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Friday, December 17, 2010

Green Lantern #60

Well, things just seem to be going from bad to worse. However when dealing with Green Lanterns, that just seems to be par for the course. Gosh, how many MORE cliches can I jam into a sentence?

As you ALL know, Hal has been cavorting around on Earth with any number of members of the other color corps...and some of the Earth heroes aren't exactly thrilled about it, which is why Barry showed up, to find out just what the heck Hal thinks that he's up to. And he promptly gets possessed by Parallax.

Well, THAT'S a bummer!

Parallax seems to be enjoying taking Barry's body for a ride, and as usual he starts taunting Hal. Parallax really seems to enjoy taunting Hal. Hal manages to get a few good digs in himself, when who should show up but the little bandaged ragamuffin that has been collecting as many of the entities as he or she can. And here I must admit that I was completely wrong in my identification of the little troublemaker. I was SURE that it was Sayd...but it's not. And I suppose that I'm relieved.

More taunting ensues. There is a LOT of taunting in this issue. That's ok, I enjoy taunting. And to make things even better a bunch of the remaining entities and their avatars show up! The new Compassion guy with all the arms! St. Walker and Adara! Larfleeze! A bunch of Indigos including Black Hand! Hail hail, the gang's all here.

Well...except for Atrocitus and Sinestro who are still on the hunt for the Butcher. One of Sinestro's cohorts gets on the line and tells him about Kyle and some of the Corps going off to Qward to rescue Soranik. Sinestro looks pretty bored, and sneers that he knows all about it, and what's it to him, when Romat-Ru says that the Weaponer is demanding his presence or else it's curtains for his daughter. Apparently this actually gets Sinestro's attention, and off he goes...presumably to be showing up in Green Lantern Corps, which is rather nice. I love it when all the books intertwine like this, withOUT it being a huge crossover.

Meanwhile, getting the whole bunch together to fight the little guy may just have been a tactical mistake, as he takes control of EVERYBODY! Oh, and we just happen to find out who he is. And yes it's definitely a he.

Why it's Krona of all people! And is HE in a pissy mood!

Fabulous art as usual, and some very interesting twists and turns to the story! Gosh, I love this book. On of the few places where Hal isn't acting like a jerk.


At 5:42 AM, Blogger poops said...

I thought it was a great read, as well (although I'm stuck with "Parallax Flash is a gas, gas, gas!" kicking around in my head).

I loved seeing Krona revealed. I knew he was going to make an appearance at some point in the whole GL mythos. I actually thought it was going to be in Blackest Night, but I was wrong.

Hal's taunting of Parallax was clutch. I liked the idea of the big beastie being called a scaredy-cat...very cool.

I'm also really stoked to see all 3 titles beginning to intertwine. Guy's book is starting to fill out more, even if the villain looks like some 1990's throwaway bad guy of the month.

Looking forward to seeing where it all goes and what the whole deal with "War of the Lanterns" will be about.

At 7:03 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

Oh great, Poops. Now it's stuck in MY head! You have to admit that it's very catchy however.

Yeah, this was a pretty darned good issue. Things do seem to be starting to simmer quite nicely.

At 6:50 PM, Blogger Volcano Todd said...

I need to learn to develop more restraint and avoid glancing at your blog on weeks that GL comes out and I haven't picked it up yet. Took a look yesterday and without reading the post, my eye caught "Krona" inadvertently and the surprise was ruined. Oh, well. :)

I picked up the ish today, and I also want to throw some props DC's way about making the books intertwine, while allowing each to stand on its own, outside of a crossover.

Speaking of crossovers, have you noticed that the major GL events since Hal's return have developed a Star Wars-esque multiplication syndrome?

A New Hope had one final battle at the Death Star. The Empire Strikes Back had two (Leia's escape and Luke's duel). And Return of the Jedi has three (space battle, Endor battle, Luke/Vader duel).

Rebirth was a self-contained miniseries. Sinestro Corps War started in a one-shot, split off into two books and reconvened in GL #25. Then there's Blackest Night, which had it's own miniseries and ran concurrently with both GL & GLC.

Whereas Sinestro Corps War gave you two paths to follow (either independently or as companion pieces), Blackest Night was very haphazard with one book crossing over into another and no clear path. I haven't read the trades, but I imagine they are either confusing or off-balanced.

I hope the next big event (War of the Green Lanterns, I believe) doesn't have four books crossing-over with one another all over the place or I'm gonna need a map or something. And God help those poor bozos who only pick up one of the books because DC says they can do so and understand the whole story (like DC & Marvel does about every big crossover.

Sorry, I didn't mean for this to become a rant. :)

At 12:56 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

I'm sorry Todd, I always assume that everyone gets their books on Wednesday, so I'm afraid that I couldn't contain myself.

I agree that Blackest Night was probably the loosest of the Green Lantern crossovers, but I imagine that Editorial had something to do with that. On the other hand, you really didn't HAVE to pick up ALL the Blackest Night books, the main Green Lantern books managed to cover things quite nicely.

But I do believe that the forthcoming War of the Green Lanterns event is going to be strictly within the confines of the Green Lantern books...as it should be.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger Volcano Todd said...

No apologizes needed! I guess I just need to either restrain myself from checking out your blog everyday or get my priorities in check and pick up my books on Wednesday! Hahaha.

Totally agree with you on the editorial front re: Blackest Night. I still feel you needed to pick up at the very least Blackest Night and the main GL book to follow what was happening. Hey, I pick up every GL book out so I managed to follow the story, but it bugs me when the powers that be say, "You can get the entire story by just picking up one book and the rest is just if you're looking for more" and that truly isn't the case.

Makes it tough for me to get friends of mine whom are into superheroes but don't regularly follow comics to pick a book I'm enjoying.


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