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Green Lantern Butt's FOREVER!

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Saturday, November 29, 2008


Sorry for not posting as regularly as I normally do,but my computer is still in the shop, and now the backup is giving me fits, dagnabit! I had to order a restoration disc (whatever that is) from Hewlitt Packard, and after spending half the afternoon trying to navigate the Byzantine telephone system and order the aforesaid disc, I finally managed to talk to a human being...who promptly disconnected me.

Finally, oldest daughter went online to order me the disc, and manged it in about five minutes.

So, I apologize for what is probably going to be spotty posting for another week or so. I am distraught!

I DID manage to get my new books however, so here are my lamentably late reviews:

Birds Of Prey 124.........Now that I know that it is cancelled, I was grateful for the opportunity. This was fun as usual, the Calculator betrays the Birds, which is of course QUITE shocking, fortunately, Oracle has a back-up plan consisting of Dinah, Ollie, Mia and Manhunter. Also Barbara manages to destroy just a little piece of the Joker's pride, which delighted me to no end.

Blue Beetle #33...........Same boat as Birds of Prey. Enjoy it while you can. The Teen Titans show up, and as usual are MUCH more appealing here than in their own book. Peacemaker is enjoyable as always and once again, Jaime uses SCIENCE! Oh, and that obnoxious new Doctor Polaris shows up at the end, and seriously rains on Jaime's parade.

Jack of Fables #28........Babe the little blue ox, finally runs out of fantasies, and just says to heck with it. Jack ends up running things...as usual. There is a heck of a confrontation about to commence.

The Incredible Hercules #123.......Everyone else has already said this, but just let me add my voice to the throng...this is just about the best book that Marvel is putting out. Full of action and adventure, Amazons, mythology, junk food, and an extra dose of hilarity. Apparently,like most teen-aged boys, Amadeus Cho really needs a healthy dose of junk food in order to be at his analytical best. Namor is snarky, Namora is awesome, and Hercules just keeps displaying all those loveable personality quirks. Oh, and Hera is up to no good.

Superman 682.......More of New Krypton. I'm awfully glad...GLAD, do you hear me? that Krypton blew up, because Kryptonians are all a bunch of douchebags! Well...except for Kara and Clark of course. Let's just say that Superman's patience is beginning to dissapate. Although Bizarro was oddly sweet.

Thor: Man of War........This is the third of the books that Matt Fraction has written of the past history of Thor, drawing liberally from Norse Mythology, and he's really done a spectacular job. The art is lovely, and the plot keeps you right on the edge of your seat. It's rather a treat to see Thor displayed in a less than flattering light, but it's a whole lot truer to the fickle and contrary attitudes of the old Norse Pantheon. Good stuff.

Trinity #26.......Halfway through, and I continue to enjoy the heck out of this book. It seems to be running under everyone's radar, but it's a good and a fun story, that continues to deliver what it promised. I'm actually enjoying this more than Final Crises. At least it continues to come out every single week, and I do enjoy that.

Wonder Woman #26.....After the Hollywood hi-jinks of last month, things are getting serious. Director Steel has apparently completely lost his marbles, or else something more sinister is going on. I'm partial to More Sinister. The Gods are pissed, and something quite unholy has been unleashed. If T.O. Morrow is worried, you know that it is time to flee to the hills.

Justice Society: The Kingdom.....My GOD, but Grant is a self-obsessed little twerp! Tensions are rising between the members of the Justice Society, those that think that Gog is just the ginchiest, and those who eye him askance. Frankly, I'm with the latter. Gorgeous art, too.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Over the River, and Through the Woods

Yes, I realize that I am actually a day early for Thanksgiving, but I figure that any number of you are either travelling or are busy whipping up pies and stuffing. Besides, I LOVE Thanksgiving, and I can hardly wait.

We always go to my sister's little log house in the woods, where there are wild turkeys roaming. We try to avoid hitting any deer, and fight off the ubiquitous black bear that lurks. Then we sit around and stuff ourselves silly, and drink a lot of apple cider (the REAL stuff) and wine, and laugh and talk for hours. So I hope that everyone else has a lovely Thanksgiving.

