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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

The whole Hal vs Kyle controversy

You know...I've never been able to really understand this whole idea, the concept thatif you were a Hal Jordan fan, you were automatically the enemy of Kyle Rayner and vice versa. I mean, I like Hal, I've always liked Hal, even though I frequently want to slap him. He's heroic and stupid, graceful and clumsy, an arrogant jerk and
a pretty pretty man, but all things considered, he's an amazing character.
Conversely, how on earth can you not like Kyle Rayner? He's just adorable and I heartily concur with both Kalinara and Ragnell...he's got one amazing behind. But he's rather sweet and rather charming, and boy does he work hard at being a better hero. So why all the hate? I am a GREEN LANTERN fan. I love the entire concept of Cops in SPAAAAACE. I love ALL of the characters. I have a peculiar crush on Kilowog for heaven's sake. Guy Gardner is just sensational, John is the steady and sensible one, Salakk is just cool, and they just brought back Arisia, Boodika, Graf Toren and Ke'hann, not to mention a passel of others.

So...I hereby declare the war to be over. No more whining on mesage boards and sniping at each other. Drink your milk and cookies and sit down and read your books. You'll all feel so much better.


At 10:59 AM, Blogger Ms. P said...

They should make you a diplomat, Mom. ^__^


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