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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Starman Omnibus #2

Huzzah! The second opus of Starman was indeed at my beloved Comic Book Shoppe, and I managed to get my greedy little hands on it. Matt had ordered four copies, and they all went lickety split.

It's a lovely hardcover edition, and it just happens to include the issues from Starman #17 through 29. In addition, they threw in the first Starman Annual, and issue #12 from Showcase '95 and issues #4 and 5 from Showcase '96 for good measure. It ain't cheap, but I think that it's a good value nevertheless. I've been trying to track down some of the early issues from Starman for quite some time, and now I don't have to.

Incidentally, the Starman Omnibus #3 is supposed to come out on June 17, which incidentally is my birthday, so my Sweet Baboo has a ready-made PERFECT present for me this year. It is also a much smaller gap in the amount of time between the release of #2 and #3, because it has simply been AGES since the first one came out, I think it was possibly spring of LAST year.

There's even a nice foreward from Tony Harris,who did so much of the very distinctive artwork, and an afterward by James Robinson, AND a whole bunch of the "Times Past" type entries from the Shade's Journal, that are sweet indeed.

So...if you happen to have an extra $50 or so lying around, and are in the mood for a REALLY fabulous story and art, this is definitely the way to go. And unlike stocks or bonds or even a meal in a nice restaurant, this will stay with you, and can be taken out and re-read any time that you like.

Starman is a bit like Blue Beetle to me. I like Jack, the central character of course, but I like the supporting cast even more, such as Shade and the O'Dares, Mikaal, Ted Knight, the Dibny's and even the city of Opal itself. Really really good stuff.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Blue Beetle #36

Waaaahhhhh! It's over, and I don't want it to be over! Unlike Birds of Prey however, at least Blue Beetle went out with a bang.

As you all recall, we left Jaime, Brenda and Paco, at the school dance, when they are suddenly confronted by various aliens who had answered the call of Kahji Da. They want to help out Jaime by destroying the Earth, which is not exactly the kind of help that he was going for. So, of course, a big fight ensues. What is really interesting, is that Jaime is standing there in his civilian guise, while the Blue Beetle is fighting! How on earth can he do that?

With a little help from Ted Kord, and his remote-controlled holographic projectors and directional speakers...and stuff. So, it's not really Jaime standing there, he's actually busy fighting the aliens. But still...it's pretty cool.

Poor Nadia however, is finding that being a hero is definitely NOT cool, or at least a lot harder than it looks. She's managed to find her way to the High School, in order to find Jaime and warn him about the Scarab guys. Jaime is trying to draw them away from the area, to cut down on the collateral damage, so it's hard for him to be listening to what Nadia is trying to say to him. What she's trying to get across, is that while the aliens might not listen to Jaime, they may listen to Blue Beetle.

Hector in the meantime is desperately searching for Nadia as well, in the middle of the melee. He does eventually spot her, just in time for...

Blue Beetle

Oh crap. That's not good. Jaime's holographic image is just standing there, which enrages Hector, as he doesn't KNOW that at the moment Jaime is just a hologram.

The real Jaime has drawn the assorted aliens up into the atmosphere, when it dawns on him what Nadia was trying to say about communicating with them as Blue Beetle. Meaning, it's up to the Scarab to take care of this. And that of course, is exactly what he does, he shuts them all down.

Blue Beetle

And his final word is "goodbye", as Jaime begins to fall along with the various aliens. And Kahdji Da is gone, and Jaime is alone as he falls, so naturally, he thinks that he's about the buy the farm. He is fortunate enough to somehow be encased in a kind of force field so that at least he won't burn up upon reentry...in his own words, he'll just go splat instead. So naturally, he thinks about his family, his friends, and his predecessors, Dan and Ted, and what would they have done.

He doesn't know what they would have done, he's not Dan or Ted...he's Jaime Reyes, and it has just dawned on him that the alien he's falling with, happens to have wings. Oh Jaime, you're such a good boy. He does manage to wake up Djo-Zha, and naturally, they fight some more as they are falling,but at least they are slowing down, until Jaime accidentally knocks the guy out.



And Jaime's holographic image finally fades, as Ted Kord's holograpic image appears. Woohoo!

Blue Beetle

But not to worry, Jaime's not dead, he' just in a full body cast, with almost every bone in his body broken. Guy showed up to take custody of the aliens, except for Djo-Zha, who's body is found missing its scarab. Coincidentally, Hector disappears after yelling at Jaime about poor Nadia, and he's eventually spotted on a camera renting a car, and giving his name as "Joshua".

Fortunately for Jaime, the Scarab is slowing starting to reboot, which heals him, which is nice. Traci shows up, and Peacemaker decides that he has to leave, which is so sad.

And finally, the day that the Scarab was supposed to reboot, they are all sitting around in the living room, nervously wondering if it is going to come back, or not,when suddenly Kahdji Da makes his triumphant reappearance, and that is where the book ends.

Mr. and Mrs. Reyes and Milagro make it out alive, as do Paco and Brenda and La Dama, and Dani Garrett and Peacemaker and basically everyone except poor Nadia. And Hector has the other Scarab and will presumably go on to become the Black Beetle, so that winds up that plot point rather neatly. So, it's a nice ending, and Jaime is still Blue Beetle and will go on to fame and fortune in the Teen Titans, and on The Brave & the Bold cartoon...but dammit, I still am going to miss this book.

A lot.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Green Lantern #38

And so we come to the conclusion of the Rage of the Red Lanterns, and let me tell you...it's a doozy. There is a LOT going on in this particular issue, not to mention the peeks at the future displayed in the Origins and Omens back-up story.

We begin with Carol Ferris, who is still carrying a torch for Hal Jordan. Oh, Carol...join the club. So, after a bit of lip-biting and contemplation, she decides to call Hal's apartment.

Hal Pictures

Well...THAT was a bit awkward.

Meanwhile of course, Hal is having his own problems, what with his encounter with Atrocitus and Sinestro, and the death of Laira. In his usual fashion, Hal is fed up, and he's not going to take it any more! Which leaves him wide open for THIS!

Hal Pictures

Holy Cow, he's hot in that uniform!

This turns out to be an unfortunate circumstance for the two Blue Lanterns however, Warth and St. Walker, whose powers don't seem to be working any more. Whoops. There's always a catch it seems. Atrocitus is gloating over the fact that Hope needs Willpower in order to function, and he's busy cackling away with glee, when St. Walker suddenly shoves a blue ring onto Hal's finger.
Since Hal is also busy trying to electrocute Sinestro, this turns out to be a smart move on the part of St. Walker. The blue light of Hope burns out the infection of the Red Rage, and Hal is able to concentrate once more, except that now his uniform is a strange amalgamation of blue and green. Being the fashion concious person that he is, Hal, not unnaturally, is a bit staggered. But not more so than St.Walker, who obviously didn't have any idea what exactly was going to happen.