I also couldn't resist this picture...


It is from the Wayne Manor site, at http://the-dark-cat.livejournal.com/5241.html, and it is simply adorable. The artwork is first rate, and the writing is hilarious.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Madness Continues

As you can see, Black Canary I wasn't the only one to have fun with Golden Age Starman's rod


Liberty Belle I also seems to be entranced.

Thanksgiving is in two days, and seriously, this is the best that I can come up with.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Golden Age Starman had all the fun

I'm a huge fan of Starman. Not as huge of a fan as I am of Green Lanterns, but I really really really liked Robinson's version of Starman with Jack Knight. I like the Shade too, he's awfully cool. But I have to admit that I barely registered Jack's dad, Ted Knight on my scale of things to get excited about, until I started reading some old Golden Age books, with Alan Scott as Green Lantern, and Ted as the original Starman.

Gosh, they're a hoot.

Which is one of the reasons that I love the present Justice Society so much. They've been through SO much, and done SO much, and they are all still friends, which is rather nice. They take time out from rocking on the front porch to mentor the younger kids, and then go off and show Superman and Batman how it is REALLY done.

Now Ted Knight was an inventor, and he invented the Star Rod...a name which just makes me giggle, because despite my advanced age, I'm depressingly juvenile sometimes. And he used to do such amazing things with his mighty rod...and...and...


Ah Ted. No wonder the original Black Canary couldn't keep her hands off of you, you dapper dog, you.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Better Late than Never Reviews

Sorry about the delay, REAL LIFE had regrettably interfered with blogging once again. Now, once I figure out how to unpack all this stuff, life can get back to normal.

So,apparently the new comics did come out on Wednesday. It was a fairly small week for me, but the choices were nevertheless very nice.

Ambush Bug #4 was simply a whole lot of stupid fun. I LIKE stupid fun, as opposed to simply stupid stupid. The death of Dan Didio was quite moving.

The Brave & the Bold #19 was nice. It had Hal Jordan teamed up with the Phantom Stranger, and the Guardians having hissy fits because Hal had the temerity to bring the Stranger to Oa. Really, that's something that upsets them? I would think that they have a whole lot more important things to worry about.

The Flash was ok. Linda is in pretty bad shape after all the bee stings from last issue. The kids are scared, but Roy brought Lian, and they are having a sleepover at the Justice Hall, which is just adorable. This is mostly a lot of flashbacks, but for someone like me, who didn't get the Flash until fairly recently, it's rather nice to see how all this happened. Then the Spectre shows up, and he's the crabby NEW Spectre.

Kingdom Come Special: Magog.....This was interesting. The art was very nice, and some of the aspects of the story, and the scene of all the floating bodies were very powerful. But I can't help but think that this is all going to end so badly. Plus, I wish that the whole Kingdom Come storyline would just move ON already. I want to get past this, and see Jay, Alan and Ted cheating each other at pinochle and yelling at the kids.

Tangent: Superman's Reign #9. This mini really has been going on for quite a while now, but finally...FINALLY, we are getting to the nitty gritty. The Tangent Superman has invaded OUR earth and is having a fine old time destroying and kidnapping and generally being a douche. And Guy Gardner...OUR Guy Gardner finally shows up, since Hal and John are trapped on the OTHER earth, and he gets to hang out with Power Girl and Superman. I can breathe a sigh of relief now, since Guy is there to handle things. Getting blown up by a nuke is nothing that he can't handle.

Terra #2....I got Terra #1 because Shelly said that it was good, and she was absolutely right. Amanda Conner's art is just SO pretty and fun. Terra herself is fairly appealing, and I just love having Peej and Doctor Mid-Nite around, so a good time is had by all. Plus Terra is nekkid for half of the book...and it works!

Trinity #25.... And things continue to happen, and happen well. The heroes of the altered world are beginning to remember things, and actually begin to cooperate with each other. And it is always fun to see who is around and who isn't. For example, I imagine that Scipio was delighted to see Vibe again. I enjoyed seeing Fire. The backup story is just as good as the main story.

