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Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Thank God it's Wednesday

The strain of actually having to wait an extra week for Green Lantern was telling on me. And, I actually found Power Girl, which for some unknown reason, I managed to completely skip last week. Amanda Conner just makes me smile.

Gotham City Sirens is out. I have to admit to rather liking this. The last issue, mainly featured the Riddler instead of the Sirens, but I didn't care, because frankly, I adore Mr. Nigma. If they had a book that was just about the Riddler going around being a detective, I would buy it in a heartbeat. But anyway, the cover isn't even too outrageous, mainly because of the fortuitous placement of the barcode over Poison Ivy's tuchus. They'd never do that to a Green Lantern butt, that's for sure!

Jack of Fables has a gorgeous Brian Bolland cover as usual. It features a fat and aging Jack, and for some reason, a chicken. This looks...intriguing.

I also picked up the 80 page Giant Justice League of America. I personally adore the 80 page Giants, and Classifieds, and Quarterly books. For one, they make me feel nostalgic, and for another, they have some great stories. I can hardly wait to dip into this one.

JSA has Mangog on the cover. Prominently. Which is a bit of a shame really, because I simply can't stand the man. I DO hope that Wildcat makes kibble out of him...although that probably won't be happening, since I think they are going to be splitting the JSA in half. I know which half I'll be getting. The one without Mangog.

Wonder Woman looks like a lot of fun too. She just can't seem to stay away from her family can she? I keep hoping that the Amazons will see the light, and kick Zeus in the patootie.

Now that I've oohed and aahed over the covers... I think that I shall actually sit down and READ my books! I suggest that you all do the same.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Oh Hal

Well, it's Tuesday, which is always the toughest day of the week for me, when it comes to blogging. The new books don't come out until tomorrow, and the well of inspiration has run a bit dry. So...out come those handy dandy scans!

Oh Hal. You are SO wonderful to have around sometimes.


Now I think that this qualifies as both a dream-come-true and a nightmare for our boy. On the one hand, he's surrounded by adoring nubile young women, all of whom are lusting after his luxurous wavy locks, and tight buns. On the other hand, he's surrounded by a bunch of women who want to marry him. Oh the horror! Knowing Hal's usual modus operandi, I can only assume that at some point, he'll wind up unconcious.

Monday, September 28, 2009


I have done something, that I thought I would never do. I...I have acquired a cell phone. I didn't really want one, but my kids talked me into it.

"How else can we get a hold of you?" they would ask. I would reply, that they could call me on the REAL phone.

"What if people are trying to talk to you?" Well, I don't really enjoy talking on the phone all that much. I have to answer it at work, but it isn't really my cup of tea. I LIKE being unavailable.

"What if your car breaks down?" I have to admit, that this last one, actually does make some sense.

So...I have a cell phone. It's currently on the charger because I don't quite know what to do with it. I'm not sure of the phone number, I haven't figured out how to call out on it, and I certainly haven't been able to figure out how to answer a call on it...but dammit...I'm CONNECTED!

I feel so hip. But I absolutely refuse to learn how to text.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


Somehow when picking up my books on Wednesday, I managed to miss Power Girl. I've been enjoying Power Girl, partly because it's a fun book, partly because I just like Peej, and partly because I adore Amanda Conner's art. So either I was stupid and just didn't notice it, or my store got shorted, which has also happened before. Needless to say...but I'll say it anyway...I'll be picking this up this coming Wednesday!

Not a lot of other books this past week, but still not a bad bunch. Incredible Hercules was fun, although I do have to admit that I am simply DYING for the Hercules/Thor match-up. That bit on the last page of last months issue, where Thor is wearing Hercules loincloth and complaining about a draft just cracks me up.

Justice League wasn't bad. A straight-forward adventure story will all the members, and Roulette. I rather like Roulette. Nothing spectacular, but nothing terrible. Besides...it had Plastic Man in it. It DIDN'T have Superman, so I am not quite sure what he's doing displayed so prominently on the cover, but what th heck.

Blackest Night:Superman #2 WAS pretty good however. Supergirl is having a simply awful time of it on New Krypton, while the Psycho Pirate is wreaking havoc on the emotional state of Smallville. Oh, and dead Lois is chasing Ma Kent through a cornfield. I'm pretty sure that Ma Kent can take her.

