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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Just for the Heck of It

Still trying to put scans back. Still pouting over it.

Blue Beetle

A classic. A TRUE classic.

Hal may have pretty hair, but so does Ted. You just can't see it in this picture.

Blue Beetle

You CAN however see it in this picture. And a lot more besides! Rouuuwwwr!

Yes, I've posted this before, but I deleted it like an idiot. I'll never ever delete you again Ted!

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Reflections on my own stupidity

This past week has NOT been a particularly brilliant one for me. I managed to sabotage my own blog, by gleefully deleting a ton of my scans, not having the foggiest idea of what the ultimate result would be. I am now downloading all the ones that I had just deleted, and hope that perhaps the damage can be repaired. I will say that I had lost track of just how many pictures I have of Hal getting hit in the head.

It has also occured to me, that for quite some time now, I have been misspelling the word "weird". I had been spelling it as "wierd", which of course, is incorrect. I frequently discover errors AFTER I've posted, because I think faster than I type, and who needs proofreading anyway? But the whole "weird" thing, just confuses the heck out of me. E before I except after Pie?

I suppose that I can explain the whole thing, by confessing that I am indeed a Wasp, the only ethnic group left in American that it is safe...nay REQUIRED...to make fun of. I can go for weeks without worrying about the cure for penicillin that is growing in the fridge, and I prefer to let the dust bunnies under my couch meet the OTHER dust bunnies under my couch. However, every once in a while, a strange feeling comes over me, and in true waspy fashion, I revert and become super housewife. Shortly after, $50 dollars worth of food in the fridge is now down the disposal, and I am on a mad hunt everywhere, picking things up and CLEANING them.

These fits don't last very often, but they burn with the white-hot fire of a thousand suns! Or something. I guess that is what happened when I decided to "Clean" house on my pictures. But rest assured, I have learned my lesson.

And, as a special treat for all of you...

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Hal Hitting Himself!

Because that never ever gets old.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh Fudge

Well I just learned something interesting. I was going through some of my old blogs yesturday, because my ego knows no bounds, and discovered something to my dismay. A whole passel of my witty, inciteful and head-bonking pictures had mysteriously disappeared! Some pictures were left, but a ton were now missing.

This seemed on the odd side. Sometimes within the same posting, there would be pictures along with missing pictures. It all seemed so arbitrary. So, I waited until the resident teenaged computer genius got home from school, and explained my consternation. Resident teenaged genius only snickered for a few moments, and then asked me if I had been deleting anything from Photobucket.

Well, I'll be gobsmacked. I had INDEED discovered the delete function only a week or so ago, and had merrily gone through a ton of pages, deleting right and left. I had already used a number of these scans, and since I still had the originals, and could go back to them at need, why keep a bunch of old scans cluttering up the memory...or something?

It turns out that apparently you can't do that. Crap in a hat. I can go back and re-enter the scans into my photobucket thingie, but I'm not sure if I can go back and edit an old blog entry, and try to re-instate my pictures. Is that even possible? I certainly learned my lesson, and I'll never ever delete my old scans again. And a whole lot of those old blogs now make no sense whatsoever...not that they were Shakespeare to begin with, but you probably get my gist.


Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hmmm...rather a slow week

No Green Lantern Corps this week...dammit.


Maybe next week?

Well, Blue Beetle was fun, but then it always is. The new Justice League book came out, and I did enjoy Mr. McDuffie's stuff, although I must say that the art was dreadful. John Stewart was dryly humorous however, which is so appropriate. Green Arrow: Year One was pretty good. The Wonder Woman annual was a bit on the confusing side, since I had already forgotten whatever story-line that Heinberg had going. But the art was pretty.

And speaking of pretty...

Hal Pictures

I know I've posted this before, but gosh, Hal is a pretty pretty man. Look at his lovely hair. He must put a lot of thought and time in getting his hair to look that good. At least he must use nice shampoo.

He's got some pretty nice teeth too. Any dentist would be proud.

I love Guy, but somehow his hair never looks this good. His new look is definitely an improvement over the bowl cut however. And John's hair looks pretty nice. Kyle of course has gorgeous hair, although I was a fan of the original look, when it was all floppy over his forehead. He just looked adorable! Alan's hair is actually pretty good too.

But in this picture at least, I think that Hal wins the bestest hair contest.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Well, gosh it's Wednesday

I must say that I REALLY wish that Green Lantern Corps was coming out today. It was listed in the Previews, but I've looked at some of the other lists of the new books scattered throughout the blogs and such, and didn't find it. Man, I get pissy when my favorite books are late.

On the good side, I do believe that Blue Beetle is coming out today,which will calm me down slightly.

Is it just me, or did this month just seem to fly by?

I do have a question about where does the Green Arrow/Black Canary wedding fall in regards to the Sinestro Corps battle. If it is before, as I am assuming it is, where the heck is Kyle? You'd think that they'd invite him. Ollie may not be a huge fan of his, but he's pretty good friends with Connor and Roy. If it takes place AFTER the Sinestro war, then it explains why Kyle isn't there, but then where the heck is Ice?

I think that I actually have brought this up before, but it's bugging the heck out of me.

Oh well, off to the comic book store.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

It...It's all TRUE!

I have become a convert. For quite some time now, I have been reading the various blogs and interviews and so on, and the one great cry from the masses, concerning the recent Wedding between Green Arrow and Black Canary, was that Judd Winick was a dick.

I didn't really believe it. Surely, I thought to myself, this is just typical fanboy/fangirl bloviating. Maybe we don't agree with all the things that he has done, but is he really THAT bad?

Yes. Yes he is.

I just finished reading his interview over on Newsarama. He originally wanted to "kill" Dinah instead of Ollie. After all, what's one more woman in a fridge? Then he thought the current ending was edgier. I think I may be sick.

It was bad enough that he had the two coming to blows and then jumping each others bones. I've read cheesy romances in my day, so I guess that he has as well. I am able to suspend my disbelief to an alarming degree. I can rationalize all kinds of things. However, the fact that she had to "kill" him in order to stop him, has brought my suspension of disbelief to a crashing halt.

Please. There were fifty different ways for her to incapacitate him. If the plot required the disappearance of Ollie, well, there were a number of ways for that to happen as well. This was sloppy. BAD and sloppy. And I had rather been enjoying things up to the ending...although a major part of that enjoyment was due to the lovely art of Amanda Conner.

But the fact that Mr. Winick's first thought was to kill off Black Canary just repulses me. It is so wrong. And needless. And stupid. It's BAD WRITING! And I hates bad writing. So I guess that I've just joined the ranks of the "I hate Judd Winick" club. From what I gather, it has a LOT of members.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Well...it's Monday

...and I don't have a single thought in my head. It IS an awfully pretty day however. Nothing like autumn in New England. I guess I'll just ramble for a bit.

I DO hope that Green Lantern Corps comes out this week. It's late...and I HATE late. It makes me quite cranky.

Kalinara mentioned the other day, that she can't think of any occasions where John Stewart and Guy Gardner have interacted with just each other. There are always other GL's in the mix. Thinking about this, I must concur. As a matter of fact, I can't think of too many occasions where John interacts with ANYBODY other than mostly just Hal. Has he ever had a team-up with just John and Alan for example? Seems as though it is always as a group.

Frankly, I'd like to see some team-ups with John and some of the other non-earth Green Lanterns...like Kilowog and Salakk for example. I'd REALLY like to see his reaction to Soranik Natu, but I'm not even sure that they have even met. Considering he was married to Katma Tui, what would be his reaction to another Korugarian woman? Or, for that matter, what would her reaction be to him? It would be nice to see him talk to Arisia or Boodika.