I hope that everyone enjoyed their books.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Great googally moogally, have you all seen this cover?

Green Lanterns

This is the solicited cover of Green Lantern Corps, for February, and I am simply DELIGHTED!
That's one heck of a pair of Green Lantern Butts they have displayed there. Caleb, over at "Every Day is Like Wednesday" even pointed out that it was as though they were designing covers just for ME! Even I would be hardpressed to come up with any alternative answer.

It would be nice if it happened to be GUY or KYLE's butt, but I'm not particularly choosy, and Sodam Yat seems to have a pretty fabulous behind. Arisia's doesn't excite me in quite the same way, but it is a nice little tidbit for the boys who read comics. I understand that quite a LOT of boys read comics these days.

It is one of the really nice things about having Pat Gleason and Ivan Reis doing the artwork for Green Lantern Corps and Green Lantern. They truly understand that being a Green Lantern automatically means that the ringbearers ALWAYS have a spectacular ass. Which raises a certain number of questions about the Guardians and their particular kinks, but that's a topic for another day.

I've probably exhausted this subject, at least for the moment. I mean, I can go on and on about Green Lantern Butts ALL DAY, but it IS Wednesday, and I DO have to go off and get my new books soon.

So...simply sit back and enjoy the view.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I've been in the doldrums a bit lately, with all the bad news concerning various cancellations of some of my favorite books. (Blue Beetle! Manhunter! Birds of Prey!) So I am happy to say that I've noticed a few good things that are going to be happening.

For one thing, Green Lantern Artist extraordinaire, Ethan Van Sciver has a new column over at Newsarama. Check http://www.newsarama.com/comics/110818-All-Time.html, because it is quite a hoot and a half. He covers the "free hugs" guy at the conventions and a plethora of cheesy Christmas Shows from back in the day. He hasn't mentioned Green Lantern...yet...but I'm sure that it is only a matter of time. Also, Mr. Van Sciver is rather adorable in a "pinch his cheeks" sort of way.

I also discovered some welcome news concerning Keith Champagne, who is one of my favorite writers. He's teaming up with Peter Tomasi, who is doing SUCH a lovely job on Green Lantern Corps, to write a new book called "The Mighty" which will be coming out in February. The art is going to be by Peter Snejbjerg, who did such a lovely job in the later issues of Starman. It sounds like a lot of fun, and has some excellent creators, so I'm going to be picking this up for sure.

So, despite all the doom and gloom, there are some things to be looking forward to.

And speaking of Starman, here's a suggestive little tidbit. This is actually the Golden Age Starman, Ted Knight, rather than Jack, but it is pretty obvious that old Ted managed to enjoy himself in the old days.



Monday, November 17, 2008

Green Lantern Corps #30

Back to Blogging! Most of the heavy work is done, boxes are packed and stuff is in storage. Of course now I have to UNpack everything, and find places for all this stuff. On the plus side however, I am now the proud possessor of a melon baller and a lemon zester.

But onto Green Lantern stuff.

Guy pictures

There are two plotlines running in the latest issues of Green Lantern Corps, and as is proper with a title such as the Sins of the Star Sapphires, Love is the main theme. We have renegade Sinestro Corp member Kryb still running amok and murdering Green Lanterns and stealing their babies. We also have the Guardians deciding that now would be a good time to go over and have a little talk with the Star Sapphires and see what it is that they are up to. Naturally, they pick Guy Gardner, Arisia and Sodam Yat as their escorts. What could POSSIBLY go wrong?

Guy pictures

LOVE the sunglasses. And the way that Guy is ogling the behind of the Zamaron that they are following. He really is incorrigable.

The Zamarons take the Guardians and Lanterns past a whole passel of Sinestro rings that are being drained of their powers by their own violet crystals...just as a way of rubbing in the fact that they are busy too. The Guardians are getting a little huffy at this point, and our favorite crazy Guardian, Scar is busy whispering sweet nothings in Yat's ear...such as if things go haywire, he's supposed to blow up the violet battery and surroundings.

