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Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!

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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Terrible Tuesday

Ok, we're past Monday, but it's only Tuesday and the rest of the week lies yawning ahead of us. The new books don't come out until tomorrow. What,oh what can I post to render this Tuesday a little less terrible?

Oh yeah.


Skinnydipping Jonah Hex!

While we get to ogle Hal's buttocks on a regular basis, he's not that noted for ripping his shirt off. Heck NONE of the Lanterns are, with the exception of Guy, back when he was running around as Warrior, basically clothed in pants and tattoos. That was an...odd time for Guy,but he was busy finding himself,so I cut him some slack.

Er...where was I?

Anyway, Jonah seems to be enjoying himself, which is something that doesn't seem to happen too often.

Monday, June 29, 2009

That Weird Team-Up

There was this time that Jonah Hex and Hal Jordan actually had a team-up, along with Zatanna, Ralph Dibny, Bat Lash, Scalphunter and a few other characters. I don't remember precisely where, I don't remember precisely WHY in God's Name, they decided this would work, but work it did. I DO believe that Time Travel was involved, as it naturally would have to be.

Anyhoo...it's just Jonah's luck to stumble upon a prostrate Hal. He probably managed to knock himself out some how...knowing Hal. After a bit of confusion, they end up getting along fairly well.

Hal Pictures

Great Galloping Horny Toads, aren't they just adorable?

Then Jonah decides to shoot somebody, and Hal gets all pissy.

Hal Pictures

When in Rome, Hal...when in Rome.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Oh Jonah

In some ways you really ARE very much like a Green Lantern. Specifically Kyle Rayner. No, you don't have his winning smile, or natural charm. You certainly lack his really nice hair. And Lord knows, his ass is so much nicer than yours. But when it comes to keeping your girlfriends alive and kicking, you have a LOT in common.


Our poor little Soiled Dove here, is simply clowning around a bit with our hero, who has very kindly removed his shirt for our prurient viewing pleasure. She puts on his hat, and prances about in front of the window, only to eat a bullet for her pains. Granted, the shooter thought that he was killing Jonah, but still! That must have been one hell of a near-sighted gunman! You can't just go around letting off a fusillade of bullets at ANY silhouette in a cowboy hat, and not expect a bit of collateral damage.

Anyway, knowing Jonah, I'm pretty sure that the man who shot the young Hooker with the Heart of Gold paid dearly for his transgression. Still...sleeping with Jonah Hex is a hazardous undertaking. Just like with Kyle. Heck, Soranik Natu has so far survived the experience, but has discovered that her Daddy is Sinestro! Not QUITE as bad as dying, but still, no walk in the park!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Green Lantern #42

Well, it took me long enough, but eventually, the siren call of the Green Lanterns managed to seduce me away from my new toy...ie. Jonah Hex. But Jonah can wait for a while.

Hal Pictures

Well! Isn't THAT a nice cover? Hal's been having quite the time lately, what with all the various colors of rings apparently being warm for his form. I'm not sure that orange is his color though.

As we ALL recall, last issue's cliffhanger involved Larfleeze taking posession of Hal's Blue Ring...by ripping his hand off! Larfleeze is not noted for his patience. He does however really really like his new Blue Ring, since he actually feels full...for the first time in millenia. Too bad it's a fakeout.

Oh Hal, you scamp.

Hal Pictures

It was so nice picking out all the characters that Hal used, although I'm not quite sure if I can find Kyle. Poor old Larfleeze, he really does sound like a petulant Two-Year Old, doesn't he?

Meanwhile, outside, the Orange constructs are still wreaking havoc on the Guardians and assembled Green Lanterns. But John doesn't have to worry, because Fatality, in her new guise as a Star Sapphire has shown up and decided to forgive him for not saving her planet. John is not exactly sure HOW to react to all of this, especially when Fatality goes and plants one full on the lips.

I do have to say that the dialogue just sparkled in this particular issue. The situation if deadly serious of course,and yet...ludicrous at the same time. For example, while Larfleeze is distracted by the Guardians busting in, Hal uses the opportunity to grab his Lantern, and is immediately bombarded by smarmy suggestions.

"...And you need your own Guardian! Your life won't be complete without your own Guardian! You could really go for a hamburger right now, couldn't you? TWO Hamburgers!..."

Then Larfleeze snatches his Lantern back, expressing horror that it might get damaged, since it is in mint condition. I have to confess to falling into helpless giggles at this point...not my usual reaction to reading a Green Lantern book. Usually I'm too busy ogling the behinds.