John hasn't been around too much lately, which is why I'm rather pleased that he's going to be splitting the time with Hal in the JLA. And for all those cretins on the DC Message Boards who are having hissy fits about it, well you can just suck it.

Hmmmm....I seem to be falling into crudity, and that will never do.

So, I leave you all this picture. You who are adept at photo-shopping and such can make mock of it as you will.

Green Lanterns

Occasionally Wizard is actually good for something.

Saturday, September 22, 2007


Bueno. Bueno...excellente!

Oh gosh, Tommy, I've missed you. I thank God every day, that I had the good taste and brains to actually go out and buy every copy of Hitman as they hit the stands back in the day, because it was dark, violent, bloody...and hilarious.

Alas...since Tommy Monaghan is STILL dead, this whole premise depends up flashback...a story as told by Clark Kent to a journalist. It is written by the ineffable Garth Ennis, and thank goodness, it is drawn by John McCrea, who did the original book. As usual Ennis pokes fun at the superheroes, but I don't really mind.

And Kyle is in it! Back to being that raw, untried Newbie, who is mercilessly mocked and taunted by Wally, who apparently has his OWN issues, and is busy taking them out on poor Kyle. Batman is pretty obnoxious...he even disses Superman. Superman is FABULOUS, and Wonder Woman is actually done pretty darn well for a change.

Anyhoo...the premise is that a space shuttle is missing, and the JLA discovers that dirty work is afoot. It all ties in with the "Bloodlines" story. A story that frankly, was pretty horrible, except that it introduced Hitman to the world. These rather icky aliens have the power to eat your brains or something, and under rare occasions, create superpowers for people. Tommy got the ability to read minds, (sort of) and X-Ray vision, which he uses constantly on Wonder Woman.

C'mon, if YOU had X-ray vision, you would be doing it too, if you were a guy. If you were a girl, you'd be doing to Kyle. I know I would.

So, in order to solve the mystery, Batman decides to go after Tommy. Tommy meanwhile, is just hanging out with his buddies down at Noonan's. It was SO nice to see Sean, and Ringo, and Nat the hat...sniff. Bats does manage to grab Tommy...AND makes reference to the fact that at their first meeting, Batman punched Tommy...who ended up vomiting all over Bat's shoes.

Haw! It STILL cracks me up. Tommy manages not to heave this time, but does threaten to wet his pants. So Batman hauls Tommy up to the Headquarters, where Tommy is just stoked to realize that he's on the FREAKIN' MOON! He is also delighted to renew his acquaintance with Kyle, who is busy trying to sneak out the door.

Batman of course is outraged and disgusted with poor Kyle, who keeps trying to stammer out an explanation.

"...Dude, it's...it's GOTHAM, you know? Something terrible ALWAYS happens to me when I go there, stuff always seems to get turnd on it head...I mean this one time, okay, someone spiked by drink and don't know WHAT happened...all I remember is this voice going bueno, over and over, bueno, bueno, bueno...! It's all very confusing."

I swear I laughed for ten minutes.

Batman of course begins ranting about what a creep Tommy is, and that he's a Hitman,and moral turpitude and what a disgrace Kyle is, to his ring, to the flag, and to apple pie, when Superman walks in....and is DELIGHTED to see Tommy! See, the two of them had had a nice little bonding moment up on a rooftop once, and Superman thinks that Tommy is just SWELL! Oddly enough, considering his usual contempt for superheroes, Tommy thinks the same thing about Superman. Really, the look of shock on Batman's face, and the smug look that Kyle gets is just amazingly well done. Then Batman spills the beans about Tommy's profession, and Superman gets sad. Oh GREAT, Batman!

So, Wally and Kyle draw a blood sample from Tommy, and Wally is being snarky, and both he and Kyle make fun of the rest of the Bloodlines characters. There are all kinds of little in-jokes and references to old Hitman issues that are going on all through the story. Fun if you know the jokes, but if you don't, it is still good.

Tommy ends up in the bathroom, and decides a little graphitti on the walls is just the ticket. Superman and Wonder Woman have an amazing moment, discussing the morality and mechanics of being a hero and a warrior. The shuttle shows up with its unwelcome cargo, and Superman flies out to investigate, while the rest of them suddenly discover to their horror, that their powers are suddenly gone. Well, not exactly GONE, but they can't access their memories of how to WORK them. They are all standing around discussing this, when Tommy shows up and points out that Superman is OUT THERE!

Oh crap.

To be continued in issue #2...and I can't WAIT!

In the meatime, for those old Hitman fans amongst you, here is the cover to my absolute FAVORITE issue.
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"Zombie Night at the Gotham Aquarium". BEST TITLE EVER!

Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's Try this Again...DAMMIT!

Sorry about that. Hit the wrong button again. Fershluginner computer!


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Yes, I know this is not the actual cover, but I've already posted that once or twice already, and I really really like this one.

So...we finally, actually get to the wedding of Ollie and Dinah, as written by Judd Winick and penciled so beautifully by Amanda Conner. I really can't begin to say enough about the artwork, it is so...so...CUTE! Her expressions are amazing, if I can't have Kevin Maguire, she's just as good. A great deal of the humor in this book simply comes from the art.

We begin with a recap of the Bachelor and Bachelorette parties that have already been presented in several other books, which smacks of overkill, but I am willing to overlook it...for now. Poor Hal, it appears that Ollie really DOESN'T want strippers at the party, much to the chagrin of the other guests.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
They all DO seem a bit on the cranky side.

Contrast this model behavior with the shenanigans at Dinah's party. Debauchery doesn't even begin to describe what is going on.
< silly

There's a whole lot more, but I'm keeping it clean. Funny though.

There is also some fun with the happy couple and their little spat that leads...almost...to some steamy rolling about, until Dinah decides to save herself for the wedding night. Poor Ollie is NOT happy with this decision, but manages to rise to the occasion...or not. We also have an entire page of the various guests and their reactions to receiving the invitations. I find it hilarious that Hal's and Roy's are exactly the same.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I can't believe it either, Snapper. I'm with Ollie. You ARE an idiot.

But we finally get to the big day, and I must admit that I completely enjoyed this spread.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

I probably spent ten minutes just laughing and trying to identify everybody in that picture. It is SO sweet with Buddy and Ellen, Superman and Lois and Barda and Scott! Alan is tugging on Gar's shoulder as he drools over Power Girl. Guy is busy leering at Kory's cleavage. Hawkman is glaring over at Hawkgirl. Snapper is still making an ass out of himself. Ollie looks enthralled, Roy bemused, and Hal slightly horrified.

And the blushing bride finally appears in her wedding outfit, which is indeed the one that is on the cover. Actually, it makes a certain amount of sense. You can pretty much bet that SOMETHING is going to happen, so she had better be able to kick butt and take names. Besides, I like the train.

Sure enough, Superman detects that nuclear missles have been fired, so he, Wonder Woman, and ALL the Green Lanterns...including Alan...fly off to deal with them. Ollie doesn't think that it is a coincidence that "the six biggest guns just got pulled out of the room..." and of course, Deathstroke and his assorted baddies show up, right on cue. In addition to the main action, there is all kinds of shenanigans going on in the background, and again, it is completely worth your while, to stare closely at the artwork.

I must also state my utter delight in the fact that the Green Lanterns (including Alan) are indeed described as being amongst the heavy hitters. As indeed they should be. Even Guy. Especially Guy.

Dinah in the meantime is freaking out over her ring.

And Batman just showed up for the fight.