So Atrocitus is beaten, and Sinestro grabs his few remaining minions and high-tails it out of there, back to Qward.

Carol is still moping over Hal, and in the hope of clearing her head, decides to take his old plane up for a ride. Doesn't she remember what happened to her the LAST time she went for a spin? Apparently not, because, lo and behold, the Zamarons are busy recruiting again!

In the midst of all of this, the Controllers make their way to the planet Okaara in the Vega system, intent on stirring up a little trouble. Naturally they find it, in the form of Larfleeze, who is now all pissed at the Guardians, since they had promised him that "it" would be forever his. We don't know what "it" is, but I'm sure it's special. Scar, the renegade Guardian is up to all KINDS of shenanigans, actively stirring up trouble and doing her very best to bring on the War of Light.

Whew! That's a lot of plot threads being established!

We then proceed to the Origins and Omens story, which takes place in the future,and has Guy chiding John about going off to Xanshi and moping. We also see Carol taking her oath as a Star Sapphire,and in a chilling final page, Hal and Sinestro surrounded, John being embraced by a corpse-like Katma Tui, Black Hand, and Alan Scott, Torquemada and Mordru standing in judgement before the Guardians...who don't look happy.

So...obviously there is a LOT going on. I found the revelation that the Blue Hope Corps may be the most powerful, but that they need Willpower in order to wield that power. In a way, this hearkens back to when Guy had Sinestro's yellow ring, and it would periodically run out of juice. He'd have to sync up with a passing Green Lantern in order to recharge it. So, I'm wondering if this is why Willpower is the balance between all of the various colors and various corps. They may have great power, and represent the various emotions along the spectrum, but without Willpower, they can't use that power as well. Which of course, makes the Green Lanterns the bestest of All. I can go along with that!

It's also interesting that they are pulling Carol right back into the story. Too bad about Cowgirl, I guess. And the future scene with Alan, Torquemada and Mordru makes me think that the Guardians are going to be making another of their patented bad decisions by outlawing all magic. I'm sure THAT will turn out well.

I do believe that this is also Ivan Reis's last issue, with the exception of a number of Blackest Night issues, which just breaks my heart. He draws Hal and all of the other characters SO purty.

Wow. For a relatively small week, at least for me, there was some really fabulous comic book goodness.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Wherein I am Cautiously Optimistic

Well, I seem to have solved my recent blogging problems, at least temporarily. However, the latest debacle involving my computer melting down, have only confirmed my innate distrust of mechanical devices. Things Are Supposed To Work...dammit!

Therefore, still feeling slightly peevish, I am falling back upon the tried and the true.


Ahhh...nothing like Batman looking silly, to relax those tensions away.

And, to complete the idea...

Hal Pictures

...a picture of Hal's ass.

I...I feel so refreshed! Now, I can go out and buy my new comics with my head held high! And desperately hoping that the copy of the Starman Omnibus #2 is actually there!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I can't believe this. My fershlugginer computer has done it again, and gone and blown itself up. I was sitting at my desk this morning, leisurely sipping my tea, when it just...turned it self off. Rather startled, I tried to start it up again, but it wouldn't turn on, and there was the nasty scent of fried electronics in the air. Naturally, my insurance and warranty ran out last month. I just had the stupid thing fixed a couple of months ago, dagnabit! Things Are Supposed To Work!

So, I am afraid that my posting may be a bit sporadic for the near future.

Rassum, frassum, fraggit...!!!!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

What the Heck is THIS?


I can only assume from the picture, that Wolverine is now fighting some of the Green Lantern Corps. He really DOES show up everywhere!

All of which just has my dying to know...in an all-out fight between Wolverine and any random Green Lantern...who would win?

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Can't Blog...Cleaning

Well, actually, I suppose that title is a bit of a misnomer, since I obviously AM blogging. But not for long. I don't get these sort of housewifely fits very often, so I have to strike while the proverbial iron is hot, and start madly cleaning everywhere. But not to worry, I'm sure that it will have burnt itself out in a day or so.

I actually went into my study, where my drawing desk is, and all my comic books, and ORGANIZED it! I can FIND things again! Piles of books were both numerically and alphabetically organized! I actually threw stuff out, like pens with no ink, and old Previews!

I feel...refreshed!

Now, maybe I'll go and spackle my kitchen walls. I've been remodeling the kitchen...slowly. Oh so slowly, but we have recently actually been making some progress. The wallpaper is finally stripped off the walls, and gosh, isn't THAT a fun project! Now I just need to fill in the dips and gouges in the old plaster, and finally do some painting. But the new island and countertop is just fabulous. How on earth did I ever cook without it?

So...back to the fray. Maybe I'll even clean the bathrooms! And so, that you don't feel lonely, or depressed, here is a scan with Hal expressing his TRUE feelings.

Hal Pictures

Trust me, Hal. I feel exactly the same way.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Rumblings & Rumors

Gosharootie, all KINDS of things Green Lantern related are going on. According to Googum, over at http://random-happenstance.blogspot.com/, today is none other than Hal Jordan's Birthday! Googum has the BEST birthday presents for Hal...ever.

I honestly did not know that Hal had an official birthday. Does anyone know when the rest of the Green Lantern's birthdays are? For some reason, I've always assumed that Kyle's would be in June, since he seems like a Gemini.

In other news, apparently, DC is going to make an animated Green Lantern movie, similar to the Wonder Woman one, which is coming out in March. It is to be called "First Flight", and it has Hal, so I'm assuming it is another version of Hal's Origin. I will SO be getting it when it comes out. Not to mention, the live-action Green Lantern movies still seems to be in development, so that's something else to look forward to.

Over at Newsarama, they had an interview with none other than Ivan Reis, Green Lantern Artist, Extraordinaire. He's busy drawing the Blackest Night books, and then...sadly...will be moving onto other things.


But...but he draws such a PRETTY Hal! His teeth are so nice, and he draws the most gorgeous Green Lantern behinds around! Oh, Law, whatever, shall I do? Pray for a damned good artist, that's what I'll do! I do have to admit that we've been awfully lucky in both the writing and artistic departments when it comes to Green Lantern books, having the inimitable Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi, not to mention Dave Gibbons and Keith Champage for the stories, and Ivan Reis, Pat Gleason and Carlos Pacheco for the artwork.

