. And Obsidian shows up at the end the envelope them all in his darkness. Which makes me raise an eyebrow, since wasn't there a ridiculous plot thread going on in JSA that said that Todd couldn't come within fifty feet of Jennie without bringing the world to an end or something equally ludicrous? And yet...here they both are.

Ok, I suppose. Not terrible. I do want to see what the heck is going on with the Shade, and St. Walker is cute as a button as always.

The REALLY big thing however were the two Green Lantern books, that I will actually review tomorrow. If you have them, be sure to read Green Lantern before you read Green Lantern Corps...it will make much more sense.

But oh my oh my...they were FABULOUS!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Archer Fans?

Not too long ago, I discovered the television show "Archer" on FX, and I have to admit, that along with "The Brave & the Bold", it is one of my favorites. It's like James Bond crossed with the old JLI, and drawn to look like Jonny Quest. Seriously, the artwork really reminds me of Alex Toth.

And there is going to BE a new Brave & the Bold this Friday, not to mention Booster Gold and Blue Beetle are going to be showing up on "Smallville" this week. In an episode written by Geoff Johns no less! Smallville is getting a little peculiar, considering practically every other hero in the DC Universe has shown up by now EXCEPT for Superman! I wish...I REALLY wish that they would have a Green Lantern on, but the special effects budget might be too small. Still...it could be a lot of fun.

I'm actually starting to feel a bit better, so it's off to the Comical Book Store! Green Lanterns are in today!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Not a lot of blogging going on today, my pretties. I have acquired the Mother Of All Head Colds, and am rendered hors d'combat. Or something. My nose weighs about ten pounds, my throat hurts and I haven't slept in four days. It would also be nice to breathe through my nose again.


But good gosharootie, there are some very VERY intriguing things going on in the world of the Green Lanterns!

More on that anon.

I'm off to do Nyquil shooters.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Home Again

Oh, my dear dear computer, I've missed you so. Back from the annual Bacchanal that is the NETSA trade show at the Mohegan Sun, with a bag full of loot, and an absolutely ferocious head cold. It's a funny thing...you never think much about being able to breathe, until you no longer can.


So...did anything particularly exciting happen in the world of comicbookdom while I was incommunicado? I must admit that I am rather looking forward to this Wednesday, as I am pretty sure that there will be more Green Lanterns, not to mention Brightest Day. I missed the last issue of Brightest Day for some reason, so I'll have two of them to read, which is a good thing.

But anyway. Just in order to get back into the swing of things...here's a nice picture of Kyle in his underwear, which I nicked from Shirtless Superheroes...and awfully nice little blog.


Oh Kyle.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

No Reviews Today

Yes, well, it's that time of year again. And I DON'T mean Tax Time. Although it is that time of year as well.

But anyway, I'm off to the wilds of untamed Connecticut and the Mohegan Sun Casino for the annual NETSA meeting and trade show, and all that Tire-Related stuff that we do. It's a lot of hard work, but there is also a fair amount of alcohol involved and free stuff! Oh, and a hot tub, which is also nice.

So I'm just about on my way out of the door, so I don't have time for involved reviews, so you're getting the short short version.

Batman & Robin...Well, not bad. Not bad at all. Damien, you little curmudgeon!

Birds of Prey...Huntress smooching with Catman, and she's still intrigued, but he chases her off. *sigh* And Deadshot doesn't know why he's sad about it.

Booster Gold...Booster goes and visits Brainiac and the Legion. Rip is up to various shenanigans. And there is one line of dialogue near the end, that made me spit out my tea. Again, not bad at all.

Cinderella: Fables are Forever. Fabulous as usual. Man, who knew that Dorothy wa such a bitch?

Flash...We get more details about Flashpoint in this, and Hot Pursuit shows up and Barry and Bart don't necessarily bond. Fairly decent.

Justice League: Generation Lost...Man, this went by fast. They're all attacking Max, who sens Omacs, and Batman looks like a jerk, which is actually rather gratifying, and more stuff happens, and then Booster flies off to confront Max, and that's it till the next issue. I...was expecting a bit more from this. Oh, and Ice gets a snazzy new jacket! They must think she's cold or something.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Get Your Minds Out of the Gutter!