Anyway...Queen Aga'po shows up and there is a bit of preliminary posturing. Soon enough however, they decide to dispense with the pleasantries and get to the nitty-gritty. The Guardians are pissed that the Zamarons are throwing their weight around. The Zamarons are getting just a tad fed up with the "emotionless" jihad of the Guardians. The Guardians neither understand nor trust love, and Queen Aga'po makes a salient point when she points out that the Guardians own corps are all willing to love.

Guy pictures

She also points out that the Guardians previous ventures with the Manhunters didn't exactly turn out too well, and that the whole idea of the Alpha Lantern is a little demented as well. The Guardians huff and puff and bloviate for a bit. Then the Zamarons show them that they've captured several of the Sinestro Corp female baddies, have encased them in crystal and are trying to "show them the light". The Green Lanterns are justifiably a bit skeptical of this whole idea. It all ends of course with the Guardians telling the Zamarons to knock it off, and the Zamarons telling the Guardians to stuff it. Meanwhile, Kryb is up to her old tricks, murdering GL's and stealing their babies. Kyle, Amnee, Soranik and Mr. Amnee are hot on her trail. For some bizarre reason, their response to Kryb is disturbing to the Guardians who seem to have been drinking a whole LOT of stupid juice lately.

Green Lanterns

Banning physical relationships and love between Green Lanterns? Oh THAT'S going to go over really well. What's next, not having families? Parents or siblings? What about the Lanterns that are already married? For the Love Of God, What About Hal Jordan, and his Loins of Desire? Or Guy and Ice?

The Guardians are about to have the biggest strike on their hands in their entire four billion year history.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Some Quick Reviews

I have just enough time to sneak in a few reviews before it is back to the salt mines. Good GOD I'm getting tired of moving funiture...and that's something I thought that I would never say.

I DO have to say that this was a particularly good week for me.

Action Comics #871.........Like Caleb over at "Every Day is like Wednesday", I too was expecting to have Krypto in this issue, since he's right there, front and center on the cover. Alas, there WAS no Krypto. But Boy Howdy, some of those Kryptonians are real jerks! I love the way that poor Superman keeps smiling nervously whenever they do something outrageous, it's like dealing with your crazy relatives on a holiday or something. I have to admit, that I AM quite intrigued by that last page.

Booster Gold #14....That's not the cover that was originally solicited, but I don't care in the least, since there is Guy's ass prominently displayed right next to Booster's elbow. Booster continues to battle the Starro's and makes a desperate alliance with that lady Timekeeper, Time Jumper, Clock Master...whomever she may be. He also makes a promise that is pretty sure to come back and bite him in the butt one of these days. On the other hand, Rip manages to get saved, which I am sure is a huge relief. I LIKE Rip. Looks as though he's going to have to move or something though.

Fables #78....Well, it didn't take long for the proverbial poo to hit the proverbial fan, now did it? A decent issue mainly concerned with setting up the next big threat. It could have used more Bigby, but that's probably just me.

Green Arrow/Black Canary #14....Apparently this is Judd Winick's last issue? I find Winick to be perpetually frustrating, because he CAN write when he feels like it, but he doesn't often seem to feel like it. Connor is back, but he can't hit the broad side of a barn with an arrow, and Ollie doesn't know if he should be happy or sad about it. But it's all ok, because Connor apparently has some mad judo skills or something, although he is suffering from some rather serious memory problems. And Dinah and Ollie finally get laid, which is a long time coming. Oh snap!

Green Lantern Corps 30....As you all know, I'll give a more detailed review, but good GOD, those Guardians are getting dumber by the minute.

Manhunter #36....Another excellent issue. Kate's determination to stick to the hard truth and do the right thing, turns out to piss off an ENORMOUS amount of people. I loved the implications that Vesetech is responsible for a great deal of good as well as evil, and what are the people going to do that benefit from their less than savory business practices? I can't believe that they are going to cancel this book. It breaks my heart.

Nightwing #150....A lot less bloody than last issue, but a good one. Good grief, but Harvey is completely nuts. I have to admit that the coin thing off of the roof was inspired. Another book that I like that is going to be cancelled. I'm starting to feel as though I'm a jinx or something.