Detective Comics, with Batwomn continues to be a good read. I am sure that you are all tired of hearing about how insanely beautiful the art by J.H. Williams is. Well...too bad. Because it is really really gorgeous.

Finally, there was the Secret Origin of Superman, with Geoff Johns and Gary Frank. While I know the origin of Superman backwards and forewards, I always enjoy Geoff Johns take on things and there are many a worse way of spending an afternoon, than staring at the simply sensational artwork of Gary Frank. And besides, the whole heat vision thing was cute.

Wednesday Comics alas, have come to a finale, and I am going to miss it. It was an interesting medium, and while some of the stories were not my favorites, some of them were just wonderful, and in all cases, DC was trying to do something new and different and interesting, and I think that they succeeded. I hope that they ontinue with this format, and come out with some new stories, writers and artists...because I have discovered that I rather LIKE getting a serialized weekly offering. Now...if they could only figure out a way to bring out Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps on a weekly basis...!

Friday, September 25, 2009


So we were all talking together at work, as co-workers are wont to do...and I mentioned that a certain topic that we were discussing had been covered in the newspaper as well as the television news. One of my cohorts then claimed that he didn't get the newspaper, and didn't understand why anybody would bother with it.

I almost passed out. No...no newspaper? Sheesh, I read it cover to cover every day! How else are you going to find out the IN-DEPTH coverage of local and national news? They give you a brief run-down on the television in the evening, but you certainly only get a taste, not the meat of the subject. And where else are you going to find out what time the movies are showing, who is selling their car, or giving away free kittens and geraniums?

And then there are the comics of course. I don't have quite the connection with the comics page in the newspaper that I do with my comic books, but gosh darn it, I ALSO read them every day.

So...I asked Jeff how he manages to get through the day not knowing what is happening in Mary Worth? He didn't care about Mary Worth. He didn't even know who Mary Worth WAS! I...I am shocked. Shocked and disturbed. After all, that cop boyfriend of Mary's boyfriend's daughters, just got shot...exactly as we all knew he would, since they have spent the last couple of weeks showing them all lovey dovey together. Foreshadowing! Extremelly unsubtle foreshadowing, but then again, that's Mary Worth. Will she use her incredible meddling powers for good?

I understand that there are plenty of news venues out there, but really, if you can't read your daily comic strips, then what good are they?

Read Newspapers!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Rage Against the Light

Man, this computer is beginning to annoy me. I was in the MIDDLE of posting, when it froze, so I apologize for yesturday. Not much of a week for me at the Comic Book store either, with no Green Lantern this week. (Boo!)

So I thought that I would touch on a future story. And since it involves Guy, I imagine that you can understand my interest.


Well! Pretty cool eh? This is the cover for Green Lantern Corps for December, I think. The solicit would have us believe that the death of a particular Lantern causes Guy to go bonkers, and bust out as a Red Lantern. Understandable, I suppose, since they've been quite particular about showing the various emotional states of the various Lanterns, and Guy has been glowing red. And he DOES have a bit of a temper, bless his heart.

Now the first conclusion that leaps to mind, is "Oh Gawd, they're going to kill off Ice!" And this IS a distinct possibility, given the foreshadowing of having Hal actually be jealous of Guy's happiness. We can't have THAT sort of thing going on, after all! On the other hand, Ice's return to the living has been universally greeted with delight. I cannot for the life of me, remember reading a single post where someone complained about it. People LIKE Ice. She's a wonderful character, and there was no good reason to have killed her off in the first place,which is something that Mark Waid even admits to.

So...I'm not completely convinced that they are going to kill her off again. Usually, the rule is that if you have died once and managed to come back, you are pretty safe. I see no reason to mess with this.

However...there IS one death that I can think of, that would drive Guy over the edge. Well...actually two, but Geoff Johns has assured us that Kyle isn't going to die. But if KILOWOG was to buy the farm, I can definitely see Guy going off the deep end.

Guy and Kyle are very close, friends as well as partners, but I am not sure that they are better friends than Guy and Kilowog, who have been tight for a VERY long time. I've always liked their friendship, and this is why I'm so very worried about Kilowog's wellfare. Because, after all, HE'S died once before as well, and then come back, so the same resurrection rule should also apply.