Anyway...Larfleeze decides no more shilly-shallying,and really opens up. He wants that Blue Ring, and he wants it NOW! The Ring meanwhile is STILL asking Hal what he hopes for, and he finally snaps and says that when they get out of this mess, he hopes that it will finally stop asking him that question.

"Sincerity registered"

Or as Hal says, "You've got to be kidding me."

And just like that, they win, they are powered up, Larfleeze is defeated, and Hal has weird visions of the future, while the ring boogies out of there. Now we have quite the little standoff. The Guardians are all pissy at Larfleeze, but on the other hand, he IS the Devil they know, so they decide to leave him in possession of the Orange Lantern...after rudely shoving all the Green Lantern Corps who had been doing all the fighting...out the door. Can't have the kiddies getting in the way of the grown-ups making decisions now, can we? Needless to say some of their loyal Corps members are less than thrilled. So they end up making one little tiny deal with Larfleeze, in return for staying out of their hair.

And what is that you say? Why only where the Blue Rings can be located.

That's right, those treacherous little blue Bastards just sicced Larfleeze on Ganthet and Sayd and the other Blue Lanterns.

And finally as an epilogue, we meet up with Ash and Saarek again, as they find the body of the Anti-Monitor and the giant ominous Black Lantern. The voices of the dead are so loud that Saarek has been deafened. The Dead are ALSO being on the treacherous side, as it turns out they led him to the Black Lantern, and the two of them are in big big trouble.

So! That was one HECK of an issue! And now we stand on the brink of the final chapter of the Green Lantern Trilogy that Geoff Johns has been working on for six years or so, with Blackest Night all set to begin in a week or so. And at the end of it all...I REALLY want the Guardians to get what's coming to them.


Friday, June 26, 2009

Jonah's Posterior

Ok, let's all just come right out and say it. He's no Green Lantern. But then very few people have the kind of Gluteous Maximus that can stand up to the Guardians VERY rigorous standards. Although I have to say, that I'm beginning to wonder a bit about the Guardians.

It's just that sitting on a horse all day, you probably start to develop calluses. Wearing a ten-year old uniform that is seldom (if ever) washed probably doesn't add much to your appearance. Jonah's pants may be tight, but they're not THAT tight.

Here's Jonah from the back.


Not...not terrible. Average, I would say. Certainly not quite up to THESE standards..

Hal Pictures

Lordy, that's one fabulous ass. And look, Hal's hitting his OWN head.

But Jonah does have other qualities. The ability to take one hell of a beating for one thing, as you can certainly see from the pictures posted over at Dwayne's site at Matching Dragoons. He's ALWAYS getting thwacked with rocks and rifle butts or whisky bottles or whathaveyou. He gets tied up a lot too, which is always fun. Frequently after having his shirt ripped off, which is also a bonus.

Hmmmmm....this week may not be so bad after all.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Enough Is Enough Already

Gosharootie, how about that Jonah Hex anyway? Yes, for the space of one week, I will post about my favorite scarred Bounty Hunter,because frankly, I just can't take it any longer. Blackest Night is just around the corner, and I don't want to have to keep posting pictures of Hal's Head Wounds. And I STILL think, that this whole kerfuffle ended in a draw anyway.

But anyway, I like Jonah. He's not a Green Lantern, but what the heck, an awful LOT of perfectly nice people aren't Green Lanterns. And Lord knows, I do love me a good Western. I grew up on Westerns, and nightly thrilled to such wonderful television fare as Maverick, Gunsmoke, Laredo, The Virginian, High Chaparral, Wild Wild West, Alias Smith & Jones, and about a billion or so others...or so it seemed. Then Detective and Cop shows took over, and my favorite Horse Operas faded into the sunset.

But not Jonah Hex. It seems as though he's been around for quite a heck of a long time, and we are the richer for it. The art was always beautiful, and the stories, well the stories were pretty fabulous as well. They often were standard adventure tales, but it seemed as though there was often a twist, or a hint of the macabre, that lifted them above the ordinary.

Anyway, here's Jonah.


Me too, Jonah, me too.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I Have A Cunning Plan!

According to Jake in yesturday's blog entry, both Dwayne and I have each inadvertently breached the rules of our contest. Therefore, I have an idea,and am putting it to Dwayne. We can declare our contest a Draw, and EACH of us, can post for a week as the other. I'll be putting on a drawl and posting scans of Jonah, while Dwayne can ogle Hal's buttocks.

Or not, that's probably not exactly his thing. But he could say something nice about the Green Lanterns.

And we both end up with the tattered remnants of our dignity intact.

What say you, Dwayne, and humble readers?