Ok, so apparently this picture has been making the rounds, and is causing a good deal of ribaldry.


I don't understand what all the excitement is about. It merely shows Guy nibbling on some ice. He's probably quite thirsty. And he LIKES nibbling on Ice! Quite frankly, I think that he should do it more often, and hopefully he WILL, once all the mess going on over in JLI: Generation Lost wraps up.

So please people. As Batman would say, "Think clean thoughts, chum".

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Heck of an Anniversary

Today marks the 150th anniversary of the shelling of Fort Sumter, and the first shots of the American Civil War. Which quite frankly,was MUCH better written than the one by Marvel. I find myself quite agog at the impending four year commemoration, because in addition to being a Comic Book Fan, I am also something of a Civil War buff.

I had ancestors that fought on both sides of the war, which makes it rather interesting. I'm related to Robert E. Lee through my maternal Grandmother, although by the time of the war, our branch of the family had been long settled in Maryland, and gone to the bad to become rabid Abolitionists...at least according to their Virginia cousins. On my father's side, I had good stolid Indiana farm boys who marched with Sherman. So...I've always found it interesting.

It's fun to compare certain generals to certain of my comic book favorites, which some would probably consider close to blasphemy, but what the heck. Batman is the closest to Robert E. Lee, if only because he always had a plan. Guy Gardner makes a wonderful William Tecumpseh Sherman, who had red hair, and was ALSO considered crazy, at least in the early part of the war, and who turned out to be far more clever and competent than anyone expected. Hal would make a perfect George Armstrong Custer, who never had a plan and always charged, no matter what, and always seemed to be a whole lot luckier than he deserved.

At this point, my inspiration is runnign out, although I suppose that Farragut or Porter would make a nice Aquaman. Are there any other Civil War fans out there? To whom would you compare YOUR favorite generals and heroes?

Monday, April 11, 2011

Favorite Alien Green Lanterns

There is no denying that I loves me some Earth-based Lanterns. Guy, Kyle, Hal and John are all so adorable in their own individual ways. And yet...and yet, I must admit that I also love so many of the OTHER Green Lanterns out there, who actually make up the huge majority of Lanterns in the Universe.

I like Arisia of course. And Soranik Natu, and Iolande and Katma Tui, who may be dead but still holds a small place in my heart. Not to mention John's. I loved Ch'p because he was so darned cute, and who wouldn't love an anthropomorphic squirrel running around in overalls and a bow-tie? I love Salaak for his curmudgeonliness, and Voz for his fuzziness. Graf Toren is an awfully nice guy, and I was fond of Kreon too, and it's a darned shame that they killed him off. I even like Boodikka.


Tomar Tu is a nice boy. Vath Sarn is cranky, but I like him, and for some reason I really like Isamot. It must be the teeth. And he was nice enough to give Vath his legs, which is something that you just don't see everyday. Rot Lop Fan is such an interesting concept. Oh, and that Green Lantern that Pat Gleason portrayed as simplly a cube intrigues me.


Gosh, they're all just amazing.

But my favorite...my absolute favorite has to be Kilowog. I don't know if I can exactly explain WHY he's my favorite, but he is. He's just...so loveable in his large and slightly lunkish sort of way. Kilowog has had an awfully hard time of it, losing his family and his planet for heaven's sake, but he's never let himself give into complete despair. He's trained an awful lot of Green Lanterns over the years, and he's trained them awfully well, and it is pretty obvious that he has their wellfare as his first consideration.

He may yell at you and make you do a lot of tedious and dangerous things, but it is for your own good. And he's very good company. And he's smart, and capable of inventing all kinds of useful things. He's also incredibly forgiving, since he DIDN'T punch out Hal for going around calling him "simple" in the old days. And he managed to overcome some rather explosive beginnings to see past Guy's assholishness to become his best friend.


And he has an astonishgly fabulous ass.