Deathstroke has the entrance sealed up, so that Superman, Wonder Woman and the Lanterns can't get back in, so Ollie manages to save the day, by shooting an arrow up and destroying the device, and that is pretty much the end of the fight. I must say that I found the use of the Suicide Squad as stand-ins for the police to be an...odd choice. They are authorized members of Law Enforcement now? I had always thought they were a black-ops group of sorts. Wierd.
Deathstroke gets away of course...he always gets away.

And finally, we get to the wedding night! This unfortunately, is where the entire tone of the book changes, and for the worse. Up until now, it has been a frothy and lighthearted romp of a story. Now for some reason, Ollie goes nuts, and tries to stab Dinah, and in the fight, she stabs him through the neck with an arrow.


He's straddling her, she could have simply knee'd him in the groin. She'd already done it to Deathstroke earlier. She could have shoved him, used her mad martial arts on him, or just her canary cry! Instead, she stabs her brand-new husband, and the apparent love of her life...through the throat with one of his own arrows!

Man, I'd be even madder about this, if I didn't really believe it for a minute. For one thing, they've already killed Ollie off and resurrected him. That's the usual formula in DC. They may kill you, but if you make it back, you are usually safe. Also, killing a guy on his wedding night seems pretty cold, no matter how you look at it, but it makes for one heck of a cliffhanger, which is supposed to suck you into buying the new Green Arrow/Black Canary book. I see through your machinations DC! Of course I'll still buy it, but I AM aware of being manipulated.

So...it's worthwhile for the art alone, and the story is fun for the most part. Just don't fall for the ending, and you'll be perfectly happy.

The Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special!

The Green Arrow & Black Canary Wedding Special!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Tales of the Sinestro Corps: Parallax

Kyle pictures

Kyle has been having something of a rough time of it lately. His mother died, due to Sinestro's machinations, he gets kidnapped from Oa, beaten up by the entire Sinestro Corps, had Ion ripped right out of him, and finally gets possessed by Parallax. The boy just cannot catch a break.

The Sinestro Corps special goes inside of Parallax, where Kyle...the uncorruptable essence of Kyle still exists. He is trapped in what appears to be his mother's empty house. Empty that is, except for a painting hung on the wall. This is the same painting that he refers to waaaay back in the first Sinestro Corps book...right before he gets kidnapped. It is of a small boy, who is apparently lost in a field. Kyle and his mother used to trade stories about the painting, and what was going to happen, and it obviously has a great deal of meaning to Kyle, since he is using it as his last lifeline to his own sanity.

Kyle is on the inside, looking out, and seeing himself as Parallax beat the snot out of Hal and the rest of the Lanterns. He has just about given himself up to despair, when who should show up, but Parallax himself...at his taunting best. Kyle has been drawing on the walls, and has lovely portraits of Alex, Donna, Jade and his mother, which Parallax proceeds to view and mock. Kyle has just about had enough and transforms into his Ion costume and attempts to fight Parallax. He actually even gets in a few licks. Parallax of course is just playing with him, and finally Kyle stabs him in the eye with his pencil, which doesn't faze him in the least, and he finally leaves Kyle alone, with the echoes of his taunts ringing in his ears...especially the one about having no hope.

Kyle rips the portrait off the wall and is about to smash it, when he looks at the back, and recognizes the signature of his mother. It turns out that she was the one who painted it, and it is her final gift to him. Kyle smiles and suddenly, he IS the little boy in the picture, and he walks into the distance WITH hope.

Let me just say that the art is beautiful, drawn byAdriana Melo, she makes a HECK of a gorgeous Kyle. It is written by Ron Marz, who does indeed have a deep fondness for Kyle. The story doens't change anything at the moment, Kyle is still trapped,and Parallax is still gloating, but we finally see some evidence that Kyle IS still fighting and will break free of Parallax...eventually. The Green Lantern Corps has been getting pummelled relentlessly for quite some time now, so I'm ready for a little bit of redemption.

So, a nice bit of characterization and some beautiful art.

Kyle pictures

So...so pretty.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Firstly let me state that I don't have the foggiest idea what book this scan is originally from, although I would imagine that it has something to do with Batman...and obviously, Catwoman.

But what intrigues me, is WHO are those two men she's talking to?

Hal Pictures

That looks an AWFUL lot like Hal and John! I just love the fact that they are discussing fashion with her, while apparently in their civilian identities. My guess is that they were just walking along, and Hal spotted Catwoman, and decided that she was "hawt" and immediately wandered over to make her acquaintance. As for John...well, he DOES like Streisand after all.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Random Mutterings

Gosh, still so much goodness left in my comics from last week, and here we are almost to Wednesday again! So, instead of blathering on about Green Lanterns, I thought I'd give you all a break and blather about some of the other characters that are cool. But we WILL come back to Lanterns in the end.

Heh heh.

I've got to say that I did get a kick out the Justice League America: Wedding Special, although I did find it a bit odd that Dinah was on in ONE panel, and alas, Superman did NOT jump out of a cake. I was REALLy looking forward to that one.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed the character moments with Hal trying to get Batman to help him payoff the stripers...all of whom resembled Marvel women. (Snicker) Batman was smug as usual, but actually...almost...endearing in his smuggery which was a pleasant change. I also enjoyed Ollie, Roy and Connor, although that word balloon about the Prius and Granola REALLY should have been Roy's...not Ollie's.

And unlike some of the hysterical posters over at the DCMB, I am thrilled that John Stewart is going to be sharing some of the load with Hal. It makes perfect sense if you think about it. The Green Lanterns don't just answer to themselves, like most of the other members, they have to account for themselves to the Guardians as well, NOT to mention patrol the rest of their sector. Besides...Hal has his own book.

I do rather resent the attitude that Dwayne McDuffie isn't allowed to bring in his favorites to write, when every OTHER writer gets to do as they like. He's an excellent writer, let the man write whomever he wants to!


I really did love Justice Society as well. It has all the members down at the local Firehouse, throwing a pancake breakfast and having a fundraiser for charity!

Besides, it's adorable. Later, they all get to go along with the firetruck on a call. Starman makes a black hole to throw the bad guy into, and somehow Superman from Kingdom Come shows up. Needless to say, Peej looks flabberghasted, since she's been feeling all lonely and sad over the death of Superman from Infinite Crises and all that.

And then there is THIS!

Green Lanterns

Ice! Ice, baby! This is the DC solicit for December, and I'm as happy as a clam. Which is a rather odd saying, really, because I haven't the foggiest idea if clams actually are happy or not.
Anyway...Guy and Ice get back together...FINALLY! Man, I've been waiting for this since she showed up in Birds of Prey! She had her reunion with Fire over in Checkmate, which was certainly satisfying, but I've been dying for Guy to find out that she's back amongst the living. And apparently, hanging out with the Green Lantern Corps!

And finally this, which I find to be rather cool as well.

Green Lanterns

The covers are mirror images of each other! Isn't that neat? And basically, the cover for GLC is a duplicate of the one with Hal as well. There seems to be some sort of theme going on. I'm just happy and relieved to see some of my favorite Lanterns showing up NOT dead after all the kerfuffle with the Sinestro Corps.

Monday, September 17, 2007

The New Rulz of Oa

As you all know, being avid readers of Green Lantern, the Guardians of Oa, put their collective little blue heads together in the last issue and came up with ten new rules for the Green Lantern Corps. The first and foremost, being the authorized use of lethal force against the Sinestro Corps. While this is a complete 180 degrees from their former beliefs, I suppose that it is warranted, considering that the Sinestro Corps certainly isn't using kid gloves when it comes to doing their best to exterminate the Green Lanterns.

However, then the Guardians started gettting cocky. They have also rewritten the Book of Oa, and booted out Ganthet and Sayd for holding hands, and having the nerve to disagree with them. So in addition to the new rule about killing off Sinestro Corps, they broke out the champagne, and started coming up with nine MORE new rules.

