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Monday, December 06, 2010

Things That I would Like to Have Happen.

Now that our Whack a Lantern Week has come to a close, it is time to move onto other ideas. It occured to me, that I've been mired in a bit of a funk lately. I'm not all that thrilled with the way that some of my beloved book's storylines are trending. JSA has become all but unreadable, which saddens me to no end, because I LOVE the JSA! The JLA on the other hand has actually been fairly decent, so that's a good thing. The Green Lanterns have been plugging away quite nicely...no complaints there, and Brightest Day has really picked up lately. But I'm STILL in a bit of a snit over What Winick Did, over in JLI: GL, and I tend to hold a grudge.

When he's not writing about Ice or Fire, I have to admit that Winick doens't do too badly. He seems to have a fair grasp of Captain Shinypants, indeed, I haven't liked ol' Nate this much in...well forever. And he's doing a decent job with Gavril and Booster. He just doesn't do too well with women for some reason.

I have been picking away at it like a scab that refuses to heal, and I think that one of the things that bothers me the most about his retcon of Ice's Origin, is that it comes off as a generic X-Man origin. Youngster on the verge of puperty has awesome powers, that must be concealed, accidentally kills a loved one, blah blah blah. It's BORING. It's been done a hundred times already. Every bloody Mutant in the world has that origin. Whereas, a princess from a lost and enchanted Ice Kingdom, who decides to go out and join the world, and teams up with a brash and brassy Brazilian who breathes green fire, and together they fight crime...THAT'S unusual! And frankly kind of cool. Plus it would appeal to girls.


So anyway, getting back to the original gist of my idea...if YOU were running things, what kinds of stories or plots would you like to see covered? One of these days, I'd REALLY like to see Ice tell off either Batman or Hal for their treatment of Guy...or both.

I want to see another Reyes family picnic with various superheroes invited, and have Guy make fat flying green ponies for Milagro.

I want to have either Ralph and Sue resurrected or else at least be the Ghost Detectives again. Anything!

I want to see Barry and Ollie fight over Hal...with Hal loving it, of course.

I want Hippolyta back in Wonder Woman being her usual awesome self.

Zinda drinking. And partying. While she and Huntress tie up Hal and leave him with the bar bill.

I want evil Max Lord vanquished, and the old decentbutslightlyshady Max Lord back.

I...want...Ted Kord. Somehow.

I'd like Superman to go back to actually being heroic instead of stumbling around the countryside whining.

I want to see the Green Lanterns partying at Warriors.

I want to see John Stewart take a shower. I have shower scans of Hal, Guy and Kyle and I NEED one for John! Oh, and letting him have a love life would also be appreciated.

We need to see more of the Shade. Make it so.

Do YOU have any ideas that you'd love to see happen?


At 2:23 PM, Blogger notintheface said...

I want to see Ryan Choi alive and in an Atom Corps with Ray.

I want to see Connor Hawke back to his old normal badass martial arts archer self and no longer treated like DC's version of Mr. Bill.

I want to see Roy Harper get his arm, his daughter, his clean-and-sober status, and his respectability back. But still go by "Arsenal".

I want to see the Milestone characters fully integrated (pardon the term) into the DCU. Not just Static.

At 2:07 AM, Blogger MetFanMac said...

I think you pretty much nailed everything right there (especially the Reyes family picnic--Number One, make it so!). All I'd add is bringing back Lian Harper. I don't care how.

At 8:05 AM, Blogger Duncan said...

I want Wonder Woman back in something resembling her iconic outfit.

I want Donna Troy to get a codename and a reason for having a blue lasso of persuasion (and making it silver instead of blue).

I want a revamp of Cheetah so she becomes the Lex Luthor/Joker to Wonder Woman.

I want Kyle to get more respect and whoop Hal's butt more.

I want the Legion of Super Heroes to get new costumes or bring back the iconic old ones.

I want the iconic DC groups (JLA,JSA and Teen Titans) to be iconic again and readable.

I want Nightwing Dick Grayson.

I want a Hawkwoman with flowing red hair outside of her helmet.

I want Wonder Woman to be front and center in the DCU, with heroic starring moments in cross-over events and more than one book dedictaed to her and her supporting characters.

I want wonder Woman to keep her supporting characters from writer to writer and no more "reimagings".

I want a Supergirl with no midriff showing.

I want Huntress to ger a more sensible costume.

I want to see Gypsy more and Vibe, somehow.

I want happier comics stories (and all that you had as well!)

At 12:21 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

Gosharootie, these are ALL excellent excellent ideas...and I concur with every one.

Everyone that I talk to, or read is a bit fed up with all the doom and gloom and maimings and killings...and yet somehow, it continues to go on. I am assuming that SOMEone is happy with it, because according to Marvel and DC it sells books.


At 4:01 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want the Green Lanterns to remind Vril Dox why "one megalomaniac-led army bent on cosmic conquest, one Lantern" was a successful formula for billions of years.

I want to see a Justice League of A-list heroes.

I want Gail Simone to write Wonder Woman again.

I want a Blue Beetle series.

-- Jack of Spades


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