Same thing with Arisia, Her death would send Guy over the edge, as he's very fond of her as well, but once again, she's newly back amongst the living. Salaak? Maybe. As much as they bicker, I think that deep down, they actually like each other...although neither would ever admit it. Iolande or Soranik? Guy likes them, but I'm not sure that he'd go mad with rage. Same thing with Vath or Isamot. He's fairly good buddies with Graf Toren and Voz, and I think he's on pretty good terms with Brik, but who's death would turn him into a Rage Lantern?

What I do think will be interesting, is how will he cope with the Red power? Hal actually managed to retain a bit of his brains, and make constructs, which no other Rage Lantern was capable of doing. Considering Guy's past history with Sinestro's yellow ring, not to mention his temper, I am wondering if he'll be able to be coherent and make constructs as well. It would be a hoot if he managed to best Atrocitus at his own game. I also wonder if perhaps his Vuldarian background is going to come into play. That has been mostly swept under the rug, since Rebirth, but what the heck, I suppose that it's possible, it may be his salvation.

I do know ONE thing for sure. I can hardly wait until December.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Heh heh...sort've forgot to post yesturday. Heck I forgot to even go on the computer at ALL...and that's pretty unnusual. Real Life has been intruding a bit lately. My Sweet Baboo has just changed jobs, starting yesturday, and we are both happy and excited, since it is a very good switch, but he's always had a company vehicle before, and now he has to go out and BUY a truck, for which he will be compensated by the company, which is fine, but it's a lot of running around and test driving, and he keeps spotting ones that he likes better...and frankly, I'm exhausted. And a little bit tired of looking at trucks. I think it's one of those guy things.

Still, I couldn't let another day go by without saying SOMEthing ridiculous. So I give you Superman.

It looks as though one of those Justice League Arm-Wrestling contests got a wee bit out of hand...again. And nobody likes a gloater, Supes.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Well, I'll be Dipped!

With all the excitement of Blackest Night, and various things going on in REAL life, I completely forgot that September marks my third anniversary on the Blogosphere. I've been tormenting you people for quite some time now!

It is an absolutely GORGEOUS day here in little ol' New England, and I am going to be marching in a parade at the Big E, which is the Fair they hold in Springfield, Mass every fall, carrying a flag and wearing a colonial dress, and probably looking like a fool. But I don't care. The rest of my insane family will also be marching in tricorne hats, and playing fifes and stuff, and mass quantities of Sam Adams will be drunk at the Tavern afterwards.

So enjoy the weekend!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Blackest Night #3

Well! Things are happening all over the place, aren't they? Ivan Reis is hitting on ALL cylinders when it comes to the artwork, and Geoff Johns is coming up with some very interesting concepts here. VERY interesting!

We begin with a little bit of foreshadowing, and talk of committment between Jason and Gen, the two parts of Firestorm. Love and committment? Oh THIS won't end well!

Then we leap right into the action, with Barry and Hal battling their brains out, against the undead Justice League,including the Old Firestorm. When it comes to trash-talking, these Black Lanterns are really doing a bang-up job. They keep trying to provoke our heroes into displays of emotion, from which they can feed. Finally, fed up, Barry seizes Firestorm's hand and tries to pull off the ring...only to discover that it has roots that have grown into their bodies. They also reform from any damage, and their powers seem to be increasing. Our Boys are feeling a bit hopeless as they battle, but get a boost, when who should appear, but Ray Palmer! Woohoo! He's not dead, although he is beaten up a bit.

"I jumped through the phone line to Carter's hoping to have a little heart-to-heart. He took it literally."


Anyway, Ray shrunk down and went inside Hawkman's new black ring, and discovers that it's nothing like Hal's ring. It has the same porous structure as bones...or dark matter, and is laced with microssopic wormholes that are channeling energy. My guess is that that emotional energy is being syphoned by the black rings, right back to the mysterious entity who is behind all of this,or to the Anti-Monitor, as he is the apparent battery. Nice to bring in the idea of dark matter, to go with the Black Rings.