How does it all turn out? Well...let's just say that tiny blue people can't hold their liquor.

1....Use of lethal force is authorized against the Sinestro Corps.

Well all well and good I suppose, although I do think that this is going to come right back and bite them in their tiny blue butts one of these days.

2...Wednesday is now officially Meatloaf night in the main cafetorium on Oa.

3...Due to numerous complaints, Guy Gardner is hereby banned from calling Boodika, "Bookalicious".

4...Dorine/Onu called. She wants Hal Jordan to start making child support payments. Now

(This one is all Sea of Green's fault)

5...Kareoke night on Fridays!

6...Stop stealing Kilowog's coffee and donuts. He gets cranky, and goes and punches out Shorm.

7...Mogo is sick and tired of socializing. Go and solve your own problems.

8...Stop rubbing the Guardian's tummies for good luck. It does no good.

9...Arisia is ordered to get a costume that FITS.

You're not jailbait any more sweetie. Put on some pants!

10...Stop pinching the Ion whale. It just makes him cry.

You are of course all welcome to come up with better ones.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Great Guardians!

So yesturday, I gave you all my review of Green Lantern #23, but I left out all the stuff with the Guardians in it. Trust me however, some of this is very important.

Frankly, I think that those adorable little blue munchkins have lost their collective minds...with the exceptions of Ganthet and Sayd. They have decided that the best reaction to the recent little tiff with Sinestro and his minions, is...get this...to rewrite the Book of Oa. Seriously. They don't like the prophecy as laid down by those demons and are uncomfortable with the possible ending to their story. So they are just going to change it. No harm, no foul...right?

Ganthet and Sayd have had the temerity to speak up and say that this is a stupid idea. But Ganthet and Sayd have basically screwed themselves, by being caught holding hands. They are also making sense, and we can't have that sort of thing going on. So the rest of the Guardians tell them to take their toys and go home...they can't play anymore.

I've had my doubts about the Guardians before, but they are really making asses of themselves in a big way here. They accuse Ganthet and Sayd of the ultimate betrayal...at least in their eyes, which is succumbing to emotion. And yet the Guardians themselves have been portrayed as being overcome with fear. Fear of Sinestro, fear of the Anti-Monitor, fear of the prophecy. They seem to be running around in circles and giving way to panic, which really isn't a very omnipotent way for them to be acting.

I think at this point, that Geoff Johns is going to bring in the Zamorans and their quest for the rest of the colors of the spectrum and emotion, and in the end, that may be what saves Oa and the Green Lantern Corps. With the exception of Ganthet and Sayd, the rest of the Guardians are sticking their heads in the sand and or, plugging their ears and going "lalalalalalalalalalala!!!"

They certainly aren't doing much of inspiring their own minions. John pointed out that it would have been nice if they would actually come out and give a pep talk, but they were too busy trying to erase the Book of Oa. Like THAT'S going to work.

And then, they come up with their ten new rules, the first of which is that the rings are now empowered to use lethal force against the Sinesto Corps. And Whoosh, Boodika's ring comes back! All the GL's get the message, and most of them look stunned and flabberghasted. This is a pretty big deal after all. Suddenly, the Guardians have abandoned one of their most precious precepts...one that they have stuck to for eons, in the face of expediency. Is this just the first step onto a very slippery slope?

They are also shown as having a rather cavalier attitude towards their own Lanterns...seeming to regard most of them as nothing more than cannon fodder. Even Kyle Rayner, the Torch Bearer, is cast aside with only a moment of regret. Pretty cold. And they dont' seem to care for the Earth Lanterns very much either. As Sayd points out, loyalty is a GOOD thing.

They are also preparing for a showdown on Oa, because their own perceptions have been clouded. Ganthet and Sayd's aren't however, and they are the only ones who realize that Sinestro and the Anti-Monitor are actually more interested in Earth. At least I think that the Anti-Monitor is the most interested, it seems to me, that his primary purpose is going to be the destruction of Earth as the Nexus for the Multiverse, so that the Anti-Matter universe will be the only one left. I don't see how Sinestro is necessarily going to go along with this, since he does seem to harbor some feeling for Korugar still. Does Sinestro seriously think that the Anti-Monitor is going to be his dupe? My impression is that the Anti-Monitor is using ALL of them...and that includes Sinestro.

So I suppose that we will have to wait and see how things play out. It is an exciting ride though, that's for sure.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Green Lantern #23


Oh yeah! Wait a minute...that's not the right one...

Hal Pictures

How's THAT for an Homage?

I'm not going to do a huge, page-by-page breakdown of this issue, because I want to you all to get off your duffs and go out and BUY it and READ it. It does however very quickly jump right back into the action from last month's cliffhanger, where Guy and John were hanging up on a pillar and Lyssa Drak was gloating. Although there is a quiet moment at the very beginning with Hal's brother's family and the goings on in Coast City, that establish a note of foreboding.

Hal, Graf Toren and Tomar Tu are fighting Lyssa, and Hal's ring is running out of power, but fortunately...

Guy pictures

Hoohah! And just like that the tables start to turn. I must say that I rather enjoyed Hal's wry comment about cops never being around, and then he and Guy having to explain the whole thing to Tomar who doesn't understand Earth humor. There is also a nice bit of exposition about what was happening to John and Guy while they were strung up, John got a revisit of his failure to save Xanshi, while Guy sees his miserable old goat of a father, his trip to comaville, and the death of Tora. Being Guy, he shrugs it off, and tells them all to man up and grab Kyle and get back to Oa..."...before Sinestro and his golden fairies beat us there."

Hal however is just about out of power, so he decides to turn the tables on Sinestro and borrow a few rings.

Hal Pictures

Now THAT is some crazy artwork! Do you get the impression that Hal is enjoying this just a little bit too much?

Quite a lot of other cool and exciting things happen of course. Tomar voices his concern over Hal's use of the yellow rings, and Guy just can't help but point out that HE used SINESTRO'S own ring, and it didn't faze him in the least. This is argued about by both John and Hal...in the middle of the fight, but it is funny. Then Sinestro shows up along with Kylellax, and Guy has the most appropriate response...

..."Aw crap."

Talk about jumping into the fire from the frying pan. However it does lead to John's best line..."No Manhunter escapes the Man." Woohoo John! Guy tries to jump Sinestro, which leads to his almost disembowelment by Kylellax, who also does his best to break Guy's neck. Fortunately the cavalry arrives in the form of the lost Lanterns, who are unfortunately sans Ke'Haan, who got blowed up by the Anti-Monitor. Poor Ke'haan. They do have Ion however, so they all decide to jump ship and get the hell back to Oa,where they expect the next attack to fall.

Hal and the others however decide that they want to make a pit stop on Earth first and pick up some help...which is actually a pretty good idea. Too bad for them that they are followed.

Green Lanterns

Isn't that the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen? The clouds, the lights of Coast city below, the terrifying but beautiful yellow and gold streaks of light above. Sensational.

There is a whole lot more going on of course, including some VERY important decisions by the Guardians and the various ramifications of their decisions, but I'm going to leave that for another day. Let me just say that the art is mind-bogglingly magnificent, and ditto for the coloring. Geoff Johns just keeps hitting the ball out of the park with this book.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Booster Gold #2

Haw! You all thought I was going to go for Green Lantern #23 instead, didn't you? Well, I'm letting that one ferment a little bit first. In the meantime, I have to give you Booster Gold instead.

Booster Gold

This is going to be one of my all-time favorite books, I can already feel it. This was wonderful. Funny, witty, a tiny bit poignant, a little mystery thrown in...who exactly IS that in Supernova's costume anyway?