And speaking of asses...I would be remiss if I failed to mention that I am also fond of G'nort in an exasperated sort of way. I hope that he's not actually dead, and will show up eventually...somewhere.

Oh and Mogo rocks too.

Who are YOUR favorite alien GL'S?

Friday, April 08, 2011

Look, Hal ISN'T Getting Hit in the Head!

And now, for a change of pace, I have been requested to show the Green Lanterns beating up OTHER people for a change! Yes, it's hard to believe, but it isn't always blows to the head and pummeling each other. Occasionally they actually go out and hit OTHER people!

hal and arisia

Now this is actually a picture of Hal hitting on Arisia, but that's probably not what I should be showing.

hal and carol

And here's Hal hitting on Carol! I sense a theme developing here.

hal and guy

Woohoo! Finally! A Green Lantern beating up on Batman! Oh the joy of it.

hal and superman

Here's Hal beating up on Superman. You have to say this for Hal, he's not afraid to take a swing at someone...even in Superman's class.

guy and superman

Hey, Guy's not afraid to take on Superman either.


John's not afraid to take on the heavy hitters as well.


And Kyle's taking on Sinestro no less.

In going through my scans, I do seem to have a plethora of head shots and ass shots. Do any of you have any better pictures of the boys punching out other heroes and friends?

Thursday, April 07, 2011

Whither the JLI?

So...my next subject, is what the heck is going to happen to the JLI after Justice League: Lost Generation ends in a couple of weeks? All I know, is that I don't want it to end, because as much as I have screamed, yelled and downright fulminated over Winick's...unique approach, these are STILL some of my absolute favorite characters in all the world.

On the bright side, DC is going to be doing the Retro stuff in a few months, putting old artists and writers back on their signature books, in order to tell yet one more story from the olden days. Whether this is supposed to be a mini-series or simply a one-shot deal, I am not sure. BUT...Giffen and DeMatteis are supposed to write a 90's JLI story and Kevin Maguire is supposed to draw it...so I am simply in heaven. I assume it will be on the order of "Formerlly Known as the Justice League", but set actually DURING the Justice League.

So there's that.

But seriously, I do hope with all my might, that they don't drop these characters back into limbo. I was a little bit encouraged by the appearance of Fire, in the 80 page JLA Giant book that came out this week. I wasn't expecting her, and it was a nice treat.

If they DO create a new book, I definitely hope that Winick won't be the one writing it. As a matter of fact, in the Previews, I saw that he's going to be writing Batman & Robin,which rather surprised me, as I thought that Peter Tomasi and Pat Gleason were on that book. But if Winick is writing, then I certainly would not be adverse to Tomasi OR Gleason taking over a JLI book! Of course, at this point all that I can do is speculate.


But you know...there is an awful lot of affection out there in fandom for these characters. They could even bring a few of them back from the dead, and I don't think that anyone would complain. If we had to stick to a living group, I would keep the bunch that they used in Lost Generation...Booster, Fire, Ice, Gavril, Blue Beetle, and yes, even Captain Shinypants. They would have to bring in Guy and J'onn of course, and I wouldn't object to Power Girl. Man, it would be awesome.


What would some of your favorite lineups be? Keeping in mind of course, that at this point, this is purely hypothetical?

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Green Lantern Movie

Moving onto my next subject, howzabout the new Green Lantern Movie that is coming out in June? Incidentally, on my birthday no less. I know what I'm doing THAT day...and it isn't necessarily blowing out candles! Yowza!

I saw the original trailer, and with certain reservations, thought that it had promise. I have managed to watch the NEW trailer, which can be found at about a dozen or more locations...and it is simply...fabulous.

It has Sinestro! Being all cool and stuff, and sad about his buddy Abin Sur. It has Abin Sur, being all noble and dying. It has Tomar Re and Kilowog! It has a whole crapload of other Lanterns, that I'll be gasping with joy to identify! I don't know if it has John, Guy or Kyle, but I'm REALLY hoping that there are at least cameos to soothe my fangirlish heart. It has Oa!