Kingdom Come Special: Superman....All painted and written by Alex Ross, as the Kingdom Come Superman indulges in a lot of angst. A LOT of angst. Pretty pictures however.

Trinity #24.....Bless your crazed little heart, you're there every week, and every week seems to get zanier. Despero hasn't been this much fun in a long time.

I also picked up Lone Ranger, which was beautiful as always, and a nice conclusion to the mystery of the killer. I also picked up the Amanda Conner-drawn Terra #1, which I missed last week for some reason. It was a lot better than I expected. I particularly liked the scene with Doctor Mid-Nite when he was examining her, and his discussion with Power Girl. The best part was his owl swooping over to investgate the mouse running on his little wheel. A Hoot!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Still Plugging Away

Sorry for not posting yesturday, but still going through large quantities of stuff. I do believe that my Sweet Baboo is getting punchy, he's starting to pack things such as empty WC-40 cans instead of just throwing them out. And while I love my Father-in-law dearly, and he's incredibly neat and organized, there are just some things that I don't really want. Empty paint cans rank pretty high on that list.

Did I say the other day that we hadn't found any comics? Au contraire!


There was an odd box in the basement, with some Carl Barks Scrooge McDuck books, and some Archies for some reason. However, on the top, was a rather pristene copy of the Flash Gordon book shown on the far right.

I also have to go ahead and show the scans that were talked about on my last post, with Hal, because they are a hoot. Thank you to "What Were They Thinking?"!!


This really did crack me up. Oh Hal...so completely mesmerized by yourself.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Still Busy...!

Ok, we have boxed, cleand and moved tons of stuff from my Father-in-Law's place, so now I have the delightful task of UNloading and UNboxing things. I realize that not only was a born into a family of collectors, I MARRIED into a family of collectors. We can't help ourselves, it's just bred in the blood.

No comic books, but man, he has some cool stuff. We did find an old photograph of Joe DiMaggio and Lou Gehrig that is autographed, although we suspect it is just a print, but the housekeeper was GOING TO THROW IT OUT! We believe that she is from Bizarro World.

Anyway, here's another silly picture. I've got tons of them!

Blue Beetle

Oh Ted. I miss you so.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Well...THIS is Interesting

I really have nothing of importance to write about today, except that for the next week or so, I'm going to be incredibly busy emptying out my Father in Law's condo in New Haven, which he has sold. Since he's in Phoenix, Arizona, this could be interesting. On the plus side, he's incredibly neat and tidy. On the down side, the place is HUGE, and my house, while also large, is also stuffed to the gills with my crap. It could be interesting. Anyway, my posting may be interrupted sporadically for a while.

In the meantime, I'm going to post some incredibly suggestive scans about Batman.

Well! As we all know, the original Olympics were performed completely nekkid. Apparently Dick also like Gladiator movies.


I can honestly say that I don't have a clue about when or how this panel took place. All I can say is, that certainly sounds like very nervous laughter to me.

Friday, November 07, 2008

Black Lanterns

There has been quite a bit of speculation concerning just who is going to turn up as a Black Lantern in the forthcoming Green Lantern plotline next year. Even Geoff Johns has gotten in on the fun, throwing out hints here and there.

Since there are a LOT of dead people in the DC Universe, the possibilities are practically endless. I'm not sure if the bestowing of Lanternhood only applies to the more recently deceased, or if people/aliens/etc. that have been dead for a LONG time also qualify. For examply, I'm sure that Jonathan Kent could be a viable candidate, but what about Jor el? And wouldn't THAT be awkward when the two of them get together?

There are a lot of people who USED to be dead, but aren't anymore. Will they have any empathy, or special connectiveness with the Black Lanterns? Look at Tora, she's back amongst the living, but will she feel anything in common with Kari Limbo? Or will there be a necrophilic catfight? And how much would Guy Gardner enjoy it?

Speaking of dead catfights, Kyle is the one that really has it bad. He's got dead girlfriends, mothers, and casual acquaintances all OVER the place. Will John get to visit with Katma? Will Hal get to have a sit down and a beer with his Dad? What about his Mom? Is she STILL cranky? Or will she just go off and sit with Jack and give Hal the cold shoulder?