Hal Pictures
See? They actually LIKE each other. That's just the playful way that manly men talk.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Dwayne is starting to get all technical about some of my scans...saying that not ALL of them show Hal getting whammed in the noggin. I suppose that a few are open to...interpretation. We can't ALL spend our time getting clonked with rocks and gun butts after all. Hal just happens to be attacked by a very WIDE RANGE of weaponry, not to mention body parts.

He also seems to spend a lot of time getting thwacked by his friends and colleagues.

Hal Pictures

Oh Justice League, Europe, you weren't quite as funny as the JLI, but you certainly had your moments.

So...what do you, my beloved (as well as handsome and beautiful) readers think? Has Dwayne won? If you think so, then I will graciously throw in the towel. If not, then he MUST KNEEL BEFORE ME AND KISS MY PINK HIGH-HEELED BOOT!

Oops. Sorry about that, I seemed to be channeling the Star Sapphires for a moment.

Monday, June 22, 2009

For A Minute There....

...I was filled with triumph, when I read the title of Dwayne's latest Blog entry, something about "giving Up". I could smell his tears, and it smelled like VICTORY! Alas, he was just complaining about MTV and Megan Fox.


I can see that I am going to have to step things up here. Notintheface reminded me the other day, the the SUPREME scan of Hal's head trauma...which I had completely forgotten that I possessed.

So, I took it out and shined it all up for you.

Hal Pictures

Oh yeah.

This just thrills me for some reason. Hal's complete indifference, Kyle's dogged determination, and the look on Ganthet's face. You can tell that he's just flabberghasted. I still think this is one of Kyle's shining moments. It's a heck of a moment for Hal too, when you come to think of it.

Seriously, Dwayne, just quit now.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Just a little shout-out to all the Dads out there, who enjoy comics, and to their kids, who are being led down that dark and dangerous path. Way To Go! Our boys are taking their Father to the Annual Litchfield Bug-In, which of course, features Volkswagens by the boatload. They'll come home, hot, tired and sunburned, so of course the day will have been a success.

What do Comic Book Characters do for Father's Day? Not a whole lot, probably, since so many of them seem to be orphans or missing their Dads. Hal probably sits around, strokes his leather jacket and cries a lot. Guy on the other hand, probably pops a cold one. John and Kyle...probably not a whole lot.

Alan Scott on the other hand, gets to go and hang out with Todd, who gets him a nice card and an electric nose-hair trimmer. They get togther with Wildcat and Wildkitty, and go to the theatre and watch the new Star Trek movie and have some nice male bonding. And Ma Hunkel makes them all waffles. Yet another reason, why it is so much better to be in the Justice Society instead of the Justice League.

Let's see, who else? Lian probably makes something for Roy out of glitter, macaroni and glue. He loves it of course. The twins give Wally a coupon for free french fries. Dick and Tim would have liked to have gone out to dinner with Bruce, but I guess that's on hold for this year. Bummer. But in his Father's honor, I'm sure that Damian blows up something.

I hope that Conner made it back to see Ollie. That would be nice. Diana doesn't really HAVE a Father, but she went home and hung out with Hippolyta, just the same. I don't imagine that Deathstroke gets much in the way of cards, or even a phone call. Can't imagine why. Same thing for Sinestro.

Anyway,have a nice day, all you Dads!

And, to show that I haven't forgotten this little bit of fussin' and feudin' with Dwayne,

Hal Pictures

Hal whacking his head in the Batmobile. Hal,you REALLY should learn to use a seat-belt.

Saturday, June 20, 2009


Yup. Still at it. Notintheface had a suPERB suggestion yesturday, but I have to go hunting for it. Rest assured, you will ALL be the winners.

In the meantime, because it is Saturday, and because I'm feeling lazy, here's Hal and John in their...younger days. Still feisty though.

John Stewart

Gosh, they're just so adorable. I'd like to cuddle and squeeze them and take them home.

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Last One!

The Last Graduation of the season, I mean, not my last posting or Hal picture. I should really stop teasing. We've had two graduations so far this spring, and now we are down to my youngest graduating from High School. The weather can't seem to make up its mind, going between bright sunshine and dark dark rainclouds with mindboggling frequency,so I guess we'll just have to wait and see what happens.


But I had so much fun with Hal the other day, that I decided to show him getting whacked in the head...again. Really, Dwayne, I can keep this up for QUITE some time.

Hal Pictures

Nothing like a good "WAAP". This must have been before Hal's brains turned into jello.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Oh, it was a very nice week at the comical book store, considering there wasn't any Green Lanterny stuff out. But still I managed to be entertained.