And it has Hal. Hal isn't my favorite Lantern, but dammit, I have a soft spot for him. And I think that Ryan Reynolds has the cockiness and hair to pull it off. I don't ask that the movie be an epic...I only ask that it be enormously entertaining, and from the latest trailer, I think that it promises that.

I don't even mind the costume all that much. Hey, at least it's green. And I rather like the idea of it being computer-generated, because the real costume is Ring-generated...so naturally it would look a little bit alien.


And I'm hoping...I'm really hoping for a boxing glove construct.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

You've Requested Action Figures!

Gosh I just love my Action Figures. I'm doing my very best to collect the old JLI, with my bowl-cut Guy figure, and the new Fire and Ice figures, not to mention pot-bellied Ted Kord, and Booster and J'onn J'onnz. I do still need to get a Batman figure and a Black Canary

You know what would be nice? A Max Lord, or an Oberon or even an L-Ron. And Sue Dibny to go with Ralph. And by Max Lord, I mean the OLD Max Lord before they turned him evil. It's a funny thing, I recently acquired this lovely book that has all of Kevin Maguire's art in it, and he mentions how disappointed he was when Dan Didio took him aside and informed him that they were destroying the characters of the old JLI. That wasn't exactly the term that he used, but it certainly was the end result. Maguire didn't draw them that way and Giffen and DeMatteis certainly didn't write them that way...but hey. Who wants to read about funny and charming characters anyway?

Ok, rant over.

They are brining out some new figures, and a NEW Guy figure is finally...FINALLY included, in his Red Lantern outfit, complete with a chain saw. I'm SO happy. I think that there actually was a fairly recent Kyle figure, but I'd probably have to go and check. There certainly seem to be a crap-load of Blackest Night figures, and I'm sure that there are going to be an equal number of Brightest Day figures.

The last action figure that I bought was the Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle...and it is awesome.

I wonder if they are going to bring out War of the Green Lantern figures in the future? I want Hal and Guy and John and Kyle running around in their jeans and T-shirts! And a handless Ganthet.

I DO still have a few silly scans of some of my action figure left over in the old Photobucket.




and even


When it comes to Action figures, I mostly have Green Lanterns, but there are a few others scattered about, mainly the JLI, but I've got Roy as Red Arrow, and Jonah Hex and a gorgeous Wonder Woman. There are certainly a lot more Green Lanterns that they COULD make, such as Salaak, Ch'p, Soranik Natu, Isamot, Vath Sarn and so on and so forth. I have always wanted a soft plushie version of Apros for some reason.

What are some of YOUR favorite Action Figures?

Monday, April 04, 2011

Another Week

Here we all are, on a bright and beautiful Monday morning, a fresh week stretching out before us, full of potential...!

Oh who am I kidding? It's cold and raining out, and I have to go to work, and I don't WANT to. Furthermore, the Well of Inspiration has run well and truly dry.

So...I'm taking requests. Is there anything that you would like me to blog about? Have Whack-A-Lantern week? Bash Batman? Get out my voodoo doll of Judd Winick? I am surrendering the reins to YOU, my loyal compadres...if there is anything that you'd like to see or talk about, let me know, and I'll do my best to satisfy.

And...maybe get in a few peeks at Green Lantern behinds while I'm at it.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Green Lanterns Suck...!

And Batman is just the Ginchiest!

Aha! I thought that might get your attention. And yes, this IS an April Fool's Joke because obviously Green Lanterns do NOT suck. In fact they are simply wonderful. Although I guess that Batman doesn't suck either, as much as I hate to admit that.

But anyway. It's Jay Garrick's birthday! He's about 105 years old, but wears it well. Jay is my favorite Flash for some reason. I can't really explain it, I just like him.


And you know who else's birthday it is?


Quite a while back, Kalinara decided that Guy was probably an Aries, and I've decided that April 1st is his Birthday. Because really what OTHER day would work as well?

So...Happy Birthday Guy! Here's something that you might like.


That looks suspiciously like a "One Punch" moment to me.