Good Firestorm and Gen meanwhile are having their own adventures, as they check out the dark and deserted headquarters of the Justice League. You can practically hear the spooky music being played in the background, as they see all kinds of mayhem on the monitors. Oh...and then they are attacked by Mera, who managed to beat feet away from the murderous Aquapeople last issue. Mera...who rocks, by the way...has figured out that the Black Lanterns are feeding on people's emotions...like sharks smelling blood in the water.

Ray, Hal and Barry are still putting up a fight, but getting a bit on the weary side, when Sue and Ralph sense compassion emanating from Ray. Ralph is about to rip his heart out, when suddenly, the Indigo Corps shows up!
Wow, that's good timing! Somehow, using Hal's will, they are able to use their own powers and disintegrate Ralph...not to mention Sue.

The boys decide that it would be a good idea to meet up with Firestorm and Mera and compare notes, so they all join up at the JLA Headquarters, along with the Indigo Corp, who have suddenly decided to speak English after all. This is a great relief to Hal.

Indigo-1, is the leader of the Indigo tribe, and she gives a brief history lesson about the Universe and the nature of the light and darkness. It is an...elegant explanation. Plus Barry and Ray realize that the Black Lanterns aren't REALLY their dead friends. It isn't the Dead who are wearing the rings, but rather the Rings are wearing the Dead. Furthermore, the green light of Willpower, reinforced with another of the various corps light will neutralize the Black rings, and leave them succeptibl to conventional damage, and makes the black energy inert. So...the more the various corps band together with the Green willpower, the more they can battle the Black Rings.

See? Easy as pie!

Too bad that Indigo-1 makes the mistake of letting slip that Carol Ferris is a Star Sapphire again. Hal is all set to rush off and save her, and leave the rest of them, up the creek without a willpower paddle. Thank goodness that Barry is there to knock a bit of sense into him. Hal can't resist a bit of tit for tat, but at least he's simmered down a bit. Too bad this is when the rest of the baddies make their very splashy appearance and the fight is on again...except that the Indigo Corp decides to go...and they take Hal with them.

So, it's Firestorm vs Firestorm, and Ronnie takes over Jason, and poor Gen is out...and out of luck. And they are ALL in a lot of trouble, since the Black Lanterns decide to raise up the various villains that are also interred under the Hall, such as Doctor Light, Max Lord, and Alexander Luthor, not to mention quite a few others.

Our heroes are in SO much trouble!

This is good. This is fun. This is a serious threat to the world, if not the Universe. The art is gorgeous, and the story is rollicking along. I can hardly wait until the next one!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

My...That was a good Week!

There were a lot of very nice books this week. Not that there is any such thing as a BAD comic book week. But some are a little better than others.

First off, we have Batman & Robin, with Grant Morrison, and Philip Tan on the artwork instead of Frank Quitely. Fortunately, he DOES do the cover. I thought that Tan's artwork was adequate. Not up to Quitely's standards, but very few people are. I'm still in a mild state of shock over the fact that I'm actually reading a Bat Book...and enjoying it.

The Red Hood has enlisted the girl that Damian had helped free from Professor Pyg, and together they are running about fighting crime...brutally. The Penguin gets caught in a mess, and finally the two pairs of vigilantes meet up...and it's going to be glorious.

I'm mainly picking up Batman: Streets of Gotham for the Manhunter backup, but I have to admit that the main story is pretty good too. It just makes sense that there is a real estate broker in Gotham who specializes in quirky themed hideouts for super villains. Oh, and Helena shows up to hang out with Kate in Manhunter, which is nice. I'll take my Birds where I can find them.

Blackest Night #3...Be still my heart. More on this tomorrow.

The Brave & the Bold. Woohoo! A team-up between Batman and Robby Reed, of Dial H for Hero! This is a little off-beat, but fun, and I have to say that Jesus Saiz on the artwork was excellent. It was a nice done-in-one story, the team-up made sense and it was fun. What more can you ask for?

Fables. Oooohh...the plot thickens. Ozma continues to spy on Frau Totenkinder, who is up to all kinds of interesting things out in the middle of the woods. The Fables are broke, and Gepetto is also probably up to no good. Oh, and Beauty has a little surprise for Beast. Good stuff.