Firstly, I picked up the first issue of Batman:Streets of Gotham. Decent story, cool villain, and really beautiful artwork, by Paul Dini and Dustin Nguyen respectively. And Manhunter was the second feature! Manhunter! Woohoo!

The Brave & the Bold was a nice little done-in-one story with Static teaming up with Black Lightning. Nothing mindboggling, but still,a nice little tale.

Jack of Fables #35. The Great Fables Crossover enters into the home stretch, with only one more issue to go. Bigby may have been turned into an adorable little girl, but he's STILL the Big Bad Wolf. I've actually been enjoying this a fair amount, although Jack is still completely reprehensible. But the Brian Bolland covers have been top-notch.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #21 was ok, I guess. I'm still not exactly sure why I'm still getting this. As Shelly said over at Shelly's Comic Book blog, she gets it for the characters, and I guess I'm in the same boat. I keep hoping that something will happen, but I'm about ready to cut this one loose.

The Outsiders on the other hand, I've been enjoying ever since Peter Tomasi took over. You know who I like? Owlman. I don't know why, I just do.

Power Girl #2 continues to entertain. The artwork by Amanda Conner is so cute, and really, how can you go wrong with the Ultra Humanite trying to steal Peej's body?

I was also given a special publication of Green Lantern Corps: Through the Ages, which was basically snips and snaps and reprints of relevant bits of history of the GLC. I had most of these, but not the Tomar Re story, so it was nice to have.

The biggie of course, was the third volume of Starman Omnibus. Good. Sooooooo very very good. It reprints a bunch of the issues that I didn't have, with the death of the sweet version of Soloman Grundy, and the whole Pirate thing and Will Payton and more. Plus there is the four-part mini-series of the Shade, which is simply fabulous. FABULOUS!!

And then of course, there's Hal. You didn't think that I'd forgotten about Hal? Dwayne over at Matching Dragoons has been featuring Jonah Hex in his futuristic version of HEX, wherein for some strange reason, he was snatched up into the future. It was all a little weird, quite frankly. But if we are looking for alternate versions of our heroes, then here's a good one.

Hal and Ollie

Yup. That's Hal as the Spectre, being pasted one in the kisser by none other than a newly resurrected Oliver Queen. This was when Kevin Smith brought back Ollie from the dead, and it was a heck of a good series. The Justice League was actually surprised and thrilled to welcome him back, which always seemed to me to be a much more realistic reaction to coming back from the dead than the usual..."oh hey, you're back" attitude. Hal of course, was dead himself, but trying to gain redemption as the Spectre. Hal as the Spectre always made me chuckle. It just seemed so...incongrouous.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm Overcome

Gosharootie, I'm having a heck of a good day. Which is a good thing, because it is my birthday. I will not tell you which one, let's just say that I'm old...OLD! But still cute.

So anyway, it's my birthday, but nobody knows about it, when my daughter, daughter's boyfriend,and son come waltzing in about noon, carrying a bouquet of flowers, a chocolate and whipped cream cake and a shiny shiny green helium balloon. They've used a magic marker to draw a Green Lantern symbol onto the balloon, which I thought was a particularly thoughtful touch. So we all had cake in the office and a good time was had by all.

Then, I made my way to the Comic Book Store, where there were all kinds of lovely new books to be had, in particular, the Starman Omnibus, Volume III, which I've been lusting after since March. Oh, and we're all going out for dinner tonight.

So, I've had one heck of a wonderful day. I hope that everyone ELSE has had a wonderful day too.

Oh, and here's Hal using his head...and showing off his best asset.

Hal Pictures


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Admit to Being a Bit Worried

Oh, not about losing to Dwayne, I can keep doing this Hal Head Trauma stuff for MONTHS. I do admit to a wee bit of consternation concerning the upcoming Black Lantern event which is practically knocking at out door however.

After Rebirth and the Sinestro Corps War, Hal and Kyle each had loads of angst and unpleasantness, but for the most part, Guy and John managed to get through relatively unscathed. Heck, Guy got his ring back, which was well-deserved and welcomed. So I can't help thinking that the two of them are "due" for a shellacking in the final part of the trilogy.

It's not necessarily a bad thing to have Geoff Johns focus his attention upon you, and I am pretty confident that Hal will receive the majority of the focus. I guess my worry is about anything permanent happening to two of my favorite Lanterns. On the other hand, I suppose that my fears are exactly what DC wants...they want the audience to be emotionally invested in the characters.

I admit it. I'm emotionally invested.