I must admit to being quite fascinated by this pending storyline. It just opens up a whole new can of wormfood.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

I like My New Comics

Well, it was the first Wednesday of the month, which is typically fairly light for me, but there were some goodies in the pile. So let's head straight into the reviews.

Final Crises: Resist......You know what? I liked this. I liked it a lot. For one thing, it had Michael Holt, aka Mr. Terrific being one of the last heroes still at large and uninfected...NOT Batman! It makes sense for Mr. Terrific to be out doing terrific things! He is also aided by none other than...Snapper Carr. This is insane of course, but somehow it all works. Snapper is running around in a suit to protect him from the anti-metagene thingie, blowing up stuff so that Darkseid can't use it as weapons...which makes perfect sense from a Resistance point of view. However, being Snapper, he just can't resist making wild whoopie with none other than Cheetah...on the floor of a place just crawling with bad guys, nekkid...so of course when Grodd comes in, he gets his superpowers taken away. On the plus side, he DOES come back and save Cheetah.

Good old Snapper. What a putz! Oh, and it was Tora, who infects Bea and Tommy at the very beginning, so that they can take over Checkmate. My sweet little Tora...who is remarkably good at being badass.

Eventally, it dawns on Mr. Terrific, that he actually HAS a whole crapload of weapons that he can use against Darkseid...OMACS! Oh, the plot is thickening nicely.

Jonah Hex #37........This was a relatively lighthearted romp. Three gorgeous women decide to give up the travelling carnival life, and decide to become bounty hunters. They just decide to swipe Jonah's bounty, which is possibly not the smartest thing they could have done. What is REALLY amazing is that there are so few dead bodies in this issue!

Justice Society of America #20.........Also an excellent issue this month. In the annual, we all saw that Power Girl was zapped back to Earth 2 by Gog, and her wonderful homecoming was actually less than wonderful. Turns out that there is already a Power Girl on Earth 2, and she doesn't want share. She's also a little more than slightly psychotic. Peej, Jay, Alan, Starman, Courtney, Liberty Belle and Hourman, not to mention Kal-El end up getting zapped back to Earth 2 and confront the Justice Society Infinity. Naturally, misunderstandings occur. They could probably just sit down and have a drink and discuss it all like rational people, except that crazy Power Girl just won't listen to reason. She even grabs OUR Power Girl and takes her back to the Batcave in order to torture her into a confession of what she's done with this Earth's Superman. Earth 2 Power Girl is not exactly playing with a full deck.

Meanwhile, Mr. Terrific encounters his counterpart, not to mention sees his dead wife. Naturally this startles him. Alan comes face to face with a live and kicking Jade, and suffers the same reactions. Jade is equally startled to see him, as he's supposed to be dead on her world. Oh, and Obsidian beats up himself. AND has dialogue! Woohoo!

Eventually it all gets straightened out...more or less. Brainwave reads Peej's...er...brain waves, and concludes that she's not a fraud, she is indeed the exact same as crazy Power Girl. Starman shows up and reveals that his costume is actually a map of the Multiverse. This turns out to be fairly handy. Starman is so much more rational, and yet not nearly as endearing as he used to be when he was nuttier than a fruitcake. Ah well.

So then end up coming home, and poor Peej just can't let go of Alan and Jay who are holding her and trying to comfort her. Their old man pants are just perfect. And Alan, gets the idea that perhaps...just maybe...they should ask Gog if he could bring back his and Michael's loved ones.

The artwork is shared by Dale Eaglesham, who does the Earth 1 scenes and by Jerry Ordway who does the Earth 2 scenes, and it is really quite beautifully integrated, with the two of them even sharing the splashpage. Alex Ross of course, does the cover. This was an engrossing and really awfully good book this month.

Secret Six #3........Fabulous. Just fabulous. From the Chang cover, to the gorgeous artwork by Nicola Scott. I also have to have a shout out to the colorist Jason Wright, who does an exceptional job. This is a taut, funny and absorbing book...Gail Simone just happens to be awesome that way.