Final Crisis: Escape #5. Nemesis finally seems to be getting something of a hand on his current predicament. This whole mini-series has been just ODD, but I'm still liking it, in a weird sort of way. It had Amanda Waller and Count Vertigo in it too, and I like them.

JSA vs Kobra #4. Kobra continues to do strange and peculiar, if horrendous things, while Mister Terrific does his best to try and figure out exactly what is going on. And a lot of stuff blows up.

Outsiders. I can't believe this...but Tomasi has actually made Geo-force...interesting! He and Metamorpho go up against Clayface, and it is pretty cool how they manage to save the day. Decent art and a good story.

Wednesday Comics. I really like this. About the only story that I don't go nuts over, is Teen Titans, although the Wonder Woman strip is not my favorite, but the rest of them have been simply fabulous. And Sgt. Rock FINALLY shot a Nazi! Finally! It's been great, and I'm going to miss it when it is finished.

Did you all enjoy YOUR comics?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sweet Sweet Wednesday

Oh, my favorite day of the week. And there is so much exciting that is coming out today! Blackest Night, and Wednesday Comics, and the Brave & the Bold, and Batman & Robin and a whole slew of other books. I can hardly wait. I suppose that I will actually have to go to work and do...stuff first.

But in the meantime, here's Booster, Beetle and Black Canary...a veritable bevy of "B's"


No real reason, other than I am on a bit of a Ted kick at the moment.

Now...go and get your books!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Oh Gee!

Concerning my post of yesturday, and my concern over the fate of Ted Kord. Funny thing happened while I was browsing amongst the blogosphere!


Oh Booster. Oh TED! If that IS Ted...but it sure looks like Ted. Kind've cool the way that they've adapted his costume to the Black Lantern look though. Very stylish.

It looks as though Ted is making a Booster-sized pinata for Halloween.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Wither Ted?

So...my greatest fear, next to Guy getting killed off in Blackest Night, is Ted Kord coming back as a Black Lantern. I thought that Geoff Johns had assured us that Ted was actually ALIVE! I've been trying to keep believing in it, but rumors keep persisting.

If Ted Kord DID come back as a Black Lantern, I would have to say that the heroes of the world would be in for a world of trouble. Remember all the havoc that he and Booster managed to cause when they were alive and GOOD? The concept of an Evil Ted is...terrifying.

Blue Beetle

Here's a small example of what Ted could do when he wasn't in his right mind. This is from the old JLI, when Ted was being mind-controlled by that mean old Queen from Bialya into doing her wicked biding. He's actually beating up Amanda Waller. Amanda Waller! She intimidates Batman, for God's sake! And this is with no super powers whatsoever.

Be afraid Booster. Be very very afraid.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

God, I Hate Computers

I FINALLY managed to get my fershlugginer computer to stop kicking me off at random moments...at least temporarily. The laptop, seems to need some sort of disk or password or something.


Curse you Technology!

Anyway, I'll do my best to keep going, but if there are gaps in my posting, you will know that the spirit is willing, but the equipment is fragile...or something.

I did spend the morning, wearing leggins and a tricorne hat, marching with a flag in a fife and drum corp parade...in the pouring rain. But the beer and the barbecued chicken made it all worth while. The rest of my insane family have all gone off from the Windsor Muster, to the Tavern, and thence to the Southwick Fireman's parade this evening. I however, have called it a day, since I actually need to work on this whole "marching" thingie. Who knew that putting one foot in front of the other could be so complicated?

In doing the morning newspaper's crossword puzzle however one of the clues was "Guy's pal". Obviously the answer is "Kyle", but there weren't enough letters. I may write in and complain.

Did everyone ELSE have a nice weekend?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #40

Well! Arisia...(you all remember Arisia?) has decided to shake the bigoted dust of Daxam from her feet forever. She's also sorry about what happened to Sodam Yat, but doesn't think that she can do anything about it right now. So, looking for a little bit of peace and quiet, she wends her way back to Oa.

Well golly, but is SHE in for a heck of a surprise! The protective shell is shattered, the Guardians are missing in action, and the Black Rings have invaded and are wreaking untold havoc. Not exactly the peace and quiet that she's looking for. To add to her troubles, her dead family decides to show up and needless to say, poor Arisia is a bit on the freaked side.