We begin with Booster laying down the law to Rip Hunter, he'll give up being famous so long as he can get Ted Kord back. Rip isn't too happy about this, and grumbles for a bit, but eventually gives in...as we all knew he would. But getting back to that mysterious Death Certificate for Hal Jordan, that Booster received from the JLA, Rip is researching the Green Lanterns.

Oh no! Hystory is changing again! Hal's not the greatest GL ever, it's...it's...The Greatest Green Lantern is...

...Yup. It's Guy Gardner.

Double haw!

Well, I knew that all along, but it is nice to recieve a bit of validation. Kalinara will be beside herself.

Meanwhile, they've got to stop Sinestro from talking to Guy, because that will lead to untold chaos in the time stream. Guy will die from the yellow plague on Planet Ghera (GL#59), and Sinestro will build the Sinestro Corps years before he should have, and destroy Oa and take over the Universe, including Earth.

Booster isn't exactly buying all of this, but Rip assures him that tiny actions can lead to massive reactions. Then Rip decides to go Time Diving,which looks like fun.

Meanwhile, Guy Gardner is having a heated conversation with his mummy on the phone. She wants him to come home for Christmas, and he's not having any of it, and who can blame him. He's got tickets to the Rose Bowl, and it's the University of Michegan (his old alma mater) vs. the University of Washington. Nevertheless he mopes around for a while. Please keep in mind that this is the old un-braindead Guy. Booster is just flabberghasted, he's never had any sort of experience with old un-braindead Guy, and he's not sure how to handle it.

Guy pictures

Then Sinestro shows up, he's still the greatest GL ever, but he's not too impressed with Earth. He's talking back and forth to his ring, which describes him as the Great and Powerful Sinestro. Hmmmm...sounds like the old magic mirror there. That's one smart ring.

So naturally, Booster clobbers Sinestro in mid-air. Sinestro is quite surprised, to say the least, and not too thrilled that this troglodyte has the effrontery to attack him. Between the two of them, they manage to commit quite a bit of damage,while Sinestro thinks that perhaps Skeets is actually a Manhunter. To which Skeets replies..."No man escapes ME!" and being yellow, whacks Sinestro right in the head.

Triple Haw!

Then we have a delightful segue to Rip, and none other than Dr. Thirteen, which just thrills me to the marrow. However, Sinestro has given Booster the slip and is about to pounce on an unsuspecting Guy, when Booster has an epiphany and realizes how much Sinestro loves the sound of his own voice, so he flies up and grabs him again. Sinestro is about to punch his lights out, when Booster starts gushing about what a fan he is, and how utterly utterly fabulous Sinestro is. He gets a little mixed up and calls the Qwardians "Accordians", but Sinestro is so enthralled at what he's hearing, that he doesn't care. Booster points out that he's from the future and can guarantee that Sinestro is just the bestest GL ever. Sinesto harumphs a little bit and says that another fellow from the future had told him that Guy was supposed to be the bestest, when Booster nails it by claiming that this other guy can't be trusted, he was just trying to make Sinestro afraid.

Afraid? Sinestro isn't afraid of anything! Booster then says that his fear is of being replaced, and that by seeking out Guy Gardner, he's showing his enemies that he IS afraid. When Sinestro comments on Booster's Legion ring, he stammers out that they ALL wear rings in the future...in honor of...The Sinestro Corps! Yes, that's it! Sinestro is delighted, and actually twirls his little mustache.

He Twirls His Mustache! This may be one of the greatest panels in Comic book history.

So Sinestro flies off all happy now. Booster however, still goes looking for Guy, because as long as he's known Guy, he's never seen him like this. Uncertain and quiet and maybe even a little afraid. So he changes into mufti, and finds the bar where Guy is having a beer. Booster just walks up, plunks himself down next to Guy and says:

"Hey. How you doin'? Buy you a drink?"

To which Guy replies rather coldly, that "Thanks, I'm straight." and thinks "California!" to himself. Booster immediately stammers "Oh,me TOO, me TOO."

Quadruple Haw!

So they get to talking a bit. Guy says that he used to play for Michigan, which means this takes place after he made the winning touchdown and went home to find that nobody cared, and Mace had been shot. Booster gets Guy to open up a little, and they start to talk about family. Booster admits that he's lost his sister and hasn't seen his parents in...years. Guy replies that he has a brother he doesn't really care for, and that he feels just about the same about his mother. When Booster asks about his father, Guy gets all broody and says that the old lush is dying, and that he used to be his punching bag, and doesn't need any sort of reconciliation crap. To which Booster says that his own dad had been a crook, and he lost a lot trying to help him and get his love. His dad died before they could have any sort of relationship, and he regrets not being able to say goodbye. At which point, Guy gets all quiet, then suddenly hands his ticket to Booster and goes and calls his mother, and gets a flight back to Baltimore.

So Booster is feeling self-congratulatory that he's saved history, when Skeets points out that tomorrow is the day that Abin Sur shows up, and that had Guy stayed to watch the game, HE would have been closest and would have therefore received the ring instead of Hal Jordan. Of course, we all know from reading GL #59 that had that happened, then Guy WOULD have died from that yellow plague, so inadvertently, Booster just saved Guy's life!

So Booster pulls out the death certificate, and now all of a sudden it is for Superman,not Hal Jordan! At that same moment, Rip's body comes flying up and whumps against the side of their time ship thingie, followed by Supernova! Booster is confused and at first thinks that it is Daniel, but Skeets isn't fooled, whereupon the faux Supernova flies off through time, and lands in the old west, where he meets up with a certain grizzled bounty hunter.

Dagnabit, this is fun. I do have one small quibble, according to GG, Mace should have already committed his "suicide" at this point, but I can rationalize this by saying that Guy probably woulnd't want to blurt that little fact out to a total stranger in a bar. Although he doesn't mind saying that his father is a total jerk. But apparently, Booster is the one who puts the whole idea of a Sinestro Corps into Sinestro's mind, which I find to be hilarious.

The art is excellent, the story and dialogue are excellent, you could do a HECK of a lot worse. AND Sinestro twirls his mustache.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Gosh, I love Wednesday

Oh this is going to be one HELL of a week. Green Lantern, a special Sinestro Corps book with Parallax, Booster Gold, Thor, Justice Society, Fables...I'm in heaven! Oh, and I think the Wedding shower story too. I really don't want to die between now and when I can get to the comic book store.

So, I'm in a heck of a good mood. I'm wearing my Green Lantern T-shirt, in proper fangirl fashion, it is an absolutely gorgeous early Fall day in New England, my son gave me an I-pod, and I actually figured out how to use it, and there are new comics on the way. Life is good.

So, I give you this. I blatantly stole it from Scipio over at Absorbacon, and it makes me giggle.

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Hee hee!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Gadzooks, I've been Tagged!

Ami Angelwings continues her reign of terror, and has tagged me with a new Meme, wherein you must pick ten characters from any kind of media, and then make them do unlikely things. I've had to sit down and really put on my thinking cap for this one.

For Characters, I've come up with the following. And if you don't expect to see a lot of Green Lanterns, then you don't know me very well.

l. Guy Gardner (Green Lantern...duh!)
2. Kilowog (ditto)
3. Dr Gregory House (as played by Hugh Laurie)
4. Snapper Carr (annoying DC character...their answer to Marvel's Rick Jones)
5. Kyle Rayner (still another Green Lantern)
6. Bertie Wooster (also played by Hugh Laurie)
7. Tony Stewart (Nascar driver, as played by himself)
8. Judge Judy (television judge, also played by herself)
9. Wonder Woman (DC)
10. Hal Jordan (the last Green Lantern on the list)

Well, that line-up is certainly...interesting. Onward!

l...Divide the list up by Even and Odds. Which group of characters would make a better Five-Man Band? Who would you slot in each position; Leader, Lancer (2nd in command), Big Guy, Smart Guy and Chick? If you think the team would be improved by swapping one character between the Even and Odd groups, which ones would you switch?