And it's ok if you want to turn my boy into a Manhunter, or poison him, or break a limb or two...just for the love of God, don't kill him off. Or Tora. Or Kilowog. Although I imagine that the people who have already been dead, may be safe. Usually, they only kill you once. Usually.

So...is anyone else feeling a bit of trepidation?

Hal Pictures

Thank you Showcase. This just cracks me up for some reason.

Monday, June 15, 2009

A Rainy Old Monday

After such an exciting weekend, it was a bit of a letdown to have to go back to work. Of course, I did have the fun of flaunting my Baseball tickets in front of the rabid fans in the office. Bwhahahahahah!

Still, it was a gloomy day. We've been having a HECK of a lot of rain in New England lately, which has made everything nice and green, but is getting just a bit boring. On the other hand, it would be nice if it could rain in some of those drought-plagued areas for a change. Nevertheless, my roses are going like gangbusters.

And speaking of gangbusters...

Hal Pictures

Heehee! I think it's the "yah!" that does it. And the "Whump" for a sound effect. Obviously, Hal's head is so soft from repeated pummellings that it sounds like smacking a pillow.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Three Weeks!

Dwayne and I have been locked in unrelenting battle for three weeks! And you, the viewers are the richer for it. But as, Dwayne points out, over at Matching Dragoons, sometimes, all the gimmicks, futuristic weapons, and so on,are simply no match for a good old-fashioned punch.

I give you...

Hal Pictures

You know, that looks like it actually hurts. Thank goodness for Green Lantern Showcase.

On a completely different note, my Sweet Baboo and I went to an Open House at Import Tire yesturday, and I won the Grand Prize of Red Socks Tickets! Woohoo! I hardly ever win anything! There were a lot of disgruntled gentlemen, I can tell you that!

Which of course, makes it all the sweeter. Gosh, I'm bad.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

And So It Continues

By popular demand, (well, by Duskdog anyway) we continue with our loving homage to Emerald Dawn. I'm rather fond of both of the mini's, they were interesting, beautifully drawn, and had some good character moments.

But this particular scene is one of my absolute favorites.

Hal Pictures

Yes, in his own...unique way, Hal concludes that all of his problems are the fault of the sign. The sign is obviously EVIL!!! So, he flies headfirst into the sign. That'll show him...er...it! Unfortunately, in his zeal, Hal forgets one tiny insignificant detail.

Yes. It's a yellow sign.

Oh Hal.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Hal vs Jonah Continues

Yup, we're still at it, and neither one of us is close to conceeding defeat. Dwayne has a nice picture of Jonah being clonked in the future.


That sort of thing happens to Hal all the time, since he was sent into the future to save some losers and hang out with Iona Vane. He also was snatched into the future by some baddie named Gracchus, and got to hang with his comely daughter Teira, and there are probably other moments as well.

But I'm a little more interested in something from Hal's past, that has unfortunately been most probably retconned. Nevertheless, with all of its faults, I'm still rather fond of Emerald Dawn I and II.

For reasons like this.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #37

Oh the plot thickens. It thickens SOOO nicely. Several plotlines are all becoming tangled as well plummet down towards Blackest Night.

Firstly, Sodam Yat has plunged into the red sun of Daxam, and managed, with a little help from Ion, to turn the sun yellow. Needless to say, this has a rather remarkable effect upon the good citizens of Daxam, and they are just dying to go out and kick some Sinestro Corps butt. Fortunately for them, Arisia manages to keep her head, and point out that new powers or not, that's just suicide. Guess we'll have to wait around and see what happens with THAT little story.

Meanwhile, Lantern Saarek has met up with Lantern Ash, in the corpse of the Anti-Monitor. They are both comparing notes, and expressing a tiny bit of concern about the motives of the Scarred Guardian. I have a feeling that these two are going to figure heavily into the Blackest Night epic.

And, without a chance to catch their breath, the various Lanterns on Oa are still trying to quell the riot, with some surprising allies. Guy of course, is winning hearts and minds in the most unlikely of places...and people. And our favorite raconteur, Lyssa Drak busts out, and unfortunately for her, her love of books leads to an...unnusual fate.

Scar has decided that this is just a peachy moment to come out of her shell, and so she decides to destroy the protective shell that the Guardians had spent a year erecting around Oa. Won't THAT be nice?

Beautiful art as usual, the pace is frenetic,and juggles its multiple storylines quite neatly. So read it, and enjoy it.

Oh, and just to keep the theme going, here is a lovely picture of Hal getting slapped around by the Lamplighter, from my latest Showcase. Now THAT'S a villain that should be revived by Geoff Johns!