Now I suppose, we can all speculate on whom we would like to have draw GL after Blackest Night. I'd love Doug Mahnke, or Alan Davis, although Davis has to be careful with his hands. I'd kill to have Adam Hughes, but I don't think he's up to a monthly book. Remember M. D. Bright? He was fantastic, but I haven't seen any of his stuff in quite a while. Kevin Maguire would be fun for at least a couple of issues. Nicola Scott or Amanda Connor would be fun too. Not to mention Ethan Van Sciver, whom I've missed. Gosh, I could sit here and do this all day.

Hal Pictures

What the heck, Happy Birthday Hal! You got to stick it to Batman AND get all the Girls!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stuff I Bought

Another Wednesday, come and gone, and more new books to con and pore over. Or is that pour? I need an editor! I think it's pore.


This was the last issue of Birds of Prey, and in my humble opinion, it went out with an audible thud. The Calculator has managed to gain Kilg%re-like powers, and is busy trashing their hideout in Platinum Flats. They manage to escape, with Zinda in the plane and the rest of them in a...car? A CAR? Then they blow up their nice new headquarters, and the various Birds all fight, while Barbara sits in the car and mopes. Then she writes them a note, which she leaves with Infinity, and somehow manages to wheel herself away, before they all come stumbling back, more or less victorious.

And that's that. Who is going to pay for Zinda's bar bill NOW? Don't they at least get severance pay or something? They've just lost their home, their possesions and their paycheck, not to mention all those wonderful toys,while Oracle goes off to indulge in a little self-loathing and pity.


Black Lightning continues to be interesting, although I could have done without Talia. We get more information about the Hundred, and Jefferson's family decides that it has had enough.

The storyline in the Brave & the Bold concludes with something of a bang. Ollie manages to redeem himself from his klutzishness, and a possessed Hal and the Phantom Stranger beat feet back to earth. Toba Khedoori, the main bad guy has been going around looking for those without sin, and not finding anyone, so he destroys their worlds. Cora, the little girl is the first one that he's found to be innocent, which drives him nuts. There's a lot of metaphysical stuff going on, and the Phantom Stranger gets to pontificate, but the art is pretty, and the bad guys get their comeuppance, and so I liked it. It could have used more butt shots of Hal, though.

The Justice League of America had the League vs the Shadow Thief, and those people from Milestone, and ended up with all of them fighting their own shadows. They manage to do pretty well, although Roy and Kendra are busy sniping at each other the whole time. Then somehow the shadow of the moon is going to collide with the Earth or something, and Superman manages to fix it, more or less by himself. It was...ok.

I broke down and bought Outsiders #15, mainly because I've been enjoying Peter Tomasi's work on other titles,and it was...GOOD! I was quite surprised. I still think that Geo-Force is dull, but I like Metamorpho, and the new character Owl Man is a hoot! So, I think I'll give this a chance.

Last issue of Tangent: Superman's Reign ends of course, with the big battle, and lots and lots of fighting, and stuff. Even the normal bad guys help out. Evil Superman gets his, and they all manage to get back to their respective dimensions, and a good time is had by all. Nothing mind-blowing, just good old-fashioned comic book stuff, and I enjoyed it. Besides, it had pretty Green Lanterns in it.

Trinity is starting to pick up, and the three "gods" are finally getting it through their thick skulls exactly who they are, and what needs to be done. And just in time, because in the backup story, the various denizens of Earth are getting their asses handed to them. And who should show up? Martian Manhunter! Woohoo!

They were out of the Neil Gaiman Batman book at my store last week, so I managed to get a hold of it THIS week, and goshdarn it, it was awfully good. I can hardly wait to see the conclusion.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Oh, those Krazy Korugarians!

Korugar sounds like a swinging sort of place. Apparently, according to a fantastic review of Green Lantern #124 over at Duskdog's site at http://longdogsandlongboxes.blogspot.com/, the inhabitants are into all sorts of interesting things, including autoerotic asphyxiation and death rites. Lots and lots of death rites. There is also the main populations ability to be swayed by whatever StrongMan character who comes along, be it Sinestro, or more lately, Soranik Natu. Although I have to admit, that in this respect they are pretty similar to us silly Earthlings.

But what always intrigued me about Korugar, was the idea that Korugarians were the ultimate fantasy in male pulchritude for the Zamorans. That, as you all recall, was the twist way back when, as the Green Lantern Corp finally got fed up with Sinestro's shenanigans, and after the Guardians left to go and make cosmic whoopie with the Zamarons, they all got together and decided to execute Sinestro.

In his usual fashion, Sinestro sneered and smirked and was finally quite surprised when, they actually went ahead and executed him! Salaak showed up just a few minutes too late, saying that the Guardians had come up with some sort of cockamamie rule that Korugarian men could never be killed bythe Corps, because the Zamarons liked them all SOOOOOO much.

Now, the Zamorons...er...Zamarons and the Guardians were all descended from the blue-skinned Maltusians. The Maltusian women got fed up when the men all decided to be logical and orderly and give up on emotions. The whole shrinking bit, and wearing nothing but red pyjamas may have put them off too. So, the Maltusian women decided to go off and be Space Amazons, and you really can't blame them. They also decided for unknown reasons, that Korugarian men were really really HOT! This does puzzle me a bit. A receeding hairline and a pencil-thin mustache can occasionally work...just look at David Niven for example...but I think I'd prefer a little variety.

But anyway...I guess what I'm trying to say, in my own meandering fashion...is do the Zamarons STILL have a thing for Korugarians? If so, wouldn't the Star Sapphires be the ones out trying to rescue Sinestro? Lately Geoff Johns seems to have them going after just about anyone, but that mostly seems to be their recruits. I wonder what the Zamarons think of the new female Guardians? Queen Aga'po seemed to regard them all with a combination of pity and contempt, and I really can't blame her. On the other hand, didn't the Zamarons help RAISE the infant Guardians back when Ganthet was the only adult, and Kyle brought them all back as babies? If that is still in continuity, you can say that they didn't do a very good job.

Maybe the War of Light ends with the Queen of the Zamarons running off and living happily ever after with Sinestro, who will hopefully get over his obsession with Hal. THAT would be an interesting ending.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Who IS Behind Blackest Night?

There has been a certain amount of speculation, concerning exactly who it is, or what it is...behind the upcoming Blackest Night saga from Geoff Johns. We already know some of the players, such as the Anti-Monitor, and Scar, the evil Guardian. We know that Black Hand is going to be a part of this somehow, and the other new color corps. We know that the dead are going to rise, and it's all going to be one heck of a donnybrook.

Over at http://diamondrock.blogspot.com/, Diamondrock has an excellent little essay with his concerns about who exactly is behind all of this. I do have to say, that I agree, Krona and Nekron make for excellent villains, and we all know that Geoff Johns simply lives to go dumpster-diving through DC history.