Well, this makes the "Odd" team, consist of Guy Gardner,Dr. House,Kyle Rayner, Tony Stewart, and Wonder Woman.

The "Even" team is Kilowog, Snapper Carr, Bertie Wooster, Judge Judy and Hal Jordan.

Oh, THIS is going to be rich. One team is full of wise-asses, but they seem to both have a fair amount of raw firepower, as it were.

The Leader of the "Odd" team would have to be Wonder Woman, she has the authority and power to back it up. I'd put Guy Gardner as Lancer, he and Diana actually do work pretty well usually. So, Tony Stewart is the Big Guy, Dr. House is the Smart Guy, and I'm afraid that young Kyle will have to be the Girl, 'cause he's just the prettiest.

The Leader of the "Even" team would be Hal Jordan, because he's got the chuztpah to convince the others that he actually knows what he's doing. Kilowog as the Lancer, since he REALLY knows what he's doing, Bertie Wooster as the Big Guy,which really makes no sense at all, Judge Judy as the Smart Guy, and I'm afraid that leaves poor Snapper Carr as the Girl. Haw!

2. Gender Swap Two, Eight and Ten. Which characters would have the most change in their story arc? Which the least? Would any of these characters have to have a complete personality change to be believeable as the opposite sex?

Okay...Kilowog is now a woman. I don't think that it would change his/her personality in the least, except he would now have breasts probably. Other than that, he/she would also look exactly the same and STILL go around calling people poozers...except with a slightly higher voice.

Judge Judy is now a man. A very short man, but hey, I think she/he could swing it.

Hal is now...(snicker) a woman as well. Guy Gardner is laughing his ass off. Of the three of them, I would say that Hal would have the most touble being in touch with his feminine side. Unless of course, that is all that he/she did, in which case, he's locked in the bathroom with a mirror, bubbles and an eggbeater.

3...Compare the matchups of One and Eight, and Five and Nine. (Ignore canon sexual preferences for the moment). Which couple would be more compatible? Which couple would be more plausible to people from either principal's home cultures?

This puts Guy with Judge Judy, and Kyle with Wonder Woman. Oddly enough, I didn't plan that, but I think that it would work out pretty well for BOTH couples! Frankly, I think that Guy and Judy are a match made in heaven. Wonder Woman would probably wear the pants in their relationship, but I don't think that Kyle would mind.

4...Your team is Three, Four and Nine. The mission consists of a social challenge, a mental challenge and a physical challenge. Which team member do you assign to each challenge?

We now have Dr. House, Snapper Carr and Wonder Woman. I'd put Snapper in charge of the social challenge, he's an idiot, but he does have a certain type of smarmy charm. Dr. House in the mental challenge, which worked out rather neatly, and definitely Diana for the physical challenge. She can wipe up the floor with all the rest of them.

5...Number Seven becomes Number One's boss for a week in some plausible fashion. How's the working relationship?

Woohoo! Guy is working for Tony Stewart! His Pit Stops are only three seconds long, because Guy uses the ring to change all four tires, put in gas, and make a wedge adjustment! Tony wins the Daytona 500! Guy gets to spray people with cheap champagne! Much beer is consumed!

6...Number Two finds him/her/itself inserted in Six's continuity. As far as anyone other than Two or Six is concerned they've always been there. What role would Two be presumed to have had in Six's story, and could they fit in without going wonkey?

Oh boy. This would be Kilowog and Bertie Wooster. So...I guess that makes Kilowog Jeeves, which is certainly a fine kettle of fish. However, if anybody could carry this off, it might be Kilowog, who in addition to being awesome, is also pretty smart. And Bertie is an amiable twit, which makes it all much easier. Besides, I WANT to see how Kilowog would handle the entire silver Cow Creamer incident.

7...Three and Five get 3 wishes. The catch is they have to agree on all 3 wishes before they get the benefits of any of them. What 3 wishes would they make?

Dr House and Kyle together? With wishes? I would guess that Greg would want his leg fixed, and Kyle is certainly kind and amiable enough to go along with that. Then they'd get a hot tub and some women I suppose.

8...One and Two are brainwashed by a one-time artifact that works even on people immune to mind control, to attack and kill Four. They have their normal personality, skills and competence level, except any code vs killing has been turned off. Can Four survive? How?

Heh! That's Guy and Kilowog vs...Snapper Carr! He's dead! He's so dead, it isn't even funny! Well, actually, it IS funny because it involves the gruesome death of Snapper Carr! I'm picturing defenestration for some reason.

9...Six, Seven, Nine and Ten must help an orphanage full of small and depressed children have a Merry Christmas. Who does what, knowing that at the very least, the kids will be expecting a visit from Santa?

This involves Bertie, Tony Stewart, Wonder Woman and Hal. Tony Stewart is RICH! He can buy each one of those kids, their own go-cart! And a track to go with it! Diana will give them all hugs, Bertie will dress up as Santa and play the piano, while Hal will hit on the attractive female administrator. Oh, and create green reindeer I suppose.

10...Three and Eight are challenged to circumnavigte the Earth in 80 days or less, using only forms of transportation invented before 1900. Can they do it, or wil lthey be fatally distracted by side quests or their own personality conflicts?

Let's see, Dr. House again, and Judge Judy? The two smartest people on the list! Once they put their minds to it, they'll succeed with no problems. In fact they'll probably finish early. Now if it had been Bertie or Kyle, they would have wandered off to look at the butterflies or something.

This was awfully silly, but certainly an amusing way to spend the morning! Thanks Ami!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Green Lantern News from DC

Well dip me in honey, there are a'doings transpirin' over at DC for the future of the Green Lantern Corps. According to the recent interview on Newsarama, former Editor of the GL books, Peter Tomasi, will be taking over from Dave Gibbons beginning in November, which finishes up the Sinestro Corps story. I find myself a little nervous because I'm not that familiar with Mr. Tomasi's work, and because I have become quite fond of Mr. Gibbons run on GLC.

Firstly, "Recharge" was simply sensational. The GLC started out strong, and just kept getting better. Yeah, there were occasionally issues that weren't as exciting as others, but still, very good story-telling. I loved how Mr. Gibbons was busy planting clues for the current story line with the Sinestro Corps waaaaaaay back in the beginning, over a year ago. You may have to go back and read them again and pay attention, but the clues are right there. But I felt that Mr. Gibbons understood and liked his characters and it showed.

I also fell madly in love with Keith Champagne during his three-parter, with Guy and the Corpse story, because he did SUCH a fantastic job with Guy's character. It was also a rip-snorter of a story.

However, I do take comfort from further reading of the interview at Newsarama, because of this statement from Mr. Tomasi.

Newsarama..."Will the Corps post-war be recognizable compared to the Corps pre-war?"

Tomasi......."Absolutely. I'll be introducing some new rookies, but I feel the current roster is damn strong and I can't wait to contribute to their stories as a writer. The main line-up will be Guy, Kilowog, Arisia, Salakk, Soranik, Iolande, Vath and Isamot, but the one major difference is that Kyle will be a major part of the book from here on, as was originally planned when I launched the Corps with Geoff, Dave and Patrick Gleason back in GL Corps Recharge. We had to pull Kyle out back then due to some major DCU event, but now he's back where he belongs, partnered up with Guy and getting on each others nerves."