Hal Pictures

Unlike poor Jonah Hex, who is being thumped in the head by various Natives, Hal is stopped by Air Molecules made Solid! And he manages to show off his magnificent behind for our pleased edification as he does so.

Hal believes in going just that little extra mile.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Woohoo! It's Wednesday!

I wasn't expecting a whole lot of books this Wednesday, so I was so very pleasantly surprised by the quality of the books that did arrive.

Right off the bat, there was Billy Batson And The Magic Of Shazam! I love this book, and it's been a while since the last one. It...it's got robots!

Booster Gold #21 was excellent as always. Booster, on the advice of Rip, goes to the Batcave to retrieve those photos of him going back in time and trying to save Barbara Gordon, but of course he runs into the NEW Batman. Booster is also smart enough to figure it all out pretty darn quickly. Then there's an appearance by the nefarious Black Beetle,and one heck of a cliffhanger. AND, the debut of the Blue Beetle as the back-up feature, which was delightful. Paco and Brenda! Jaime fighting a giant robot! Robots seem to be a trend this week.

The Great Fables Crossover continues. Jack meets his long-lost son, Jack Frost, and manages to con the poor lad. I sense a plot twist coming.

Final Crisis: Escape #2. I'm still liking this. Like Poor Nemesis, I'm not exactly sure what's going on, but I don't think that I'm supposed to, so I'm just sitting back and enjoying the ride. And Fire shows up! I LOVE Fire!

The Flash: Rebirth #3. I'm continuing to enjoy this as well. Poor Barry. He's having one heck of a time. The rest of the speedsters aren't doing too well either. And now, we finally get to see who is behind it all, which makes sense. The race between Barry and Superman made me smile.

Green Lantern Corps #37. Oh, things are definitely hitting the fan. Oh Joy.

JSA vs KOBRA #1 I didn't even know about this, but it combines the JSA with Checkmate, and we get to see Sasha Bordeaux and Michael Holt, and Doctor Midnite, and...oooohhh! Look! Obsidian!


Red Robin #1 I had gone ahead and picked up Batman and Robin, and loved it, so I thought that I would give this a try. I still don't completely understand why Dick dumped poor Tim for that miserable little snerp Damian, and it is pretty obvious that Tim doesn't quite understand either. Nor, do I know why he's running around Europe beating people up. Ok, I guess.

And finally, I picked up the fourth volume of Green Lantern Showcase.

Oh Dwayne, my dear, you may as well just quit now. I've never SEEN so many bottoms and head bashings! It is delightful.

And keeping up with that theme, here is Airwave giving Hal his regards in Green Lantern/Green Arrow #100

head shot

'Cause that just never gets old.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Hal can still charm the Ladies!

In addition to being able to absorb mind-boggling amounts of brain damage without much in the way of symptoms, Hal has another talent. A talent for seduction! Yes, our boy just loves the wimmens. And for the most part, the wimmens ust love him back.

Sometimes, the beginnings are a bit on the...frosty side however.


Yup, that's Kari Limbo, Guy Gardner's fiancee pasting Hal right in the kisser. It may not be a gun butt, or a rock, or alien goo, or even remotely yellow, but still...that's gotta hurt. Of course a panel or two later, they were busy trying to suck each other's tonsils out. Hal had gone to tell her that Guy was dead, and she was quite upset...for a whole thirty seconds! And that was the last we saw of Guy for quite a number of issues of Green Lantern, until he came back with REAL brain damage.

But Hal's one true love has always been (beside himself), the lovely Carol Ferris. Too bad about that whole Star Sapphire thing, because it leads to some interesting situations.

Like this.

Hal Pictures

Hal DOES seem to get himself into some of the strangest predicaments! I don't think that anything quite like this has happened to Jonah, although a surprising number of women DO apparently find him attractive. At least as long as you are standing to his left.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Back to Normal

After this past few days, it was almost a relief to go back to work this morning! Plus both of the big bosses were out all day, so it was a nice calm day.

Hal however NEVER takes a break from fighting crime, from fighting Aliens, or just from fighting.

As we can clearly see.

Hal and Ollie

Apparently he and Ollie have had another small difference of opinion. This is from the recent DC Decisions Mini-series, #1. Do ALL of Hal and Ollie's minor disagreements end up in manhandling each other? They have BOTH managed to clonk their heads in this particular shot, so it's a two-fer.

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Not a Lot of Time Today

I have rather busy weekend going on at the moment, so please forgive me, or not having anything too spectacular today. In fact, when I come to think of it, this is the second Sunday in a row, that you have even HAD an entry! So there!

