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Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thoughts on Green Lantern #13

Well...I finally read it and I am both enraptured and enraged at the same time. Magnificent art, and story, strong dialogue and interesting plot twists galore. And yet...How the heck does Guy end up getting punished while Hal flies merrily back to earth without even a slap on the wrist? Arrrghhh!
Here is my re-working of Hal's thoughts as the action commences!

"ALL of these Green Lanterns are supposed to be dead." Oops...guess poor ol' Kreon really IS dead. Boy Boodikka seems really really pissed for some reason. Hmmph, women.
"Ke'haan's leading the others. Boodikka's joining them. Gives me a chance to get back to Arisia" HooHah just lookit Arisia! Wow, she's really filling out that costume! Oops again, now that creep Henshaw has her. Dammit.

"Henshaw's metal laughter ECHOES in the halls. This WAS about making ATONEMENT. Now it's about something else. It's about bringing Arisia HOME." 'Cause oh baby, if she's still alive, then this little pilot will finally be getting some! Screw those other Lanterns and their cranky attitudes! Geez Henshaw just won't shut up, keeps babbleing about the Guardians and their secrets...rrrrrrowrr! Arisia, baby! Oops again, better get Guy and the other Lanterns out of here...it's HERO time!

"Make you a DEAL then. I don't make it out. You can have my little black book. The one with the HOME numbers. Even POWER GIRL'S" Gosh Guy is so dumb...like I'll really give him that book. Sucker.

"Oa. Citadel of the Guardians" Guy is sucking it up and covering for me to the little blue smurfs. So THAT worked out well. Guess I'd better chime in and give them some of my patented brilliant Jordan advice on how to deal with this mess.

"The cheers echo through the citadel. I can't help but follow them" Blah blah blah, there's Laira and Graf and Ke'haan. Wow, there's Arisia looking better than ever! Ke'haan seems a bit pissed for some reason, but I'm not really paying much attention. Whoa, got kissed by a hot alien babe! Gosh but it's fun to be me! Guess I'll just fly back home to earth now, where everyone will be so very very glad to see me!

Guess we're in for a little surprise next issue eh?


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