I however have been pondering this. Somehow...SOMEHOW, you just know that this is all going to be traced back to Hal. After all, it was Hal who managed to defeat Nekron the first time. Could Hal during his time as Parallax somehow screwed things up? Or...could he have done something perhaps earlier in his past...before Parallax? Could he have messed with somebody so badly, that they would have vowed a deep and righteous revenge? A revenge so deep and bloody and all-consuming...a revenge that could shatter the universe? A revenge so all-encompassing, that they didn't care who or what was shattered in it's mighty wake?

Who could Hal have screwed over to that extent?

Hal Pictures

Oh hell.

You all remember Onu Murtu, better known as Dorine Clay don't you? She's the girl that Hal hung out with for a while when he'd had a fight with Carol for a bit. It turned out that she was an alien, and was busy trying to fight some bad guys on her home planet of Garon. Hal came across her again during the time that he was exiled from Earth for a year, for sassing the Guardians. being without female companionship for a whole YEAR is a long time...especially for someone like Hal, and he was perfectly happy to use Dorine/Onu, to fill that void. However, when the year was up, good ol' Hal took off, and dumped Dorine without a single backward glance.

That sort of thing has to...fester.

So, I think that it is quite possible that Nekron is behind all of the upcoming kerfuffle. But I think that Dorine put him up to it. So it's all Hal's fault. As usual.

Hal Picttures

Monday, February 16, 2009

Sugar Overload

We apparently have two upcoming books from both DC and Marvel, that will feature Super Pets.



For once I am delighted that they are coming out with what seems to be a similar idea. Because the possibility for sheer CUTENESS is overwhelming. And while, as a Green Lantern and other Superhero comics, I applaud things like kicks to the head, pummellings and a hurricane of eyeballs when the situation calls for it, I am...at heart...a girly girl. At least upon occasion. And let's just face it, cute puppy pictures ALWAYS make you go "Awwwwww...!" no matter HOW macho you call yourself.

In other news, I have heard a rumor that Kate Spencer, AKA Manhunter is going to become the new District Attorney for Gotham City. If this is true, then...Woohoo! At least she'll have more chance of showing up on random occasions.

Now... if they could just figure out a way to bring Blue Beetle's superb cast of supporting characters into more books.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Honor of Valentine's Day

Dagnabit! Wouldn't you know that Scans Daily would post the Green Lantern Corp pictures the day AFTER I did my review? I really do need to get my scanner working again.

But anyway, in honor of Valentine's Day, here's our boys talking about the power of LOVE and the douchebaggery of the Guardians.

Guy and Kyle

Wherein Guy is being cagy, and so is Kyle. Not that either of them is fooling anyone.

And here's to our newest couple.
Kyle pictures


I love the light effects. Pat Gleason has been doing some really pretty things with the auras lately, such as the "wings" he gives to Miri, and the art noveau effects around Kyle and Soranik.

I know that there is a certain feeling that this attraction between Kyle and Soranik has been a little too sudden, but I suppose that I can see it. After all, it is Kyle who decides against direct orders, to go off and rescue her way back in Recharge. While Guy was busy leering and teasing, Kyle was supportive. Guy's way of showing a girl that he likes her, is more like an eight-year old throwing rocks at her in the schoolyard. Kyle's a bit more gentle.

Besides, he's cute as hell. I certainly can't blame Soranik for noticing Kyle's astoundingly gorgeous behind. And his sideburns. All of a sudden, Kyle's got sideburns. I LOVE sideburns, especially with shorter hair. It looks...so Mr. Darcy.


So let's hope that Soranik is the one who breaks the jinx. Not to mention that there are all kinds of emotions at play here, such as love and hope and fear, all of which I am sure will be tying into Blackest Night. I wouldn't be surprised if Kyle and Soranik's new feelings will have a major effect on things to come.

So, anyway, Happy Valentine's Day. Go forth and consume chocolate.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Green Lantern Corps #33

While I have been enjoying the "Sins of the Star Sapphire" storyline, I have to admit that this new issue of Green Lantern Corps is one of the best that I've read in a while. So Much Stuff actually happens! Great stuff!

In only a couple of pages, we have the arrival of Mongul on the planet Daxam, the total conquering of the planet of Daxam, the subsequent establishing of Daxam as the new headquarters for the Sinestro Corp, and the quest of Sodam Yat's parents to find his old spaceship and get some help. That's a LOT of story!

Next we find Kyle and Guy hanging out, and exchanging their views on the new law that the Guardians, in their infinite wisdom, has just laid down. Needless to say, their joint opinion is that it STINKS! When Kyle asks Guy what he would do if Ice were a Lantern, he manages to dodge the question rather neatly. They are interrupted by Soranik Natu, who wants to have a word...a private word with Kyle, but they obviously aren't fooling Guy one little bit.

Kyle and Soranik hie themselves over to Warriors,and proceed to have a talk about everything that just went down. Soranik confesses that she's never really been emotionally close to anyone, her career always came first. Kyle says that while he hasn't been particularly lucky in love...and isn't THAT an understatement...he loves BEING in love, which is actually a very perspicacious reading of Kyle's character. Plus he takes his mask off for her, and goshdarn it, he's SO pretty. They even start smooching right on the bar. I would imagine that Guy will get a great deal of enjoyment out of viewing the security tapes later on.

Remember those odd drawings that Kyle was doing, that so disturbed Guy? Well, he shows some of them to Soranik, and it turns out that he's not having visions or anything, it's just how he deals with all the death and pain that he's been exposed to lately. Soranik actually thinks this is a relatively healthy way for him to deal with his frustration, and she's a Doctor after all. She also suggests a little bit of therapy, and finds him a nice big empty building to paint.

Meanwhile, out in Spaaaaaace, adorable little Miri from the Star Sapphires is cruising, when she comes across a fragment of the Anti-Monitor. Green Lantern Saarek is sitting there, trying to analyze it, and they proceed to have a rather remarkable conversation. They discuss the nature of love, how it lives forever in death,and how Saarek doesn't feel it. He then tells Miri how her husband Kered is so proud of her, and it is all rather...sweet. It's a quiet little moment in the middle of all the action, but a significant one. I really hope that nothing horrible happens to Miri, because I really like her.

Back on Daxam, Mongul is pontificating to all of the newly assembled Sinestro Corp members,and ends up being challenged by none other than Arkillo,who has somehow managed to get his mitts on another ring, to replace the one that Kilowog removed...along with his finger. At the same time, back on Oa, Sodam Yat and Arisia are talking to a rather unpleasant Sinestro Corp member in the Sciencells, named Imecsub.