She's not the only one, as Jade hauls Kyle up to the upper atmosphere, the better to woo him. For a dead girl, Jade is actually looking pretty good, and I fear for poor stupid Kyle. Especially since the Black Ring is viewing his aura, showing "love", "will" and "compassion". Hmmmm...first time that compassion has shown up.

Speaking of compassion, our adorable little Star Sapphire Miri, is hot on the trail of Kryb, who is searching for her children. Surprisingly, Miri agrees to help her, and the unlikely pair are off on their own quest.

Back on Oa, Salaak, Vath and Isamot have stumbled upon the black gooey apparent remains of the Guardians. Vath is smart enough to notice that there are only eight blotches, and by the way...weren't there NINE Guardians? Just then, the Alpha Lanterns show up, puffing up their chests and declaring that They Are In Charge of Oa. Salaak, bless his vinegar little heart, calmly shoots THAT theory down. He whistles up a hologram created by the Guardians, setting the rules and line of succession. The commznd of the Corps falls first to the Clarissi and then the Illustres...namely Salaak, and then Guy and Kyle as Honor Guard. The Alpha Lanterns are quite noticeably NOT mentioned in the chain of command.

This does not make them happy.

However, Salaak has a reply for that as well.


Heh heh. Guy really does have a way of growing on people.

And talking about growing, Jade is all over Kyle like a fungus. Fortunately, Kyle is NOT as stupid as I had feared, since he has Jade's number pretty well, and Blows Her Up. She's not too happy about this turn of events and breaks out the big guns, mainly all of his OTHER dead girlfriends and loved ones. That's a low blow, Jade.

Over at the burial site of all the executed prisoners, the Black Rings have also shown up in force, and now we see the true machinations of Scar, as all those dead nasties, come back to even nastier sentience, adn start ripping the hearts out of befuddled Lanterns. However, as per Salaak's wise instructions, no rings are flying off to chose more Green cannon fodder.

Some of our favorite dead Lanterns make their appearance, notably Katma Tui, who one poor fool thinks is going to save him, but she actually grabs his heart. Oops. Bzzd pops up and is making short work of some other Lanterns, when he's caught by some green construct chop-sticks. Smooth move, Guy! Guy is actually trying to reason with the little fellow, but not getting anyway unfortunately. Bzzd tries to fly right through him, the way that he did Mongul, but is squished by Guy instead, which makes Guy regretful, but not for too long, since Ke'haan shows up and impales his thigh on one of his horns. THAT'S gonna hurt in the morning1

Finally, Black Lanterns have shown up at the infirmary on Oa, ready to feast on the mostly helpless wounded. However you know that's not going to happen without a struggle, as Soranik and Iolande show up in a lovely lovely cliff hanger. Kyle! You Idiot! She's TONS better than Jade! Even when Jade was alive!

Pat Gleason does his usual exemplary job on the artwork, and Peter Tomasi does his usual magnificent job with the story and dialogue. Although I can't imagine not reading all of Blackest Night, it is perfectly feasible to just read the Green Lantern books and have a clear idea of what is going on.

Good. Oh, so good.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Wow, it's Late

Had to go to work, and then go grocery shopping, and then prowl the car lots with my sweet baboo, who is looking for a new truck...it's a miracle that I even managed to fit in getting the new books today...but it was SO worth the wait.

Green Lantern Corps, Booster Gold, Doom Patrol, Incredible Hercules, Secret Six, Wednesday Comics,Blackest Night: Batman, and Superman: World of New Krypton.

I am no longer pouting. Oh happy happy, joy joy.

I also saw in Toyfare, that they are going to be bringing out a Katma Tui, Kilowog and John Stewart, not to mention Romat Ru and Karu Sil figures! Oh be still my heart. Maybe that means that Soranik Natu and Iolande are on the horizon!

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Well, Poo!

That's the polite and child-friendly way of saying, "oh Crap!" It' Wednesday, but the books don't come out until tomorrow. And there are a crapload of really really GOOD ones! Green Lantern Corps! Booster Gold! Secret Six! And more!

I swear, my steering was twitching at the exit to my beloved comic books store as I drove by, on my way home from work. Now I have to wait another whole day. Don't the UPS people know that I have NEEDS?

