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Friday, July 24, 2009

Guy Week is Still Going Strong

It's a funny thing about Guy Gardner. Either you love him or you hate him, there doesn't seem to be a lot of in-between. Another odd thing about Guy, is that his first impression upon most of his peers and companions was decidedly...negative. He did have a certain genius for making enemies.

And yet...oddly enough a heck of a lot of those enemies turned out to be good friends later on, and NOT all necessarily after he got over the ol' brain damage, either.

Take Kilowog for example.

Green Lanterns

Frankly, I adore Kilowog, he's probably my favorite non-earth-based Lantern. He and Guy did not get along when they first ran across each other. This was after the first Crisis, when the Guardians decided to go off and make whoopie with the Star Sapphires, and a whole lot of Lanterns, such as Kilowog, Arisia, Salaak, Ch'p and Katma Tui ended up on Earth, along with Hal and John. Guy was supposed to be training under Appa Ali Apsa on Malta, but he hated it, and kept trying to run away. He may have been brain-damaged, but by God, he was persistent. He managed to make it back to Earth, where he also managed to piss EVERYONE off quite neatly.

Then of course, he also practically started a war with Russia, BUT also ended up saving the hides of Kilowog, Katma and John,which changed Kilowog's attitude at least. Quietly, and mostly off-camera,so to speak, they became friends. When everyone else split up, and Kilowog was left alone, Guy and Arisia were the only ones to check in on him,and Guy was the one who got him into the Justice League. What's more, they've STAYED best friends ever since.

Arisia was another one who had no use for Guy, but changed her mind, after Hal went all Parallax on everyone, and Guy gave her a job and a home after she lost her ring...which is more than Hal ever did.

But the one who liked Guy the most, from the very beginning, was...

Green Lanterns

Good old G'nort. Or, to give him his proper name, G'nort Esplanade G'neesmacher from G'newt.

Believe it or not, G'nort was actually made a member of the Green Lantern Corps...mainly on Guy's say-so. He even ended up a member of the Justice League, although, they DID banish him to the Antarctic Branch of the League. But anyway, no matter HOW badly Guy would treat him, G'nort still gave him all of his doggy devotion. Guy would con him into chasing comets...it didn't matter,because sometimes, Guy would even scratch him behind the ears and reduce him to a state of canine bliss.

I don't know if G'nort is going to show up in Blackest Night or not. His whereabouts are unknown, he is listed as possibly dead, but no one is sure. I would be ecstatic if somehow, G'nort is the one who manages to save the Green Lantern Corps, and wins the accolades of the Guardians and the Universe. But for G'nort, it would all be for g'naught, 'cause all he wants is for Guy to give him a s'nausage treat.

In honor of G'nort, I have managed to acquire his action figure.


Isn't it cute? He really doesn't do much, but that's ok, neither does the real G'nort. And his mouth opens up, so that his little tongue is sticking out. Adorable! They are bringing out some of the old JLI characters, and I'm slowly getting them all together. No new Guy figure yet, though, which is disappointing.

So anyway, getting back to the original idea of this, Guy may start out as a guy you love to hate, but sooner or later,he'll manage to win you over. He may not have Hal's charm, but he's got SOMEthing.


At 2:53 PM, Blogger Saranga said...

How did Guy get G'nort into the Corps?

At 3:02 PM, Blogger SallyP said...

It's a funny story really. Have you read "A Guy and his G'nort"? It was in volume III, by Gerard Jones, number 11 or thereabouts, and it is a hoot. There are these fake GL's running around, and G'nort is one of them, turns out they are powered by the Qwardians. G'nort ends up helping Guy thwart the Qwardians, even though it costs him his own "fake" power ring. He even gives Guy his very first bone, 'cause he loves him so much.

Although he won't admit it, Guy is touched, and against his own better judgement, he recommends G'nort to the Guardians, who end up having a laugh about it...much to the surprise of Hal, and the rest of his new recruits. Anyway, G'nort gets in, and his devotion to Guy grows even more...much to Guy's dismay

It's rather sweet in a way.


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