The Six ( or rather Five) have manage to break Tarantula out of prison, and are taking her to pick up the card that everyone is so very very interested in. Catman continues to be both polite and menacing, Deadshot is rude and menacing, Ragdoll continues to entertain and revolt, Bane is becoming increasingly paternal towards Scandal, and Scandal continues to be increasingly bewildered by Bane's concern. Tarantula fills us in on all the backstory,while Junior's henchmen and women continue to track our heroes. Or Antiheroes. Or whatever. Cheetah shows up again, and I must say that she is used beautifully here, as well as in Final Crises: Resist. Bolt, Cheetah and that Spider guy are the villains who are out to take the card and indulge in a little torture on the side.

Cheetah decides to go off on her own, and makes her pitch to the crew,and she's actually pretty darned persuasive. They turn her down of course, and a lovely fight breaks out. Bolt realizes what is going on, and now he's got a mad-on for Cheetah as well as our intrepid bunch.



And, we finally get to learn exactly what is it that makes this card so valuable. It was created by Neron, and it is literally, a "Get out of Hell, Free" card. For a villain, especially villains that have dealt with Neron before, this is insanely valuable. It's also a hell of a concept!

Submariner: The Depths #3.......Whoa, a Marvel book! This has actually been pretty good. The artwork by Esad Ribic is properly dark and ominous. They're down in the trench looking for Namor...or trying NOT to be found by Namor actually. The poor stupid fool in charge is a rationalist and doesn't even believe in Namor, but he's slowly starting to lose his mind. It is the third issue, and Namor hasn't even shown UP yet, except for tantalizing glances here and there. It's moody as all heck, but it's pretty good.

Trinity #23.......Gosh, I'm enjoying this book. Things are really getting crazy without the big Three to hold things together, and all kinds of insane things are happening, and it's just good fun.

Vixen: Return of the Lion #2......Pretty art, and a decent story. Vixen has gone back to Africa to avenge the death of her mother, and she's decided that she doesn't need any help from the Justice League. This turns out to be a small miscalculation on her part.

So...some really good reading this week.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

I...Feel Happy

So, so very happy. The dark reign of the Neocons is over, and the smell of Victory is indeed sweet. If you voted for John McCain, please excuse my gloating...it's been QUITE a while. I voted for Kerry, I voted for Gore, hell, I even voted for Dukakis. I can't tell you what the world would have been like if my candidates had won, but I CAN tell you, that it is quite probably we wouldn't be in quite this state of desperation. Or so I would like to think, anyway.

Sheesh, I even stayed up past 11:00! I'm old! This is unprecedented!

AND, it's Wednesday and Secret Six is coming out today. Could anything be more perfect?

Well...there is the news that Robin, Nightwing and Birds of Prey are going to be cancelled. This put a damper on my unbridled enthusiasm. On the other hand, now that I think about it, it is also probable that this is all a part of the Batman:RIP storyline, and I would imagine that the books would be revamped and restarted...all with a bright and shiny #1 up in the corner. I don't read Robin, but I know people who do, and Nightwing was getting GOOD with Peter Tomasi handling the writin reins, and I LOVE Birds of Prey! Where else will I be able to see Manhunter, or Zinda?

If they do relaunch Birds of Prey, can we put Fire and Ice on the team this time? Because that would really make me happy. And Huntress and Zinda and Manhunter, and probably Misfit, but lets dump Black Alice, because I'm finding her only tolerable in small amounts. Oh, and bring back Barda. And Creote.


I'm just as happy as a gaggle of Green Lanterns

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Be a Superhero and Vote

This is my third attempt at posting, Windows keeps kicking me off in the middle of typing, and I'm getting AWFULLY annoyed. The main computer is in the shop, and this is the backup, and it's starting to act up as well. Curses!