Man, Sea of Green is posting less, and the Absorbascon is on hiatus, and now I have to wait a whole day to get my comics. I'm...I'm pouting.

Hal Pictures

Hal really does pout beautifully.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Oh Hal

I know, I know, I've used that same title over and over again. I say the same thing to Dwayne quite frequently. I just can't help it when it comes to Hal. He's SUCH a doofus sometimes.

So...what would YOU do if you had the power of the Ring?

Hals Pictures

Apparently this guy just wants a cheap vacation. Well...that and a chance to be carried around by Mister Charisma here. Oh Hal. I know that all the other Lanterns think that you're just the ginchiest, but you should REALLY try and build up some sort of resistance to all that mind control.

What would you do if you could order Hal around? Personally, I would like a tour of the nearest Nebula...the stars would certainly be pretty...and then some black raspberry ice cream.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Summer...is OVER

And I'm glad, do you hear me? GLAD! Bwhahahahaa! Because I am one of those odd sorts of people who really don't like Summer all that much. Well, parts of it are nice, but I really loathe the mosquitoes, the humidity, and the heat. I like Spring,and believe it or not, I really don't mind Winter all that much, but gosh, I just LOVE Autumn. Well, except for raking leaves. But I love everything else! Of course it helps that I live in New England. We're rather famous for our Fall weather.

So I hope that everyone has a nice Labor Day. I attended my favorite niece's wedding in Rhode Island. She is also my only niece, but that's beside the point. We had steamers and lobster and corn on the cob and it was very nice. Which reminds me, that we haven't had a SuperHero wedding in a while now, the last one was Green Arrow and Black Canary's and that had a bit of a downer during the honeymoon. I REALLY want Guy and Ice to
get hitched, but we have to get through Blackest Night first, I imagine.

And here, for no reason whatsoever, other than I just like them, are Beetle and Booster fighting.

Booster Gold

Aren't they adorable? I miss the boys, and I sure do hope that we end up wh Beetle, J'onn and Aquaman and Max coming back after all this War of Light and Blackest Night, and Revenants and stuff is over.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

DC Butts Forever

Now this is why...in addition to a number of other factors...why I am no longer a Marvel Fan.


Frankly, that is one ginormous behind. It...it is not attractive. It does not sing to me. And it's attached to someone who is even more angsty and whiney than Kyle. Than Nightwing for God's Sake!

I would like to thank Bitter Andrew over at Armagideon Time, which is where I stole this particular scan. He has more, and they are hilarious.

Have a nice Labor Day Weekend!

Friday, September 04, 2009

Whatever Happened to the Wayback Machine?

Well...that probably isn't its real name. Not to mention that I'm probably dating myself. But seriously, do you recall the infamous machine that the Guardians used waaaaaaaay back in issue 59 of Green Lantern, when they showed Hal an alternate reality, with Guy Gardner receiving the ring instead? It was a rather bizarre piece of machinery, and I've never quite understood how it would work, but apparently to the Guardians, it was better than Tivo. Precisely why they felt that it was necessary to stroke Hal's ego even further, is beyond me.

But I cannot help wondering, what ever happend to this wonderful piece of equipment? It could have come in awfully handy with the current crisis, perhaps even giving the Guardians some sort of inkling of what was coming, or could be coming, or could possiby be avoided, if they followed a different path. Of course Oa has been destroyed a time or two, so I suppose that the Machine was probably destroyed as well, but still...you would think that they would have SOME sort of warranty on the thing. How else would they watch their Soaps?

I can't help but imagine the fun that Hal, Guy, Kyle and John could have with some equipment like this. Get the boys together with some popcorn and beer, and let them go all Mystery Science Theatre 3000 on it. John and Guy in particular would be hilarious. Kyle would enjoy it, because he's hip, if not too bright. Most of the jokes would probably go over Hal's head, but he'd still have fun hanging out with his homies. Have Kilowog and Salaak substituting for Tom Servo and Crow, and the circle would be complete.

Now THAT'S a thought. The Wayback Machine is probably disassemble, and was stuffed away in Guy's storage garage, which means that it's probably back on Oa and just waiting to be reassembled again.

Oa gets cable...right?