My son Chris graduated at noon on Friday, and it was lovely. They had Shrimp at the reception! Woohoo! And nobody blew airhorns or acted like jackasses, which was nice. Then we had to drop off the grandparents and rush down to New Haven for the State meet for the Special Olympics, have the opening ceremonies,and then come back home, and go down again on Saturday morning to attend,and finally today, we are wrapping things up with the final competition...mainly the spectacular 4x100 Unified Relay. Chris is still recuperating from a groin pull back at the Regionals, but he managed quite nicely, getting a bronze in the shot put and a gold in the running long jump. The relay is my favorite however, so we'll see how they do.


Anyway, here's Hal.

Hal Pictures

Fighting Doctor Light! The EVIL McRapey Doctor Light. And frankly Hal, you're not helping yourself by assuming that position. From Green Lantern Showcase, of early GL's, #33 I think.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Oh Hal

Hal gets hit in the head. A lot. We all know it. We all enjoy it. And apparently, it all began quite early in his Green Lanterning career. And since this sort of thing doesn't simply spring out of nowhere, I imagine that he was a spectacularly clumsy child as well.

Hal Pictures

This is Hal's first encounter with "yellow" during his training on Oa, as chronicled in the recent Green Lantern issues, by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. Let's just say that Kilowog found it to be HIGHLY amusing...and thereby setting a precedent for us all.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Oh Dwayne, I didn't Forget!

And speaking of a competition to the Death, Dwayne, Darling, I didn't forget our little contest.

Dwayne showed Jonah being hit on the head with a rock...right after he got his sight back, after being blinded. Dwayne then sneered that he didn't think that HAL had ever been blinded.

Au contraire!

Hal Pictures

Snow Blind! From Green Lantern #133-135, when Doctor Polaris strands Hal at the North Pole. But that's not all.

Hal Pictures

Hal fights a Polar Bear, sans ring...and WINS! Actually, this is nothing, as I believe that this is Hal's second round with a bear...also without a ring. He used a beehive on that particular occasion. And, while I imagine that Jonah Hex has probably fought a bear or two, he' never used bees.

Bees...my God.

A Milestone Is Reached

Yes,this is it, my 800th posting on my Blog. I've been at this since September of 2006, and I have to say that I've been having a blast ever since. In honor of this momentous occasion, I wanted to come up with a way to thank all of you for being kind enough and brave enough to read and comment on my silly little blog.

You have heard perhaps, of the Oscars, the Tonys and the Grammys?


I give to you, the First Annual Coveted...GREEN TUSHIE AWARDS!!!!!!!

Hal Picttures

Thank you, Hal.

If these were real, this is what the would look like! So you can take your imaginary Award and place it reverently on your imaginary Award Shelf.

Firstly, I would like to award a Tushie to Ragnell and Kalinara. It was their interest in Green Lantern...assets that got me involved in this whole mess in the first place, and I can't thank them enough.

I'd like to award a Tushie to Sea of Green, for being a friend, and for starting her own blog, the Hoosier Journal of Inanity, so I won't feel so lonely. Us Green Lantern nuts have to stick together.

A Tushie to Duskdog, who merely writes the absolute BEST Fanfiction...ever.

A Tusie to Dwayne over at Matching Dragoons, with whom I am currently engaged in a Battle-To-The-Death over Hal vs. Jonah Hex...who gets hit on the head more often. I think we all know the answer to THAT question.

A Tushie to Diamondrock over at Title Undetermined, who just reached 800 posts of his own. And also to Doctor Polaris and Azrael.

A Tushie to Scipio at the Absorbascon, who makes me laugh on a daily basis.

A Tushie to Rachelle at Living Between Wednesday's for the same reason. Well, that and her "Let's Rate the Superheroes" on their studliness feature.

A Tushie to all of my Followers. I didn't even know that I HAD Followers, until you all showed up on my Bloggie thingie! Thank You, K.D.Bryan, Brainfreeze, Nick, GL2814E,Tony Z, Bruce, MetFanMac, Saranga, Toriach, Lagosta and Eva...and everyone else who has been kind enough to post comments. I LOVE comments.

Tushies to Calvin, Caleb, Shelly, Googum, Notintheface,Folded Soup,Chris Sims, Dorian,Siskoid,Caia, Geoff Johns, Beau Smith, Pat Gleason, Keith Champagne, Peter Tomasi, Arrogant Self-Reliance, Polite Dissent,Zamaron,Scans Daily,Progressive Ruin,Bully and Kevin Church, whose blogs I read religiously, and who all brighten my day.