Well...I performed my civic duty, and went with my youngest daughter to go and vote this morning about 9:00 AM. Not much of a line, but a LOT more people than I am used to seeing. I waited till most everyone was at work, and managed to breeze right in. My husband and my son vote earlier on the way to work, and said that the place was packed, which is a GOOD thing. Of course my smartass kid hung over the top of the little booth thingie, as I carefully filled in my ovals with a black pen. In Connecticut they did away with the old voting booths with the curtain and the lever, and it is a darned shame! She kept snickering and suggesting that I write in Batman as a choice. At this point, a wizened old lady waddled over and suggested that she leave as she was being a bit of a distraction. I had already finished, so collected my unrepentant offspring and went over to enter my ballot. The two ladies standing there were snickering through the whole thing, and gave her an "I Voted Today" sticker to make up for getting her feelings hurt.


I hope that all the DC and Marvel Superheroes also took the time out to vote today. Of course, for some of them, that might be a bit on the difficult side. Wolverine is Canadian, so he can't vote. Tora and Bea aren't American either, so they'e staying in and baking cookies. Kyle is out hunting K'ryb, and Guy is stuck leading a diplomatic mission to visit the Star Sapphires. Batman seems to be out of it for the moment, but I'm sure that as Clark Kent, Superman will be heading to his local polling place as soon as he finishes his last article. Clark is conscientious that way.

John was smart and voted early, just in case. Hal...well, Hal is a special case of course.

Hal Pictures

It's ok Hal. They have nice old ladies there to help you. Well, except for that one. Watch out for her, Hal, she's on the cranky side.

Go Vote!

Monday, November 03, 2008

This is Actually Important

I trust that I don't have to remind everyone that tomorrow is November 4th, and Election Day. My kids are giddy, because they get to have the day off. My Husband is giddy, because now he won't have to listen to me crabbing about political ads anymore. I'm personally giddy beyond all belief, because it will finally be OVER, and God Willing, my candidate will have won. Handily. A Landslide would be nice, but I don't want to be pushy.

In light of the trials and tribulations that our poor old Country has been suffering through, this may be one of the most important elections ever. They are ALL important elections of course...but man, this is a doozy.

So please...follow Alan's advice and go out and vote.

Alan Scott

Green Lanterns take Democracy SERIOUSLY!

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Inconsequential...but Interesting

Did everyone have a nice Halloween? Eat lots and lots of candy? I had all of ten kids this year. I thought we would only have seven, but we had a last minute flurry about 9:00. Needless to say, I don't usually have t0 buy very much candy.

I don't have anything earthshattering to talk about today, so let me just state that I've noticed something interesting in that the Word Verification letters that we all must unscramble in order to make a comment on a blog have actually been a whole lot less...random lately. It used to be that they were complete gibberish, on the order of "zmgetlwplb" or something of that nature. In the last couple of weeks, I've noticed that they actually seem to have vowels in the right places. They still don't spell out actual words, but they are at least pronouncable, which is different.

I notice strange things sometimes.

Only a few more days to go until the election, and we can all get our sanity back. I can hardly wait. No more attack ads, no more insults, no more lawn signs...it will be heaven.

I can't believe that it is November already. This means that the Christmas decorations will be going up in the stores and instead of political ads, we'll have Christmas ads. On the other hand, Thanksgiving is this month, and I LOVE Thanksgiving. I think it is my favorite holiday, because really, it all comes down to sitting down with your loved ones and making a pig of yourself...and seriously, what can be more fun than that?

On a completely unconnected note, we managed to get through the summer without a SINGLE bat in the house! I assure you, that this is unprecedented. One year, I had three in a singe day! My house is over 150 years old, and they always seemed to find a way in...through a hole in the screen in the basement, down the chimney...something. I usually just closed off the doors, got out my trusty broom, and gave the poor thing a hearty "whack" as it circled the room. Bats aren't particularly large, but when they are flying around your dining room, they look about the same size as a condor. Once I've stunned it with the broom, I clamp an old coffee can over the critter, and slide a piece of cardboard underneath and then take it outside and let it go. But this year, we somehow managed to keep everything closed up, or else the bat's hearts weren't in it, because not a single one. This is a GOOD thing, although my boys were disappointed. They always wante to train them to go flying out the front door at Halloween and scare the trick-or-treaters.

I'll just stop babbling now and go make lunch.