Buscemi...er...Imecsub is a singularly unpleasant and smarmy little creature, so it is with great glee that he ends up squished when Sodam's mother happens to land right on top of him in his old space ship.

That's the end of the regular story, but not the end of the goodies. We also have an Orgins and Omens tale, also by Tomasi and Gleason, and narrated by the crazy-as-they-come, scarred Guardian Scar. Scar is busy making her own book, by leaking black fluid from her eyes and nose and other orifices. Scar, quite frankly is a little on the creepy side.

This picks up then, where Soranik and Kyle had left off, with Kyle and Guy flat on their backs, priming the ceiling and walls of the building that Kyle wants to use as the backdrop for his murals. He wants to paint a history of the Green Lanterns, and he wants to do it Old School, with real paint, and with his own two hands, not with the ring. Guy of course, is grumbling, as is his wont, but without any real conviction, because you know that Kyle can totally twist him around his little finger. He has removed his green vest however, so he's doing the painting in just the black turtleneck, and he looks HOT! Hot, and speckled with white primer. Guy is apparently a messy and impatient painter, which does not surprise me in the least.

They end up getting interrupted by various other Lanterns, who just can't suppress their curiosity about what it is that these two strange Earth-Lanterns are up to. Kyle and Guy completely pull a Tom Sawyer act, and get an ever-changing lineup of Green Lanterns to do their priming for them, with a line actually going out the door, while Guy exhorts them all to "BE the Brush!" It's all rather cute and clever, until one of the other lanterns, manages to spill a large barrel of black paint on the floor. Guy calls him a klutzo, but Kyle says that it's not a problem...he ordered plenty of black. The camera, as such pulls back to realize a huge black puddle on the floor. I was so busy snickering at Guy fussing at the paint on his boots, that for a minute I missed the fact that the puddle is in the shape of a huge black hand. A black hand with seven containers of paint in the colors of violet, indigo, blue, green, yellow, orange and red.


And finally we have this little bit of what seems to be foreshadowing...



That looks ominous as all hell.

This was an astoundingly good issue, so go out and get it and read it.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Post Wednesday Euphoria

Well! That was a very very nice Wednesday. It would be nice if every week were this good, but you don't always get what you want. But, oh, this week I definitely got what I needed.

Booster Gold #17 came out this week, and it was up to its usual high standards. Booster is being pulled about by the mysterious knife, and that glowy guy keeps showing up, but the main part, was concerned with Booster making sure that Barry Allen is exactly where and when he is supposed to be, when that freak lightning strike occurs and Barry has an Origin. And Booster uses his...brains! The cliffhanger looks like fun, it's about TIME that Booster teamed up with...Booster?

There was also one of the Origins & Omens back stories, as told by the whacked-out Guardian, Scar. This was a slightly unnecessary re-cap of Booster's origin. Slightly, because we just had a rather nice one over in 52, not that terribly long ago. It does show a rather nice teaser panel at the end however, with the identity of the Black Beetle revealed, and for some reason, a whole bunch of Teen Titans.

Fables #81

Well, bummer. Too bad about Boy Blue, and Rose Red hears a lot of things she'd probably prefer not to.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #17

Mervyn gets sprung from jail, but he ends up not quite as happy about this as you would think. A large desk falls on Ollie. Ollie has an admirerer, but she's a little on the crazy side. Presumably she's been taking that correspondence course from Jean Loring. And Dinah really should be a little more careful about using her canary cry, as I see another villain origin waiting in the wings.

Green Lantern Corps #33

Oh My God!

Nightwing #153

Well, this is the last issue, and it went out very well, dare I say it, with a little sweetness. I used to hate Nightwing, and Tomasi made me enjoy it, so I'm going to miss it.


Yes, it was expensive, but I have to say, that for once, a Marvel book actually lived up to its promise and delivered a LOT for that five bucks. I am still waiting for Loki to get his/her comeuppance, but you have to admit that he pulled the strings rather brilliantly here. There were also some very nice back up stories, the Mini-Marvel one in particularly was hilarious.

Trinity #37

Boy, things are moving along rather nicely. I was glad to see that the three of them managed to bury their differences eventually. Too bad about all that destruction beforehand. I'm not much of a Joker fan, but his depiction in the second part of the book, was a hoot. Warm puppies, inDEED!

Vixen #5

This seemed like such a nice wrap-up to the story,that I was astonished to realize that there is still another issue to go. Pretty art though. So so pretty.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Wherein I Uphold the Honor of Beau Smith

My scanner is busted, so I have a tendancy to lurk over at Scans Daily, and poach pictures for my photobucket. It is also a good place to find out the plots of books that I have no intention of actually buying or reading, but wish to stay "au courant" as they say. And while it can occasionally be mildly amusing, it also has a tendancy to be pretty strident.

This morning, there were a couple of articles concerning Arisia and the Green Lanterns, which of course, I considered to be right up my alley. The author then proceeded to give pictures and tell the tale of Arisia's knock-down, drag-out battle and subsequent death struggle with Major Force, from the pages of "Warrior".

Now, I'll say right now, flat out, that I adored Warrior. It was Kalinara who put me onto it's charms, and I will admit that occasionally the art was just GAWDAWFUL, and the stories occasionally verged on bizzarre. Nevertheless, I loved it, because, full of the '90's excess that it was, it was still fun, inventive, action-packed, and had a truly fabulous cast of supporting characters. It also went a long way towards turning Guy Gardner from a brain-damaged buffoon into a real and interesting character. Nevertheless, I can understand that Warrior wouldn't necessarily be everyone's cup of tea.

However, I wasn't prepared for the wholesale rage that I encountered, when I got to the comments. People were expressing outrage, the desire to beat Mr. Smith up, the horror of his portrayal of Arisia, screams about the art, and the "fridging" of yet another female character. Only towards the end, did anybody actually take the time to stop frothing off at the mouth and actually pay attention to the context of the story.

Because, it's a very good story.

You all are probably familiar with Major Force. He was a bad guy, a particularly nasty bad guy, and he's the one who shoved poor Alex into the fridge back in Green Lantern to bum out poor Kyle. He ended up being a particular enemy of Guy's when Beau Smith used him to some effect over in Warriors. Major Force tried to off Guy's own mother at one point, who happened to be out of town, so he fridged her unfortunate neighbor instead. Oh,and he shoved her cat into the freezer. Which, I'm sorry to say, made me chuckle.