I liked...no, I loved Guy and Kyle together in "Recharge". They really did work very very well together, and they were funny doing it to boot. I got the impression that they liked each other, as well as respected each others abilities. So, I'm happy that Kyle will have a home with the Corps,which is where he should be, in my humble opinion.

I know that there are some who prefer to have Kyle on earth, doing his "everyman" impression, but I also think that perhaps Kyle is past that in his development. Besides, you have Hal and John on earth, which is already overstocked with heroes of every description and type. Kyle has come a long ways from his time as an overeager rookie, and I think that he'll do very well in the group dynamic of the Corps. Besides, now Guy will have somebody to play with, besides Kilowog.

So, we'll have ALL our favorite Lanterns every month! Alan in Justice Society, Hal in GL, John in Justice League, and Guy and Kyle in GLC. It is INDEED a good time to be a Green Lantern Fan.

Saturday, September 08, 2007

Still MORE Wedding Ponderings

Ok, this is the actual picture that I should have taken for yesturday's little paen to Dinah and Ollie. I'm a butterfingers apparently.

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Isn't that just too cute for words?

I hate to kick a girl when she's down, but Ollie was right...she should have hired a wedding planner. Or at least gotten Oracle to pitch in. She's good at multi-tasking.

So...while we are on the subject of weddings, there have been an awful lot of superhero weddings over the years, and while some have been fun, some have been even poignant, quite a number have been unmitigated disasters. In the latter category, I must place Jean Loring and Ray Palmer's wedding. Not only did the Bride turn into a looney-tune, but her taste in bridesmaid dresses was simply dreadful. And Hal turned up wearing a peace symbol or something and a turtleneck! Gah!

Donna Troy and Terry Long's wedding was pretty dismal too. All those horrible horrible hair styles, and Kory looked ridiculous. Speaking of ridiculous, didn't something terrible happen at Dick and Kory's wedding? I think Raven went nuts, but it has been a loooooooonnng time since I read it.

Did they ever show Ralph and Sue's wedding?

Reed and Sue had a nice wedding. Even Stan and Jack showed up, along with the Beatles. It would have been nice if they had gotten married in something other than their costumes though.

John Stewart and Katma Tui got married during the Super Bowl, which I've always found amusing. However, again, something other than standard Green Lantern costumes would have been nice. If the Groom can't recognize the Bride out of costume, (or vice versa) then something is seriously wrong.

Hands down, I think that one of my favorite weddings was Rick Jones and Marlo. The Bachelor Party issue alone was hilarious. Captain America hires an ecdysiast, thinking that she's actually a magician and then has to spend the rest of the party blushing and or closing his eyes. Haw!
Rick gets bombed and is balancing on the Silver Surfer's board with a punch bowl on his head. The highlight of the evening however, is when they get down to business and start watching stag films, and it turns out that the star is noneother than the blushing Bride-to-be. The Vision turns to a visably staggered Rick and deadpans "You must be very proud."

Double Haw!

In view of the fact that the wedding of Ollie and Dinah is going to be in September, I hope she eschews the more common flowers and goes with chrysanthemums and asters and stuff, which would be seasonal and unnusual. I got married in December, and my attendants had white fur muffs, lined in the same color and fabric as their dresses, and it was SO pretty. And I'm also hoping that they can actually get through the reception withOUT being attacked by villains, because that is such a cliche.

Who has some superhero wedding ideas?

Friday, September 07, 2007

Black Canary:Wedding Planner

Birds of Prey

Yes, I admit it, I squealed with joy at getting this. I am SUCH a girl. And it was more or less what I expected it to be, a silly bit of fluff, but an enjoyable one. If you are more into kicks in the face however, don't worry, because there is some of that as well!

Inbetween leading the Justice League, moonlighting for the Birds of Prey and hanging out with Oliver, Dinah Lance aka the Black Canary is trying to find a little bit of time to actually plan her wedding. Ollie keeps trying to be helpful, but Dinah is getting a little hostile on his ass. Frankly, I think the woman is mad. Most guys couldn't care less about planning a wedding, here's Ollie actually trying to give her some good advice and all she can do is throw his laptop out of the window!

Ollie keeps bringing up the wedding at the most inopportune moments, usually while they are in the middle of fighting various bad guys, which leads to this bit of dialogue that I found hilarious.

"Can we at lease decide on WHERE we're getting married? Big ceremony or small? Is it gonna be indoors or out? If you ask me, outdoors isn't such a good idea and not only because of the weather factor, but it's also easier to crash. Last thing we need is some super villain, or worse, SNAPPER CARR crashing our special day...!"

This is Ollie by the way, NOT Dinah, who threatens to crash the motorcycle in order to get him to shut up. But I am pleased to notice that Ollie apparently SHARES my disdain for Snapper Carr. I wouldn't want him at my wedding either.

In addition to all the advice that she's receiving not only from Ollie, but also from Babs, Diana and everybody else who can butt in, they keep adding these fun little ads and stuff. There is the list that Dinah has, with appropriate annotations, and then there is the list that Ollie has, which is basically..."talk to Connor. Talk to Roy. Talk to Hal"

Oracle sends her an ad for "Takeshi's Wedding Castle" and is all enthusiastic about the "Maid Marion" package, which comes complete with Friar Tuck and a wandering Minstrel. Oracle can't understand why Dinah isn't thrilled with this idea. The "Takeshi's Castle" ad just made me snicker uncontrollably. I too would LOVE to see the wedding party dodging giant foam boulders and running through the mud.

It's a good thing that Oliver is rich and connected. They go and see Chef Dennis, and decide that quail isn't a menu choice, and she's worried about a vegetarian meal for Animal Man, and no sushi for Arthur.

Then she takes Barbara, Diana and Mari/Vixen dress shopping and of course has to change in the middle of the showing to go off and fight crime again. Ollie wants everyone to show up in NICE clothes for a change, and I must admit that I'm with him here. Nobody would ever figure out who they all are, if they are wearing suits and tuxes and nice dresses for a change as opposed to their everyday costumes. Dinah is being awfully pigheaded for some reason. She really should just give up and let Ollie do all the work, he seems to be so much better at it than she is.

I did get a chuckle out of the Victoria's Secret spoof catalogue, and Roy's post-it note, reminding her to give it back to him. Probably so that he and Hal can drool over it together. Which leads to the part where all the girls try on lingerie. I guess we have to give the guys SOME reason to read this.

All in all a little silly, but decent fun. Oliver seems to be more into the whole thing than Dinah for some reason. And I wasn't sure why they kept showing him with red hair. Ollie has ALWAYS been blonde, which is more than I can say for Dinah. But you know that I'll be waiting with bated breath for the Shower, the Bachelor Party AND the Wedding.

Timewise, I can only assume that this takes place prior to the Sinestro Corp stuff going on in Green Lantern, because although I know that they are awfully good friends, I really can't see Hal running out on the Corps just to attend a wedding. Speaking of which, I wonder who is going to be the Best Man? Hal or Roy?

Thursday, September 06, 2007


Ahhh...that good old standby, that ace in the hole, the plot bunny that never fails to deliver...whenever I am completely at the end of my inspiration, I can always count on darling Hal for some sweet sweet head-thwacking violence.

Hal Pictures

I just can't help it, seeing Hal getting hit in the head just cracks me up. I can only assume that mentally I am only twelve. What is odd however, is that it is usually JUST Hal that gets conked in the noggin. While I am sure that there are examples of the other Lanterns getting beaned, I can't really think of any off hand.

This is the only one that I can come up with off the top of my head (haw!) for Guy.

