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Thursday, November 30, 2006

Review of Guy Gardner: Collateral Damage

Is it possible to hate and like something at the same time? I've always rather liked Howard Chaykin, mainly due to American Flagg, and Power and Glory, which was quite funny, so I was interested in what he was going to do to Guy Gardner, probably my favorite Green Lantern. My feelings however, are mixed, to say the least.

It is as though he read through Beau Smith's "Warrior", and cherry-picked out the parts that he liked, while ignoring completely the character developments that Mr. Smith gave to Guy. He has Guy acting like a complete jerk of course, as bad as he ever was in the old Justice League, when he was a brain-dead 10-year old, but he hasn't been that way in quite some time, due to the aforesaid developments of Beau Smith and Geoff Johns.

He also brought back the Tormocks, which I had thought were wiped out by Guy as Warrior, Lobo, Hawkman, Wonder Woman and Probert waaaaaay back when. Also, isn't Guy supposed to be the LAST Vuldarian? Why are there other Vuldarians around?

I am assuming that this takes place AFTER "Rebirth", but BEFORE GLC:Recharge. So how is it the Guy's Bar is rebuilt and undamaged? In Rebirth, it was pretty much demolished. And where is Buck Wargo, Veronna etc.?

And then, we come to Gnort. Gnort has ALWAYS been comic relief, he's never been treated with dignity in his entire career...so why start now? Gnort Esplanade Gneesmacher has always had a terrible canine crush on Guy...and now he's yelling at him, and insulting him, and being quite frankly, a bit of a prick. I could see him going to Guy for help, slobbering over him and possibly humping his leg, but insulting him? And Guy DOESN'T deck him!

A great deal is made of the two women that are supposed to be meeting to hammer out some peace proposals, with Guy as the arbitrater. One is Thanagarian, and one is a Rannian Green Lantern cadet, who is experiencing some doubts. When they meet,
Guy makes some slightly lewd comments, and then points out (accurately) the problems with their positions. They overreact in my opinion, and are every bit as rude back to him, which doesn't give them much moral superiority really. I also fail to see how some Thanagarian Major, and a mere GL cadet have ANY kind of authority to be making peace proposals. Seriously, why would anybody listen to these two? I mean, they went to GNORT of all people for help. Granted, he seems to be all grim and gritty now, but still! This is a guy that Guy used to trick into chasing comets to get him out of his hair! Guy was the only person in the entire universe, who took him seriously enough to get him into the REAL Green Lantern Corps! Even the Guardians became hysterical with laughter at the thought of it. (See GL #13, Vol III)

I'm sorry that Gnort is apparently having issues, but why is he so pissed at Guy, who is on earth, and has only recently become a Green Lantern again? Rann and Thanagar are a little out of his jurisdiction...this is before he became head honcho for the Guardians.

On the other hand, I LOVED how Guy looks in a suit. Nice shoes too. And for some really strange reason, I like the carpet at "Warriors". So, the art had its moments, and I actually snickered at the Hitler/Batman joke. Heh heh.

But in the end I was left scratching me head, and going what the hey? All these disparate plot lines have been dumped in our laps, with no explanations. If you weren't familiar with the Green Lanterns or any of the characters, maybe this would be ok, but I AM familiar with them, and it annoys the heck out of me. Nevertheless, I'll be waiting for the second issue, just to see what the else can possibly happen.


At 4:57 PM, Blogger kalinara said...

I admit, I haven't quite found the courage to read my copy yet. It sounds like it's much like I'd expected.

Duly warned. :-) I'll have to sit down and read it myself now.

At 7:37 AM, Blogger SallyP said...

But Guy DOES look quite nice in a suit.

At 6:30 AM, Blogger Bully said...

Man, I hate that Superboy punched stuff and changed what I knew. I'm not a slavish continuity dictator, but I like that background elements and history be considered canon, at least where it doesn't get in the way of a good story. But Crisis seems to have given the writers free reign to just say "Hey, we can change things around any way we like now."

That's spinach, and I say the hell with it.

At 9:50 AM, Blogger Unknown said...

I have to be up front about two things. I have always been a HUGE Green Lantern fan, and I have never really been able to stand Guy. Never the less I like Howard Chaykins work and my love of GL outweighs my dislike of Guy. The story was for the most part passable, and I'm even willing to allow for the idea that Beau Smith's GG doesn't "need" to tbe the same GG as another writers so long as the broad strokes are there which I felt they were. But what I want to know is where was the editor? I mean little details is one thing but Guy is using his ring to kill. That's been firmly established in both GL and GLC that the rings don't do that now. It's such a little detail and the dead aliens still could have happened by Guy doing it with his own two hands. But not with the ring. Over all I have a strong feeling that GG:CD will be one of those stories that many of us will be forgetting about in years to come.




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