So it is definitely in character for Major Force to come looking for Guy, and wind up fighting and killing Arisia at Warriors. He was looking to put a serious amount of hurt on Guy, and he didn't care WHO he hurt. Arisia, at the time, was living on Earth, and working for Guy, because like the rest of the former Green Lanterns, she didn't have her ring or her powers. Hal had gone all Parallax at that point, and besides, he'd dumped the poor kid. I always thought it was rather sweet of Guy to take her in, and despite their explosive beginnings, they became good friends.

What all the commentators seemed to miss, was that Arisia was fighting a practically unkillable monster, and she was doing it WITHOUT ANY POWERS! And although she was overwhelmed in the end, she gave one HECK of a good fight! She didn't stand there and cry or faint or run away, she fought back, and she fought with everything she had. She didn't go quietly, like Katma Tui or Big Barda, on the floors of their kitchens. She FOUGHT BACK! She didn't squeal like Tigra, she fought back!

Furthermore, Mr. Smith always said that he had planned to bring Arisia back at some point, setting up the possiblity when in earlier issues he had her recovering quite easily from some very serious injuries. Unfortunately, this was towards the end of the book,and he simply ran out of time, as Warriors was cancelled shortly afterwards.

Besides, as Kalinara has previously pointed out, Beau Smith writes great women. And he adds women to his books in a lot of ways, that other writers don't even think about. He doesn't make a big fuss about it, they are just there, in the background, doing their jobs...just like the male characters. We had Rita from the Monster Hunters, we had Veronna from the jungles of Nabba, we had Zinda, Lady Blackhawk, whom Guy saved in Zero Hour, we had Arisia, we had Fire...all hanging out at Warriors. We had a depowered but kickass Wonder Woman. We had Guy turned into a woman for heaven's sake.

Green Lanterns

There was a lot of complaining about Arisia's outfit, but goshdarn it, I actually like it. It's a little out there of course...this WAS the '90's after all, but what the heck. She actually has curves, and an actual torso, that can even hold organs,and some muscle tone in her arms and legs.

And now she's back and I am happy about it. Plus Guy went and made Major Force very very sorry.

And I suppose that I've learned a lesson from al of this as well. I should actually break down and read the book, not just a few selected scans, before I open my big fat mouth and start yapping about things. I've heard a rumor that Beau Smith is going to be writing a Green Lantern Annual this year, and I am simply delighted.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Silver Age Support Groups

You can all thank Scipio over at the Absorbascon for this idea, he's been doing a hard-hitting restrospective on a whole slew of Silver Age Girlfriends, namely Sue Dibny, Carol Ferris, Jean Loring, Shayera and Iris West. We of course, know that they are the girl friends of Ralph Dibny, Hal Jordan, Ray Palmer, Carter Hall and Barry West.

Time has apparently mellowed a number of these young ladies. With the exception of Green Lantern, I really haven't read that much Silver Age DC, so I freely admit that my perception of the girls is colored mostly by Alex Ross, and recent and current portrayals. So I was startled to realize that there was a much harder edge to these blushing damsels.

But I can live with that. Because, it is my position, that being a Super Hero Girl Friend is a tough and thankless job. Sure, you get to be flown through Metropolis under a full moon, but there are all those kidnappings to have to deal with. A lot of the time, the poor women didn't even KNOW the true identity of their beloved, and couldn't understand, why he was always rushing off in the middle of dinner for some patently ridiculous reason. NOBODY forgets their wallet that many times!

There was always the problem of being the girl of a nice but nebbishy civilian, and then secretly mooning after the superhero, who oddly enough greatly physically resembled one's Man, yet was so unattainable. I can't help but think that eventually, most of the girls managed to figure it out. Again...NOBODY is that clueless. Well, maybe Lois. Or Vicki Vale.

Since all the guys hung out together, did the girls ever decide to form their own support group? I can see them all meeting at each other's houses for tea and cosmopolitans and chocolate, and dishing on the various foibles of their respective boyfriends. I'm even suspecting that there was a tacit agreement, to employ some passive/aggressive tactics to try and get the guys to wise up. Hal would be especially clueless in this regard, and I imagine that Barry was just too naive to pick up on the obvious signals that Iris was sending him.

I can't help but notice that a lot of the problems between the various couples seem to vanish once the Super Hero opens up and simply ADMITS that yes, he's really the Flash, Green Lantern, Atom, Batman, Superman, etc. etc. All this time the poor women have been secretly thinking that they are unloveable, and THAT'S why their guys keep running out on them. Now, they know that it's not THEM, it's really the Super Villain's fault! Little things like that mean a lot of a girl. There is also the satisfaction of seeing their chosen mates running and flying around in impossibly hot costumes.

So, try and look at it from the Super Girl Friend's point of view, and you'll see why they were so cold, shrewish, ditzy and generally insane. Well, except for Jean Loring. She really WAS nuts, right from the beginning.


And don't forget that their boyfriends spent most of their time hanging out with Wonder Woman! That sort of things can make a girl feel insecure.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Oh, Those Wacky Legionaires!

I admit it. I just don't get the Legion of Super Heroes. I understand the concept of course, super-powered teenagers from the Future! A spiffy and exclusive little club for the gifted! Something for the younger kids reading comics to identify with, perhaps more readily than with the grown-up superheroes.

They all had such funky names, and colorful outfits, and amazing powers, and came from different planets and had flight rings, and a clubhouse, and...and STUFF! And yet...I never connected. Partly I suppose, because I was an adult when I started picking this up out of curiosity, so I never had that emotional connection with it. Partly, because I couldn't get over all the "lads" and "lasses" aspect. And partly, because they were all such utter jackasses!

It was as though whenever they got bored, they'd get together and decide to hold a "competition" or tryouts for new members. Of course every loser in the galaxy decided to show up, because for some reason, being a member of the Legion was glamorous. Then they'd all go out of their way to humiliate and heckle the poor kids trying out. Heck,they even tortured Superboy! They made Superboy CRY! And they're all so smug about it afterwards.

But I guess the real reason I have reservations about the Legion is because of this...

I don't care if you ARE from the Future, Cosmic Boy. That outfit is NOT becoming! And I'm just sure that Saturn Girl and Lightning Lad are secretly laughing at you behind your back. And for once, with good cause.

If the Legion would stop having those bloody tryouts, perhaps they wouldn't end up with so many enemies among the former wannabees. Stop humiliating those poor teenagers, you're just making trouble for yourselves down the line. However, I fear that teens, even super-powered teens are not known for thinking ahead.

The Green Lanterns don't pull this sort of thing. Sure, Kilowog and Guy Gardner may mock you in training, but if you are there, you are there because you are WORTHY of being a Green Lantern. And the costumes are so much better. And nobody calls you Lantern Lad.