A tushie to the DC Message Boards...you guys are INSANE, and probably all need medication and therapy, but I do get a snicker out of it all.

A tushie to the Geoff Johns Message Boards which are a whole lot more sane and reasoned...but still manage to get a little weird.

And a Tushie to Dan Didio, for making it all happen. Now, just have Guy and Tora get back together again, stop killing and fridging people,bring back Blue Beetle,Manunter and Birds of Prey...and do everything that I want. That's not too much to ask for in exchange for an imaginary Award, now is it?

Thank You All!

And apologies to anyone that I may have inadvertently left out. Green Tushies for EVERYONE!!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

And...we're still at it.

I'm beginning to suspect that Dwayne and I have entered the realm of obsession, with our dimwitted devotion to the sight (and occasionally sound) of our respective boys getting their butts and brains handed to them. And yet...I'm enjoying myself in an odd sort of way. Peace and love and understanding are all fine and wonderful things, but there's just SOMEthing about a roundhouse blow to the chops that really gets your blood flowing.

Over at Matching Dragoons, Dwayne has somehow found a scan showing Hawkman gently slapping Jonah, who is riding a flying horse. I cannot even BEGIN to fathom the back story to THAT little scenario. I do however, have a rather odd-ball one myself.

Hal Pictures

How often are you attacked by surly alien pink elephants? It's probably not a daily occurance in our neck of the woods. This is courtesy of Green Lantern Corps #211, and incidentally one of my absolute favorite stories. This is the one where Guy gets them all drunk out of their minds, because he wants to celebrate New Year's Eve. John ends up proposing to Katma, Hal and Arisia are out in the woods rutting like weasels, and everyone else is alternately exhilarated or depressed. Salaak, who is a cranky drunk, is the one who dreams up the Pink Elephants, who attack everyone else. It's A TRUE Classic.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hal is SO Manly...

...that he can be attacked by pink goo, and remain as studly as ever.

Hal Pictures

Too bad he's so whiny about it, though.

This is from Action Comics Weekly #606, and Hal was feeling a bit down in the mouth already, because Ollie and Superman were mean to him.

I mean, it's not a little wooden stick or anything, like the one that clobbered Jonah Hex today over at Dwayne's site. This was GOO! EVIL Goo!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What the Hell?

Is it just me, or is there a full moon or something? I have never in my life, seen so many CRAZY people on the roads, as there were today. Nice weather? Anticipation of School letting out? Rampant hormones? Who knows? I just know that I was cut off not once, not twice, but THRICE, on the way to work this morning, and that several more people wanted to move into my lane while I was still occupying it. Really people, you can't afford to hit me...I drive a Mercedes, and it's $500 just to gaze upon its beauty!



Dwayne over at Matching Dragoons has Jonah being bonked with a nice stone club. I have to admit, that that is fairly drastic, at least in the clubbing business. I don't know that Hal goes in for paleolithic weapons that much.

Hal is perfectly capable of performing his OWN lobotomies.

Hal Pictures

However, in this particular case, he had some help. Yes, that's our boy, having his head smashed back against a nice handy rock, by some pissed-off Zamarons. You think that Indians are cranky? You've never come up against Alien Warrior Women! This is from the latest incarnation of Green Lantern, during the whole "Sins of the Star Sapphire" story, a couple of months back. Artwork by Daniel Acuna, and gosh, is it pretty. This is where Hal has both Carol AND Cowgirl fighting over him, and he can't help but be flattered...and a little turned on.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Holy Cow!

Gadzooks, it's June already! Where has the time gone? So far, just in May, I've had a graduation, a graduation dinner, a prom and a fife and drum muster. Just this week, I have another graduation, and the State Special Olympics, and in another couple of weeks yet ANOTHER graduation! After that, things will begin to settle down a bit.


Meanwhile, my life and death struggle with Dwayne over at Matching Dragoons continues. I have to admit that he has a seemingly endless supply of scans showing Jonah Hex being smacked on the head with a gun. Desperados and Sheriffs alike, seem to really enjoy giving Jonah a whack.

But guns are rather...dull.

In comparison, I don't know that Hal gets bonked with guns too often. Usually, it is something a little more...unnusual.

Hal Pictures

Here, in Green Lantern #45, Hal gets pummelled by a Hippie. While Ollie would probably be PROUD to be walloped by a no-good filthy Hippie, Hal is not quite so enthralled. To make matters worse, he's some sort of cousin! Oh, those wacky Jordans!

You will also notice, that Hal despite the blow to his cranium, has STILL managed to present for our viewing pleasure, his magnificent buttocks. Hal always manages to keep his focus on the important things in life.