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Friday, September 22, 2006

Marvel's Civil War

Well...I WAS going to have some more Green Lantern goodness, but after reading the latest issue of Civil War, I am too depressed for words. You see, Thor was my very first comic book love, and I HATE what they have done to him. I just don't understand what Marvel thinks that they are going to accomplish with this crossover, other than the total destruction of some forty years of continuity. Suddenly half of the heroes are self-indulget obnoxious pricks, th eother half are fanatics, and the only winners in the whole sorry mess seems to be the bad guys.
What I really don't understand is the the "general public" of the Marvel Universe is supposed to be wholeheartedly behind the idea of super-hero registration. And this includes the real heroes being turned into outlaws, and the real villains being brought in to "help" the pro-registration side? Really, is the average man or woman on the street supposed to be thrilled that BULLSEYE is helping out Iron Man?
The idea that Reed Richards whom I have always been rather fond of, is suddenly a cold-hearted, unethical, self-absorbed total JERK is depressing. The only redeeming feature of this issue is that Sue finally sees the light and leaves him. I wonder if he'll even notice. I also don't see any way on earth that they can redeem Tony Stark after all the crap that he is spouting. Wow, he paid for Goliath's funeral. What a prince! And the justification for all of this? So that some Mom can hand him her kid's toy Iron Man. Whoo boy, that some motivation! So what if you are trying to kill most of your best friends! Some dopy kid bought a plastic replica of ME! I'm just fabulous! ARRGGHHH!


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