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Please Pardon My Muffled Laughter

I've have just discovered the completely disconcerting news that Marvel is going to be discontinuing the regular "Wolverine" book, and replace it with...snicker..."DARK WOLVERINE!"


I'm sorry, if I've offended any Marvel or Wolverine fans, but really, I can hardly contain myself. And I've always rather liked Wolverine. As of late however, he has become ludicrously over-exposed. Heck, he may appear in more books than Batman, and that's a lot of books. But to take what is a grim and gritty character, who was CREATED to be grim and gritty and a little dark, and morally ambivalent, and go to the extreme of making a DARK dark character just strikes me as absurd.

Actually, it's not going to actually BE Wolverine, but his incredibly annoying illegitimate offspring, Daken. Logan discovered recently that he had a son, who had been raised to hate him, and was evil...EVIL! He also has claws and a really really horrible haircut and tatoos. And for a member of the Logan family to have a bad haircut is really horrifying. It's going to be written by Daniel Way, and drawn by Marjorie Liu, and will replace the regular Wolverine book. I dropped this a couple of years ago out of sheer boredom, and I doubt, I really doubt that I'll be picking it up.

The gist of course, is that young Daken will be dressed up in Wolverine's old brown costume and has been recruited by Norman Osborn to hang out with the new Dark Avengers. (snicker) All the bad and terrible things that Dark Wolverine does will be chalked up to the REAL Wolverine, and this Will Be Bad. Of course, the fact that the Dark Wolverine is probably a foot taller than the REAL Wolverine will not be noticed by anyone. Nor the fact that the REAL Wolverine is still running around the Marvel Universe in his blue and yellow togs, and still appearing in practically every book. Or that all the REAL Wolverine has to do, to refute the idea that he's gone...DARK...is to show up and fight his obnoxious son. But hey, Norman Osborn is an evil genius, and the general population in the Marvel Universe consists of NOTHING but stupid people.

In addition to this mind-boggling idea, Marvel is also resurrecting the old New X-Men, or formerly teen-aged X-Men, or a bunch of characters that nobody really cares about too much anymore. AND Chris Claremone is going to be back on an X title, trying to rekindle that ol' Mutant Magic.

I'll be busy reading Green Lantern.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Bring Back the Green Lantern Citadel

Oh sure, you all remember. Way back when, Steve Englehart was writing the Green Lantern book, and he had all the GL's hang out at this cool ski-lodge looking place. It looked as though it were in the mountains, and I would assume that it was in California, since that's where Hal hangs his hat. It was all stone and wood and glass, and it was always my assumption, that John Stewart designed it. John and Hal, Arisia, Katma, Kilowog, Salaak and Ch'p hung out tegether, playing tennis, talking on enormous portable phones, and doing whatever it was that Green Lanterns do together.

Guy hung out, but only occasionally, especially after that little contretemps on New Year's Eve, when he spiked the drinking water and got them all bombed. Kilowog continued to live here, even after all the others had moved onto other things, but Arisia at least checked up on him periodically. Guy would also write, and visit,mainly so that he and Kilowog could blow off a little steam and beat each other up. They got a little bit carried away the last time, and pretty much destroyed the place. Guy tossed Kilowog his ring, and Kilowog recreated it, but this was back in the day when the ring's charge only lasted for 24 hours, so after a while, the whole place collapsed again. Too bad that Arisia happened to be there!

I know that Oa is the headquarters of the Green Lanterns again, which is as it should be. I know that appparently they now have chapter houses in each sector, as a place to hang out and watch videos and stuff. But IS there a chapter house for sector 2814? If not, there should be. If there is, I still think that it would be a good idea for John to redesign a NEW Citadel. Since Earth seems to be the nexus of all reality, it would be nice to have a place for the visiting Green Lanterns to crash. As it is, they probably all go over to Hal's place, and I hear that the neighbors are complaining.

Guy and Kyle don't even have a home on Earth anymore,so it would be a nice gesture if they had some digs for the occasional over-night visit. Besides, it would make for a nice place to have the Justice League picnic.

But only if they make sure that Guy doesn't spike the drinks again.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Books!

Well, the first Wednesday of the new month has come, and I couldn't be happier. Didn't get a ton of books, but for the state of my wallet, that is probably a good thing.

I did pick up Adventure Comics #0, with Superboy, Cosmic Boy, Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl on the cover. Heck, it was only a buck! It was a reprint of the issue where the Legion put Superboy through his paces, and he fails! Turns out they were just impishly hazing him, and he actually passed their cruel and vicious audition. Man, I knew I couldn't stand those teens from the future! It's like they are all those mean blonde cheerleaders, just making fun of the less attractive or dorky kids!

The backup story, Origins and Omens, with the scarred Guardian named...er...Scar, was fun though. And Brainiac completely bamboozled Lex, which is always nice.

Issue #3 of the Black Lightning mini-series came in, and continues to be entertaining. Although I have to admit that it wasn't until the last page that I realized who the narrator was, which probably makes me stupid. Oh, and Superman shows up!

I also got #3 of Haunted Tank. This is loud, a little raunchy and insanely, mindbogglingly politically incorrect. It is also hilarious.

Jonah Hex was fabulous as usual. I must admit that the artwork was a whole lot easier to follow in this issue than in the last. Hex is on the trail of a villain nicknamed "Sawbones", who has this whole Dr. Mengele vibe going on. There is a lot of violence as usual,and for a change, it isn't a done-in-one issue, as Hex is captured and tortured, but manages to escape, only to be found by Tallulah Black, which is nice, as I liked her as a character. Good Stuff!

Legion of Three Worlds #3. There seem to be a lot of issue #3's this week. More of those snotty Legionairres, but they seem to be a whole lot more tolerable when written by Geoff Johns. Beautifully drawn by George Perez, there is a LOT going on, with lots of fighting, and death and violence, and stuff. Superbrat Prime continues to make himself obnoxious. Sodam Yat mans up and grows a pair. Mon El is manly.

And something rather delightful occurs on the last page. It was something that had been hinted at, and something that I was hoping for...and yet I was still cheering when it happened. Woohoo!

Secret Six #6 continues to be one of the best books out there. The villain Junior stands revealed to the six, as Ragdoll's horribly disfigured and insane sister, Alex. We get to find out some more of Jeannette's history,and discover that she's quite attracted to Lawton. I can't blame her for that, I like Lawton too. Too bad he goes a little bonkers and turns on them all. Oh,and the Mad Hatter also shows up...turns out, he's out for a little bit of payback as well. Gail Simone really seems to write crazy people very well.