<Guy pictures

Personally, I find that example to be hilarious, but it is fairly rare. And while Batman did indeed take out Guy with "one punch!" it was indeed a punch, and not a blow to the head. On the other hand, Guy did manage to take HIMSELF out quite handily by hitting his head on the console after waking up from Bat's little present. And then he did get hit on the head by Lobo later on, which reverted him to his nasty old jerkish self.


While Guy can manage some decent head-banging action, he's still nowhere near as prolific at it as Hal. Which probably rankles, considering how competitive they both are. I can't really think of any occasions where John makes a complete and utter fool of himself either. John is a bit more dignified than either Hal OR Guy, so getting bashed in the head just doesn't seem to happen to him much.

Kyle certainly has his moments, but again, his various indignities don't seem to involve being whacked in the cranium. He does seem to get his clothes torn off a lot, and be tortured however. Kyle however marches to the beat of his own drummer. I just wish that Guy got HIS clothes ripped off half as often.


Hal Pictures

Oh Hal. Nobody does it better.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

GL Sex

Heh heh. Actually, I just blatantly stole this idea from Kalinara, over at "Pretty Fizzy Paradise". Her most recent post, was talking about getting ideas from the various Search Terms that people use, when visiting her site. Being completely out of ideas, I got a kick out of this quote:

g/l sex

"I'm aware by now that this probably refers to gay/lesbian sex or something like that. I still find it more amusing to assume it's Green Lantern Sex. Because those rings? Sooo much potential.

As I'm sure I've said before, I'm one of those people who has a part of their brains constantly snickering over how various powers could be used during sex."

I'm one of those people as well. For example, I'm pretty sure that Sue and Reed have a fairly adventurous sex life, frankly it's the only reason that I can think of, for why Sue doesn't run off with Namor. Flexible body parts or not, I think that Namor is a heck of a lot more fun than Reed, but that's just me.

But Green Lantern shenanigans have so much potential. As Kalinara points out, they DO have those rings. Willpower, stamina and a LOT of imagination can add up to FUN! If Ollie and Dinah can go at it for forty hours, with only a few minutes spent refueling with defrosted chili, imagine what Hal, Guy or Kyle can do! Or even John for that matter. Although I've always pictured John as being essentially monogamous, he DID manage to charm Katma Tui, that blue chick, and one of Hal's old girlfriends, Rose.

Anyway, here's Hal having an...interesting moment.

Hal Pictures

C'mon, admit it. He is TOTALLY into this. I'm sure that the fur-covered handcuffs are just out of camera range.

Guy and Ice

Only Guy would think that taking a girl to a sleezy porn theatre would be an appropriate first date. I believe that his rationale was to find out if she was "easy".

Oh Guy.

Oh well. At least he and Fire had fun on Christmas.

And then:

Kyle pictures

Rowrrr! Granted, sleeping with Kyle is definitely taking your life in your hands, since all his girlfriends and even casual acquaintances have a tendancy to die after being with him, but seeing him in the outfit...makes it worth it! You ROCK that loincloth, Kyle!

Alan's sexy. Alan is sexy as hell, I don't care how old he is. There is just SOMETHING about that uniform!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Cass, Schmass

Man I am cranky today! I just finished reading a whole crapload of blogs and such and I've had it up to here. So in the spirit of the day, I am going to write about Cassandra Cain.

Apparently she has quite a following. Frankly I couldn't care less about Cassandra and whatever it is that DC has supposedly done to her. I don't read Batman with any sort of regularity, because with the exceptions of Alfred (whom I adore) and Tim (whom I like) I don't much like Batman or his merry little band. Except Oracle of course (whom I also adore). However she's in Birds of Prey, and I don't count her as a Bat-person anyway.

I believe that I have read somewhere that people are angry because some writer made Cassandra "go bad". This has somehow completely ruined her character, caused the earth to tremble, milk to go bad and small children to cry.

For Heaven's sake, I'm a Green Lantern fan! We know all ABOUT characters going bad! We've been Parallaxed for the love of God!

And while I am in a sardonic sort of mood, I'm going to just come out and admit it...Emerald Twilight was a heck of a story! More than ten years later, and it still gets talked about on a daily basis. Love it or hate it, that makes it a powerful tale. Things happened that are still being used as plot points. That makes it a damned powerful story.

So to the Cassandra lovers, I know that it may be hard, but I am sure that somewhere there is actually a plan. Maybe she's being mind-controlled. Maybe this is all some sort of deep dark plan that was hatched up between her and Bats. Maybe there really is a point to al of this. Or heck, maybe she really IS bad. Villains can be fun too.

So how's THAT for an apple of discord?

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Heaven's to Betsy!

Oh Marvel, why oh why do I let you get to me? After all the kerfuffle about the Mary Jane statue, you would think that I would have learned my lesson. But as Guy once exclaimed in a joyful tussle with Kilowog..."I NEVER learn!"

Way back when, Betsy Braddock was introduced to the X-Men, as Brian Braddock's twin sister. Brian of course is Captain Britain. Betsy wanted to be, but muffed her chance. Her blonde hair was also turned purple for some reason, and I'm not even going to go into the whole thing with Mojo. Anyway...she was this rather reserved and demure British young lady, who was a telepath, and used this rather neat butterfly effect when she used her powers. She also wore a very frilly pink costume.

Betsy was with the X-men when they all ended up in Australia adn then went through the trial thingie that was some sort of plot device with Roma. It is all very convoluted and ended up with her being put into the body of a Japanese assassin type named Kwannon, who ended up with HER old body.

So now Betsy, also known as Psylocke, is now a hot Ninja, running around in a deep blue Ninja suit, that is basically like Elektra's, except that it isn't red, being slutty and hitting on Scott. Then she gets a crimson dagger tatooed over her eye and can blend in with shadows and stuff, and she hooks up with Angel, then dumps him, and gets beat up by Sabretooth, and is killed off, but come back and so on and so on.

You know...typical day at the office for the X-men.

So Marvel in its infinite wisdom, has decided to bring out a statue of her. In the teeniest little weesiest bikini possible, posing with a sword of all things.

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Gosh that's terrible. In fact it is so terrible that it almost makes the Mary Jane statue look tasteful by comparison. Never mind the fact that there is more fabric in the label of her little bikini than in the actual suit itself. Never mind that each of her thighs are larger than her whole torso.

You know what really gets me enraged? Those are the UGLIEST SHOES ON THE PLANET! How is the average fanboy supposed to be aroused by this cheesy piece of porcelain, when she is wearing such hideous shoes? She didn't have something a little more attractive in her closet?

Oh Psylocke, you poor poor dear.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

It's September!

Woohoo! I made it! I started this silly little blog a year or so ago, give or take a day or two. I'll tell you something however...trying to come up with something worthy enough to print every day is HARD! Just like Math.

It is Labor Day Weekend, and so once again we must put away our white shoes for another year and prepare for Autumn. This is also the time of year that a lot of people start moaning about how quickly Summer went by, and what a tragedy it all is. Not me. I LOVE Fall! Well, I don't love raking leaves, but that's about it. They start to make apple cider, school starts, it isn't so muggy out that you want to cry anymore. The tomatoes are ripe, there are Fairs all over the place and it will be possible to go to sleep at night without a fan or airconditioner.

September is the final hurrah for the Fife and Drum corps, with just a couple of parades until next year. Next weekend they are marching at the Big E in Springfield, Massachusetts, which is a HUGE Fair. And so, I present to you...

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Here you have them, the fruit of my loins. I did indeed raise a bunch of smart-asses, but the apple doesn't fall far from the tree I suppose. However, they ALL read comic books, have jobs, have buried the bodies and settled out of court, so I guess I did something right. They also know that buying me Green Lantern paraphernalia for Christmas is a good way to stay in the will.

So everybody have a nice weekend.