Thursday, September 03, 2009

Tiny Reviews, for a Tiny Week

That...was a very small week for me. Oh I went to the store of course, but it really was hardly even worth it, except that it's WEDNESDAY, and I am nothing if not a creature of habit.

I did pick up all of Three Books, not counting Wednesday Comics. I also picked up last weeks copy of Wednesday Comics, because I forgot to, the previous week.

Final Crisis: Run!...This has been nothing short of hilarious, at least I think so. It is so dumb, and so outrageous, and I love it. I perfectly understand poor Firestorm's reaction to how they keep getting trounced by this idiot, and John Stewart points out that it's BECAUSE he's an amateur...he does things that no sane criminal would do, and no superhero would expect. Although the remarks he made about the smell of roasted Martian may come back to bite him in the butt.

Jonah Hex #47...The game of wits against Turnbull continues, as Jonah, Bat Lash and Tallula shoot a lot of people and banter along with way. Good violent fun.

Justice League: Cry for Justice #3...I don't care what anybody on the message boards say...I think that this is a hoot. It's so bad that it's good. I do have to say that the art is awfully pretty, although the artist does seem to have a thing for showing Supergirl's breasts...a lot. Ray Palmer is completely out of character, Freddy is a horny teenager, and Ollie and Hal are simply idiots. Mikaal and Bill seem to be having a good time beating up random baddies. Prometheus is not a nice man.

The best part of course, is that the Shade shows up. And Bobo Benetti! And Charity O'Dare! Woohoo! I haven't seen the Shade in ages. I really really hope that he continues to show up.

This mini is completely ridiculous and over the top, and the dialogue will make you cringe, and yet...and yet...it makes me smile.

Wednesday comics were large and loud and wonderful as usual. I'm going to give the Metamorpho pages of the Periodic Tables to my budding Biology Teacher of an oldest daughter. Now THAT'S the way to learn chemistry! Batman is fun, Kamandi is so gorgeous that I almost swoon, even Superman seems to be getting his act together. Hal and Dill are in a bit of a pickle...Aliens! Adam Strange gets his act together, and Doctor Mid-Nite's owl has an unfortunate run-in with Krypto and Streaky. Metal Men is still fun, and Sgt. Rock is finally getting off his ass and attempting to beat up Nazis, while Barry and Iris are having one HECK of an evening. Catwoman and Jason Blood are on the date from hell, while Hawkman is on the phone trying to rustle up some help against a tyrannosaurus, and getting the runaround from Batman. So...Much...Goodness!

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Come to Think of It...

...it has been quite a while since I made fun of Batman. There was his whole "death" thing going on, and I suppose it would have been a bit tasteless, not to mention insensitive to mock his demise. But hey, it's been a few months now, and we ALL know that he's due back any day now.



I do not know who Whitey is, nor do I know exactly what Batman has in mind for him. For him AND his clothes! Maybe this is just how Bruce Wayne does his shopping. All those Bat-gimmicks can run into some serious money.
Maybe Whitey owes him money, and he's planning on auctioning off his clothes. Maybe Batman is just a huge old pervert, how the heck would I know

But it does make one want to know exactly what is going on...doesn't it?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

So, I Hear That There's A Rumor

A rumor that Girls are actually invading Comicbookdom. The Twilight people are to blame for this of course. I have never read Twilight, nor have I seen the movie. Moreover I have NO plans to do either. My youngest daughter did read the book, and laughed hysterically throughout, which is not what I think the author had in mind. Nevertheless, I am pleased as punch that all the young and not so young Twilight fans showed up at the Convention and had themselves a fine old time.

There are however, those who were NOT amused by this invasion. Girls! They might...they might have Cooties! At least, that is the impression that I get from reading the various Message Boards...and sniggering myself sick in the process. I imagine that quite a number of fans, were happy to welcome newcomers to their little hobby, but there is a certain sub-group of fans, who live in horror that their own pursuits may become more mainstream. Because you see, Girls Don't Read Comic Books. Or, if they do, then they don't read the RIGHT kind of Comic Books. They're those Twilight people, or they read Manga, or Sandman and Strangers In Paradise or something. Or their boyfriends got them into it. They don't read Superheroes, EVERYONE knows that.

Except of course, for the ones that DO read Superheroes. Some of them even blog about it.


We're coming. And we're playing with your toys.