I'm hoping that Deadshot's treachery turns out to be different from how it all looks, because quite frankly, he's my favorite, and it would be depressing for him to suddenly be all evil. I always rather liked his casual immorality and blase' attitude. Needless, I'll be dying for the next issue.

The Mighty, #1, by Peter Tomasi, Keith Champagne and Peter Snejbjerg came out,and it is very good. I'm not quite sure what I was expecting, but it was fun, and an interesting set-up, so I'll be happy to continue.

Trinity seems to be picking up the pace. I rather liked the fact that the three of them were all busy bickering and behaving like over-tired two-year olds in the first story. In the second story, the Atom makes some unexpected new friends.

Zorro #10 came out, and was pretty as usual. The use of the La Brea tarpits as a scene of torture was unexpected. Good as always.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The State of the Economy and the State of Comics

So, I've been thinking...a dangerous pastime, you say...about the economic situation and what this may mean for comics as a whole. Obviously, things are pretty much in the crapper at the moment. The stock market is in freefall along with the value of our homes. People are losing their jobs, so they cut back on their spending. Cutting back on spending, means that nobody is purchasing all that stuff on the shelves, so the stores are cutting back, and laying people off. It's a bit of a vicious circle.

Meanwhile, Marvel has decided that now is a spiffy time to raise the price of their books from $2.99 to $3.99, an increase of some 30% or more. That's one heck of a jump! It's as if they tied the price of comics to the price of gas! I would imagine that this move may backfire, since people don't have as much disposable income at the moment, and I would think that eating and paying the mortgage is just a tad more important than buying comic books.

But that's not really what I was thinking about. Not the price of comics, but the TONE of comics. I think that the era of grim and gritty, and of dark dark comics may be on its way out. If you go back and look at the general entertainment forms of the Great Depression, movies and yes, even comics, the general mood was of light-heartedness. People were pretty depressed by all the gloom and doom of their real lives, and sought out a form of release and escapism in movies. This was when you had all of those huge musicals and Bob Hope and Bing Crosby movies.

Perhaps this wish for a little bit of escapism will be expressed in comics again. I've always liked humor in my books, such as the old JLI and Damage Control, and Groo, and Mad, and Ambush Bug to name a few. I think that a lot of people like a little silliness, but the prevailing wisdom was that "funny" books didn't sell. But with all the gloom on the economic front, is it possible that fun could make a come-back?

We've finished up Final Crisis, so let's sit back, take a deep breath and hope for a bit of...dare I say it...happiness for a change. Look, Barry is back! Aquaman is back! Ted is back (I think) Scott and Barda are back! This is GOOD news. We need good news. We need good stories. We need talking gorillas and kicks to the face. This is one of the reasons that I believe the new cartoon "The Brave & the Bold" is doing so well with fans. It's just plain FUN.

It is a lot easier to look at the dark and dangerous side of things, when life on the whole is going well. You don't risk becoming consumed by the darkness. If we look at the 90's as a whole, the economy was doing well, but the general mood of comic books was pretty depressing.

Or, I could simply be deluding myself.


But we could all use a little bit of fun.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What is it about Oberon?

Yeah, what IS it about Oberon anyway, and isn't that the most random statment that you've read today? I don't even know why I was thinking about Oberon. It isn't as though he has an apostrophe in his name or anything like G'nort. I just happen to like him, that's all.


I don't have a lot of scans featuring Oberon, but I did like this one, by the inimitable Kevin Maguire. Now that Scott and Barda are alive again, perhaps we can get Oberon back. The last time that I actually saw Oberon, was in the Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding drawn by Amanda Connor, and there he is, right in the front. So, to the best of my knowledge, Oberon is still breathing. He's just been...resting.

What really started this train of thought, was I was wondering about the way that Guy and Oberon used to interact back in the good ol' JLI. The very first time that they met, Oberon introduced himself, and Guy promptly called him "Sneezy" and wondered where the rest of the seven dwarfs were. Needless to say, this did not go over well. They always had a bit of a history of bickering at each other, but heck, Guy bickered with everyone, so that's not unnusual. I did however, get the impression, that Guy actually...sort of...kinda....LIKED Oberon. A little bit. A teensy tiny little bit. Not that he'd ever admit it of course. I can understand that attitude, Oberon may have been short,but he was certainly charming.

And finally, it came to me. I think that to Guy, Oberon looks a little bit like a non-blue Guardian. I've always had the impression that Guy has a love/hate relationship with the Guardians anyway. He loves being a Lantern, but he doesn't appreciate jumping through their hoops, although he seems to have a grudging respect for Ganthet.

But sheesh, just look at him! He's got the bald head, the fringe of white hair, and he's short. Very short. Slap a pair of red pajamas on him, and paint him blue, and he looks like Appa Ali Apsa! Another Guardian that Guy had a tempestuous relationship with.

I don't know if this revelation is suddenly earth-shaking or anything, but still...it's a little bit interesting. What it really boils down to, is that it's snowing out, and I don't have the foggiest idea of what to blog about, so I'm really reaching deep and pulling this out of my ass.

And speaking of reaching, here's a picture of Hal wearing a poncho! Enjoy!

Hal PIctures

Talk about non-sequiteurs!

Monday, February 02, 2009

Alas, Farewell...!

I guess I should just pack it in, and end my blog. It turns out, that I, a humble middle-aged housewife, with a love of comics, and a warped sense of humor, has perpetrated the ultimate offense.

I have no grasp of grammar. Also, I can't spell.

Well, actually, I CAN spell, but I'm not very good at proofreading, and I only recently discovered the "edit" function, plus I'm usually in a hurry because I think faster than I can type...and oh, what the hell.

According to "Anonymous" from my entry of "FINALLY!" on January 30th, I have a stupid title for my blog. Green Lantern Butt's Forever is not good english. Which is probably quite true, but in my defense, I was slightly toasted when I came up with it, and teenagers were involved. But I really don't feel like taking out the apostrophe. Up until this point in my life, I hadn't really even THOUGHT that much about that errant little apostrophe. It was just there. I had other things to worry about, such as bonking Hal in the head, and ogling Kyle's rear end, not to mention lusting after Guy. An apostrophe in my title did not loom large in my mind.

Apparently, "forever" is also not a noun. I don't really care, but that seems to be bothering Mr. Anonymous as well. I don't know if Mr. Anonymous actually has a blog, but if he or she does, then I'm sure that the title is in perfect english. Without dangling participles, or...or stuff. But I'm probably overreacting.

Guy pictures

But this is exactly how I feel.

But let us examine all of our blog titles, and see if they actually make sense or not. Because, otherwise, Mr. Anonymous will be there to tell us.


Oh, and Steelers won! Woohoo!